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This is a very common question that our fitness professionals encounter on a daily basis and unfortunately the answer is…. it depends. Most people are unaware of the volume of different study methods that you can undertake to get personal trainer certified and assume there is a one route that fits all strategy. This could not be further from the truth. At OriGym we offer 5 different study methods that all produce the same outcome. You receiving your qualification in fitness interacting or your level 3 certificate in personal training.

Full-Time Personal Training Course

The most common route to getting your personal trainer certification is via completing a full time personal trainer course. These PT Courses last for 4 weeks and require full time attendance from 9am – 5:30pm with aspects of homework for you to complete ready for the next days study. This type of learning is particularly useful if you learn best through being in a classroom and like to interact with others and like to feed off a tutor every step of the way.

Part-Time Personal Training Course

Very similar to the full-time in the sense that it is all classroom orientated. However, they are run over 12 weekends instead of through the week. Part-time courses are great if you have weekends available to study and if you still want to access the expertise of a tutor and learnt with other students. By the end of the 12 week process, you will have both your level 2 fitness instructing certificate and your personal training level 3 accretion behind you.

Mentored Or Tutored Personal Training Course

If you like the idea of a having a tutor, but are unable to meet a tutor on full-time basis due to work or family commitments. Then going down the mentored or personal tutored route that OriGym provides could be right for you. As these routes are technically forms of distance learning and it does not have a set start date or end date. The rate of qualifying through these to study types is entirely dependent on you as an individual, your academic ability, previous knowledge and academia of fitness related courses, the amount of time you have to designate to the PT course etc.

You will find some individuals will start and finish this type of personal trainer course faster than if they have been on a full-time course as the speed of personal trainer qualification is dependent on you. That being said you can also take up to 2 years to fully qualify as a personal trainer, which some students prefer as they can take their time with the studying, fully digest the course and not have to stop earning whilst they are learning.

Online Personal Training

Very similar to the above tutored and mentored route, the course duration is determined by you and your ability to get through the modules as and when you deem fit. All recognised personal trainer courses allow unto two years for completion via distance or online learning. The national average for completion via this method is 15 weeks.

Do employers and gym chains care how you have studies your certification in personal training?

In one word – No!

Here’s why, the qualification framework is exactly the same regardless of how you have studied the personal training certification. I have never seen this question ever been asked in an interview or asked it myself as it is completely irrelevant. Regardless if you have learnt through having personal tutor, via distance learning or completed your personal trainer course full time this will have no bearing on your chance of gaining employment. Some may argue that it is better to have gone to do a full time course as you have had more contact time with a tutor and learnt on site. Others completely disagree saying it shows far more initiative and drive for someone to have their qualification in personal training via distance learning. Ultimately, there should be no difference, if someone interviews you saying there, show them this article to educate them.

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