Best Yoga Studio Software Options

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Whether you’re a manager of a yoga studio, or looking to start your own soon, you’ll know by now you’ll need some interactive, easy-to-use yoga studio software to make your life easier!

To save you from scouring the web, our comprehensive list of the best yoga studio software available has everything you need to ensure your business will operate at peak performance!

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Best Yoga Studio Software

#1 - Zen Planner

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Zen Planner is some of the most popular yoga studio scheduling software out there. The all-in-one fitness software makes it easy to:

  • Schedule and integrate payment processing
  • Manage memberships
  • Automate emails

The yoga class scheduling software takes the guesswork out of administrative duties, and with their intuitive dashboard, you can see everything you need in one place. 

You won’t have to send out individual reminder emails, for members who haven’t paid on time, because Zen Planner automates these alerts and keeps you updated on their status. 

Plus, the self-service options for clients takes the pressure off you and gives them control over their schedule and membership. 


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Another thing that makes this some of the best yoga studio software is the accessible dashboard. You can quickly access all of the following through this:

  • Reporting tools for feedback on how your business is doing
  • View your interactive calendar
  • Change member or staff schedules
  • Track member attendance and their progress

Plus, while other companies will guide you through initial setup, Zen Planner is yoga software with long term customer support, available for help for as long as you’re with them


  • Small studios with up to 50 members will pay £60/month
  • For up to 100 members you’ll pay £75/month 
  • This price goes up in increments all the way up to £110/month for more than 400 members.

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#2 - Wellness Living

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Wellness Living offers software for yoga studios to multi-location gyms, so if you’re looking for something that can grow with your business, this is one of the best yoga teacher resources!

This software for your yoga business has a little of everything, including:

  • Scheduling for staff
  • Help to manage sales
  • Email and marketing ideas to help build a loyal client base

This yoga business software offers simple scheduling too, making it easy to swap out staff members for others when classes need covering.

One of the best things about this yoga studio software is that you can do all the following in terms of staff management:

  • Determine how much access each member of staff has, even using the app to assign roles
  • Assign multiple pay rates that Wellness Living will track for you
  • Manage payroll responsibility and export reports

Also, if you choose the ‘Professional’ or ‘Enterprise’ plan, you can import your data to Wellness Living from existing yoga class scheduling software for free, ensuring you don’t lose valuable client data when you sign up from somewhere else!

Plus, if you’re on a tight deadline, for £220 Wellness Living will configure all your business settings, set up your staff and services, and handle all of the manual work for you, meaning you can start using the software almost immediately.


Packages range from basic at £43.31 per month to the more advanced Enterprise package which is price on request!

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MINDBODY has plenty of the key necessities you’ll need from your yoga studio management software including:

  • Booking and viewing appointments on the go
  • View and control cash flow
  • Look at, and manage, your invoices and expenses

There’s also some unique features including detailed performance tracking in collaboration with Fit Metrix. 

This will let you create challenges and contests for clients making their experience more exciting and providing reward incentives based on your targets for them!

The live leaderboard feature can be used during a session to promote healthy competition, as well as give them a visual aid of how they’re doing. Members can even share their results or progress on social media to further the competitive spirit!

A standout feature of this yoga software is the new AI Assistant who handles ‘front desk duties’ and saves you time by:

  • Responding to missed calls immediately
  • Answering questions
  • Booking classes
  • Scheduling appointments

Your AI will follow up with every new client after their class to receive feedback and can even sell them memberships or packages via chat.


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#4 Wild Apricot

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Wild Apricot provides software for all yoga studios, no matter the size. From 50 members to 50,000 members, they’ve got you covered! 

You can set up member-only pages, and automate renewals and reminders, and all your members’ information is stored in the cloud for easy access wherever you are.

If you love to set up events and experiences, this is the best yoga studio software for you. There’s online registration software where you can:

  • Set up a detailed event listing
  • Sell tickets online
  • Automate reminders about the event
  • Create a waitlist for people who didn’t manage to get a ticket!

On top of this, there’s a free site builder to help you create one of the best yoga teacher websites! You can choose from a variety of templates and customise everything to include:

  • Widgets for applications
  • Calendars
  • Donations forms

And don’t worry if you’re a technophobe - the interface is intentionally similar to Microsoft Word to make it familiar and easy to learn!

You get all of this and more with every pricing plan, including the free option, meaning you can get set up and comfortable with your yoga studio software while you decide whether to upgrade. 

The only thing that is only available with paid versions is the custom app, which allows admin to do the following:

  • Track event attendance
  • Update contact records
  • Edit member and staff profiles
  • The online store where you can sell products and services from your website
  • Offering member-specific pricing for these products and services


Wild Apricot offers a 30-day trial for their yoga studio software for free. 

After this period, if you have not upgraded to one of the paid plans, your account automatically switches to the free, ad-supported plan, ensuring you won’t lose any of your account data along the way!

After that, there’s different plans organised by the contacts they provide, ranging from roughly £36.61 to £549.15 per month. These prices should be confirmed by enquiry via the website.

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#5 - Schedulicity

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Schedulicity yoga management software allows you to link multiple employees to multiple locations, all while keeping everyone’s payment details and client lists separate.

This means you can branch out without worrying about data management on a bigger scale, across multiple studios, making it some of the best software for your yoga business!

Similarly to Wellness Living, you can import your client list with the help of the Schedulicity Rockstars. 

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Their expert customer service will speed up the checkout process and remind you of client specifics like their favourite products or previous injuries!

The Rockstars also write helpful guides which cover everything from initial setup to general troubleshooting and, if you want to chat to someone, they’re available from 7am-6pm every day.

Schedulicity’s yoga business software also includes ‘The Marketplace’. This unique hub allows you to showcase your business to gain new members with access to more than 25 millions clients!

You can also control your staff calendars with colour coordinated slots and update your schedule regularly to flag up cancellation and tweak appointment times. 

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Another reason this is an essential yoga teacher resource, and unique software for your yoga business, is the data you can track including:

  • Class or workshop popularity 
  • Class attendance
  • Revenue estimates
  • Sales summaries

Schedulicity’s yoga studio software is perfect for making small, impactful tweaks to your business which lead to immense growth.


They have several different packages ranging from roughly £26.67 to £98.32 per month

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#6 Vagaro

vagaro yoga studio management software reviews image

Vagaro knows how hard it is to become a yoga teacher and start your own business. That’s why they have the best yoga studio software for small businesses and independent service professionals!

Every Vagaro plan, including the 1-month free trial, includes a calendar so you can:

  • Track multiple services and providers
  • Edit appointments
  • Organise recurring booking
  • Block off time for annual leave and other time off
  • Track resource management


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Customer tracking is also fully automated, meaning you can quickly check on the following with contacting individual clients for details:

  • Memberships and packages
  • Products
  • Customer notes and history
  • Invoices
  • Classes

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Your clients are more likely to choose you, and return to you, if it’s easy to reach you, and with the Vagaro yoga booking software, they can book through Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, and of course through your website. 

They also offer a website builder for an extra £10 per month that provides everything you’ll need to get started with online yoga studio booking software and more.

If the nitty gritty of payroll is something you’d rather not deal with, this is the best software for your yoga business. Vagaro exports reports and tracks everything for you, providing a simple breakdown of the information you need!


Vagaro offers a 1-month free trial. 

Their pricing structure is based off the number of employees you have, so if it’s just you, you’ll pay only £20/month no matter how many clients you have. More details are on their website.

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#7 Fitli Yoga

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Fitli Yoga scheduling software provides a simple and easy to use platform to interact with clients, as well as:

  • Automating payment processing
  • Providing reservation book
  • Email reminders about upcoming classes and events

You can use their yoga class scheduling software to organise an unlimited number of appointments, classes, and workshops for a variety of different yoga styles!

Clients get a simple, convenient place to view and purchase your services using a comprehensive search that gives them exactly what they’re looking for. 

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Fitl Yoga studio software also has reviews from your current clients that potential ones can view, as well as:

  • Class times
  • Membership prices
  • Instant booking

What makes this some of the most unique software for your yoga business is that you can track clients’ progress in a fun, visual way using the software’s punch cards! 

You can also  integrate Google Calendar and Zoom for improved customer data and customer acquisition. 


Pricing ranges from packages that cost roughly £29.73 to £83.06 per month. More information is on their website of what’s included and exactly how to pay.

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#8 Acuity Scheduling from Squarespace 

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Acuity Scheduling is some of the best software for your yoga business because of its ease of use and advanced features.

The dashboard helps you manage multiple locations and employees and you can choose the calendar you want your clients to see. This means you can experiment with session times and staff rotas without confusing members!

The advanced features of this yoga studio scheduling software are available on all paid plans and include:

  • A scheduler you can embed into your website
  • A ‘vault’ to store credit card information 
  • The option to let clients tip you and your colleagues
  • An option to create coupons and vouchers for members and clients to receive discounts!

Plus, you have the option to integrate and sync up with:

  • Google Calendar 
  • iCloud
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • QuickBooks and more than 500+ other apps when linking through Zapier!

Acuity is linked with Squarespace, and through their yoga studio management software you can ask clients to fill out intake forms at the point of booking, so you can see everything you need to know about them from their availability to medical history.

Plus, whilst booking a class or session you can add the option for clients to make additional purchases, like yoga blocks or yoga mats, for a nominal fee and this will be automatically added to the cost of the class.


Acuity Scheduling offers a 7-day free trial and after that prices range from roughly £11.43 to £38.10 per month. These prices can be confirmed upon enquiry via their website.

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#9 PerfectMind

perfect mind yoga studio management software reviews image

PerfectMind is a powerful yoga management software used by more than 500,000 users in 21 countries!

Unlike other yoga scheduling software, PerfectMind allows you to sell flexible memberships. You can sell multiple memberships under one profile and manage groups and family accounts as well as individuals.

The staff management system allows your employees to control their schedules, setting their availability from their smart device at any time.

Plus, the yoga studio software manages a variety of data including:

  • Contacts
  • Waivers
  • Recurring bookings

perfect mind yoga studio management software image

Also, like many of the best yoga scheduling software, your email and marketing strategies are automated, reducing the time you need to spend on administrative tasks. 

You can even schedule emails using specific parameters, to make sure everything gets sent on time, even when you’re unavailable. 


Their monthly packages range in price from roughly £95.23 per month to £247.59 per month.

Like some of the other software for your yoga business on our list, you could save money by paying yearly, so it’s worth checking out their website to see what would work best for you!

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#10 Arbox

arbox yoga studio software reviews image

Arbox is some of the best yoga studio software available and will cover every part of the yoga teacher job description from bookings to client outreach!

Plenty of the features are automated to save you time including:

  • Task management
  • Reports
  • Timekeeping
  • Departmental management

You can create customisations within these features like automated appointment reminders which will help reduce no-shows and cancellations!

You can even set up automated, personalised follow-up messages to provide bespoke care and attention to help retain existing clients and attract new ones!

booking yoga studio management software image

The Arbox app allows users access to the following exciting features:

  • Personalised feeds
  • Statistics tracking based on clients’ progress
  • Direct messaging

You can view a range of information so you can contact and tailor your services to meet individual user’s needs including:

  • Digital waivers
  • Activity logs
  • Member notes

You can also send direct push notifications to clients’ mobile devices, send texts and emails, and even personalise the automated messages you send!


Arbox offer yoga studio software for free, with some of their key features available to get you started!

After that prices range from roughly £29.72 per month to £182.10 per month.

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#11  The Studio Director

studio directory yoga studio management software reviews image

What makes The Studio Director some of the best yoga studio software is its comprehensiveness. 

It’s packed with features designed to make your day-to-day schedule smoother and easier than ever before including:

  • Automated communication
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Pre-programmed instructor timesheets.


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What sets The Studio Director software apart is the fact they are consistently making updates and improvements to the functionality of their yoga class scheduling software including:

  • Virtual classrooms - you can easily schedule and share a virtual class with the streaming platform of your choice
  • The addition of widgets - allows you to embed The Studio Director content directly into your website, emails, and SMS messages
  • Bundled charges - these provide a quick and easy method of adding multiple charges to a single member account

You can also use the targeted email part of this yoga software to contact specific groups like students or families, providing bespoke and targeted marketing for different audiences.

You can even use this feature to send out birthday greetings to your clients!


The Studio Director’s pricing structure is based on how many clients you have ranging from roughly £29.71 for 0-100 students, to price upon request when your clients reach over 1000.

studio director pricing yoga studio management software image

#12 Momoyoga

momoyoga yoga studio management software reviews image

If you prefer teaching online through a live video feed, or through your own yoga youtube channel, Momoyoga has the best yoga studio software for you! 

They help you embrace digital and hybrid teaching, while taking care of administrative duties that eat away at your time. 

Momoyoga’s Video on Demand feature allows your clients to watch pre-recorded classes at the time that suits them. They can even purchase your entire online video library for access from any smart device. 

This enables you to build new relationships with clients all over the world, as well as generate income outside of your opening hours. Offering recorded classes is a fantastic addition to any existing services you have.

If you’re more interested in doing live classes, Momoyoga yoga class scheduling software allows you to integrate with:

  • Zoom
  • YouTube Live
  • Google Meet
  • Vimeo

As well as the key features you can expect from most software, you can also customise payment options for clients to choose which options suits them.

This could be through:

  • Membership
  • Class passes
  • Trial passes
  • Introductory offers, freebies, and promotions

You can even  create a Pay-What-You-Want class, where you can accept any amount of donations. This is a fantastic way to build your member base and retain clients!


1-month free trial.

You’ll pay and extra £5 for each teacher you have.

If you pay annually rather than monthly, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

momoyoga pricing yoga studio management software image

#13 Pike13

pike13 yoga studio management software reviews image

Pike13 is great software for yoga studios that handles:

  • Billing
  • Staff payroll
  • Recurring payroll
  • Reporting. 

They also offer a full data transfer service though their onboarding specialists, who will migrate all of your data for you, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing data from other software.

The yoga management software also comes with the My Skill Chart feature, which allows you to create a list of activities that students at a certain level must master to level up. 

Once you’ve created your skill charts, you can motivate your members by offering badges that will display next to their names for their peers to see, encouraging healthy competition within your class!


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Every student has their own personal profile where they will track their progress by uploading video recordings of them doing each skill which you, or other instructors, can view for personalised feedback. 

A standout feature of the Pike13 yoga studio management software is the Notes component too, which allows staff members to add public notes to upcoming classes to remind members of the best yoga equipment to bring!


Pike 13’s prices depend on your style of business and the features you want, ranging roughly from £105.93 per month to £212.16. Prices should be confirmed by enquiry.

pike 13 prices yoga studio management software image

#14 Schedulista

schedulista yoga studio management software image

The yoga studio scheduling software from Schedulista can either stand alone or be integrated into your website!

Another reason it’s some of the most versatile software for your yoga business is that it can be localised for the following nationalities to grow your client database worldwide:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese

You can also use the business calendar to:

  • Easily create recurring appointments
  • Block out your personal time
  • Set specific times for sessions to begin and end

Like some of the other software on our list, you can synchronise with Outlook or Google Calendar via the Schedulista 2-way Google sync.

This ensures your calendar is always up to date and saves you from adding the same information across different platforms!

What makes Schedulista one of the best yoga studio software’s available is how customisable it is.

You can match the branding of the scheduling page with your business’s brand by adding your own:

  • Themes
  • Colours
  • Images
  • Other aesthetic features to match with your pre-existing sites and socials


Packages range from roughly £14.48 per month for just you and price upon request if you want to use the software for more than 15 staff members.

schedulista prices yoga studio software reviews image

#15 Ovatu

ovatu yoga studio management software image

If you’re looking for a yoga studio management software that focuses on detailed reports and reviewing systems, look no further than Ovatu. 

Their smart scheduling software helps you automate your entire business, stimulating growth and client gains. 

Ovatu’s yoga studio software contains their Booking Bot, the next generation of booking! The ‘chat-style’ bot can be added to your own website as a small icon, which opens up its own self-contained booking system. 

ovatu yoga studio management software image

Your clients can use this to quickly book and reschedule appointments without ever having to leave your website. 

A mini-site is also available, hosted by Ovatu, but with your own personal branding. This is where your customers can:

  • Book and manage appointments
  • Leave yoga studio software reviews
  • Purchase passes

You can also set up automated email or SMS blasts that send to your entire database or use targeted campaigns to reach specific audiences and gather important metrics from each.

yoga studio management software 4 image

This helps to personalise your engagement with clients, building rapport and trust which is vital whether you teach Ashtanga yoga or you’re a Hatha yoga instructor!

If you want to develop your business with more hints and tips from OriGym, check out our other yoga articles below:


60-day free trial

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#16 Glofox

Glofox is some of the most popular yoga studio management software because it’s designed by fitness entrepreneurs for fitness entrepreneurs. Whether you own just one location or several, Glofox offers plenty of innovative tools.

One of the most unique features is the inbuilt lead management system. This helps you to manage leads and successfully turn them into sales and members by:

  • Helping you see who you’ve talked to
  • Document and order actions you’ve taken
  • Manage people’s engagement for future marketing strategies

glofox yoga studio management software image

The most recent update to the Glofox yoga management software also added the Live Stream Classes option. You can easily set up your live stream on your preferred platform including:

  • YouTube Live
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet. 

You can even apply filters to prioritise your leads and order your database based on behavioural categories, specific to your yoga business and clientele.


Pricing starts at $110/month (£80.71), but you have to contact Glofox for a precise quote.

SMS marketing and a branded app are available as add-ons.

glofox pricing yoga studio management software image

#17 EZ Facility

EZ Facility is an all-in-one scheduling and management system that automates the vast majority of your administrative duties. 

You can integrate with Zoom if you like to do live classes and even use the dashboard to control how members access sessions and whether the sessions are free or paid!

ez facility yoga studio software reviews image

Plus, if you can’t be live 100% of the time, you can make use of the yoga management software’s Video Library. 

Here you can upload content that reaches clients no matter what their schedule is! This will help attract new clients and boost your retention using content like:

  • Training sessions
  • Classes
  • Tours of your yoga studio 


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Another way the EZ Facility yoga class scheduling software makes your life easier is with the Self-Service option.

This feature automatically links your members directly to your yoga classes, their schedules, and account details from any device with an internet connection. 

Members can:

  • Update their profiles
  • Pay off balances
  • Book sessions

Plus, you can prevent members with outstanding balances from utilising the Self-Service portal, so no need to worry about the bills stacking up!

This self-service option also reduces the time staff spend manually updating client profiles or chasing down payments. Apply their focus to more meaningful pursuits, and grow your client base.


Free trial available.

For specific prices, you must contact EZ Facility as prices are dependent on the number of locations and staff you employ.

yoga studio management software reviews 7 image


What is yoga studio management software?

The management software listed in this article are multi-functional tools that either help you manage day to day tasks like payroll and scheduling, or take that task on fully, like automating emails and texts.

Even the most basic yoga studio software will:

  • Help you manage your database of clients
  • Track payments 
  • Store contact information
  • Allow you to schedule and edit your classes 

yoga studio management software reviews 4 image

But there are many more advanced scheduling software options which are more suitable for larger businesses with bigger client databases. 

These will automate communications to your clients, taking the workload off you, and streamlining the process for your clients.

What should I look for in a yoga studio scheduling software?

First, how easy your yoga studio scheduling software is to use is incredibly important. The easier your system is to use, the more likely your clients are to return to it, and to you. 

If you’re a new business, consider the scalability as well - can the software adapt to taking on more clients or locations? 

You’ll also want to make sure you have the ability to generate and download reports about your business. The best yoga studio software will generate reports on:

  • Class attendance
  • Client progress
  • Sales
  • Accounts balance
  • Payroll

All of these will allow you to make changes that are valuable to your business and generate more clients and income for you.

Why do you need yoga management software?

Essentially, every part of your yoga career can be enhanced or managed using this software, giving you a variety of ways to:

  • Market to new clients
  • Maintain records for organisation
  • Retain existing clients by building trust and rapport

yoga studio management software reviews 3 image

The right piece of software will free up your time by handling your administrative tasks for you, allowing you to put your mind to other activities that can help your yoga business to grow. 

One of the biggest benefits of yoga scheduling software is the added organisation it will add to your business. 

This will mean not only are you able to focus on exactly what you need to expand your practice, but will mean you have optimum time to dedicate to clients to build rapport and trust in your professional relationships. 

Some of the best yoga studio software will boost your transparency too! Clients will be able to view all of your information and availability in one place, as well as the popularity of classes and their own progress, increasing their accountability and drive.

Before You Go!

Hopefully our article has cleared up exactly why, and which, yoga studio software will be indispensable to your yoga business!

Remember that if you’re interested in boosting your career, you can specialise and enhance your practice with our Level 4 Yoga Teacher course.

Or you can have a look through our free course prospectus to look at other qualifications that could boost your fitness career!

Written by Erin McDonough

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Erin holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics, which she attained whilst studying at Bangor University. Whilst studying, she found a passion for editing and writing, and has worked with writers from the Wirral and Liverpool area over the past 3 years. Erin also has a keen interest in strength training and yoga, often incorporating mindfulness techniques into the latter. Outside of work, Erin can be found gaming, catching up with the newest book releases, or song writing.

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