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Updated: March 15th 2017  There has never been a better time to gain a Personal Trainer Qualification qualification. There are so many options on the market. It can be very confusing for anyone who aspires to enter the fitness industry. However, Origym is the only company who value the quality of your course. We also value your progression.

So, if you are looking for the highest quality personal trainer qualifications within the UK, you do not have to look any further. This is because, Origym’s courses account for a variety of important factors. Factors such as time, availability, content and career goals. As well as this,  you are going to want to make the correct judgement based on the how applicable the course is for you and your aspirations. To make it easier, we have broken down the Personal Trainer Qualifications process into FOUR simple steps. This simple FOUR step process will ensure that you will  not only gain your Personal Trainer Qualification, but be prepared fir the business. We aim to help you make an educated decision that leads to you becoming a certified professional within the fitness industry.

These FOUR simple steps meet the requirements of the UK’s leading governing bodies for Personal Trainer Qualifications. By following these steps you will have the greatest possible start to your personal trainer career.


Step 1) Gain a recognised Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing. This is also known as Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification.

Step 2) Gain  a recognised Level 3 Personal Training Certificate. This is also known as Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

Step 3) Apply for your personal trainer insurance.

Step 4) Find employment in the personal trainer industry.


Explaining Steps 1 & 2…

To work as a personal trainer in the fitness industry, you must gain your Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.  Each fitness professional must meet these education standards. They must also be accredited by an awarding organisation.

In fact, Origym’s Personal Trainer Qualifications come with the correct accreditation. This is why Origym proudly partner with the UK’s leading education provider, Active IQ. This is Origym’s primary awarding body for all fitness qualification’s. Active IQ are the most recognised awarding body for Personal Trainer Qualifications within the UK. With Active IQ’s approval you will not have to worry about the credibility of your courses. Origym make sure that their Personal Trainer Qualifications are not only high in quality but totally credible.

We will provide you with extended support throughout your career!

At Origym we are proud of how we unconditionally support our students. We are the only personal trainer course provider who prepare our students for practical realities of the fitness industry. This is actually one of our main priorities.  This is why all of our Personal Trainer Qualifications are internationally recognised.  This means that anyone of our qualified personal trainers are able to pursue their fitness career, anywhere, across the globe.

All Personal Trainer Qualifications are recognised by the ‘Register of Exercise Professionals’ (REPs). Personal Trainer Qualifications also need to be standardised by Skills Active. All of Origym’s Personal Trainer Qualification openly comply with these standards. Origym go that extra mile and have in fact surpassed these standards. Our courses utilise the most current and innovative learning methods.

These innovative learning methods ensure that each iteration of our students evolves to the demands of the academic fitness industry. Our learning methods are matched by quality resources and support. You do not have to worry about Origym’s authenticity when enrolling on our personal trainer courses.  Your Personal Trainer Qualifications are of the upmost quality. This is why Origym’s graduates are respected by every major health club operator within the UK.  As an Origym graduate you have plenty of expansive options. Once you graduate, you will be regarded among the most qualified and experienced Personal Trainers within the UK.

 OriGym’s Personal Trainer Qualifications Checklist:

 When enrolling on an Origym personal trainer course, you can be sure that all of our qualifications will meet the correct standards and requirements of the UK’s accreditors . You can be safe in the knowledge that our Personal Trainer Qualifications are:


To qualify as a personal trainer you must first ascertain your Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. Once you gain this qualification, you can move onto your Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification. These qualifications are mandatory.

The Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications provide graduates with very important theoretical and practical knowledge. The combined knowledge and experience provide you with a stable bridge between you and your fitness profession. We understand that our courses are dense in content. We also understand that each person has their own learning preferences. This is why our Personal Trainer Qualification come with an unlimited amount of re-sits. This enables you to learn at your own pace while making sure that you gain the correct knowledge and experience that is needed for you to succeed within the personal trainer industry.

Enroling on our courses is quick and simple!

To begin this process, enrol on our Level 2 Gym Instructing course. This is the initial starting point for all of our aspiring trainers. A Level 2 Gym Instructing Course will act as a springboard on your way to your Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification.The course will teach you how to conduct health checks, deliver safe gym inductions, develop basic programmes and understand physiology of the body.

Origym streamline the process by offering a Personal Training Diploma package.. The Personal Training Diploma package contains all the credentials and experience that you will need.  The transition between your Level 2 and Level 3 qualification is barley noticeable. The only major difference between the two courses is the level of content. However, we aim to make you comfortable so your learning is not disrupted. This option will also save you money!

You can also choose to enrol on each course separately. There are many people who enrol with Origym so they can samplethe fitness industry. If you are planning on doing this, you can enrol on our Level 2 fitness instructor course. This can help you decide wether you want to become a  fitness professional. It is wise to sample the content so you don’t have regret soon after taking the plunge into the world of personal training because. This will be a waste of both your time and your money.

You have to select the study method that best suits you. After doing this you can begin to focus upon becoming a fully qualified personal trainer.


 The Personal Training study methods we provide:

At Origym we understand that our courses take time and effort. This is why we will provide you with the resources and means to successfully qualify as a Personal Trainer. All we ask for in return is your best effort’s and commitment. All of members are professionals within the personal trainer industry but we they also have other interests. At Origym we value you as individuals. This is why we cater to you as individuals. We would much rather provide you with a comfortable experience instead of a over-generalised experience that does not meet your expectations. This is why attempt to provide you with the correct content and resources. By providing this we will give you the most substantial amount of education and experience that employers within the fitness industry expect. To put it bluntly, after graduating from Origym, you will no problem finding a position in the fitness industry.

Each one of these options will enable you to obtain the same qualification as one of our graduates who are studying in house . If you need additional information regarding these options, don’t hesitate to contact one of our our advisors. We want to facilitate you so please, choose the best option for yourself.


Step 3 Explained…

Congratulations! You are now a qualified Personal Trainer! There is only one logical step to take now you have got your personal training certification. You need to obtain your personal trainer insurance.

This is not a legal requirement enforced upon fitness professionals, you should make sure that you are a fully qualified personal trainer.

Origym encourage you to purchase your insurance. It can be very helpful, in the short term and in the long term. Many clients can obtain injuries through physical exercise. If a client was to be injured under supervision, you would be liable.  This is a certainty at some stage during your career. You can obtain your own insurance for a minimal cost from REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals). This will not only provide you with a financial cushion, it will also bolster your reputation with REP’s. It also increases your level of professionalism. If you are not convinced if you need a personal trainer course, you can assess our student’s experiences.They regularly post about their experience on our blog.


Step 4 Explained…

In summary, you should have followed the three previous steps and obtained:


  • Your Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification
  • Your Level 3 Personal Instructor Qualification
  • REP’s insurance that protects you from claims


Origym also offer CPD (Continuous Professional Development). These courses help you to further develop your theoretical knowledge and practical applications. CPD courses will not determine whether you can qualify as a personal trainer. Instead they will bolster your CV. When you increase the number of tools at your disposal, you will increase your chance of being employed.

Once you gain these qualification you will be set to make your transition into personal training. In fact, Origym will support you even further. We help each one of our students with their CV preparation. We will also deliver your CV to our  affiliates within an area of your choosing. This support continues even further past your graduation and into your career.

If you ever get complacent with your choice to pursue your career into a fitness industry, please contact our advisors. We will be happy to support you in finding another role within the fitness industry.We return the faith in you for placing your faith in us. This is why we will continue to provide you support for your course and beyond. You can gain a steady career with a steady salary so you will never look back.

We really look forward to helping you realising your personal trainer career. Please don’t hesitate to give our advisors a call  on 0800 002 9599. Or you can fill out our quick and easy online form. We look forward to hearing from you.


– Unconditional support
– Condensed packages
– Cost effective courses
– Increased probability of employment

Origym are the leading provider of Personal Trainer Qualifications! We will support you through your Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications. Not only do we stop there, we will support you throughout your career. Our expert advise will benefit you in the short term and the long term.

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

    Unit 1 – Anatomy & Physiology

    Unit 2 – Supporting Clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

    Unit 3 – Health, Safety, & Welfare in a fitness environment.

    Unit 4 – Principles of exercise fitness & health

    Unit 5 – Planning gym based exercise

    Unit 6 – Instructing gym based exercise

    Practical assessment to demonstrate a gym based induction for an individual clients requirements
    A case study to outline their knowledge of performing, writing and conducting a gym based induction.
    A multiple choice theory exam covering basic anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)
    A multiple choice exam focused on the principles of exercise and health (70% pass rate required)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

    Unit 1 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for health and exercise

    Unit 2 – Applying the principle of nutrition to a physical activity programme

    Unit 3 –Programming Personal Training with clients

    Unit 4 – Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills

    Practical assessment to demonstrate their ability to deliver personal training sessions
    A case study to outline your knowledge of programming personal training sessions and nutritional advice
    A multiple choice theory exam covering advanced anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)
    A multiple choice exam focused on the application of nutrition (70% pass rate required)

Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses

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