At Origym, we believe that our students should get the best quality courses for the lowest price. This is why our Personal Trainer Courses London,  to make all of our students, top quality personal trainers. These courses provide unique insight into the practices of being a personal trainer. Our innovative learning methods will help you achieve this. Origym learning methods balance simplicity with effectiveness, so you leave every lesson with an fresh perspective.

Furthermore, if you have a keen interest in health & fitness and if you enjoy the idea of sharing your passion with like minded individuals, you are in the right place. Being a personal trainer is engaging and fun and our courses reflect this sentiment. Each day of the course will be as different as each day as a personal trainer. We will work on your motivational skills, anatomical knowledge and practical etiquette so you can become a qualified personal trainer.

The process of becoming a personal trainer is fairly simple. Firstly, you will need to acquire a Level 2 gym instructing certificate before advancing onto your Level 3 personal trainer diploma. Once you have this qualification, you can start a very lucrative career in personal training. Personally, I believe that there is not better way to kickstart your career than enrolling on our Personal Trainer Course London.  The course in the capital will combine both your fitness instructing qualification with your personal trainer certification. By opting for the combined course package, including our Level 2 and Level 3 course, you will save additional time and money. 


Quality is always at the forefront of our agenda, by providing Personal Trainer Courses London, with quality course content and expert mentors, we are ensuring that you have the opportunity to prosper within the fitness industry. Your future is of a paramount importance to our company. This is why all our fitness qualifications are conducted via Active IQ, whom are the largest and most recognised governing body in the UK.  

In addition to this, our Personal Trainer Courses London are also endorsed by REPs and Skills Active. We have found that employers prefer our graduates to other personal trainer course providers graduates, because they know that our students have experienced thorough and correct training that is unmatched by any other company on the market. 


At Origym we ensure that our Personal Trainer Courses London, are easy to start. We realise that both in fitness and life, it is harder to start than to finish.  We value the time and effort that it takes to pursue a passion and turn it into a career. This is why we do not ask for guarantors, apply credit checks or charge any additional interest. We do not even charge interest to students who pay in monthly instalments.  

As well as this, our terms of  repayment are designed to provide flexibility to you and your bank account. We do not want to hinder your progress in any way so we aim to make the process as simple and supportive as possible. 


Are you looking to complete your personal courses online? Well, Origym also offer online tuition that is just as effective as our P2P courses. In fact, our e-learning option is designed to optimise your learning experience through our innovative online platforms. We will make sure that you have plenty of resources at your disposal. These resources include tutorial videos, interactive e-learning modules, online mock papers, hardback copy books and online seminars; we ensure that you have an diverse arsenal of resources that suit any kind of learning method .

Furthermore, Origym advisors will offer you un-conditional support along the way so you will always feel confident and accommodated. You will also have the support of our specialist e-learning tutors throughout your studies, you can contact your e-learning tutor at any time if you have any questions, queries or need for direction. Whatever the issue, we are always here to help.

Our online Personal Trainer Courses London, do not restrict you to the confines of your home. You will also be invited to practical training sessions, as well assessment weekends. These assessment weekends will be held at one of our most established venues. The venue will be located in Central London. During the assessment weekend you will learn practical personal trainer applications in tandem with other Origym students.

Our mentors will teach you how to effectively use your theoretical knowledge within practical scenarios. From here, you will receive  feedback on any work that you previously completed. Our assessment day will provide you with a fun and dynamic experience that not only bolsters your personal trainer resume, but also your confidence. You will also have the opportunity to meet other people enrolled on our courses, who are in the same position as you.


We all need a little help and support when taking a bold new step. If you believe that you learn best as an individual, we suggest that you enrol on our personal tutored courses in London. This is by far our most popular PT course, no other service provider in our industry offers this alternative. Therefore, it is as unique to Origym as it is to our students. This Personal Trainer Course London, combines features of our online personal trainer course with benefits of private 1-2-1 tuition. This 1-2-1 tuition is provided by one of our vastly experience personal trainer tutors.

We understand how important flexibility is, therefore, we have adapted our personal tutored course so you receive the substantial support whenever you need it. We also take into account our students other commitments, so the course does not compromise their career or social life. This will be prove detrimental to your development as a personal trainer. Our unique approach means that we can schedule our tutors to meet you at your convenience. This level of support warrants your choice to enrol on a full time Personal Trainer Course London, whilst still being able to carry on with your life outside of Origym.

Origym prides itself on not only delivering excellence, but creating it as well.  We are proud to be originators and not imitators.  This is why all our tutors are fully DBS checked (we are actually the only course provider to complete this process). As well as this our personal training tutors are actively working within the personal trainer industry. This is just one of the many reasons why they are fully up to date with new fitness or learning methods. Just like you, they are on the front line of the industry, day in day out.


Fast track learning is one of the most popular ways to gain a personal trainer qualification. Students enrolled on our fast track Personal Trainer Course London can qualify in as little as 4 weeks. The personal trainer course in London is held at the GL Leisure’s five star facility in Soho. This means that it is accessible regardless of which London borough you originate from. The facility is fully equipped with state of the art cardiovascular, resistance and functional based equipment that you should use to develop your own practical knowledge. The venue also has comfortable class rooms where you will have your lectures. These lectures are of the highest quality and they are taught by the best personal trainers tutors the UK has to offer.

The course is spread across a duration of 4 weeks. These 4 weeks require periods of intense study and practical input both inside and outside of the provided gym space. The classes will run from 9-5:30. During the day you will learn the fundamentals of conducting a safe gym induction. You will also learn about the principles of exercise, the application of nutrition and how to write a smart and appropriate plan for an individual client. All Personal Trainer Courses London, assessments will be conducted on site during the duration of your course. There will also be an additional opportunity to re-sit for free if required, but we aim to be make that is un-necessary. 


We want you to succeed as a personal trainer. That’s why we intentionally go the extra mile to ensure you have a complete and effective learning experience. Everyone of our members of staff is a certified personal trainer, this ensures not only that you get the best service, but also genuine, real advice about the fitness industry. Our experienced tutors will also advise you on what opportunities are at your disposal once you have gained your qualification to become a personal trainer.

We want you to have a smooth and beneficial process while avoiding any false information. Believe me, there is nothing worse than chatting to someone about your career options with a person who does not really know about the fitness industry. With Origym, you can be sure that all of trainers have swam the same waters that you are currently navigating.

Once you have been certified as a personal trainer, we do not stop providing our knowledge and support. We will take a look at your CV, offer suggestions and help you polish your it,  then we will circulate your CV  around a location of your choosing. We have had vast success in the past when sending our students CV’s to our affiliates.

This process will guarantee you an interview with one of our corporate partners in your chosen location. We wont just stop their either, we will help you prepare for your up coming interview over Skype or phone, to make sure that you are ready to grab to opportunity to work for as a fitness professional.


London, can act on its own accord with no regards for the rest of the UK’s conventions. For example, salaries for a qualified personal trainer are higher in London. You may be wondering what a personal trainer from London can charge per session. You may also be wondering what is the average personal trainer salary. A personal trainer salary depends on a variety of factors such as location and experience.

Once you have gained your personal training qualification you are able to work in a gym, health club or private studio. If you work for one of these establishments you will most likely be paid a salary.  In fact, the average salary for a personal trainer in London is 21k basic per annum. Most salaries also include additional bonuses for hitting revenue targets. These targets are established by your employer at the time. These bonus structures are often very lucrative and they reward you for performing, with this option you will sure to have a reliable income. Major national chains such as Nuffield Health, Virgin Active and David Lloyds operate in this manner and this is why the competition for these jobs is so fierce. 


If your dream is to work independently, generate your own income and make your own price, then working for a gym that operates under a freelance basis will be best suited to you. Such businesses include gyms like; LA Fitness, Sports Direct, DW Sports and Fitness First. These establishments allow you to have complete autonomy when generating your own personal training income. You will have to pay rent to the health chain that you use. This will give you access to the gyms equipment and their most valuable resource, members. Your rent can fluctuate from anywhere between £500 and £1000 per month depending on how close you are to the centre of London. Normally, your chosen gym will give you a grace period, this grace period will give you valuable time to start building your client base. This comes with no extra charge.

If you are assessing this option, you will need to be a very motivated and determined. We do not recommend that you go down this route especially after you have just gained your personal training certification. However, there are some perks to choosing this option. While you are not getting the security of a monthly salary, you will have an unlimited earning potential, in fact, some personal trainers in London easily earn £100,000 per annum.


Finally, you could work as a freelance personal trainer who operates on a 24 hour basis. This option is enables you to work for companies such as Pure Gym, Gym Group, Fitness 4 Less or Easy Fitness. These companies operate on a freelance basis and ask for your time instead of rent. You will normally work around 15 hours per week and have to conduct health checks, monitor inductions and promote the gym. Yet, the money gained outside of those 15 hours is entirely yours.

Many people ask me how much they should charge their clients for a personal trainer session. In truth, there is no right or wrong answer. You may be charging a client £50-£80 per hour in Central London. Outside of London, prices are lower. This pricing shows that you value your services very highly. But, you will not need as many clients to meet your expected wage. Albeit that you may be pricing yourself out of the market in certain areas. In fact, most personal trainers in London bracket themselves between £35 and £50 per hour. This means that they can cater to more clients while maintaining an active and engaging schedule. 

If you want to enrol on one of Personal Trainer Courses London, please contact one of our advisors. We will go out of our way to ensure that you have the best start to your personal trainer career.


– Quality Personal Trainer Course London
– Variety of Course that suit a variety of learning methods
– Course based all around London
– Helpful Staff who understand that nature of a personal trainer course

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Origym's Personal Trainer Course London balance the requirements of a personal trainer career. Their condensed packages undercut all of the other companies of the market, in terms of pricing. You will be provided with quality resources and tuition that make the course simple for you. Flexible courses based around Sheffield.

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