Advanced Training Systems Course

Develop advanced knowledge of fitness training systems!

CPD Fitness Course: Advanced Training Systems

Advanced Training Systems are the underpinning of all high-quality training programmes. With this advanced CPD course, you will learn all the essential and core training systems beyond what is taught on a Level 3 Personal Training certification.

Our Advanced Training Systems course includes a brief introduction detailing who needs this guidance and how it can specifically benefit them. Before moving on to methodologies and reasoning, where you will cover modules such as jump sets, rep targeting and peripheral heart action to name a few.

As an online student, you will complete this CPD course via our custom-built eLearning platform 'the student zone'. This allows you to study when you want, where you want, learning around any existing commitments. Enquire about our Advanced Training Systems course today to advance your existing skills and knowledge!

Course Type:

CPD Short Course

Course Length:

2 Weeks (Average)


PD Approval 

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Available Packages

Advanced Fitness CPD Bundle

  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Myofascial Release CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Business & Marketing CPD
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0% Interest Payment Plans
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

Gold Personal Trainer Course Package

  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
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0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Kettlebells CPD
  • Business and Marketing CPD
  • Electrotherapy CPD
  • Myofascial Release CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
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Elevate your fitness career with OriGym's Advanced Training Systems course, accessible online via the renowned Student Zone platform. Developed by leading professionals, this qualification equips you with advanced tools to craft innovative and effective training programs for individuals and groups.

From learning how to implement cluster sets, to incorporating Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) into your training routines, this CPD course imparts a vast amount of knowledge that will improve your client's training habits. 

Completing this course will also help you stand out in the competitive market as a versatile and knowledgeable fitness professional, enhancing client satisfaction and opening new career opportunities.

  • Course Length: 2 Weeks Average Time for Completion.
  • Entry Requirements: Level 2 Gym Instructor. Students must also be aged 16+.
  • Accreditations: The Advanced Training Systems Course is recognised by PD Approval.
  • Cost: £129, or you can buy a bundle of 6 CPD courses for just £488.
  • Study Method: Our Advanced Training Systems course is delivered online through our E-learning platform. You'll engage with the course material via a combination of video modules, virtual lectures, electronic textbooks, and interactive quizzes.

Assessment: Throughout the course, you'll complete virtual modules before completing a series of interactive quizzes at the end of each section.

Advanced Fitness Training Systems CPD Course 4

In the Advanced Training Systems CPD course, you'll develop the expertise to craft custom workouts, honing the ability to effectively achieve and maintain clients' fitness goals. This involves studying modules such as:

  1. Jump Sets
  2. Peripheral Heart Action (AHA)
  3. Cluster Sets
  4. Escalating Density Training
  5. Rest-Pause Sets
  6. Rep Targeting
  7. Partial Reps
  8. Complex Training 
  9. Tabata
  10. Strip Sets
Advanced Fitness Training Systems Course.jpeg

You must achieve 90% or higher on the final quiz to complete OriGym’s Advanced Training Systems Course CPD Course. There are 30 multiple-choice questions, each question has 4 possible answers from which you must choose the correct answer.

You have 60 minutes to answer all 30 questions. You can re-attempt the quiz as many times as you need.

Advanced Periodisation Training CPD Course CPD 3.jpeg

After completing the Advanced Training Systems Course, you'll develop skills to create diverse and effective programs for your clients.

These skills include the training variables to include jump and cluster sets to condition clients to improve their physical performances. They will help you improve your services and cater to clients at different fitness levels.

It will also put you on a strong footing to complete a Level 3 Personal Training qualification which can elevate your career within the fitness industry. You'll be infused with skills to design and implement tailored training programmes that align with each client's unique needs and aspirations.

As this is an online course you will complete all assessments via the same format and assessments are completed via assignments and online quizzes, which you must get 90% to pass, but you will get unlimited free re-tries. 

To be able on the Advanced Training Systems CPD course you will need to hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor certificate and be aged 16+.

The course takes on average 2 weeks to complete and has 12 hours of guided learning hours. However, you can take as long or as little time as you like, as there are no deadlines associated with this qualification. 

Completing an Advanced Training System CPD is a great way to develop skills that can you diversify your clients' workouts and enhance performances for your clients' as they work towards their fitness goals.

On the Advanced Training System CPD you'll learn the following modules:

  • Jump Sets: How to incorporate explosive movements like jumps or plyometrics between sets to enhance clients' power while improving their metabolic rate.
  • Peripheral Heart Action (PHA): Learn to alternate upper and lower body exercises to promote continuous blood flow, enhancing cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.
  • Cluster Sets: Utilise short rest periods between clusters of reps to increase training and stimulate muscle growth.
  • Escalating Density Training: Focus on getting clients to work out more in the same amount of time, helping them to increase volume and intensity to boost their muscular endurance and burn calories.
  • Rest-Pause Sets: Discover how to include brief pauses during sets to extend training intensity, allowing for maximum effort on subsequent reps to stimulate muscle hypertrophy.
  • Rep Targeting: Develop skills on rep ranges for each set to target different muscle fibres and stimulate optimal muscle growth and strength gains for clients.
  • Partial Reps: Learn how to utilise the range of motion to overload muscles and enhance strength and muscle hypertrophy.
  • Complex Training: Discover how to combine strength exercises with plyometric or explosive movements to improve power, speed, and performance through neural adaptation and muscle coordination.
  • Tabata: Learn how high-intensity interval training with short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods can enhance aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels for clients.
  • Strip Sets: Get clients to progressively reduce weight and increase reps within a set to induce muscular fatigue, and promote muscle hypertrophy and metabolic stress.

At OriGym we offer FREE unlimited resists to all of our students. This means should you fail, you’re welcome to retake the assessment again until you pass.


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OriGym student Jennifer Day

Jennifer Day

OriGym Testimonial

Working towards my level 2 and level 3 personal trainer qualifications with origym have been great! It has really allowed me to balance working a full time job as well as getting an hour in a day and really expanding my knowledge in a way that is fun and supportive from the team who are always a short call/ message away couldn’t recommend them enough!

Max Fallone origym testimonial

Max Fallone

OriGym Student

Would recommend to anyone looking to start a career in fitness and exercise!

I have always been involved in sport and had a passion for fitness, so the opportunity to help others reach there fitness goals is an amazing feeling. The course has given me confidence and understanding of areas I didn’t know before doing the course.

My goal after completing my level 2 course is to become a level 3 personal trainer and work 1-1 with clients helping them to achieve their goals. This has been the perfect course for me to do along side full time work and would recommend it to anyone looking to build a career in fitness and exercise. 


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