Our Personal Trainer Course Leeds will help you turn your passion into a profession.

Origym’s Personal Trainer Course Leeds, is a great way to enter the fitness industry. Origym’s Personal Trainer Course Leeds is a highly recognisable fitness qualification that will improve not only your reputation as a fitness professional, it will also improve your knowledge. You will need both to succeed as a personal trainer who retains clients.

If you have strong ambition, a passion for fitness and a welcoming personality, you will be are eligible to enrol on our Personal Trainer Course Leeds.  Our qualifications will give you the opportunity to join an industry that is continuing to grow. There are two reasons why the industry is becoming so popular among disenchanted professionals. Firstly, it is fairly lucrative and many personal trainer are increasing their monthly wage. Secondly, being a personal trainer is both engaging and enjoyable. So if you want to disrupt the conventional and mundane 9-5 regime while increasing your money, enrol on our Personal Trainer Course Leeds. Being a personal trainer is very rewarding. You will often hear experienced personal trainers say that, “it doesn’t feel like work”. As a qualified personal trainer of 10 years, I would have to agree. 


During a Personal Trainer Course Leeds, you  will learn how to utilise fixed resistance machines in a safe manner. You will also analyse and track a clients progression. There is not better way to prove you worth than to give your client results. By tracking your client progression, you will be able to do this. In addition to this, you will be learn to be confident in writing individual training regimes and specific nutrition plans.  Furthermore, you will develop your communication skills. This will directly impact your delivery in practical situations. Finally, our expert personal trainer tutors will teach you ways to build that all important client base for whichever avenue of fitness you wish to explore.

Now all you need to do is decide what personal trainer course is best for you. Make sure to take into account your level of experience and availability before confirming your place on our Personal Trainer Course Leeds. Here are some of the opportunities that Origym currently offer for aspiring personal trainers based in Leeds.

Fast Track Study / Flexible Learning

– Qualify in as little as 4 weeks with Origym’s fast track Personal Trainer Course Leeds

– Enjoy a dynamic course that takes your classes from the classroom to the gym

– Engage in modules that are developed and taught by the highest quality tutors in Leeds

– Be safe in the knowledge that Origym will guarantee you an interview straight after the completion of your course

– You also receive a FREE Origym personal trainer t-shirt

Origym’s fast track Personal Trainer Course Leeds is hugely popular. To ensure a position on the course, do not hesitate and book now! By booking onto a Personal Trainer Course Leeds with Origym, you will have secured a place on the UK’s most dynamic personal trainer course. As well as quality we value experience. This is why we have some of the most experienced tutors in the industry.  Your Personal Trainer Course Leeds, is not only engaging but very simple to digest. You will learn both the essentials and fundamentals to becoming a successful personal trainer. In as little as 4 weeks you will have gained your personal trainer certification Then you be ready to succeed in the fitness industry.

The Personal Trainer Course Leeds will be conducted out of one of our premier venues in Leeds. Origym go that extra mile and purchase your hardback resource books for you. They will be waiting for you on your initial arrival.

Flexible Personal Trainer Course Leeds

Do you want to structure your learning around your own schedule? Well, with Origym’s flexible learning Personal Trainer Course Leeds you will be able to. There are also a number of other qualities that separate our course from other courses on the current market.

Qualify in as little as 12 weeks (Average course completion)

 Receive private one-to-one tuition from some of  the most experienced personal training tutors in Leeds

 Have autonomy to organise your own schedule. You can book meetings at times that are convenient to you

Learn at your own pace

Pick the date for your assessments with your tutor

All assessments are held in Leeds

Origym’s flexible learning Personal Trainer Course Leeds not only offers you unparalleled freedom, it also offers you quality resources. You have the choice to access these resources when it best suits you. Wether you are working full time, studying in full time education or attempting to maintain a busy family life, we will be understanding and supportive. You can start learning, the very same day you enrol on our Personal Trainer Course Leeds.


You will gain instant access to our e-learning platform, online video tutorials and innovative webinars. We could also we post your hardback copy books to you. You will be assigned your personal trainer within the hour. Your personal trainer will then plan your sessions against your diary. Your tutor will support you from the moment you enrol to the moment you have personal trainer certificate in your hands. They will challenge you, tutor you and conduct your assessments. They will also be in a city that you know and love, Leeds.

Book onto a Level 2 gym instructing course, this is the starting point for all trainers, this will give you the foundations before moving onto your Level 3 personal trainer course. You will learn how to conduct health checks, safe gym inductions, basic programmes and cover the anatomy and physiology of the body.


A common question asked by students when first looking for a personal training course (and you might be thinking the same) is; “wouldn’t I start at the level 1 personal trainer course?” To put it simply, NO.

There is a Level 1 in physical activity course that you can do prior to enrolling onto a fitness instructing course, however it is not a mandatory pre-requisite requirement, therefore you can just jump straight into your level 2 gym instructor course.

The next step: You now have your level 2 certificate in fitness instructing but you still need to complete your level 3 personal trainer qualification to work for a lot of health club chains and gym operators.  Enroll onto your personal trainer Level 3 or purchase a package where level 2 & 3 are combined, saving you time and money in the long run. You will learn how to write bespoke personal training regimes, be able to tailor packages for your clients’ goals and learn the key components of new training methods.  You will delve into the application of nutrition to your clients’ lifestyles, learn to plan and execute scientific based functional movements and much, much more!


Once you have completed your personal training course in Leeds and received your fitness qualifications you are now ready to begin isolating the role you want, but you’re not alone – we’re here to help you along the way! Straight after qualifying, we will take a look at your CV for you to check for any improvements and make suggestions to ensure it’s fitness relevant.  We will give you a call, or Skype you if you prefer, to prepare you for potential interviews too. We want to give you the best possible chance of getting that job you want. In addition we will guarantee you an interview with one of our established partners in Leeds.

At Origym we believe in quality and building relations with our students, therefore if you have graduated 5 years down the line and fancy a fresh challenge or want to know what prospects are available in Leeds, come and speak with us we’re always happy to help our past students.


You may be wondering what makes a personal trainer qualification more recognisable or established than another?

A good quality personal trainer normally stems from their education. At Origym we don’t short change our students with insufficient learning resources or unrecognised certificates; we want the best for your future so when you qualify with us, you will stand out from the rest by having superior knowledge and skill sets. All our personal trainer courses are conducted in liaison with Active IQ, the most recognised and largest awarding body in the UK.

Internationally recognised

REPS accredited

Endorsed by Skills Active

Fitness CPD courses written by leading health and fitness experts

Surpasses expectations of fitness industry education

Unrivalled learning resources – webinars, videos, e-learning & books


Did you know the average personal trainer salary in Leeds is 24K per annum? There are so many routes available to you once you have qualified, here are just a few to get excited about:

Work for a leading health club operator

Be freelance for a gym, health club or private studio

Do freelance classes and PT at several locations

Use the great outdoors as your personal training base

Visit clients in their own homes

Set-up your own private studio or gym

Do online coaching and personal training


The opportunities are endless! This is the beauty of this industry and it’s why it has grown, year on year, for over three decades. So if you are fed up of your office job, or looking for a career that is genuinely exhilarating with real prospects, feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our fitness professionals, we would love to find out about you and where you see your career going.

Contact Origym today!


– Personal Trainer Courses situated in Leeds
– Flexible payment plans
– Engaging course content
– Quality resources
– Enjoyable experience with experienced tutors

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Origym provide Personal Trainer Courses In Leeds. These courses are affordable and of the highest quality. Students generally enjoy our courses because we cater to their individual learning styles. We value the enjoyment and engagement of our students.

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

    Unit 1 – Anatomy & Physiology

    Unit 2 – Supporting Clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

    Unit 3 – Health, Safety, & Welfare in a fitness environment.

    Unit 4 – Principles of exercise fitness & health

    Unit 5 – Planning gym based exercise

    Unit 6 – Instructing gym based exercise

    Practical assessment to demonstrate a gym based induction for an individual clients requirements

    A case study to outline their knowledge of performing, writing and conducting a gym based induction.

    A multiple choice theory exam covering basic anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the principles of exercise and health (70% pass rate required)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

    Unit 1 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for health and exercise

    Unit 2 – Applying the principle of nutrition to a physical activity programme

    Unit 3 –Programming Personal Training with clients

    Unit 4 – Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills

    Practical assessment to demonstrate their ability to deliver personal training sessions

    A case study to outline your knowledge of programming personal training sessions and nutritional advice

    A multiple choice theory exam covering advanced anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the application of nutrition (70% pass rate required)

Book onto a level 2 gym instructing course, this is the starting point for all trainers. This will give you the foundations before moving onto your level 3 personal trainer course. You will learn how to conduct health checks, safe gym inductions, basic programmes and cover the anatomy and physiology of the body.

Fast Track Personal Trainer Course Leeds

Origym’s fast track personal training course Leeds is run via only the very best facility, with a specialised class room for you to learn from and the latest in functional and resistance equipment. We only utilise the best tutors in the UK to conduct our intensive courses in order to get you the most preparation for the reality of working as a personal trainer.

Get your personal training qualifications in just 4 weeks with 16 days of intensive studying and practical implementation.

Learn from the best tutors in Leeds

Career support, including interview and CV circulation for when you complete the course

Highest standard of REPs accredited qualifications in the UK

Flexible Learning Personal Trainer Course in Leeds

Always on the move with busy work and family life, preventing you from truly following your passions? If so, we have the perfect solution. With a completely flexible personal trainer course in Leeds, you can schedule all face-to-face contact around your commitments so you can learn not just at a pace that is appropriate, but with a tutor when you like. Origym’s unique approach allows you to completely dictate your own schedule and create in effect your own course.

Only The Best For Your Future

Honesty and quality are the two main focuses you will find with Origym. When you speak to us you will not be talking to any sales representatives or career advisors, you will be speaking to a real fitness professional, who has been sitting where you are and really knows this sector – giving you proper insight into the reality of the role. We have even turned away business plenty of times if we do not feel that this career path is not right for you.

Both the fast track and flexible learning personal training course in Leeds are conducted by the most experienced tutors in the UK, with many years working in the fitness sector in both tutoring and as active personal trainers.  The role of the tutor is very poignant to your experience whilst on the personal trainer course in Leeds, hence why we are renowned for placing a very strenuous recruitment process in place to ensure their quality before taking them on board. At Origym we only want the best for you and we would not expect you to be happy with anything less.

All our personal training courses in Leeds are conducted out of a state of the art premises with fully equipped cardio, resistance and functional equipment to allow you as much diversity with your programming and enhance your experience whilst gaining your level 3 certificate in personal training.

The qualifications you need to become a personal trainer are your level 2 fitness instructing and your level 3 personal trainer.  The personal training qualifications that you get via Origym are of the highest accolade, all through Active IQ, who produces more personal trainers for the UK than any other awarding body. All of our personal trainer qualifications are endorsed by REPs and Skills Active, so employers know the high quality training and course content you will have received during your PT course.

What Happens After I Qualify?

Many providers will not support you after you have obtained your personal training certification or will make promises that are not kept in regards to interviews or employment; luckily for you we are not like other providers and in fact offer something completely unique to our students upon completion of your personal trainer course in Leeds.

Once you have completed and ascertained your level 3 personal trainer status, we will link you up for a guaranteed interview in Leeds with one of our affiliated brands. In addition we will spend some time taking a look at your CV to see if we can adapt it anyway that might benefit you or increase your chances of being noticed. Now you CV is up to scratch, we will assist you on the phone, Skype or in person to develop your interview technique and prepare you for questions that may likely arise in your interview, for example; “you have no fitness industry experience, why should I hire you over someone who has a background for 5 years in personal training?” Tough to answer if you have not prepared for it!

Lastly our major USP is that we support your development for life, not just for 12 months after you have got your personal training certification. This means if you want to come back to us in 10 years time to see if there are any career opportunities we can help you with any new roles that you feel you might profit from getting a second opinion on, that’s what we are here for. Our view is quality should not just be provided during your course but after it too!

What Avenues Are There After I Have Received My Personal Trainer Certificates?

The average personal trainer salary (UK) is 26k per annum, but there are many opportunities in various formats for you to consider once you have obtained your personal training certification. Often when you think personal trainer, you think of someone working in a gym – this is just one of many prospects that you may wish to venture down. To give you some inspiration and potentially some options you have may not have thought about, we will summarise a few routes that may sound appealing for you once you have completed your personal trainer courses in Leeds.

Work For A Health Club – When working for a health club or large gym operator, there are several types of structures as a personal trainer you may encounter; gyms that ask for rent, gyms that ask for free time, or ones that actually pay a personal trainer salary. Each of the structures has pros and cons and one may suit you better to another e.g. if you want a steady and stable income, you might want to work in a personal trainer salary based position, but this tends to have a capped earning potential. You might prefer to go freelance and pay rent, which can be riskier, however if you excel within the role, the earning potentially can be extremely lucrative.

Free Lancing – This again comes in many layouts; when becoming a personal trainer freelance you can manoeuvre between health clubs, private gyms /studios etc., normally coming to an agreement with the operator like giving them a percentage of your hourly rate for utilising their premises and equipment. You could conduct home visits and more common is using the great outdoors as your personal training hub as of course, there are no overheads for you to pay out on. If classes are your interest, you can list yourself with various health clubs for class deliverance or set-up your own classes externally and build your business that way. This option is extremely popular with students who have just completed their certificate in fitness instructing so they can generate income whilst still completing their qualifications to be a personal trainer

Setting Up Your Own Business – The private gym sector is one of the fastest growing aspects of the fitness market in the UK, where personal trainers (usually) set-up a private gym or studio to accomplish one to one sessions from and where you can really become your own boss and create your own timetable.  As the internet has evolved in correspondence with social media, online personal training and coaching has developed, with personal trainers starting their own online coaching seminars, selling fitness videos, apps and much more.

You may want to start a business mentoring the next generation of personal trainers by becoming a personal training tutor or mentor for a courser provider such as ourselves or freelancing for various companies. Frequently we hire former students as our mentors to deliver our level 2 gym instructing and personal trainer qualification courses because who better to testify our brand and really know your needs than a tutor who has literally been exactly where you are.

This is just the tip of iceberg for the possibilities that you could explore, and we would love to help you get there.

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