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CPD Fitness Course: Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training helps athletes to improve their physical fitness and overall athletic performance. When implemented correctly, it can also be used to reduce the risks of injury and even aid in the rehabilitation process. 

With our Strength and Conditioning CPD, you will be able to work with a variety of clients from regular gym goers to professional athletes, creating workout programmes that push them towards their peak physical performance. 

This CPD Strength & Conditioning course costs £129, but you can take six OriGym CPD courses for just £488 - that's nearly £50 saved per course!

Entry Requirements:

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Course Type:

CPD Short Course

Course Length:

1 Day


Recognised by PD Approval 

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Available Packages

Advanced Fitness CPD Bundle

  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Myofascial Release CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Business & Marketing CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

Gold Personal Trainer Course Package

  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems
  • Advanced Periodisation CPD
  • Myofascial Release CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

If you’re a PT, getting a Strength and Conditioning CPD qualification is a crucial way of expanding your client portfolio and working with a wider range of demographics, right up to sporting professionals.

This will hugely increase your earnings, employability, and future progression potential. You’ll also be able to charge more for programmes by marketing them as a specialist form of training typically only available to the likes of athletes. 

  • Course Length: 1-day intensive in-person CPD workshop.
  • Entry Requirements:  Level 2 Fitness Instructor course and aged 16+.
  • Cost: £129 for a single course, or take six OriGym CPD courses for just £488!
  • Study Method: Our Strength & Conditioning courses all take place over the course of a day in a workshop format. This is an intensive day of face-to-face training with our team of industry experts!

Assessment: The Strength and Conditioning CPD course finishes with a 60-minute long observational assessment where you will be tasked with demonstrating your knowledge of strength and conditioning processes by delivering tests and assessments to your fellow students.

Our Strength & Conditioning CPD course will teach you all of the theoretical knowledge and technical proficiency to support a range of different exercise regimes. You’ll learn about fitness, anatomy, and physiology in the following modules:

Strength & Conditioning Coaching 

The introduction to the Strength & Conditioning CPD course explores the history of this style of training and how we define it. This will inform your understanding of the need for professional coaching with athletes and what qualities are required to fulfil this role. 

Preparation and Planning Process

This vital module teaches you how to prepare for a session based on the relative factors of individual athletes and clients including:

  • Exercise selection
  • Training frequency
  • Loads and reps
  • Volume

Fitness Testing 

In this two-hour practical workshop, you will learn how to identify, partake in and deliver various fitness testing protocols, including shuttle run tests, and squat tests. Each test is explored in detail covering the protocol, reasoning and validity of the testing method.

Postural Assessments

Here you’ll learn how to assess a client’s posture using the NASM overhead squat test. You’ll cover the test itself in more detail and the accompanying solutions table and the muscle groups targeted in exercises and stretches.

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Completing this course as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor will allow you to teach Strength & Conditioning classes in a variety of settings.

You can also progress with a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification to specialise in this style of training, earning more money for individualised programmes and higher expertise. You will also attract higher calibre clients including amateur and professional athletes!

You’ll complete the course in a single day of intense training through different modules in a workshop!

Yes, OriGym's Strength and Conditioning CPD course is fully recognised by PD Approval! 

To enrol on the CPD Strength and Conditioning courses you need to have at least completed a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course

There’s an observed session you’ll have to plan and deliver to classmates in the workshop. You’ll incorporate everything you’ve learned and how to include different fitness tests and movements informed by strength and conditioning.


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Connect with our leading affiliates to get started as a fitness professional, this includes a guaranteed job interview!

Tutor Support

You’re in the best hands with our highly qualified tutoring team of fitness professionals.

Business Consultations

Those looking to become self-employed can receive business and marketing tips from our expert team of professionals.

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Ashley Boyd origym testimonial

Ashley Boyd

Really enjoyed my course especially the workshops!

My experience completing the gym instructor course with origym has been fantastic, I really felt supported throughout, the workshops where brilliant and I really enjoyed them, it really helped me to feel prepared for my assessment. The tutors are great and really make you feel at ease.

Sophie Longmire

Sophie Longmire

OriGym Student

Wonderful experience so far!

"It's been a really wonderful experience throughout with Origym. The courses are very informative with excellent teaching points - the tutors and assessors have been nothing shy of amazing and extremely helpful! Love it and fully recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness career!"


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