17 Best Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow (2021)

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If you’re searching for the best yoga Instagram accounts to follow, it’s likely that you’re either a newbie to the yoga community looking for some helpful tips and new poses to try out, or you’re looking for inspiration to start your own yoga Instagram. 

Whether we’ve guessed correctly or not, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve handpicked the most popular yogi accounts on Instagram as of May 2020, along with some up-and-coming accounts thrown into the mix, so that you can get your fix of yoga inspiration wherever you are! 

The best thing about yoga is that it can be done absolutely anywhere, making it one of the best exercise methods to try out if you’re stuck at home. 

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In no particular order… 

#1 - @adamhusler 

To give you some background info, Adam is a yoga teacher, co-creator of along with his wife Holly, and co-host of the popular yoga podcast ‘Honestly Unbalanced’. 

He specialises in Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga, and is based in Equinox, one of the world’s top yoga studios in London. 

On his page you will find some of the most complex yoga poses in existence, nicely presented through the use of delicate filters. The contrast is pretty striking, and will certainly help to liven up your feed when you’re scrolling through Instagram in search of inspiration! 

If you’re searching for male yoga Instagram accounts to follow, you won’t be disappointed by making Husler one of your first choices. His content is artistic and motivating, and his extensive experience in teaching yoga is reassuring to men who are perhaps a little hesitant to get involved. 

His honest and engaging approach will be sure to keep you motivated, and even allow you to connect with others who are newbies to the yogi community. He has instructed yoga in over 16 different countries after all, and you don’t get much more experienced than that. 

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Followers: 53.1k

#2 - @adrienelouise 

It wouldn’t be a list of the best yoga Instagram accounts without mentioning Adriene Mishler. 

She’s only one of the most popular yogis in the world, and with 850k followers on the platform it’s certainly difficult to argue with this statement! 

Adriene is the founder of, an online platform where she shares free yoga tutorials and blogs about her journey. She originally rose to prominence on YouTube, where she has built a community of over 6 million viewers. 

Her page is made up of yoga poses, tutorials, and even some cute snaps of her dog Benji to balance things out a little. It’s full of positive energy, and is perfect for those looking to follow a yoga girl Instagram page with an elegant and natural aesthetic. 

Following Adrienne will surely lead to you being ‘in the know’ about all things yoga, as she covers pretty much everything that you should know about the niche. 

She even has her own hashtag; #yogawithadriene that contains over 250k posts from yogis all around the world who are part of her following, so you’ll easily be able to engage with others in the community! 

P.S., make sure you check out our list of top yoga hashtags here if you're planning on growing your own Instagram account; we even included a guide to using them.

Followers: 862k

#3 - @laurasykora 

Looking for a high-energy, upbeat yoga girl Instagram account to follow? We don’t need to prove why you should head straight to Laura’s page, as she has already managed to accumulate 1.2 million followers through her own means!

She has around 20 years of experience in yoga, as well as a background in gymnastics and cheerleading which explains her ability to nail the most complex yoga poses. She also practises ACROVINYASA, which is essentially a fusion of acroyoga and inversion training, and is certainly impressive when seen in action. 

While not all of us can perform a complex handstand as part of our yoga routine, Laura’s page will certainly have you believing that you can through her various instructional videos, yoga photography and challenges. 

Her theme is a nice blend of artistic shots mixed with energetic stunts, meaning that you won’t have to look anywhere else for your extreme yoga fix. 

Followers: 1.2m

#4 - @mynameisjessamyn 

If you’re looking for a yoga girl Instagram feed that is filled with body positivity and a ton of inspiration for those who are intimidated by yoga, then you need to follow Jessamyn Stanley.

She is the author of ‘Every Body Yoga’, a book that covers 50 basic poses and different sequences that anyone can practise at home. 

The greatest thing about the book (and what stands it apart from others in this niche) is that it truly focuses on how yoga makes you feel, rather than focusing on how it makes you look. It promotes self love and body positivity, and really appeals to the masses by breaking the stereotypes of yoga. 

On Instagram, it really is no wonder as to how she’s managed to accumulate such a large following (409k and counting!). 

Her posts are as real as they get, and are incredibly motivating - they’re filled with personality, and make you want to throw on your kit and try out some of the advanced yoga poses that Jessamyn nails on a regular basis. 

Jessamyn’s feed is colourful, engaging, and inspiring. She posts bold text posts alongside her poses too, which is nice to see as there aren’t many yogis that do this, and they’re inspiring in themselves! 

Followers: 409k 

#5 - @boysofyoga 

Thanks to websites like, the world gets closer to ending the stigma surrounding the male practice of yoga each day. 

While the internet used to be pretty dominated by yoga girl Instagram accounts, it’s great to see a surge in male yogis too. After all, yoga is for everyone, and on one should feel limited in their journey due to gender or any other factor. 

To give you an insight into what they’re about, the Boys of Yoga website states:

‘Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one, it’s time to smash the stereotype.’ 

Getting back to their Insta page, it certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to aesthetics. The theme is made up of saturated cool tones with a subtle vignette to finish, making each shot stand out against competing content. 

In terms of the captions that are used, they’re incredibly motivating and carry a strong message for men who are interested in starting their yoga journey, as well as for those who need a reminder to let go of anything that is holding them back. 

Boys of Yoga was founded by Michael James Wong, who also has his own page dedicated to empowering men interested in yoga: @michaeljameswong

Followers: 29.1k

#6 - @esthermarieyoga

The great thing about Esther’s page is that while yoga is her niche, she doesn’t just focus on one area of it. She gives a holistic view of yoga and everything that it has to offer! 

A quick scroll through her Instagram will give you the opportunity to try out multiple yoga exercises, from those that lead to stronger arms to those that will help you to cool down post-run, and even those that will help you to strengthen your abs. 

While her page is filled with dynamic yoga exercises and tutorials, they’re beautifully presented in a delicate pastel theme. She even has an array of different yoga mats to match her theme, which is pretty much yoga Instagram goals. 

For those who love dogs, you’ll be glad to know that she even has a ‘sidekick yoga dog’ named Sonny, who sometimes makes an appearance in her posts! 

Esther is a London based yoga teacher and mindfulness coach, which she certainly channels through her content on the platform. 

She often posts yoga poses and exercises aimed at those who wish to keep anxiety at bay, and her 77.9k follower base definitely supports the idea that this content is popular and serves its purpose in helping others overcome stresses in their lives.

Followers: 77.9k

#7 - @yogatips 

While following yogis is great, some of the best yoga Instagram accounts are actually those made up of content from multiple sources. 

This means that your feed will be pretty varied each time you jump onto the Instagram app (especially if you find an account that posts regularly), and not just made up of the same type of content. 

Luckily for you, @yogatips post everyday which is probably one of the main reasons that they have so many followers. They feature content from some of the most popular yoga accounts on the platform, meaning that you’ll be able to find new pages to follow beyond those that we’ve mentioned in this article. 

To give you an insight into their overall content theme, they post yoga tips (as you may have guessed), demonstration videos, demonstration photos and graphics, facts, memes, photography-style yoga content, tips to aid wellbeing, and more! 

We particularly love their funny yet encouraging text posts, which are a nice addition to any yoga Instagram feed, along with the fun challenges that they post, the most recent being a ‘toilet paper challenge’... head over to their page to see what we’re talking about. 

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Followers: 209k

#8 - @dade2shelby

DJ Townsel is a former NFL player turned yoga instructor and personal trainer, and his yoga Instagram feed is one of the most impressive we’ve seen within the niche. 

DJ’s photos are super high-quality and arranged in a beautifully presented theme, which is bright and cheerful. There are a mix of blue and green hues, thanks to the outdoor backdrops that he chooses to feature! 

His posts are centred around advanced yoga poses performed in different locations, meaning that you’ll never get bored of his content. 

DJ also regularly features couples yoga poses, performed with his partner @veda_yoga108, and this will definitely give you a challenge if you’re looking for something new to try. 

In terms of the captions that he posts, they’re incredibly inspiring for all yogis, no matter their current progress level. He posts regular challenges for those that are new to the game, which is encouraging for those who may feel intimidated by yoga! 

Followers: 99k 

#9 - @skyting 

Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones are the creators of SKY TING, which is essentially a fusion of many different styles of yoga, the main ones being Katonah Yoga, Taoist, Vinyasa and Hatha. 

The teachers at SKY TING are encouraged to instruct their preferred style of yoga, rather than sticking to one holistic teaching programme, which is a pretty interesting point to make when introducing their brand - it definitely reflects the inspiration behind their Instagram feed!

One glance will show you that a whole host of different styles and techniques make up the practice of SKY TING Yoga. 

Not only this, but you’ll also notice how unique their theme is. For every photo that they post they include an image of the sky in the background, in a range of calming hues. 

This is cleverly done as it relates directly to their brand identity (‘SKY’ being in the name), and links directly to well-known yoga imagery. Words like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’ come into mind within the first glance at their feed; it’s obvious that they’ve nailed their branding here! 

Looking for yoga Instagram accounts that post regularly enough to satisfy your inspiration needs can be difficult, but you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to following SKY TING. 

They have over 1,800 posts to date, and they often post more than once per day, all while maintaining the fantastic quality of their content. 

Followers: 50.4k 

#10 - @tarastiles 

Another gorgeous yoga Instagram feed is that of Tara Stiles, who is also the founder of Strala Yoga (which also has its own account here if you’re fond of compilation feeds). 

She has written multiple best-selling books on yoga, including Yoga Cures and Strala Yoga, so it’s fair to say that she knows her stuff on the topic! 

Her feed is made up of plenty of IGTV yoga tutorials, cute family shots, and insanely advanced (but wildly entertaining) yoga poses. 

Tara actually posts daily yoga videos, streamed live at 8am EST, which is handy to know if you’re looking for the motivation to get into a daily routine! 

Within her captions, you’ll find beautifully constructed messages of wellness and mindfulness to fill you with inspiration as you advance along your yoga journey. They’re incredibly down to earth and honest, and speak what most of us need to hear when we’re feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of life. 

Followers: 150k 

#11 - @yogagirlofficial 

The Yoga Girl Instagram page is honestly one of the most empowering feeds for women that we’ve seen to date; it’s obvious how they've managed to accumulate 138k followers! 

The motto that makes up their bio is ‘Here, everyone can be a Yoga Girl’, which we think is a pretty inclusive yet empowering message to send out to their followers. 

It’s obvious that social media has been under fire in recent years for adding pressure to young women to live up to the unrealistic standards that are often presented as part of the package. 

The great thing about Yoga Girl is their response to these messages. On their feed, the pressure to be someone else other than yourself is off! 

Their theme is bright and cheerful, and the content that they post matches this perfectly. Their captions are inspiring, motivating, and very real and sincere when it comes to topics like mindfulness and self care. 

Followers: 138k 

#12 - @joayoga 

We feel as though there should be more of a spotlight shone on male yoga Instagram accounts, especially ones that contribute to the online yogi community as much as @joayoga does. 

His theme is one of the most aesthetically pleasing that we’ve seen on the platform. Every single post has a visual purpose and contributes to the overall theme; not one is posted lazily or out of convenience!

The story highlight collection on his profile is extensive, and is made up of tips, tutorials,  mantras, yoga poses, and YouTube content. This is something that many accounts overlook, but we’re glad to see that this feature is used so effectively on Joaquin’s page. 

His caption content is brilliant, and certainly appeals to the masses as opposed to just focusing on those that are already able to complete advanced yoga poses. For example, one of his captions reads: 

Flexible is not who can bend him/herself, but who can adapt to any situation that comes his/her way.

If this doesn’t speak to you, we don’t know what does. If you’re a male yogi or anyone looking for inspiration, you should definitely check out Joaquin’s feed. 

Followers: 52.8k

#13 - @colleensaidman 

Colleen Saidman has been practising as a yoga teacher since 1998, and running classes out of her own studio in Sag Harbour since 1999. Not just this, but even The New York Times gave her the title; ‘The First Lady of Yoga’ back in 2013! 

As you can tell from this information, her Instagram feed is incredibly inspiring for anyone who is even remotely interested in yoga. She herself began her yoga journey feeling ‘intimidated’, so she is familiar with this feeling, and keeps her content balanced and down to earth.

In terms of aesthetics, her theme is made up of a contrast of blue and earthy hues, and matches her website nicely (we love to see a nice branded theme!). 

She posts incredibly often, with 3,288 posts to date, and also has a nice collection of story highlights that again match the gentle blue theme.

Her photographs are energetic, fun, and innately inspiring. Her extensive experience in yoga seems to shine through her content, especially since her comments come from adoring followers who are quick to comment on how inspiring she is! 

Followers: 46.6k 

#14 - @chelsealovesyoga

Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Roberts holds a Ph.D. from the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University, and is also one of the most popular yoga teachers on Instagram. 

She is a global ambassador for lululemon, and back in 2013 founded a camp for teen girls at Spelman College; ‘Yoga, Literature, and Art’, which you can read more about on her website. 

Her feed is made up of a vivid theme, and a good amount of inspirational texts posts to accompany her fitness content. We love this aspect of her account, as there aren’t that many yogis who post this kind of content - and it’s something that works really well alongside yoga focused photographs, thanks to its inspiring nature. 

Another great thing about Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Robert’s account is that she posts holistic fitness content as well as focusing on yoga, which is one of the reasons why we thought her account would add something new to our list of the best yoga Instagram accounts. 

If you’re interested in other areas of fitness as well as yoga, then this should be your go-to account! 

Followers: 48.8k 

#15 - @gypsyon__

Hannah GypsyOn is the brains behind this beautiful yoga Instagram feed. 

Her theme involves gorgeous natural backdrops, with the temperature toned down and the saturation cranked up in each photograph, so that the end result is absolutely stunning. Just take the image that we selected from her feed above as an example, and you’ll get a great taste of how fun her feed is! 

She mainly posts high-quality photographs of herself performing advanced yoga poses, alongside a good amount of IGTV content - which is great to know if you’re a fan of video media as well as standard posts. 

The poses that she performs are motivating and energetic, and make you want to grab your yoga mat and join in yourself. 

That being said, she still posts popular poses that most of us would be willing to try, but following @gypsyon__ will ensure that you don’t go along in your yoga journey unchallenged!

She currently has over 1200 posts on her page, which is a clear indication of how often she posts. From what we can see, she updates her feed every couple of days, so her account will keep you on your toes when it comes to staying in touch with the yogi Instagram world. 

Followers: 597k

#16 - @kevindhofer

A quick glance at Kevin Hofer’s feed will show you just how great he is at photography as well as yoga. 

It’s great to have both skill sets in this niche, as yoga photography is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of its kind. You should check out our list of the best fitness photography here if this is something that you’re into! 

Many of his posts are shot during his travels around the world, resulting in a feed full of glorious natural backdrops. 

Hofer’s complicated handstands set against extreme landscapes are bound to give you wanderlust, and certainly inspire you to work on your yoga poses. 

He has created over 1500 posts to date, and those that aren’t classed as photography usually take the form of short but entertaining clips of Hofer completing advanced poses and movements. 

The captions that he uses are often detailed, and promote a healthy and mindful lifestyle. They also encourage Hofer’s followers to join in with the hard work of practising handstands and advanced yoga moves, and most importantly - getting in sync with their body and its movements. 

Followers: 158k 

#17 - @maryochsner

Last but certainly not least on our list is Mary Ochsner’s account, which is especially great for beginner yogis who are looking for inspiration as well as helpful tutorials. 

Most of the posts that Ochsner shares are beginner yoga tutorials in the form of video carousels, which are of a super high-quality and look fantastic. They’re useful and especially easy-to-understand, since they contain text instructions that appear as the movements progress. 

Despite the majority of her content being video content, Ochsner still manages to create a ‘pastel’ colour palette, nicely accompanied by her story highlights, which have this theme too. 

If aesthetics are a must for you, you won’t be disappointed here!

The captions used on her feed are written with care, and include each of the poses/movements that Ochsner completes within the video that you’re viewing, so you can quickly see whether it’s something that you want to try. 

This is handy, as some accounts miss this out as a ‘click bait’ approach, but Ochsner is as honest as they come. She also adds an extra ‘in-depth’ description here to ensure that you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. 

We love the fact that she chooses a ‘theme’ for most of her videos too, e.g. ‘yoga for happiness’ or ‘neck + shoulder stretches’, etc. as this is yet another honest approach to letting the user know exactly what the video contains. 

Followers: 337k 

Before you go!

After reading our complete list of yoga Instagram accounts, we hope that you’ve found some that you strongly resonate with to add to your following. 

Each of the accounts that we’ve listed here are strong from an aesthetic standpoint, and the content itself is spot on, so you shouldn’t struggle to find multiple accounts that appeal to you personally! 

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Written by Chloe Twist

Fitness Content Manager, OriGym

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