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If you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then it only makes sense that you’re here searching for an accurate yoga teacher job description so that you can find out exactly what to expect from this particular job.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a full guide explaining the roles and responsibilities, job requirements, and qualifications that make up a typical job description for a yoga instructor. 

Plus, we’ve included some useful tips to help you match your skill set with anything that an employer could possibly be looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Also, feel free to downlaod our expert guide on "What Makes A Good Yoga Teacher" below:

Roles & Responsibilities Of A Yoga Teacher 

Yoga teacher job description

The roles and responsibilities of a job make up a significant portion of any job description, and the job description for a yoga instructor is no different. 

Often, employers will include a list of roles and responsibilities in a job advertisement so that candidates can get an idea of what their day to day tasks might look like.

That can be really useful, but it can also be nice to know what the role of a yoga instructor involves before you sign up for a yoga teacher training course.

If that's the case, and you’re wondering what will be expected of you once you have become a qualified yoga teacher, here is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities that make up a typical yoga instructor job description:

#1 Lead Group Classes

Job description for yoga instructor

This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but the main role of a yoga instructor is to conduct and lead group classes.

Within this task, you will have various responsibilities, such as: 

  • Putting together a playlist
  • Creating a sequence of various poses
  • Ensuring the safety of all of your students
  • Providing alternative poses for clients who are less advanced or have injuries 


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You will be expected to provide demonstrations throughout the class to show students the correct way to perform certain poses and postures, and provide any corrections to their technique if need be. 

Depending on the kind of studio you’re working at or the type of yoga business you run yourself, you might even get to run 1-1 classes with more advanced students.

This will involve a lot more pre-planning as the students who pay for 1-1 classes typically have specific goals that they want you to help them achieve.

You’ll have to take into account their personal needs and preferences, which can involve catering to an injury or even involve editing your playlist to include some of their favourite songs. 

If you are responsible for teaching 1-1 classes, you’ll definitely want to check out our blog post covering the top tips for getting new private yoga clients once we’re done here. 

#2 Motivate Students

Job description for yoga instructor graphic

As we’ve already covered above, there’s a lot more to leading a yoga class than just standing in front of a group of studios and shouting to change pose.

Motivating students is one thing that comes up in every yoga teacher job description, but this doesn’t just apply during a class.

A motivated student is a happy student, one that enjoys their practice and feels some kind of benefit, and therefore keeps coming back to your class.

Not only does it give you a real sense of achievement when a student returns to your class week in week out, but regular customers are what keeps businesses going.

So, it's not surprising that is something that employers look for when writing out a job description for a yoga instructor.

Motivating students requires you to be encouraging both during the class, but as the student leaves the study, and if you really want to go above and beyond, in between classes!

A quick message dropping in with a student congratulating them on their progress can really boost motivation and give the student the kick required to get them to book their next class.

Giving an example of a time that you motivated a student to continue with their practice when they were considering quitting could make all the difference in the job application process, so if you’re in the process of looking for a new job, have a think of ways that you can be more encouraging.

#3 Bring Out The Best In Students

Yoga teacher job description image

In order to write an accurate review of the yoga instructor job description, we did some research and looked into some of the things that current yoga job ads were looking for from yoga instructors.

One thing that came up a lot, is that employers want somebody who can ‘bring out the best in students’.

Although this isn’t a specific task or ‘role’, the sheer number of employers looking for this shows that this still a pretty important responsibility.   

So, what exactly does this mean and how can you show that your skill set matches this request?

There are a number of ways that you can bring out the best in students, first, you should be tracking student progress, identifying where they have improved as well as what areas of their practice need some extra attention. 

This might seem counterproductive, but probably the best way to get the best out of your students, is to encourage them to continue their practice outside of their student, even setting small ‘homework tasks’ to complete in between classes.

We know what you’re thinking, but this really won’t encourage your students to save their money and become self-taught.

Instead, it will add to your perceived value as a yoga teacher, as they’ll make much more progress than they would have done if they had only practiced once or twice a week!

#4 Admin Tasks

Yoga instructor job description  graphic

Just like any job, your role as a yoga teacher will also include some occasional admin tasks.

Whether this is spending sometime working on the reception desk, booking in clients, or taking over the emails and enquiries, we all have to do our fair share of admin!

For that reason, basic computer skills, interpersonal skills, and being good at communicating with people overall, are all requirements that can all be found on any typical yoga instructor job description.

If you choose to write up your own yoga business plan and go self-employed, then you can expect that the amount of admin in your ‘job description’ will improve pretty significantly. 

However, there are tons of benefits of being your own boss, so don’t be put off by this!

#5 Cleaning & Maintaining The Studio 

One task that you might have overlooked, is the cleaning and tidying that comes with working as a yoga teacher.

Just like the day in the life of a personal trainer or any other fitness professional, you will have to spend some time cleaning the studio and tidying up equipment.

This isn’t the most glamorous or exciting of tasks, but upholding studio standards and ensuring student safety are both an essential part of the job.

Even if cleaning and tidying doesn’t appear on the job description when you’re applying for a job as a yoga instructor, you should still expect that this will be one of your responsibilities. 

Yoga Instructor Job Description: Job Requirements 

Probably the most important part of a yoga teacher job description, is the job requirements.

This is one area where employers will be less lenient with, so here’s what you’ll need.

#1 A Level 3 Yoga Teaching Qualification

Yoga teacher job description graphic

If you want to work as a yoga teacher, you’ll need a Level 3 yoga instructor qualification.

Any old qualification won’t do, you’ll need to have completed a course that is regulated by an awarding body and accredited by Yoga Alliance, REPs, or CIMSPA.

Want to know why having a Level 3 qualification is necessary? Check out our latest blog post where we explain everything that is wrong with ‘free’ yoga teacher training courses.

#2 First Aid / CPR Certification

This one won’t be a requirement for every yoga teacher job description, but some employers might ask that you hold a first aid certification.

Although completing a first aid course isn’t an essential part of how to become a yoga instructor, it can only help your chances of getting the job by having this additional qualification!

#3 Experience Practicing Yoga

Job description for yoga instructor image

Employers will usually ask that their yoga teachers have around 200 hours of practicing yoga themselves. 

Seeing as you’re considering committing your career to teaching yoga, we can assume that meeting this requirement won't be a problem!

In order to tick this box, you will just need to be able to talk a little bit about your own practice and how long you have been a Yogi for.

#4 Flexibility

No, we aren’t talking about your own advanced yoga skills here, we’re talking about your ability to be flexible within your working hours.

One thing to know about life as a yoga instructor, is that your working hours will rarely be the typical 9-5, monday to friday.

Unfortunately, the majority of your students will be working on that schedule, which means that your services will have to work around that.

This can mean occasional weekend work, and often being required to work later in the evenings than you might like.

This is just something that comes with the territory with this kind of job, so it makes sense that employers ask for flexibility in the job description for yoga instructors. 

#5 Insurance

In some cases, you might be covered by your employers insurance, but more often than not even in full-time employment, you’ll be expected to have your own insurance.

Unsure about what insurance you’ll need as a yoga teacher? When we’re done here, check out the full OriGym guide to yoga teacher insurance right here!

Yoga Teacher Job Description: What Skills Will I Need?

Yoga instructor job description image 

Now that you know the job requirements and the kind of tasks that make up the job description for a yoga teacher, you’re probably wondering what kind of skills you’ll need, and whether your skills will meet the expectations of an employer!

According to Maya (2013), working as a yoga instructor is becoming an increasingly popular job, so it makes sense that you will want to know how your skills match up with others in the industry.

"Yoga has developed into a globalized industry, with an estimated 100,000 people holding certificates as Yoga teacher, segmented into small, privately owned and run businesses and studios."

Wondering if you have what it takes to compete against the other applicants? Here are the skills that you'll need:

  • Passionate about practicing yoga
  • Knowledgeable about yoga, anatomy, and exercise
  • A motivating & inspiring teacher
  • A good leader
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Brilliant communication skills
  • Able to think on their feet
  • A good problem solver 

These are just a handful of the kinds of skills that you can find on your typical job description.

Want to know more about the skills that you’ll need as a yoga teacher? You can find out exactly what traits, characteristics, and skills make a good yoga teacher here.

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Yoga Teacher Job Description: What Else To Expect?

Before you leave us, here are a couple of other things covered in the job description that we think are worth knowing.

Hours Worked As A Yoga Teacher

Job description yoga teacher graphic

We touched on working hours earlier, where we explained that you should expect to work weekends and evenings if you want to be a full-time yoga teacher, but what else is there to know about your working hours?

In full-time employment, you can expect your average week to be anywhere between 35 and 40 hours, just like in any other kind of job.

Your shifts might change from week to week, but any employer worth working for will keep it really fair, rotating the weekend and evening work between employers so that you can have a healthy work-life balance.

On the other hand, if you choose to open up your own studio or work as a self-employed, then you’ll have full flexibility over when you work and how many hours you do.

You can even set up a yoga retreat which would mean one long weekend's work, which could then be followed by a few extra days.

Need some inspiration for starting your own yoga retreat? These are the best yoga retreats in the UK at the moment. 

Salary: How Much Will I Earn?

Job description yoga teacher image

Finally, we couldn’t talk about job descriptions without covering how much you will be paid for performing these roles and responsibilities.

The average salary for a yoga teacher is anywhere between £15 000 and £25 000, however there are a number of ways you can boost your income, for example, by implementing an effective yoga marketing strategy.

Want to know more about marketing? Check out this full guide to creating an effective marketing strategy for a yoga business from us here at OriGym.

Continuing Professional Development 

Finally, one way to make sure that you will always fit the yoga teacher job description, is to keep up to date on any new trends in the industry and to look out for innovative ways to continue your professional development.

The world of health and fitness is always changing and evolving, and as an industry professional, you will need to be the first to know about any fads or trends.

Plus, paying attention to professional development is a brilliant way to keep your business relevant, and increase your income!

Whether you choose to expand the range of services that you can offer your students by completing a personal training qualification, or learn how to run your own business by studying our fitness business CPD, proving that you are committed to your career is a brilliant way to make sure that you match the ideal job description for a yoga instructor.

Before You Go!

We hope that our breakdown of the yoga teacher job description has helped you to decide whether working as a yoga instructor is right for you.

Whilst you’re here, why not enquire about our Level 4 advanced nutrition course and offer nutritional advice to your students.

Or, download our full course prospectus to learn more about the range of qualifications that we offer. 


Maya, E. (2013). Yoga and the Pedagogy of Enlightenment: Exploring the role of the modern Yoga teacher. Available online:

Written by Abbie Watkins

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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