13 Best Yoga Towels of 2022

best yoga towels

Looking for the best yoga towels? Great, OriGym has compiled the 13 best towels for yoga mats that money can buy all in one place, so you don't need to trawl the internet trying to find the right towel for you. 

If you’re missing a yoga mat from your artillery, make sure to check out our guide on "best yoga mats" to go with your new yoga towel. 

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What Is A Yoga Towel Used For?

Yoga towels actually are multi-purpose! Not just do yogis utilise them instead of their yoga mat, but mainly to place on top of the yoga mat to prevent slipping and sliding during your class, this is particularly prevalent with hot yoga as temperatures rise, yoga mats can easily displace and potentially cause injury. 

Unlike using a normal towel, hot yoga towel mats are specially designed to increase in grip as you sweat due to their highly absorbent properties, making them more stable even during even the sweatiest of classes. In fact, many Bikram yoga instructors spray their mats with water prior to running a class as it actually speeds up the gripping process and prevents them having to wait for the room to heat up.

Additionally, owning a yoga mat towel not just is comfier, but it places a hygienic barrier between you and the mat that you may have borrowed from the yoga studio or potentially have used during an outdoor class. It may also be harnessed when performing yoga on uneven surfaces like in the park or on the beach where its more flexible to the surface than a conventional yoga mat.  There is also nothing stopping you when not using it as yoga mat cover to wipe sweat off your face and body during less strenuous and humid yoga classes.

The Best Yoga Towels For Yogis Of All Levels

#1 - Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel Mat

best yoga towel image

From Yoga Design Lab, this is a premium hot yoga towel mat with striking, vibrant colour patterns, designed in Bali, which will stand out in any yoga class. Practical as well as beautiful, these bikram yoga towels are super absorbent, non-slip for improved balance mid-pose, and quick drying, an ideal choice for hot or Bikram style yoga. 

These yoga grip towels are printed using water-based, eco-friendly inks, and are non-fade promising no ink leakage on sweaty palms, no risk of ruining your leggings or running dye in the washing machine. Yoga Design Lab have created one of the best yoga towels due to the high-quality whipstitching, suede-feel microfibres, which make it both durable and long lasting, so although this not a cheap hot yoga towel, you will certainly get your money’s worth. With nine gemstone-shaded prints available on Amazon UK a few choices include 'Mexicana', 'Geo', and my personal favourite, 'Tribeca Sand'!

Yoga Design Lab towels are lightweight at 340g, and measure 183cm x 61cm (72" x 24" inches). Towels are scent-free, machine washable without bleach and perfect for every practice from hatha yoga through hot yoga and Pilates. To get the most from this “skidless” yoga towel, ensure to lightly spray water on your towel before use, to let some moisture sink in and obtain that extra grippy feel right from the start of the class.

Also, when purchasing from Yoga Design Lab the brand gives 0.78 pence of each purchase to support youth yoga programmes in need, so you can know not only are you getting a one of the best yoga towels on the market, but also supporting a great cause for children. We can all take a leaf out of Yoga Design Lab's book!

Hot yoga towel reviews image

Price: £39.00

#2 - Yogamatters Grip Dot Yoga Towel

yoga towel with grips

Next on our list of the best yoga towels in the UK is a product by Yoga Matters.

If you’re looking for grip dot yoga towels, this range is top tier. This is thanks to the highly durable silicone dots, designed for a steady, slip-free practice. 

The dots are attached to a super soft and highly absorbent yoga mat towel that is crafted with sweat-absorbent microfiber to wick away moisture. 

It’s also very lightweight which makes it super convenient for rolling or folding away into your gym bag after a session. 

You can also wash your towel with utmost ease - simply pop it into a washing machine on a 30-degree wash and you’re good to go for your next flow.

Another reason why this is one of the best yoga towels that are non-slip is the spectrum of colour options, perfect for personalising your yoga look. Such colours include:

  • Navy blue
  • Turquoise
  • Lilac 
  • Dark purple

Now, when shopping around for a Bikram towel, reviews may help you to make a decision of which to go for. 

Yogamatters’ range has an average rating of 4.7/5-stars on Trustpilot, awarded by over 25 satisfied customers. 

Many enjoy the highly durable silicone dots that allows yogis to confidently transition into a range of poses without the worry of slipping around the yoga studio.

Many also note that the towel’s upper is super soft and doesn’t wear down after washing. 

These features and top reviews are why we believe Yogamatters’ range offers one of the best yoga towels in the UK. Why not follow the link above to see what all the rage is about? 

Price: £26.00

#3 - Gaiam Grippy Yoga Mat Towels

yoga toes towel image

With a promise to dry in half the time of ordinary towels, the Gaiam Grippy Yoga Towel is one of the best offered by a leading brand in yoga gear and apparel. This microfiber yoga towel has an extra absorbent top layer with non-slip PVC grippe backing, which makes it stick to the floor like glue!

Available on Amazon UK in 'Blue/Fuschia', 'Grey' with neon yellow backing, 'Ocean Sky', 'Pink Storm', and 'Sparkling Grape', the Gaiam Grippy is a dry-wet towel which will get 'grippier' the damper it, and more sweaty your palms, get. Microfibers are hypo-allergenic, and the towel is made of 78% Polyester and 22% Nylon. The Gaiam grippy has been sized to fit directly on top of a standard mat at 172cm x 60cm (68" x 24"). 

This yoga towel for hot yoga has been made with intense flows in mind, offering support for harder to perform poses where your attention is needed on your practice not on repositioning your towel over your mat. The Gaiam is one of the most advocated for by experienced yogis, yoga instructors and in Bikram yoga towel reviews.

Delivering on its claims, the Gaiam Grippy yoga mat towel feels like an extension of your mat, with no bunching between fingers whilst trying to execute advanced poses or during flow. The Gaiam Grippy is a performing, high-end choice suitable for any yoga practice and is definitely one of the best yoga towels that is skidless you will find, something that is echoed by the positive customer reviews below.

yoga towel with grip image

Price: £41.99

#4 - Kimjaly No-Slip Yoga Towel

non slip yoga towel

Decathlon’s team of yoga enthusiasts has come together to create the best yoga towel that’s non-slip, highly durable yet super soft.

The towel is designed to absorb perspiration for Bikram yoga sessions and activities where you can work up quite a sweat. 

This helps to keep all of your sessions hygienic without your towel slipping from underneath you. 

This is a great yoga towel for portability thanks to the thin material and so can be folded or rolled up and put into your gym bag until you next need it. 

With that, the towel is a standard size of 183 cm x 61 cm.

It can be washed on a 30-degree heat and left to air dry as drier appliances could wear the grip down.

As ever, when searching for a yoga mat cover towel, reviews can help you narrow down which is best for you. 

If the Kimjaly has caught your eye, you’ll be pleased to know that it has been awarded 5-stars by over 550 happy yogis. 

Here are some notes that reviewers have left:

“The bottom side is non-slippery and the top side is soft and absorbent, perfect for hot temps and slippery floor as it absorbs the swear and doesn’t move as you exercise.

Another review commented:

“I really like this mat! I do my yoga on laminate and now all I use is this. I’m new to yoga but honestly find doing my yoga classes a breeze.” 

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best yoga towels that are non-slip, we’d encourage you to consider Decathlon’s range as the reviews truly speak for themselves. 

Price: £22.99

5. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel

buy yoga towel image

Manduka are back with one of their more recent additions to their product line and the cost is a little less than the previous one mentioned on this list!

This cheap yoga mat towel comes in 15 variations including 'Green Tie Dye', 'Midnight', 'Giraffes', and 'Bengal Light Blue' all of which are created through hand dyeing and is made with their patented eQua® microfibre fabric, which sourced from sustainably harvested tree rubber that gives it that extra grippy feel.

The split microfiber towel mat is extra moisture absorbent and cushioned for a gentler impact on the skin of fingers and toes than other towels. It is designed for medium to heavy perspiration and is wet-gripping, meaning this hot yoga towel mat becomes it's most slip-resistant when damp. The Manduka eQua® yoga towel is a plush, durable and lightweight, which claims it can outperform any cotton alternative. The tightly woven fibres are suede-soft and is both super comfy for when you’re just sitting and super grippy when your attempting those more challenging poses. Overall a great choice, especially considering its a cheap yoga towel mat by contrast to some of the pricing points of others on this list!

microfiber yoga towel image

Price: £22.72

#6 - yinbaoer Microfiber and Eco-Friendly Yoga Towel

yoga towels best

If you’re searching for microfiber yoga towels, this next option is worth checking out. 

yinbaoer, a yoga apparel and equipment brand, has created a premium-quality microfiber yoga towel that is made with super-absorbent and moisture-wicking fabrics that can truly enhance your flow.

The underside of the yoga towel comes with small silicone dots that prevent slipping during your yoga practice.

This is ideal for the sweatiest of workouts and can also function as a Bikram towel.

The brand has also prioritised compactness in the towel’s design as there’s nothing worse than an overly bulky gym bag.

With that, yinbaoer has selected thin and lightweight materials in the construction of the towel that still promises comfort and support.

There are a collection of colour options to help you personalise your yoga aesthetic. Each offers an innovative tie-dye look with different colour combinations. These include:

  • Green and blue 
  • Blue, purple, and pink
  • Pink and purple
  • Multi-coloured

This microfiber and eco-friendly yoga towel costs just over £15 which is an incredibly good price and one you’d struggle to beat.

So, if you’re looking for a funky designed yoga towel with grip, this is the place to find one! 

Price: £15.13

#7 - Lotuscrafts Hot Yoga Towel Mat

yoga mat cover towel image

Lotus Crafts is an Austrian based company that produces quality, beautiful and ecological first yoga products. They have stamps of approval and accreditation from the Global Organic Textile Standard and are diligent at every step to ensure not just their yoga grip towels, but all their products are 100% organically sourced and made!

Like many of the best yoga towels on this list, it has a wet-grip surface and non-slip silicon coating as opposed to dimples, which enhances its grip to your mat. It comes in four contrasting colours, which you can see above, but one of its main benefits is that it weighs in at just 400g, making it super light for packing into a gym bag, to the beach or for continuing your practice whilst travelling. 

The Lotuscraft has a super absorbent, antibacterial surface and is a great choice for dynamic yoga flows such as vinyasa, and unlike other mats which use grip beads, the Loutscrafts has a full silicone underside so your towel latches easily to your mat.  It measures in at 183cm x 61cm (72" x 24" inches) and its microfibres are composed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, which is what makes it 100% organic! You won't find any manmade or nylon material within any Lotuscraft products and when you consider the cost of the yoga towel is under £20, it really is a bargain!

The grip dot yoga towel is quick-drying and is a towel for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option to practice on directly or cover their mat.

best yoga mat towel for hot yoga image

Price: £19.95


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#8 - UCOOLY Yoga Towel

pattern yoga towel mat image

For yogis who want a Bikram yoga towel mat, which looks great and performs well, the Ucooly yoga towel comes in 7 vibrantly coloured patterned designs including a blue-purple omber 'Mandala Purple', 'Elephant Blue', and 'Mandala Yellow'. We love the clever and unique aesthetics within their designs, and it will certainly make you stand out and be the envy of other classmates.

This slip less yoga towel has a textured surface to prevent your hands and feet sliding when conducting poses, it is absorbent and has 4 anchor-fit corners to fasten your towel to your yoga mat, eliminating any concern of your towel bunching or sliding away. This hot yoga towel with grips is antibacterial, eco-friendly and its extra-large size measures at 183cm x 63cm (72" x 24" inches) making it both longer and wider than a standard towel, allowing it to hook onto virtually all mat sizes.

Arguably the most portable hot yoga mat towel as it includes an elastic loop which helps you to secure it once folded, which is extremely convenient when travelling or commuting as you can attach it to your bag. When purchased through Amazon, the towel comes with a free spray bottle to lightly dampen your towel before practice for maximum slip resistance. The yoga sticky towel is a vital class companion, which you can use for vinyasa, ashtanga through to Bikram and Pilates as well as just general use. 

towel for yoga image

Price: £19.99

#9 - Gaiam Stay Put Yoga Towel

where can i buy a yoga towel image

Another entry now on our best Bikram yoga towels from Gaiam and for good reason too! The Gaiam "Stay Put" towel does exactly that, it stays put, and if you’re on a tight budget this cheap hot yoga towel (UK) could be right down your street.

The Gaiam Stay Put yoga towel has four pockets to fit over the corners of a standard mat to prevent your towel sliding when performing twists, balancing poses or vinyasa flows. The towel comes in 'Purple' and 'Lake', a muted sapphire colour, and has 4.5 stars out of almost 200 ratings on Amazon. 

Like all Gaiam yoga towels, you can expect premium quality microfibres which are hypoallergenic, which is particularly useful if you suffer from or prone to allergies. The towel measures a standard 172cm x 60cm (68" x 24" inches) microfibres are composed of 88% polyester and 12% polyamide, and the Gaiam Stay Put is very light at just 309 grams.

its perhaps not the best yoga towel on this list, but in terms of value for money, its certainly up there! If your new to yoga or just trying to get into this would be an ideal choice that doesn't hurt the purse strings too heavily to get you started.

yoga towel image

Price: £16.76

#10 - IUGA Yoga Towel Extra Thick Hot Yoga Towel

bikram yoga towel reviews image

The IUGA towel is one of the best yoga mat towels around, especially considering the relatively low price. This is iterated by it having 77% 5-star reviews on Amazon, which is the highest percentage of 5-star reviews on this list.

This hot yoga towel (UK) comes in six colour varieties including grey, green, purple, teal, pink and blue, and the IUGA Yoga Towel is Amazon's number one recommended choice for a reason. Its super thick by comparison to others and has a 'textured weave' microfiber design for softness and grip. 

This cheap yoga towel also comes as part of a bundle with a complimentary hand towel and water spray, so you can spray you towel when you enter a class and have a second towel available to clear the sweat from your eyes.

This large yoga towel measures in at 183cm x 65cm (72" x 25" inches) so no problem with covering your mat and with its super dry material it will dry overnight all-ready for your next yoga class! 

This grippy yoga mat is extra absorbent and designed with corner pockets to secure your towel to your mat and prevent any bunching beneath your fingers so you can fully focus on the pose at hand and not worry about falling. 

IGUA are a small company, but one that truly cares about not just offering one of the best products, but great service. This is echoed by their lifetime guarantee and round the clock support, so if you encounter any issues, drop their support email a message and they will strive to help you.

non slip yoga towel Image

Price: £14.95

#11 - Ewedoos Yoga Towel

yoga towel uk image

The next yoga towel is brought to you by Ewedoos, and their products have gained much nontertiary within the media with both "Don't waste your money" and Daily Yoga Grind" giving them glowing reviews for their yoga towel and mat's quality and performance.

Available in 5 tie-dye colour options including 'Peacock', 'Pacific Blue', and 'Purple and Teal', the Ewedoos Yoga towel has hook corners for mat attachment, is sweat absorbent to help you keep your balance during your practice and has a super soft feel.

With anchor corners, the Ewedoos Yoga Towel prevents towel bunching mid-practice eliminating the need to pause and reposition your kit beneath you. The Ewedoos hot pod yoga towel is made from 100% premium microfibers with a promise to absorb 5X the amount of standard cotton with half the drying time. With wet grip, the more your sweat, the better the Ewedoos performs making it a great choice for power and Bikram yoga.

The towel is thick enough to be used independently from your mat, so it is a good alternative for when travelling, although it does weight more than many mats on this list due to its thick nature. Unlike many others though, it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, that's how confident they are in the products quality and durability!

The Eweedos yoga towel measures 182cm x 66cm (72" x 26" inches) and will give you enough material to tuck around you mat, as well as it being very aesthetically pleasing on the eye with a lovely patterned design, cushioning and absorbency which makes this is a great budget yoga towel which delivers everything it promises. 

bikram yoga towel image

Price: £12.95

#12 - Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel

yoga mat and towel image

With almost 1,500 ratings on Amazon, this Bikram yoga towel is a very popular choice!

The Heathyoga Anit-Slip Yoga towel is a great if you are on a budget and comes in 6 colour choices including grey, green, blue and purple and comes with a free bag to transport it to and from your classes and a small spray bottle. 

What makes the Heathyoga yoga towel (UK) really stand out is it has dual-grip with a microfiber and silicone coating and a "grip-grid" texture to ensure your towel stays still against your mat allowing you optimum stability in your poses. The Heathyoga grip towel also has corner pockets which allow you to hook the towel onto the corners of your mat, which is critical for your safety when exercising difficult poses. 

Super absorbent, this is a standout yoga mat towel for practitioners and will absorb moisture and sweat like a giant sponge due to its moisture wicking microfibre complex.  Measuring 183cm x 60cm (72" x 24" inches) it covers a standard yoga mat and for whatever design you choose, the included drawstring bag matches the design and is large enough for your keys, phone, memberships cards and other essentials!

Heathyoga has been designing yoga mats for over ten years and although not one of the "flashier brands", their yoga towels for mats are great value for money and come highly recommended by other yogis.

hot yoga towel uk image

Price: £11.95

#13 - Lululemon 'The Towel'

lululemon yoga towel image

We have saved one of the best yoga towels until last, labelled "the towel" by Lululemon! Lululemon is a major sports brands that covers accessories from everything from golf and swimming through to you guessed it.... yoga and Pilates! One thing you can ensure with any Lululemon product is quality and their yoga towel is exactly that! 

It comes in grey or black and has a super soft surface, clean-cut edges to prevent fraying and its durability. It features a slip-resistant underside to hold perfectly to your mat. Great for all forms of yoga, 

Great for hot yoga classes, Lululemon's 'The Towel', is super absorbent and measures 180cm x 66cm (71" x 26") so is perfect for a standard studio loaned yoga mat to place a hygienic barrier between you and your classmate before you. 

A high-performing yoga mat cover towel from a cult brand, Lululemon's 'The Towel' is a great choice at a mid-market price for a streamlined, no thrills but sturdy yoga towel with grips, which will see you through any type of class whilst standing the test of time.

Price: £35.00

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