Unique Yoga Gifts: 23 Gift Ideas (2022)

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So, you’re looking for the best yoga gifts in the UK? 

We know how important it is for you to get the perfect gift for your friend or family member, whether they're a beginner to yoga or have many years of experience. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most unique and special gifts to save you searching any longer.

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So let's waste no time and dive right into our extensive list of gifts for yoga lovers in the UK.

23 Best Unique Yoga Gifts

5 Useful Cleaners to Gift

best yoga gifts

These are gifts that are perfect for a little something. Whether you're putting together a yoga kit as a gift or looking for stocking fillers these are useful cleaners that any yoga lover will appreciate!

#1 CleanKit | Sportswear Detergent 

Price: £12.00

yoga gifts for her

If you’re looking for gifts for yoga lovers in the UK that are going to be a handy addition to their yoga bag, this is a great option.

This spray is armed with their built-in patented technology which prevents the sticking of bacteria to your sports wear. This means that if you have a session booked for the next day, you can get your kit washed and dried in no time with a quick 30°C wash being effective enough for a fresh finish.

This spray is specifically designed for sports wear, meaning that they have thought about every last detail. So, you can count on the following qualities:

  • Maintains shape and colour.
  • Washes away all odour-causing bacteria.
  • Delivers CleanKit’s signature fresh, invigorating fragrance.

It is super easy to use too, so if you're looking for a stocking filler or a small addition to a yoga care package, this is a handy product that will be appreciated!

#2 OkieOkie | 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner 

Price: £9.90

yoga gifts for him


This mat cleaner is made out of a smart and fully cleansing formulation that will ensure your yoga mat lasts for much longer than it would otherwise. The ingredients include rosemary, eucalyptus, and phytoncide, which help to rid the mat of germs or residues that can cause allergic reactions.

The spray is designed to clean yoga mats perfectly by getting rid of any unpleasant bacteria that could impact the health of those using it, and would certainly be one of the more not only unique yoga gifts to give, but super helpful too! 

Whether the person you're gifting is an experienced yoga instructor, or they're just getting into yoga, this cleaning spray will no doubt be a handy gift for them to use. It includes a fresh-smelling lime scent which has aromatherapy benefits, that in turn leave the user feeling calm and energised, perfect for yoga practice. 

One of the best reasons why the yoga mat cleaner is a must-have is that it is incredible value for money. This product in particular includes a free cleaning towel, which can also be used to wipe and clean yoga blocks and other relative equipment. 

This is a great addition to yoga gifts like mats, pairing them together makes for a clean and peaceful yoga class experience!

#3 Yogacleaner | Non-Slip Mat Spray

Price: £6.25 

cool yoga gifts

Yogacleaner is an eco-friendly spray that cleans and disinfects non-slip yoga mats easily and effectively.

This product contains a range of active and natural ingredients, such as:

  • Rapeseed
  • Essential oils
  • Natural substances

All of these components work in harmony to ensure clean surfaces and a yoga mat that smells amazing after use.  

This product in particular would be one of the most ideal gifts for yoga enthusiasts who are also big on cleanliness or, a great product to stock in their own studio. 

With an affordable price point, you could keep this handy bottle in the studio for class to use before and after their session. Whatsmore, this company has a meaningful production line, as Yogacleaner supports the charity for the disabled ‘Vorarlberger Lebenshilfe’ project “People need people”.

So, in the production of this yoga mat cleaner and the labels are applied manually by people with disabilities, allowing for inclusivity and care with every single bottle. 

 #4 YogaMatters | Revive Yoga Mat Cleaner 

Price: £15.00 

yoga gifts for her uk

If you’re looking for yoga-themed gifts that have been made with care and meaning, this yoga spray has the perfect scent to send your mind to a tranquil environment during practice.

The product contains natural anti-bacterial properties which will help to purify any yoga mat, as well as keeping it hygienic and ready for the next session in an instant. It boasts a fresh sea breeze scent, taking inspiration from the Norfolk coast.

This is one of the best yoga gifts if the person you're gift shopping for is a teacher, it's aesthetically pleasing packaging would sit nicely in a tranquil studio and complement any interior. 

Not only that, but the bottle is made out of completely natural ingredients and you get plenty of product for your money with 300ml of liquid inside.

With a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot, you can be sure to trust the many people who are actively using this product! 

#5 Rooted Earth Farm | Yoga Mat Spray Gift Set

Price: £22.92

gifts for yoga lovers uk

Our final yoga spray that makes for a great gift is from Rooted Earth Farm who have created a set that is a perfect option for a complete gift, wrapping included!

The set features three different sprays, including:

  • Zen: lavender, eucalyptus & tea tree
  • Awake: peppermint & tea tree
  • Liquid Sunshine: lavender & lemon

They come packed beautifully in a help fabric trimmed travel pouch with a zipper, making it super easy to carry to class.

It offers aromatherapy benefits while also cleaning the yoga mat, plus, they are all natural with a vegan and cruelty free formula.

This is a handy gift to give to any yoga lover, all they need to do is spritz their mat, wipe and get on with practice!

Best Yoga mats for a Gift

best yoga gifts for friends

A yoga mat would be an ideal gift for those who are just getting into yoga, as well as more advanced yogis looking to upgrade their mat.

There is no other yoga accessory that is as important as a yoga mat, so it’s vital to pick a mat that will be high-quality, long-lasting, and portable.

That being said, let’s take a look at the mats that we have carefully selected, and find some ideal gifts for yoga enthusiasts.

#6 The Form | Tropic Pro Round Mat

Price: £85.00

best yoga gifts

The next product on our list introduces us to a list of unique and gift-perfect yoga mats. 

It is a super unique take on the average yoga mat and something really unexpected for a seasoned yogi. This mat is circular and is paired with a choice of designs and colours.

You may be sceptical about the round mat and if it is large enough, but it certainly is and not only that, it is actually perfectly designed to improve alignment thanks to their staple Form Grid.

The form grid is on every style that you can choose from, so whether you want a green, blue or pink mat you'll still be able to take advantage of the alignment assistance design.

We all know how demanding a yoga session can be, it can get pretty sweaty. With this in mind, this mat has been constructed with a sweat activated grip feature. 

So, no matter how demanding your session is, your mat is going to be there for you, to help your alignment and even prevent any slips! 

This is a beautiful option for any keen yogi and will be sure to get them noticed in their next class.

#7 Cork Yogis | Classic Yoga Mat

Price: £65.00

yoga themed gifts

This yoga mat from Cork Yogis has been made with renewable sources in mind. It is a natural mat, with a 2mm non-slip, flexible rubber bottom. 

The mat is made out of cork oak, which is usually grown in the Mediterranean region and has a lifespan of 250 years; so, if you’re looking for unique yoga gifts that are not only going to last a lifetime, but also have a story behind them, this is the one.

If the person you're gifting, or yourself is worried about the sustainability of the product, you need not worry! 

The material needed can be harvested without harming the tree. In fact, it actually grows back every few years, only about 50% of the bark is removed at the time before harvesting. 

This yoga mat is also biodegradable and will break down into the environment at the end of its life cycle, unlike the PVC or foam mats.

What’s great about cork yoga mats is the waxy substance which cork contains suberin and has the property of naturally repelling small vermin or insects so it would be ideal for people prone to allergic reactions and definitely one of the best yoga gifts to buy for your loved ones. 

#8 Etsy | Personalised Yoga Mat

Price: £50.11

gifts for yoga

If you're looking for yoga gifts that are beautiful and personal, this is a great idea.

This is a custom made yoga mat that has a mandala design which has been printed with non-toxic inks. But that is not the only feature being printed, as you can choose a name to fit seamlessly with the design.

Whatsmore, you can save on buying a seperate mat bag, as this one comes with a strap making it easier than ever to pack up and take your yoga mat to class.

It has a timeless design and makes for the perfect gift for any yoga lover.

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. The thickness of the mat is ¼ inch for maximum support and comfort, which is of course vital when trying to focus on your poses.

It is durable, soft, long lasting and perfect for just about anybody!

#9 Domyos City | Yoga Mat

Price: £7.99

yoga gifts for him

If you are looking for gifts for yoga on a budget, then this may be your answer.

This is a perfect yoga starter mat, if your friend has been mentioning starting a class, why not give them the nudge of motivation they need with this gift?

This yoga mat has a waffle foam for better grip along with 2 elastic bands which will help to make the mat compact, whether it's in the car, or carrying it to class.

Though this is budget friendly, it doesn't mean that they have compromised on quality. The dimensions of this mat are 172 cm long, 58 cm wide and 4 mm thick and all of this weighs 405 g. So, don't worry about a paper thin mat coming in the post, this is suitable for a gentle yoga class.

Ultimately, you shouldn't be put off by the price point as this mat is completely suitable for anybody who wants quality on a budget, plus you even get a 2 year warranty with this purchase, so don't wait around!

#10 Liforme | Yoga Mat

Price: £100.00

cool yoga gifts

If you really want a special gift, you should consider investing in a Liforme Yoga mat. It has a unique, original patented alignment system which is intelligently designed to guide anyone who needs it. 

Whoever you're buying the gift for is going to be able to benefit from the groundbreaking Liforme material which will provide superior grip whilst practising. Even in dynamic sessions, this yoga mat can withstand the quick transitions without you falling over. 

This yoga mat is made out of eco-friendly materials and processes. The mats are PVC free and have no nasty substances, that way your skin will be protected at all costs.

All of the outer packaging of the mat is recyclable and all of the materials have been sourced and manufactured in a responsible way. Not only that but the mat is longer, wider, and thicker than average providing a rare opportunity for yogis to have the space they’ve always wanted in a crowded class.

It provides the perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning whilst also being lightweight, making it one of the great gifts for yoga lovers who are tired of carrying around a heavy yoga mat.

You don't need to worry about buying a bag separately either, as this mat comes with a bag so that it can be carried and protected. 

So, if you're looking for a valuable product that is bound to stand out in the gift pile take a look at Lifome.

#11 Lisa Angel | Personalised Palm Yoga Mat

Price: £32.00

best yoga gift UK

Drawing our list of mats to a close is a pick from a popular gift directory - Not on The High Street.

This is by an independent seller who personalised yoga mats making them one of the best gifts for yoga lovers in the UK. 

Not only does the beautiful and tranquil design make it a perfect gift, but you can also write your own personal message on the gift card. This is a great way to put your final touches on an already personal present!

The reviews sit perfectly at 5/5! This is a rare occurrence for any business, but to achieve this as an independent seller is super impressive and just goes to show the care and attention that goes into every order. 

It isn't just physically beautiful either, the 3mm foam has a non-slip surface, perfect for a sweaty practice, and is lightweight, great when you need to roll it up to take on the go. 

The personalisation isn't lazy, in fact it is done with precision by using embroidery so you can rest assured you won't get any peeling or distress on the mat so long as you treat it with care.

This is a perfect option for providing quality and supporting a local business.

Best Fitness Trackers for A Yoga Gift

what are the best yoga gifts

Fitness trackers are a great option for yogis, it is a great way to be able to look back on progress and track all important stats about your health. 

The tracker will be able to display metrics like the calories that have been burned, as well as allowing the user to set and manage fitness goals.

We're certain that after taking a look at the products we've selected, you'll agree that trackers are one of the best gifts for yoga enthusiasts. 

#12 Fitbit | Versa 2

Price: £199.99

 yoga and meditation gifts

Whether you're looking at gifts for yoga for men or woman, a tracking watch is completely unisex and is perfect for anyone who wants to track their physical movement and health.

The Fitbit Versa has plenty of different features that make its price tag all worth the while. You can use Amazon Alexa built in, which is great for when you're on the go as you're able to set alarms, check the weather or anything else that you need to do quickly before it slips your mind!

With this tracker, you will be able to access a heart rate tracker and see how it has progressed over time. Also, if the person you're gifting is a home-based yogi you should let them know that they can even control their Spotify and switch song to song even if they're mid pose.

With the Fitbit Versa, it even provides the ability to track sleeping heart rate and so, you are really able to assess clearly if your yoga practice is working for your sleep schedule. 

What is good about wearing something like this to yoga is the fact that you can safely put your phone away in your bag and be able to check discreetly if you have an emergency call or text message by just looking at your watch. 

There are tons of reasons why Fitbits are so successful and this won't be the only one you see on our list for that reason.

#13 Fitbit | Charge 4

Price: £129.00 

yoga gifts for her uk

Maybe you liked our previous product but want a more budget friendly option, you can simply opt for one of the older models from Fitbit.

It is both compatible with android and apple users. There is also a built-in GPS, making it easy to follow your desired route.

Whatsmore, you can take advantage of the active zone feature which alerts you to which heart rate zone you're in. You're able to use your personalised fat burn, cardio and peak heart rate zones to optimise your effort during workouts.

The Charge 4 tracks your time in light, deep and REM sleep stages which will be good to understand your sleep score in the Fitbit app and more importantly, how yoga practice is impacting your sleep pattern.

There are some really unique features that make this watch the perfect gift, it tracks your health from your menstrual cycle, and even notifies you if you're not moving enough. If your friend is needing a little motivation and doesn't know where to get it, we're sure they will appreciate this gift. 

# 14 Apple | Apple Watch Series 3

Price: £179.00

gifts for yoga lovers uk

With Apple being on their 3rd generation of watches, it's likely that you have heard of or come across one of these on your search for yoga gifts.

We're here to tell you why this is indeed, one of the best gifts that you could give! Though it may have a higher price range than other gifts, this model is one of the cheapest before considering screen size. Apart from that, it is perfect for yoga.

When you work out, you're able to open a work out section and one of the many choices you will find is 'yoga'. This is perfect for tracking:

  • Moving calories burnt 
  • Total calories burnt
  • Average heart rate

Along with these features, you can enjoy a hands-free social life, as long as you own an IPhone, you can text, call and control apps like you would with your mobile phone.

As we mentioned earlier, this is especially useful for those who struggle to ditch the mobile when in yoga class. We understand it can be difficult if you're a mum or dad and need to keep an eye out on your phone incase of any emergencies. So, this is a great way to be able to do that while not distracting yourself or your class.

This is a great gift and a perfect investment for a loved one and we believe that the price tag is actually highly justified!

#15 Bella Beat | Leaf Chakra Wellness Tracker

Price: £68.37

best yoga gifts for women

If you're looking for yoga gifts for women, this is a unique take on the modern day fitness tracker that is the perfect pick.

This tracker is super unique in its style, it doubles up as a beautiful piece of jewellery so it can easily blend in as a piece of technology all the while standing out as a statement jewellery piece.

This product is directed towards the females interested in tracking their wellness, including the progress reports of:

  • Activity
  • Sleep
  • Meditation
  • Stress resistance
  • Reproductive health

It can be easily worn as a clip or a necklace so you can go about your day to life without your screen time going up like you would with a smart watch. 

As well as this, you can rest assured that it isn't going to break if you forget to take it off in the shower, or if your yoga class gets sweaty! Whatsmore, you can say goodbye to dead batteries as this wellness tracker has a 6 month battery!

This is a great way to surprise a loved one with a tracker that they are certain to stand out with.

#16 Huawei | Watch Fit

Price: £69.99

best gift for a yoga lover

Finally, on our list of smart watches and trackers is the Huawei fitness tracker. 

Huawei has a wide range of fitness trackers and this is a budget friendly option out of the bunch. You can choose from 4 colours:

  • Graphite Black
  • Pomelo Red
  • Isle Blue
  • Sakura Pink

Huawei's created a product that provides real-time metrics and is perfect to track a yoga class. Like many other watches, it has heart rate monitors that are great for tracking progress and finding out if yoga is helping your lifestyle.

Whatsmore, you can count on the battery life with a huge 10-day battery life. So, with a budget friendly price tag yet not compromising on quality this is a great choice.

Best Yoga Towels for a Gift

best yoga gifts

A yoga towel is a gift type that is similar to the yoga mat cleaners, in fact they work well together. 

If you want to create a hamper or full yoga set, a towel is going to be a great addition. It is something handy that can be easily forgotten, so we're sure that any yoga lover will appriciate a hamper full of bits that will help more than they think!

#17 Yoga Design Lab | Yoga Mat Towel

Price: £40.40

best yoga gifts for women and men

Kicking off our list is one of the most unique yoga gifts, acting as a yoga mat and a towel.

This towel is a great choice for anyone who wants to avoid slips after a hot yoga session. It sits perfectly over most generic yoga mats and has a lightweight feel.

It is ultra-absorbent, non-slip and thanks to the microfiber towel it dries in minutes. If whoever you're gifting regularly takes part in hot yoga, they will 100% appreciate such a thoughtful and unique gift. 

What is great about this towel is that it actually improves productivity the more you sweat. The creators even suggest that for optimal grip, you should wet your hands or spritz a little water on your mat before practice. 

With over 180 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars, we can confidently say that your loved one, friend or family member will be more than happy with such a unique and useful yoga gift!

#18 IUGA | Yoga Towel

Price: £22.99

yoga gifts for her uk

For the yogi who loves to work hard, this is a great gift that they are sure to use.

This premium non-slip and super absorbent yoga towel is made out of 100% premium microfibre and easily wipes away perspiration to create a slip-free surface.

The IUGA machine washable yoga towels provide a layer between you and your mat, ultimately saving you time with scrubbing mats a wipe over should be just fine.  

It makes it easy to keep your yoga mat in top shape, as you will be able to throw the towel with the rest of the laundry and it’s ready to go for your next yoga class, at home or at the yoga studio. 

The yoga towel is the perfect size for almost all yoga mats. It’s a lightweight towel yet it’s 30% thicker than the average yoga towel. The textured weave strikes the perfect balance between grip and softness.

Not only that, but IUGA has gone the extra mile and supplied a hand towel which would add value to your yoga practice and you. 

IUGA believes you won’t need to look anywhere else as they offer a lifetime guarantee on the product and amazing customer service and this product would be great gifts for yoga lovers everywhere!

#19 Ewedoos | Yoga Towels

Price: £17.95

gifts for yoga teachers

This is a great gift for people who want to say goodbye to slippy mats or towels coming out of place.

This yoga towel secures to the mat, this will place all the attention to the yoga practice. There will be no more distracting, repositioning or bunching during the practice. 

The Yoga Towel is made from 100% premium microfibre which acts as an ideal moisture absorbent material to wipe away perspiration.

This kind of hot yoga towel has the perfect size for all kinds of yoga mats so even if you take this towel alone to a class and borrow a mat, it should still fit perfectly.

All you need to do is to hook this innovative yoga towel onto the mat and get going, plus, this company are so confident in their product that they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So if you are not happy with the Ewedoos product, all you need to do is to get in touch with the company and they’ll do their best to take care of you. 

Best Yoga Wheels to Gift

unique yoga gifts

Yoga wheels are a great gift to help those who want to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and stability - which is ideal for enhancing any fitness routine. 

Let’s take a look at the products that we've chosen, so that you can decide which one is the perfect gift.

#20 Yoga Design Lab | Yoga Wheel

Price: £53.87

yoga gifts

You may remember the Yoga Design Lab from earlier, they have found their way onto our list once again.

They offer a range of yoga accessories and one of those is a yoga wheel. Plus, since you're looking for gifts, it would be a great idea to get the matching yoga towel to the wheel for that extra special touch!

This wheel enhances poses by allowing the yogi to achieve:

  • Deeper stretches
  • Smoother backbends
  • loosened tight muscles

The wheel is designed to be super versatile, with it being designed to open up the chest, shoulders, back and hip flexors.

Whatsmore, you're able to use a yoga wheel no matter the advancement level. For new yogis, it can help to improve particular techniques whereas with intermediate practitioners, you can be sure that it can ramp up the level of difficulty!

The wheel is certainly suitable for anybody who enjoys keeping their yoga practice at home, in fact the wheel even comes with a poses guidebook so you can work your way through and become familiar with using the wheel. 

This is definitely a valuable piece of equipment that any yogi may overlook, but we are sure it will be highly appreciated as a gift once they get to work with it.

#21 Yoga Studio |  Cork Yoga Wheel

Price: £20.00 

best yoga gifts

This is one of the more unique yoga gifts when it comes to aesthetic and materials used. 

This is a premium cork wheel that is perfect for any level, from beginner to advanced yogi. 

It is perfect for a class with its naturally antibacterial properties, while also being super comfortable and stable. Plus, it is easily portable so if you need to take your own wheel to class, it will be the perfect tool as it only weighs 1.3kg.

The Yoga Studio state that this wheel is applicable to the following scenes:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Fitness equipment
  • Health massage

You are able to use this wheel to stretch and open the chest, shoulders, back, hips and psoas. It ultimately helps to improve and build core and back strength which are areas of the body that help you the most in yoga class.

As well as the building and strengthening properties, you're also able to improve balance and spine flexibility which can really help your overall practice when you're off the wheel.

Whether it is at home or in class, this wheel is perfect for intensifying or assisting in yoga practice.

Best Yoga Journals to Gift

best yoga gifts for men

In comparison to the other types of yoga gifts that we've mentioned, putting pen to paper after practising yoga can have a number of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits.

Yoga in itself is a form of mental wellbeing to many of those who practise it, so keeping a yoga journal can be incredibly beneficial for them.

It will aid a greater sense of self-confidence both on and off the mat. Thus, it’s definitely one of the most unique yoga gifts out there - so let's see if one here fits the bill. 

#22 Etsy Oakdene Designs | Personalised Yoga Journal

Price: £15.68

best unique yoga gifts

As you can see, this is a gift that is beautifully crafted and is the perfect gift if you're looking for something personal. 

This yoga journal can be personalised, you can print their name and they can take ownership! It is completely handmade which makes the price super valuable for the price and you are also supporting a UK independent business which makes the purchase all the more meaningful.

This seller has over 7 thousand reviews and sitting at 5 stars, this is certainly somebody you can trust to create a beautiful yoga themed gift. 

Inside, you won't just find empty pages. 

There are pages of yoga poses and sections to be filled in. It is great for anybody who is just getting started with journaling their progress, it provides a boost in motivation and even space to write your own feedback.

For example, you can find sections of 'where to improve' so you're able to look back and see the progress made. This is a great gift for any keen yogi and for such a reasonable price, we highly recommend it!

#23 I Love Yoga Notebook

Price: £4.18

yoga gifts for her uk

Finally, drawing our list to a close is the I Love Yoga notebook.

This is a great gift for those struggling with motivation, it is packed with 100 motivational quotes that can be just what they need to pack their things and head off to class. 

Along with this, there is plenty of room for your own input, a place where you can write:

  • Personal affirmations
  • Poses to work on
  • Poses you enjoy
  • Yoga schedule

This notebook is bound to help motivation and allow creativity to flourish. If you have noticed your friend becoming a little unmotivated, why not tell them all of the benefits of using a journal?

By gifting something like this, you're directly helping them become a better version of themselves. Plus, for such a small price point, it is a small investment that goes a long way.

Before You Go...

Now that you have over 20 different gifts to choose from, finding a unique yoga gift has never been easier.

Why not fill a hamper full of handy yoga accessories, or invest in a big purchase like a wellness tracker? Whatever you choose, we are sure they will love it.

Don't forget, if you are passionate about yoga too, why not grab your friend and both dive into the career together? You can get started by finding out more about a yoga instructing diploma. You can find more details in our downloadable course prospectus here.


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