61 Yoga Quotes to Inspire Your Practice

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Sometimes, we need a bit of extra motivation to remind us of what we practice yoga for – and this is where yoga quotes come in. They remind us of the key reasons behind what we’re doing, and how yoga can really benefit us in both the long and short term.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher looking to inspire your clients, or simply someone looking for some inspirational yoga quotes to motivate you more, we’ve compiled a list of the best yoga quotes and sayings that will give you the lift you need.

We’ve split them down, so whether you’re looking for yoga quotes on happiness, or yoga quotes about balance, there’s guaranteed to be an ideal yoga quote for you.


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Motivational Yoga Quotes

We can all get a bit bogged down sometimes, and need some help in getting off the couch and into our best yoga leggings. If you’re feeling the need for inspiration, check out these great yoga quotes for inspiration below!


Dr. Suess was renowned for his children’s books, but they contained so many gems of wisdom that we can apply to everyday life. This is arguably one of the best yoga quotes because it’s exactly right – in your practice, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.


If you’re looking for yoga quotes to help you kickstart your practice, this is the perfect one from writer C. S. Lewis. You’re never too old to start yoga, and nothing should hold you back from jumping right into it! This great yoga motivation quote’s ideal if you’re looking to push yourself to master that new pose or finally try that handstand you’ve always wanted to hold.


Yoga is not only about the physical practice, but about the mental practice too, as this inspirational yoga quote from Jigar Gor, a famed yoga practitioner, accurately states. Read more on the mental health benefits of meditation in OriGym’s comprehensive report. This yoga quote shows that it isn’t just about whether you’re flexible or not, but that it’s about your mental health too.


Remember this inspirational yoga quote when you’re not feeling like getting on your yoga mat some days. A steady effort is the most important part of getting better in any form of practice, and this is a great yoga quote for inspiration when you just need an extra boost.


This yoga quote is very true for a lot of forms of exercise, not just yoga! Getting better at yoga also means practicing the poses that you’re not fantastic at, so you can identify what needs improving and get better at your practice overall.


This yoga quote from Kino MacGregor, an American yoga teacher, reminds us that the present moment is the most important, and we should make every single moment count. Yoga is a practice that advocates for being in the present as much as possible, so this is one of the best yoga quotes if you struggle with worrying about the past or future too much.


Dr. Amit Ray is a spiritual master, and an author on yoga and meditation, who compares yoga to a science. This yoga quote just goes to show how yoga can integrate the whole body and is a great comeback for when someone tries to tell you that yoga is useless.


Yoga is a great practice for mental wellbeing, as this yoga quote seeks to remind us. Outside factors often lie out of our control but making time for a mindful practice such as yoga can help our wellbeing immensely, leaving us better equipped to tackle outside

This is one of the best inspirational yoga meditation quotes, and encourages you to be grateful for your practice as a way to control your emotions. Exercise is often a form of therapy for many - explore more in our complete overview of the mental health benefits of running.


Exercise is hard, but mediation and mindful practices can be harder when you’re just starting them. This yoga quote explains that it’s all a journey, and a long one at that, so remember to be patient with yourself if you’re just starting out or having a particularly bad day.


Starting anything can be a daunting task, but this yoga quote is a great motivator to start anything you’ve been putting off, and making sure it succeeds. It’ll be hard, but anything worth starting is worth succeeding at, and it’s possible when you put the work in.


There are many benefits to being flexible, and this yoga quote shows that it isn’t just physical benefits that you gain. Yoga promotes mental wellbeing, helping to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, as well as promoting social interaction (especially in yoga forms like laughter yoga). We’d completely agree with this yoga quote’s sentiment - when you bend, it makes it much, much harder for anything to break you.

Peaceful Yoga Quotes

Life can be hectic and stressful sometimes, and practicing yoga can be a great way to carve out some time for yourself. If you’re looking for a sense of peace and relaxation to add to your practice, check out these yoga quotes about peace.


Peace isn’t just about what’s going on around you, it’s about what’s going on within you. This yoga quote reflects that peace within yourself can lead to peace with others, and yoga can help attain that sense of calm and peace. Certain forms of yoga (such as the introspective nada yoga) can help you achieve an inner zen.


Van Gogh is the figure of the tormented artist, but he realised that peace could be found even in the most turbulent of times. This is a perfect yoga quote to apply to your practice if you’re experiencing hard times and need an escape.


The Ancient Greeks left behind a lot of incredible knowledge, and playwright Euripides was no exception. Although he was known for his tragedies, he left behind this perfect pearl of wisdom that reminds us that sometimes silence is all we need. This is a great yoga quote for when you just need some peace and quiet and a good long practice.


Einstein was a genius, but his intelligence extended beyond just science. Force will never help you achieve peace, and this yoga quote is a reminder to be compassionate to our bodies, and not to force them into discomfort because we can’t do a pose.


The Dalai Lama is the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, a deeply spiritual practice that is closely linked to yoga. Although it’s about world peace, this yoga quote advocates for compassion, and reminds us that inner peace can contribute to so much more than ourselves. Explore the wider meaning of yoga with OriGym’s thorough guide to the different yoga symbols and their meanings.


Life can be disappointing, and this is a great gratitude yoga quote that has the key to calmness by accepting whatever life throws at you. Doing yoga is a way to master both your mind and your body, and carve out a little moment of peace during your day. It’ll also allow you a moment to be more grateful for the things that you have, rather than those that you don’t.


Breathing techniques are a cornerstone of yoga and meditation, and even just a few minutes of concentrating on your breathing can ease anxiety. When you need a moment to just breathe, come back to this yoga quote.


This yoga quote is great for when your practice becomes a little bubble of calm on a crazy day or busy week. Always take time for yourself and rest when you need to, especially as rest days are incredibly important for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Funny Yoga Quotes

Yoga isn’t always a serious practice. Whether you fall out of your pose, or fail spectacularly at a headstand, sometimes you just have to laugh! Here is a selection of funny yoga quotes for when you need to unwind.


This is the perfect funny yoga quote for when life is just too overwhelming and you need a break. That’s what yoga is there for – sometimes all you need is to take a break, have a few moments of peace, and then come back refreshed and ready to tackle anything.


Yoga is perfect for finding some balance and harmony in your life, and this is one of the short yoga quotes to remind you that it’s good to chill out and take things easy. Remember, yoga classes will always be more fulfilling than violence.


This yoga quote is a reminder that yoga isn’t always easy, and that it’s okay to be inelegant when trying to master a difficult pose. The most important thing is that you’re doing it, which is half the battle! For even more inspiration when it comes to getting started with a new exercise pursuit, check out our expansive list of the best motivational running quotes.


Balance is the name of the game in yoga, and this yoga quote points out that balance is needed not just when you’re mastering Warrior 3, but also in life in general. So yes, go and grab that cupcake after class! 


Yoga is renowned for promoting mental wellbeing and helping when things feel overwhelming, and this is a perfect yoga quote for when you’re having one of those days where you feel a bit nuts. Remember this one for when you’re having a bad day and need a moment to yourself!


This is a great yoga quote for when you’re feeling frustrated with the world. Coffee and yoga are a fantastic combination – coffee to get you going, and yoga to help you to wind down. Or combine the two in the morning for a significant boost - read more on the health benefits of black coffee in OriGym’s expansive report.


Who doesn’t love a good pun? This funny yoga quote is the perfect one for when you’re feeling unmotivated and need to get through a few asanas to remember why yoga is a great practice.


Is there anything better than the feeling of walking off the yoga mat at the end of a long session? This funny yoga quote doesn’t think so, and it’s absolutely right. Putting in the work will always feel fantastic, and this yoga quote is a reminder that it’s always worth it!


Your rules for yourself are the most important ones – and traffic lights, as this yoga quote quite accurately states. This funny yet inspiring yoga quote motivates you to focus on yourself, and forget what others are doing - our journeys are our own, and that’s especially true of fitness.


This yoga quote is a warning that should come with all yoga classes. Yoga is extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health, so when you decide to embark on your yoga journey, remember this yoga quote for when you start to notice the improvements that yoga can bring.


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Inspirational Yoga Quotes for Teachers

If you want to start your class with a boost or end your class on a high note, try some of these inspirational quotes for yoga class! These will be sure to get your students motivated and ready for anything.


Vanda Scaravelli was an Italian yoga teacher who learned from some of the best, and her wisdom reflects that. This yoga quote is great for ending your class by reflecting on the fact that yoga can be an incredibly freeing practice, and doesn’t constrain the body.


Jason Crandell is an American yoga teacher, and this yoga quote of his will provide your students with guidance on the days where they don’t want to confront the dark parts of themselves. If you’re a student and your teacher quotes this, get comfortable with a yoga cushion, and prepare for some mindful work.


Another quote from Jason Crandell, this is a reminder that yoga is for everyone and anyone, and that by walking into a class, you’re actively working on yourself. This is a yoga quote for when you need a bit of extra motivation to get up and go to a class or out onto the mat for half an hour.


This yoga saying is a great one to start your class with, as it’s a reminder that postures don’t have to be perfect, and it’s the effort that your students put in that matters. This is one of the best quotes for your yoga class to inspire your students.


Mama Indigo is a spiritualist practitioner, encouraging people to unlock their supernatural powers. Regardless or not whether you believe in the supernatural, this is a perfect yoga quote to end your class on to motivate your students. It’s also ideal as your own personal mantra as a yoga teacher - learn more about what you need to be a good yoga teacher with our comprehensive overview.


This is one of those yoga phrases that is a wonderful one to begin your class with, as it perfectly points out to your students that you don’t have to be the most flexible person in the world to start yoga. Simply starting with what you have means that you can work on improving!


Yoga teacher Judith Lasater is recognised as one of the leading American yoga teachers, and this yoga quote is perfect for you to use at any time during your class. This is one of the inspirational yoga quotes that will inspire your students and help them to reach their potential.


Another yoga quote to end your lesson on, this is a reminder that yoga is as much a mental exercise as it is physical, especially in intense yoga styles such as power yoga. By focusing on the mental side as well as the physical stretching, it can do wonders for mental health.

Yoga Quotes for Healing

Yoga is a great mindfulness practice, so if you need some yoga quotes for healing, whether that’s emotional or physical healing. Studies on yoga have found that it can help to treat symptoms of depression, and even help with chronic pain and fatigue. Keep reading for yoga healing quotes to help you on your journey!


If you need a yoga quote for healing, this one is great for reminding us that yoga is about peace and health, not pushing our bodies to the breaking point. B. K. S Iyengar was a founder of a whole style of yoga, Iyengar yoga, and knew how yoga can influence healing. Explore more of the different types of yoga styles with OriGym’s article.


This yoga phrase is a perfect one to inspire you to heal by simply sitting with your feelings. While this can be hard, yoga is a great practice for mindfulness and learning to make peace with your body and mind.


Yoga is a great practice for controlling not only your body but your mind, as this inspirational yoga quote reminds us. This is one of the best quotes for yoga meditation, as meditation can help you with your emotions, such as controlling anxiety and reducing stress.


Yoga can add many things to your life, as this yoga quote from yoga teacher Amit Ray reminds us. Mindful practice can decrease stress and anxiety, and add confidence as well as flexibility to your life, and this yoga quote on change is a great motivator to begin your practice. But if you’re serious about flexibility, it could be a good idea to undertake an additional practice, like flexibility training.


Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, and this beautiful yoga quote is a reminder that good things can happen when you start the healing process. One of the most inspiring yoga-related quotes on this list, this tells us that even when we’re hurting, good things can come of it.


This is an amazing yoga healing quote, as it reminds us to stop returning to negative topics or old wounds that still pain us. With yoga, we can learn to be more present in the moment, and let go of old pain, whether that’s loss, old arguments, or difficulties in life.


Another quote from Rumi, this famous yoga quote is a reminder to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore – whether that is old arguments, bad relationships, or just clearing out your room. Yoga is a great mindful practice to help you sit with yourself and identify what you need to let go of in your life. 


This is another inspiring yoga quote from B. K. Iyengar, this will up your motivation and help you out on those days where it seems like everything is getting in your way. By practicing mindfully, yoga can impact your life positively and help to heal old wounds, as well as helping to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. You might also choose to pursue mindful running - read more in OriGym’s extensive exploration of the practice.

Yoga Quotes On Happiness

These yoga quotes about happiness are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and remind you why you take time out of your day to practice.


If you need a yoga quote for happiness and motivation, this one is perfect. Yoga is all about taking time for yourself, and as it is so beneficial for stress and anxiety, it really can make your soul happy!


An inspirational yoga quote to remember, we could all do with discussing our blessings more and our problems less. When you practice yoga, you bring focus to more of the positive things in your life, and this short yoga quote motivates us to think more positively. 


We’re all looking for happiness, and this inspirational yoga quote is a reminder that happiness is all around us and we have the power to make our own. From the Buddha himself, this yoga quote about life can be applied anywhere and is a reminder for you to find happiness everywhere you can.


This is one of the short yoga quotes that is simple but so effective, reminding us that we only really need two things to be content, and yoga is a practice that can help us to achieve both. But if you really want to elevate your yoga to the next level, we’d suggest opting for a yoga supplement to ensure you’re performing at your best.


If you want more mindfulness in your practice, this is the inspirational yoga quote for you. Yoga has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, and the idea of being present in every moment could be the reason for this. If you need an inspiring yoga quote to help with anxiety, this is it. 


Do you struggle to live in the moment? Think of this yoga quote on happiness if you do. This yoga quote is perfect for when you want to centre yourself within your practice - simply close your eyes and allow yourself to feel what you feel.


American painter Bob Ross was known for his relaxed, calm painting tutorials, and he certainly knew what he was talking about when discussing beauty. This is a perfect inspirational yoga quote for when you need a little help seeing the beauty in the world or your practice.


From the queen of country music herself, Dolly Parton hits the nail on the head here. This is one of the famous yoga quotes to weather the bad times because good times are just around the corner – and who better to remind you of that than Dolly herself?

Yoga Quotes About Balance

We all need some balance in our life, whether it’s balancing work and play, or literally making sure you can balance on one leg for a complex pose. Check out these yoga quotes on balance for some inspiration!


When you’re looking for quotes on yoga, this one by yoga teacher and author Rolf Gates is bound to crop up. Use this yoga quote when you need to add some more peace and harmony to your life.


This is one of those yoga quotes on life that will stick with you. Again by B. K. S. Iyengar, this is one of the most famous yoga quotes and sayings, and is a reminder that by balancing your body, you can find balance in your life, especially with mindful practice.


‘Yoga Girl’ author Rachel Brathen is the author of this inspiring yoga quote. This is one of the best yoga quotes out there if you’re looking for a sense of balance in your life. It is the perfect reminder that the goal isn’t to be more flexible, it’s simply to improve your mindset and your balance. Although, if you are seeking to boost your range of motion, we’ve compiled a selection of tips and tricks to improve your flexibility.


This peaceful yoga quote from yoga teacher and author Cyndi Lee is a great motivator if you’re feeling frustrated with tough poses. Be sure to remember this when you want to give up and sit on the couch instead – this yoga quote will stick with you and give you the boost that you need.


B. K. S. Iyengar appears again with this quote for yoga practice. Because yoga is so mindful, it can impact your life every day and help to balance you in more ways than one, so keep this yoga quote in mind when you need a little extra balance in your life.


Blogger Jana Kingsford hits the nail on the head with this quote for yoga that you can apply to your everyday practice. Create balance not just with your body but with your mind, and keep this yoga quote on balance for when you need a reminder that you can create your own balance when you need to.


This is one of the best quotes about yoga out there. Finding balance in your life comes through more than just using yoga straps to master the crow pose or complete the perfect downward facing-dog. Don’t let your mind work against you – align it with your body through yoga and stay motivated.


This is one of those short yoga quotes that really sticks with you when you need a boost in your practice. Let go of things that don’t serve you anymore, but keep hold of the things that you love – yoga can help you with this, so keep this yoga quote handy when you need help to make a decision.

Before You Go!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of the best yoga quotes on life, happiness, peace, and just general humour.  No matter what type of yoga quote you needed, whether it was one of the short yoga quotes, peaceful yoga quotes, or quotes for a yoga class, we aimed to provide the right quote for you. 

Yoga quotes can speak to us all in different ways, and finding the one that resonates most with you can provide inspiration when you’re really struggling.

But if you’re wanting to bring your own personal brand of motivation to a wider audience, then perhaps a career in fitness is your next step.

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