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17 Best Yoga Swings and Hammocks

The yoga swing is the newest craze sweeping the yogi world. Giving you unparalleled levels of flexibility and freedom to practice your poses, yoga hammocks and swings are unmatched when it comes to practicing yoga with total control.

But where can you get one? And what should you be looking for when shopping for a yoga swing? 

Whether you’re a complete newbie to yoga swings or an expert, we’ll break down the 17 best yoga hammocks on the market today, in order to show you what kind of products are out there, and what’s right for you and your budget.


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What is a Yoga Swing? 

anti gravity yoga hammock

A yoga swing, or an aerial yoga hammock as it is otherwise known, is made up of a strong parachute-grade silk/taffeta fabric, which is designed to be attached to aerial hardware. Yoga swings are used to practice inversions and poses whilst being suspended from the ceiling. 

You may have seen people using yoga swings before reading this article, but just for clarity, aerial yoga hammocks are most often used to improve flexibility, tone muscle and ensure that your mind is in a state of peace. The yoga swing can also help our mind by stopping the flow of constant thoughts, achieving the ultimate goal of yoga which is to allow us to live and think in the moment.

The yoga swing ultimately empowers our bodies in a way that no other yoga prop can. They open the possibility of flowing into a wide array of positions, be they horizontal or vertical. These poses and moves ultimately make you stronger, more flexible and can even be used to ease anxiety, if paired with the correct breathing exercises. 

How Do I Choose The Right Yoga Swing For Me?

inversion yoga swing

However, not all yoga swings/aerial yoga hammocks are the same, and before making any commitments, it’s important to know which product is right for you. We’ve compiled what we feel is a comprehensive list, and it encompasses a huge amount of different features.

However, there are some general categories to consider, especially when choosing the right yoga swing for you, which include:

  • Colours
  • Weight/Load Limit 
  • Width & Length of Fabric 
  • Fabric Type
  • Handles/No Handles 
  • Price

It’s also vital that you read over the description of the item you’re looking at (we’ve linked each yoga swing, as well as given a price below the image) to ensure the yoga hammock suits your needs. 

For instance, if there’s a specific material that you don’t enjoy using, or if you need handles to get in and out of the swing, it’s vital to ensure that you buy a swing that has all of the features you need. 

Whether that’s enhancing your mindfulness, or enjoying the benefits of training flexibility, there’s a yoga swing that ticks every box.

Or, if you’re on a tight budget, make sure you pick a yoga swing that combines good value with all of the characteristics that you’re looking for. 

The Best Yoga Swings

#1 - Aerial Living Antigravity 5 

aerial yoga hammock

Price: €55.50 (approximately £48) – €98.00 (approximately £85)

The first yoga hammock to feature on the list is the Antigravity 5, produced by the company Aerial Living. This anti gravity yoga hammock comes in 11 unique colours, which are all non-toxic and safe for both your skin and the environment. The prices for this product ranges between €55.50 (£48)€98.00 (£85), with the price increasing depending on your choice of colour, length and height adjustments. 

We reached out to Aerial Living about their flagship yoga hammock, and they proudly stated that “You can lay down in it with extended arms and the body will be fully held and horizontal” and that “It’s ideal for practicing all the postures of unnata and antigravity yoga.”

This anti gravity yoga hammock is made up of special fabric that is very resistant, whilst also being soft, breathable and elastic. However, unlike many other yoga swings on the market today this product is not made of parachute fabric, but rather “an elastic, breathable fabric”. 

The Antigravity 5 also comes with height regulators which are traditionally made for climbing rope, meaning the product is easy to adjust in height, to either floor or hip level. These height regulators will also allow you to take the product with you, and practice your aerial yoga swings outdoors, as well as being “made, certified and tested in the EU”. 

Additionally, if you’re someone who is interested in aerial acrobatics or aerial dancing you can choose to purchase an extended 7 meter version of the product, instead of the traditional 5 meter version. 

One of the added bonuses of purchasing this aerial yoga hammock, is that it comes with a free bag which you can use to transport the kit to take on your travels. Additionally, whilst on the topic of added bonuses if you’re at all worried about learning how to make knots, have no fear for the Antigravity 5 comes ready to use. You won’t have the added stress of learning how to set up a product.

If the two aforementioned points weren’t incentive enough to buy the product, perhaps this will be - when you purchase this product the company Aerial Living will give you free lifetime access to their online video tutorials. So if you’re a complete newbie this may be the product for you, as not only will you be purchasing the product, but you’ll also be getting access to classes too!

Plus, combined with a pick from our list of the best free yoga apps, you’ll be posing like a pro in no time!

The Antigravity 5 is one of the most recognisable products on this list, and taking into consideration all of the bonuses that company offers, we would recommend this product if you’re a complete newbie to yoga swings. 

#2 - Uplift Active - Height Adjustable Portable Aerial Rig 

yoga swing stand uk

Price: £513.00

The next entry onto our list is known as a yoga swing frame, which is essentially a large piece of equipment on which you can attach your yoga hammock. This product was created by Uplift Active, and features an adjustable frame which can be extended anywhere between 5-11ft tall.

OriGym spoke to Uplift Active recently about their top-of-the-range yoga swing frame, and they said that it’s a “fantastic way to hang your equipment, and the best value for the features it provides”, and that “it adjusts in small increments, so you can customize the height to fit in any ceiling height

However, whilst the yoga swing frame is the main attraction to this purchase, the aerial yoga hammock kit also comes with:

  • Stainless Steel Top Bar:  1pcs 1.4meters
  • Telescopic Legs: 4 pcs 1.6meters. (The size in between each height hole: 15cm) 
  • Tension Steel D-Pins: 12 pcs.  
  • Nylon Stabilizing Belts: 2 pcs
  • Top Bar Connectors: 2 pcs 
  • Hex Key Wrench: 1pcs
  • Leg Connectors: 2pcs
  • Silicone pads: 4pcs 
  • 2 Carrying Bags (optional choices available on the website) 

At the lowest height this yoga swing frame will require floor space of 4.4 sqm which can naturally be practiced indoors, but make sure to use the silicone pads to avoid floor damage. When the product is fully extended to 11ft tall it will require an area of 8.9sqm. In this instance Uplift Active recommends using the yoga swing frame fully extended whilst being outdoors only. 

Additionally, there are some safety aspects to take into consideration before purchasing this product. Uplift Active strongly advises against using this product for drops, so if you’re an aerial dancer then this may not be the product for you. Additionally, you should only use this product on your own, due to the weight of the rig’s legs it simply cannot support the weight of two people, so double aerial yoga is sadly out of the question. 

Whilst this product may seem expensive in comparison to other entries on this list, it is important to keep in mind this product is so much more than an aerial yoga swing, it’s an entire aerial yoga hammock kit. You’re paying for so much more than the fabric, you’re paying for the entire aerial yoga frame and set up, ensuring you can get involved with many different types of yoga styles

Uplift Active’s aerial yoga swing is also unanimously well received, reaching a perfect 5 star rating with over 90 reviewers. Most reviewers seem to compliment the stability of the product, discussing how safe they feel when being suspended from the product. 

It's easy to see why aerial yoga may be a scary process for some people, so if you’re looking for a product that will put all those fears to rest, then this is the kit you’re looking for.

#3 - Pink Namaste - Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit

best yoga stand reviews

Price: £116.00

This hanging yoga swing by Pink Namaste is the next entry onto our list, which prides itself on creating a product which allows ‘gravity to do the work for you’. Much like the product featured above, Pink Namaste offers so much more than just a yoga swing, they offer their customers an entire aerial yoga hammock kit.

Consisting of an aerial yoga hammock that measures in at 5m x 2,8, the Pink Namaste hammock is designed to be hung from aerial yoga rigs, ceiling points or alternatively a strong tree if you’re practicing outdoors. The fabric that makes up this yoga suspension swing is silk that combines lightness with great bearing capacity of 250kg. 

We got in touch with Pink Namaste about their aerial yoga hammock, and they stated that their signature yoga hammock is “used by serious aerial practitioners and enthusiasts alike” and that they intend for customers to enjoy “deep relaxation as well as just a lot of fun!

Pink Namaste’s aerial yoga hammock is designed to be completely safe, the fabric is slightly elastic, is non-electrostatic and is completely machine washable at 30 degrees. This product is also available in 4 colours - white, turquoise, orange and pink - meaning it’ll be a great colour match for a lot of the best yoga mats out there

The rest of this aerial yoga hammock kit comes with:

  • 2 grey daisy chains, which will allow you to adjust the length of your rigging.
  • 2 carabiners that are made of cast iron.
  • 1 Pink Namaste backpack to carry your equipment. 

The Pink Namaste aerial yoga hammock kit is rated 5 stars, with the reviewers complimenting the quality of the materials as well as the strength of the daisy chains. 

Many professional yoga studios have also complimented the quality of the product, so if you’re interested in aerial yoga hammock that is certified by professionals, then Pink Namaste will be the product for you. 

#4 - Gravotonics Yoga Swings

anti gravity yoga inversion swing

Price: $89.00 AUD (approximately £50)

The self-professed original and best yoga swing on the market today, Gravotonics yoga swings are handmade in Bali and come 1.5m in width and 2.5m in length. There is the option to select 2 different fabric colours, with a possible 16 choices of colour to mix and match to your perfect desire. 

OriGym contacted Gravotonics for their comments on the yoga swing, and they replied, stating:

What makes us unique is that our swings have been handmade in Bali (the Indon since 2003. We make them to order based on the customer's colour choices, which can be either a single colour or two colours per yoga swing.

The Gravotonics aerial yoga swings are used and trusted by professional yogis and yoga studios worldwide. They are beautifully crafted with high strength and triple stitched nylon parachute material, which will never rot or grow mildew.  

Gravotnics currently holds an Indonesian Design Certificate, which guarantees that this hanging yoga swing can safely hold up to 440lbs. Should the worst happen and the product rips, Gravationics also comes with a 10 year guarantee, allowing you to replace the product at any given time.

This hanging yoga swing is completely versatile, the product comes with 

  • Two handles 
  • Six large foam padded grips all of differing lengths. 
  • Two daisy chains
  • Added adjustment straps for versatility
  • A spacious swing seat which will allow you to practice in comfort.
  • One drawstring carry bag
  • One aerial yoga beginners guide

Weighing an impressively light 1.3kg, the Gravotonics Yoga Swing is completely portable and easy to carry. It is also one of the easiest aerial yoga swings to assemble on the list, and can be hung-up both inside and outside. 

This product is also multi-purposeful and is not just limited to the use of aerial yoga. The Gravotonics site also claims that you can use this product for strength training as well as inversion therapy. 

If you’re a complete novice to zero gravity yoga hammock, you may benefit from purchasing a Gravotonics product. With every purchase you’ll be sent a free 33 page digital guide to aerial yoga, which should fill you with confidence and inspiration to take flight. And, with OriGym’s comprehensive report on the best yoga cushions and pillows, you’ll have a soft landing, too.

When looking at the yoga swing reviews it's very easy to see why this product is known as the best. Once again coming in at a perfect 5 stars, this anti gravity yoga hammock is universally approved, with customers across the world applauding the product's quality. One area in which the product seems to receive the most praise is from newbies, who seem to be in agreement that the product is accessible and easy to learn from.

#5 - Aum Active Aerial Yoga Hammock

anti-gravity yoga swing for home

Price: £60.88

The next anti-gravity yoga hammock to be included in this list comes from the company Aum Active. This product comes with one silk hammock, measuring out at 13 feet in length and 9 feet in width, which is available in two colours orange and blue. 

This product is made with high quality fabric, designed to ensure you can do your aerial yoga session in total comfort. The product is elastic and breathable, with the purpose of allowing you to have a greater sense of control with every pose. 

In fact, OriGym contacted Aum Active for a comment on their aerial yoga hammock, and they responded, stating that the features they’d draw particular attention to are its ease of access - “The hammock comes pre-knotted in our recommended style so you users can start using immediately” - and its construction - “Made of Tricot fabric, the aerial silk is soft, durable. Our fabric has a beautiful subtle sheer which alternative products don't, and a cool to touch texture.

In terms of health and safety, the Aum Active product can also hold an impressive 500lbs as its maximum weight limit. To help support you throughout your aerial yoga journey, this product also comes with:

  • Two Multi-loop Daisy Chains for easy height adjustment (3 feet length) 
  • Two High Strength Carabiners 
  • Two page pose guides & hanging instructions 

With the inclusion of the pose guide, the Aum Active anti gravity yoga hammock is the perfect introductory unique yoga gift for beginners. If you’re looking for a product which is straightforward and easy to learn from without all the added bells and whistles then this may be the yoga swing for you. 

In terms of yoga swings reviews the Aum Active is very well received, often achieving either 5 or 4 star ratings on Amazon. A lot of reviewers have complimented the products easy accessibility, claiming that it is much easier to navigate and control compared to other yoga gravity swings which are heavily padded. 

Additionally, reviewers have heavily complimented the fabric used to make this yoga swing, claiming that it is both soft to the skin but incredibly stretchy elasticated, allowing for easy movement when practicing and resting.

#6 - YogaBody Yoga Trapeze Pro

zero gravity yoga swing

Price: £112.79

If you’re looking for a yoga swing that will help to relieve you from intense back pain, then you have the product of your dreams. YOGABODY’s trapeze pro is an anti gravity yoga inversion swing, made of 100% pure nylon, and available in multiple different colours. We have only linked the aqua version of the product above, however if you scroll down you’ll be able to find more colour options. 

The fabric included within this anti gravity yoga inversion swing is 100% PVC rubber, and can hold up to a maximum weight of 600lbs. However, YOGABODY recommends that if you want to keep your product for a longer period of time you should not exceed a weight limit of 400lbs.

At a length of 20 cm by 80 cm the Yoga Trapeze Pro is also considered to be one of the most comfortable yoga swings on the market today, which should hopefully allow you to move more freely without any pain or discomfort, and potentially give you the confidence to attempt some of the best yoga challenges.

Apart from the sling itself, this product also come with:

  • Daisy Chain Straps
  • Easy to Clip Carabiner 
  • Quick Draw Connectors 
  • Pro Grade Rubber Handles

If you choose to purchase this anti gravity yoga inversion swing YOGABODY will also send you free video tutorials, along with a pose chart. If you have no experience in aerial yoga, trapeze, aerial dancing then these classes would be a great way to learn from the comfort of your own home.

It is important to note that this product does not come with ceiling fixtures, so you will need to either purchase some online or in store, or alternatively hang the Trapeze Pro from an exposed beam or sturdy tree. 

In terms of yoga swing reviews the Trapeze Pro has excellent ratings on Amazon, currently sitting at an 80% 5 star rating. Many of the reviewers seem to appreciate how easy the product is to use, especially for individuals who are older. Additionally, many reviewers seem to agree that the product is great for helping with back and neck pains. 

#7 - Tumax Yoga Swing Set

yoga gravity swing

Price: £45.99

This inversion yoga swing is one of the cheaper options to feature on this list, created out of high strength, high quality parachute fabric and is available in 3 different colours. 

The maximum weight limit for this product is 225kg and, much like the product mentioned above, was designed with the purpose of helping ease back pain and neck spasms. However, Tumax also boasts that the product is so comfortable that it can also be used as a regular hammock when hung from a tree or an exposed beam. 

The inner tube of the foam handle is made up of ABS materials, which is comfortable and non-slip. This is perfect for aerial yoga, as you will be able to comfortably hold the poses without fear of falling out of or getting tangled up within the hammock. 

The product sits at 8ft by 6ft and weights a total of 2kg, meaning that it is easily transportable in your complimentary Tumax bag. Apart from the swing itself, deciding to purchase this set will also get you:

  • 2 Extension Straps
  • 2 Ceiling Mount Brackets
  • 8 Concrete Anchor Screws
  • 4 Carabiners
  • 1 Storage Bag

Amazon currently rates Tumax’s inversion yoga swing at 4.4 stars, with many reviews complimenting the softness and durability of the fabric in particular. The reviewers also seemed to view the overall product as good value for money, praising the additional products they received alongside the kit.

Still not 100% certain on aerial yogas, or yoga in general? We’ve written a full, comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of yoga so you can make an informed decision.

#8 - EverKing Aerial Yoga Straps

yoga swing reviews

Price: £35.52

Made of high quality parachute fabric, the EverKing aerial yoga trapeze is an inversion yoga swing that is widely popular with individuals seeking inversion therapy. This means that the product is traditionally used to treat individuals with spinal issues, whilst simultaneously training them to improve their core strength. 

The inversion swing measures in at 8ft by 5ft and can hold up to 440lbs. However, please be aware that this product comes with a strong recommendation that you practice it alone, so once again yoga for two is completely out of the question. 

But if you are seeking best yoga poses for two people, OriGym have put together a comprehensive overview of the top stances.

An interesting point to note about the EverKing inversion yoga swing, is that it was created to be a low-maintenance alternative to other yoga swings on the market today. For this reason the EverKing does not come with ceiling fixtures and must be hung up in any of the alternative ways we have previously mentioned within the previous points of this list. 

Along with the yoga gravity swing, when purchasing this product you should receive:

  • Six foam handles 
  • Four Carabiners
  • One Storage Cloth Bag 

This yoga swing also comes with a 12 month warranty, which is unusual for a yoga swing. So, if there are ever any issues that arise with the product, get in touch with EverKing in order to resolve the issue.

EverKing’s aerial yoga strap trapeze has hugely positive Amazon reviews, with 72% of them being 5 stars. Many of the customers seem to really enjoy how easy and accessible the product is to use for newbies to aerial yoga. 

The best yoga swing reviews for this product also commented on how the product is great value for money. One yoga expert left a review, stating that they compared this to a similar product that costs £100 and claimed that neither they or some of the clients could tell the difference.

So it’s important to keep in mind that when looking at yoga suspension swings sometimes price doesn’t equate to a higher quality.

#9 - CO-Z Aerial Yoga Swing

yoga suspension swing

Price: £49.52

If you’re looking for a yoga swing that is sweat and tear resistant, look no further that the CO-Z aerial yoga swing set. 

Made up of sturdy nylon and taffeta fabric, the CO-Z is designed with your comfort in mind and incorporates extra thick padding to ensure that any chance of discomfort whilst swinging is minimised. 

One great feature about this yoga suspension swing is that you’ll never feel unsafe, thanks to the secure foam handles and adjustable daisy chains. The foam handles will stop you from slipping when holding or attempting to enter a pose. They are thickened and upholstered in order to make them comfortable and easy to grip. The handles come along with anti-skid performance helping to alleviate any hand fatigue and/or sweating. 

The adjustable chains will provide the perfect height for you to perform your swing exercises from. You can practice aerial yoga, trapeze or aerial dancing with a peace of mind that your safety is assured. They are made with the highest quality of materials and are there to offer you support, with a weight capacity of 400lbs. 

Couple this incredible build quality with a pair of the best yoga leggings, and you’ll be posing like a pro!

When purchasing this product you should receive:

  • One long yoga cloth.
  • Six Training Belts with Six foam handles.
  • Four Hooks
  • Two Straps 
  • Eight  Expansion Bolts
  • Two Fixing Bases

The CO-Z aerial yoga swing set has been positively received by customers on Amazon. The product currently has a 4.6 star rating on the website, with one reviewer praising the product for assisting with their back problems. 

An interesting recurring compliment that this yoga gravity swing seems to receive is that it is suitable for all ages. Many of the reviewers who left 5 star ratings, compliment the swings versatility and stated that it was a family favourite. So if you’re looking for a piece of equipment for the family home then a CO-Z swing set will be the product for you. 

#10 - Gorilla Gym Aerial Yoga Swing and Frame

hanging yoga swing

Price: £149.95

If you’re looking for a yoga swing stand, but simply don't have the room for it, then Gorilla Gym may have the answer to your problem. This yoga swing stand is completely portable, allowing you the opportunity to get in some frame exercises by simply attaching it to your door frame.

The product is incredibly sturdy and safe, managing to withhold a total weight of 300lbs. The product also fits inside most standardised doorway sizes between “26-34” wide, with no need for drilling, holes, bolts or marks. 

Instead this yoga swing frame offers you total support, and operates by clipping onto the doors frames with vice-like mechanics. If you need any further advice or guidance when it comes to installing your yoga swing stand, Gorilla Gym have produced instructional videos to help you get started.

The swing itself is designed to act unlike any other yoga swing on the market today and will allow you to get into deep stretches, as well as offering your body unmatched support.

If you decide to purchase this yoga swing frame, you'll receive:

  • 2 Straps with built in handles
  • 1 Gorilla Gym Frame 

In terms of yoga swings in the UK, Gorilla Gym is a well known brand that receives great reviews. 

On the Gorilla Gym website, many reviewers have praised the product for its innovative approach to fitness. One reviewer mentioned how her young daughter has cerebral palsy and absolutely loves the Gorilla Gym yoga swing stand.

In terms of yoga swings reviews, the Gorilla Gym products are ultimately one of the most well received yoga swings the UK has to offer. 

#11 - Himifuture Aerial Yoga Hammock

inversion sling yoga swing

Price: £35.99

Another product that will help to relieve the aches and pains in your back and neck is Himifuture’s 6 handle hammock. Made of high-strength nylon taffeta, this zero gravity yoga swing has a weight bearing load of 300kg.

The fabric used in this product can be triple height adjusted, is lightweight and breathable, ensuring the perfect aerial yoga workout no matter where you are. Due to the fabrics lightweight nature, this zero gravity yoga swing is used to decompress the spine and strengthen your upper limbs.

Much like other entries on this list this hanging yoga swing can be used to improve your body by stretching your spine, preventing any pains caused by long term fatigue and standing. This can reduce vertebral pressure and eliminate all muscle tension, and rejuvenate you by eliminating stiffness and tiredness from your body.

Another great feature that this yoga hammock provides is that it can be adapted into an actual hammock, so if you need a much deserved rest after your exercise routine why not kick back and relax. However, you’re going to have to relax on a tree or exposed beam, because the Himifuture does not come with any ceiling mounts.

However, here is a list of items which does come along with the product. 

  • 1 x 6 Handle Yoga Hammock
  • 4 x carabiners(already installed on the hammock)
  • 2 x 1m extension Belt
  • 1 x carrying bag

These yoga swing reviews are fairly positive on Amazon. Many customers seem to really enjoy the product's overall durability. One reviewer commented how they accidentally left it out during bad weather and it didn’t lose any of its shape or colour, highlighting the product’s durability. 

However, we believe that you should be aware that some reviews of this product have stated that the fabric used in the manufacture of this product is not as flexible, when compared to others in the yoga swing market. Bear this in mind before purchasing, if you’re a newbie who wants something with a little more stretch to help you in the process then this product may not be one for you. 


Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more we think you’ll enjoy!

#12 - Karriw Anti-Gravity Yoga Hammock

yoga swing frame

Price: $29.99 USD (Approximately £21)

The Karriw inversion sling yoga swing is a great product for those of you who are looking to heal any long standing injuries. Made up of durable taffeta nylon, this inversion sling yoga swing can hold up to 400lbs in weight and can be purchased in 2 colours.

Whilst some entries on this list are designed for the purpose of exercise, the Karriw Aerial was designed for healing purposes. Customers who used this product in particular noted that it was better than 1-hour of deep tissue massages. 

In addition to this, other customers who suffered from spinal related issues, reported that this zero gravity yoga hammock is more effective than a visit to the chiropractor. 

An added bonus of purchasing this zero gravity yoga hammock is that it comes with a recommended 3 step prolonged approach to treating back related injuries. Karriw recommends the following approach of traction, engaging your core and finally flexibility. 

Body weight traction will be created naturally when you begin swinging back and forth. In order to get the most traction within your body, ensure that you make proper use of the handles and try to hold yourself up for increasing periods. This in turn acts as core and back training, by holding certain yoga poses for a prolonged period of time you will begin to feel your core and back muscles improve and strengthen.

Finally, if you’re looking for a reliable source of flexibility training, those who have purchased this inversion sling yoga swing have reported immediate improvements within their flexibility skill level. 

When purchasing this product you will receive:

  • 1 x Yoga hammock
  • 2 x Extensions Straps
  • 4 x Carabiner( Installed),
  • 1 x Portable Storage Bag.

This product does not come with any ceiling fixtures and will have to be used on something else. We have discussed many yoga swing (UK) products, however the Karriw is regarded as one of the cheapest zero gravity yoga hammocks on the US market.

Many reviewers on Amazon seem to believe it is great value for money, believing it to a sturdy tool that’s great for zero gravity workouts. 

#13 - Geelife Aerial Yoga Hammock

yoga swing stand

Price: £54.36

With a weight capacity of 600lbs the Geelife hammock is the product to get if you’re looking for a full body workout. Made up of strong parachute fabric this anti gravity yoga hammock for home, is one of the best and sturdiest yoga swings on the market right now, and is also available in two colours. 

This product is super durable largely due to its size advantage, it comes in at 98 by 58 inches and comes with 6 padded foam handles, allowing for complete security and safety whilst exercising.

This inversion sling yoga swing will help you master backbends, splits, inversions and stretches. It will give you a full body workout, and will even help with other issues with customers reporting that the product helped with their scoliosis, sciatica and joint pain. 

Yoga, and in particular yin yoga, have proven effective treatment for sciatic nerve pain. Read OriGym’s extensive report on yin yoga and its benefits here.

Whilst many products on this list do not come with ceiling, the Geelife inversion sling yoga swing does come with these products included and also recommends ONLY using the product on the ceiling. When purchasing this product you’ll be made aware of a safety recommendation, meaning you shouldn’t use this product on any beams or trees. 

This is because, unlike some other entries on this list, the Geelife yoga hammock can hold a significantly larger amount of weight. For this reason, if you practice this on an exposed beam or tree, then you open yourself up to the risk of injury as it may cause the branch or beam to snap. 

When purchasing this aerial yoga hammock you’ll receive: 

  • 1x Yoga Hammock(2.5m*1.5m)
  • 6 x Foam handles
  • 4 x Carabiner (Installed), 
  • 2 x Extensions Straps, 
  • 1 x Storage Cloth Bag

Being arguably the best yoga swing, the reviews for the Geelife yoga swing reflect this and the product currently sits at a 4.6 star rating on Amazon. Many of the reviewers seemed to enjoy the fact that the product was easy to install, whilst also commending the company for making a product that was designed to withhold more weight.

#14 - NewDoar Aerial Yoga Swing

aerial yoga swing

Price: £30.99

The NewDoar yoga swing is made up of 100% polyester and parachute fabric, which comes together to make a product that is both soft and comfortable when performing aerial yoga exercises, it also comes in 3 unique colours. 

If you’re in the market for a yoga hammock that’s breathable and easy to clean then this is the product for you. We all sweat during exercise, it's just a fact of life, but with aerial yoga you’re directly sweating into and onto your equipment. But with easy to clean and quick to dry fabric, the NewDoar yoga hammock can simply be thrown into the wash after use and left to air dry. 

The material used to make this product is said to be untenable, with a weight bearing load of 600lbs. Additionally, thanks to the extension belt with multiple nodes, the hammock can be quickly adjusted and altered to accommodate any height. 

If you purchase this aerial yoga swing you will receive:

  • The Yoga Swing
  • 6 Metal Buckles
  • 4 Telescopic Buckles 
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 1 Extension Belt 

One thing to be made aware of is that NewDoar sells their ceiling installments separately. If you’re not interested in buying the installments, you can use this swing on any exposed hanging, but if you did want to attach your newly purchased NewDoar yoga swing to the ceiling, these fittings cost an extra £14,

This product currently has 4 stars on Amazon and most reviews seem to focus on the material used to make this anti gravity yoga swing for home. Many reviewers say it is one of the most comfortable yoga swings they have ever used, whilst also commenting on how safe they felt when using the product. 

Safety is a huge part of any and all exercise, and ensuring you’re aware of your own space and others around you forms an integral part of fitness and gym etiquette. Learn more in OriGym’s ultimate guide to gym etiquette.

#15 - The Omni Stand

aerial yoga swings

Price: $595.00 USD (Approximately £435)

The next product to feature on this list is another luxury yoga swing stand, that comes in at just under 8ft tall, making it the perfect purchase for those of you who wish to practice from the comfort of your own home rather than outside.

This yoga swing by Omni Gym was actually designed by a team of physical therapists, neck/back/spine care specialists in order to ensure that the stand operates at maximum functionality. What’s great about this design of this stand. is that it can accommodate literally any kind of yoga swing on the market today. If for whatever reason, you don’t want to use an Omni Gym yoga swing, then you can simply hook up and use your swing of choice and the yoga stand will operate perfectly. 

This stand is made up of industry standard metal tubing, and can accommodate a weight limit of 300lbs. The way in which the stand is designed, allows for complete 360 degree spin, making this product perfect for yoga, inversion therapy and aerial dance training. 

An added benefit of this product is that it comes with a one year guarantee. Omni Gym promises to replace broken parts or refund money within 30 days of your claim. However, it is important to note if you purchase this yoga swing stand in the UK, countries within Europe or other parts of the world outside North America then the parts may take longer to arrive than 30 days, due to international shipping. 

If you’re keen to get started on your yoga poses immediately though, we’ve put together a list of the best YouTube yoga channels and videos to get you going with all things mindfulness.

If you purchase this yoga swing stand you will receive: 

  • Stand Pieces – Contains 19 total Interlocking segments for easy assembly/disassembly, travel and storage.
  • Vertical Poles – 6 vertical poles .
  • Base Poles – 6 Circular base poles.
  • Connector Tee – Contains 3 tees that connect the base poles to the vertical poles.
  • Elbows – 3 elbows for base pieces
  • Triplex –  Contains one tripod top piece that connects into the vertical poles.
  • Handlebars – not standard with unit but can be added as an accessory at $40 per handlebar (2 max). 

The Omni yoga swing stand currently has a 5 star rating on the company's website. Customers seem to praise the product for its overall versatility, stating that whilst it can accommodate any type of yoga swing, it can also accommodate all different kinds of exercise. One user said they actually used the yoga stand to practice calisthenics. 

#16 - VEVOR Aerial Silks Kit

yoga swing

Price: £103.00

This soft durable aerial yoga hammock is made up of 100% silk fabric and can be bought in 9 beautiful designs. If you’re brand new to aerial yoga or dancing, then this fun vibrant product will offer you the support you need to begin your aerial journey. 

This product is the perfect for beginners, its wide application will allow aerial performers of any skill level, to fly at home or in a studio. Whilst other products on this list have been designed for inversion therapy, this yoga gravity swing is one for the performers, not only does it look beautiful but it is designed with yogis and dance lovers in mind. 

It even features in some of the best yoga studios in the UK!

This product can hold up to 300lbs and with its top-notch hardware, it's suitable to practice anywhere. So whether you want to suspend yourself from a ceiling, tree, aerial rig, pipe or beam, then the Vevor yoga swing can do so. 

Another advantage of purchasing this anti gravity yoga swing for home, is that each design is beautifully eye catching. Out of all the yoga hammocks to be featured on this list, the designs created by Vevor may be some of our favourites. So when you’re not using this product to take to the skies, why not leave it hung up to be a decorative hammock perfect for rest and relaxation.

When purchasing this aerial yoga swing you’ll receive:

  • 10m/33ft Polyester Silk, 2 Carabiners, 
  • 1 Universal Ring, 
  • 1 Figure 8 Descender,
  • 1 Daisy Chain, 
  • 1 Ceiling Hook, 
  • 4 Screws. 

This product currently has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, and this yoga swings reviews featured many users also commenting on how beautiful the designs were, as well as the softness of the fabric against their skin. Other users seemed pleased with how easy and accessible the product is for newer users to practice on. 

#17 - Hi Suyi Aerial Yoga Hammock

yoga swings

Price: £30.00

The final entry on our list of yoga swings, comes from the company Hi Suyi whose parachute fabric yoga swings can hold an impressive weight of 450lbs. If you’re looking for an aerial yoga hammock that will assist you in a multitude of areas then this is the product you have been waiting for! 

Designed to be an all around adaptable product, Hi Suyi aerial yoga hammock was created for the purposes of assisting in strength training, flexibility training as well as inversion therapy. The product has also been known to act as a tool used to destress customers, be it through exercise or lounging within the product.

If you’re wondering how the Hi Suyi product assists in areas regarding your health, we can see once again that the product is great for treating any injuries. The company behind the product states in their Amazon advertisement that their product will help to improve blood flow, decompress your spine, relax muscles and will relieve any kind of joint pain. 

A safety warning does come along with this product, though - the fabric used to create this anti gravity yoga hammock is not fireproof. If you’re someone who likes to use candles when practicing yoga, we would like to stress to not light or place any near this swing, for your safety and the potential safety of others. 

This product does not come with ceiling applications, so you will either need to purchase these separately or practice on exposed areas of your home or garden. This could have hidden advantages, though - OriGym have compiled a comprehensive study into outdoor training, and how it could have benefits you may never have expected.

When purchasing this aerial yoga hammock kit you’ll receive: 

  • 1x Yoga Silks (with steel loop)
  • 2x Yoga Swing Extension Straps
  • 2x Steel hook 
  • 6x Foam handle 

This product has received some great reviews on Amazon and currently has a 4.5 star rating, Customers seem to love how durable and safe the product is, with newbie yogis commenting on how safe it made them feel. In addition to this, other customers have also backed up the claims that Hi Suyi’s product supports your body, as they are commending the product for helping to cure their back related issues. 


Do All Yoga Stands Come With Swings?

yoga hammock

As we’ve already seen on our list, unfortunately not.

Some yoga stands and frames are sold completely separately from the swings and hammocks. Please always be aware of what you’re purchasing before heading to the checkout. Many of the aerial yoga hammock kits to feature on this list will have a list of what is included in the package, make sure you read over that carefully. 

If you’re on a budget, we’d recommend looking at swings that don’t come with a stand, as these are generally cheaper to produce, and therefore cheaper to buy. 

Are There Age Restrictions to Yoga Swings and Hammocks? 

The yoga swings that are used for aerial yoga (and other forms of aerial practice) do not have any age restrictions on. Whilst it may look complicated, it's perfectly safe for most children and adults of all ages to use safely. 

However, we would recommend that children are supervised at all times whilst using any product mentioned on this list, purely in the interests of general safety. Additionally, regardless of your age, if you suffer any mobility issues, please make sure assistance is on hand in case you have any issues relating to your body or the fabric. 

Can I Use My Yoga Swing Outdoors?

yoga swing uk

While it can be hugely tempting to immediately take your yoga swing into the great outdoors to connect with nature and absorb the natural light and fresh air, it’s first important to check your chosen yoga hammock’s information.

While many hanging yoga swings are durable enough to be used outdoors, and offer options for connecting to outdoor walls, trees, or garages, we’d always recommend thoroughly reading the information that comes with your yoga swing.

But, if you are able to, we’d definitely recommend going outside with your yoga swing and enjoying the sunshine - not only will you get a boost of some of the best B vitamins for energy, but you’ll feel more motivated and positive!

Before You Go! 

We hope our comprehensive list of the best yoga swings has given you some insight into the yoga hammock that’s right for you, your budget, and your yoga abilities. There are swings to suit all fitness levels, and we’ve incorporated options to suit everyone.

However, we would also like to take this moment to remind you all to be safe - just remember to always be aware of your body’s limitations, and don’t put yourself into a position where you could potentially be hurt.

But if you’re already a fitness fanatic, then perhaps a career in exercise may be your next step. OriGym’s REPS and CIMSPA accredited personal training courses are the industry leaders in every aspect, and offer unlimited support all across your fitness journey. 

Interested? Learn more in our thorough FREE prospectus, and read about what we offer, and how it could be right for you.

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