Begin a successful fitness career with Origym’s, Level 2 Personal Trainer Course!

If you want the best start to a rewarding and lucrative career within the fitness industry, you should enrol with Origym. So, if you are in the market for a Level 2 Personal Trainer Course, Origym offer the most highly regarded fitness courses within the UK fitness industry. Even if you are not interested in developing a career within the fitness industry and you are just interested in increasing your knowledge of health and fitness, our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course will facilitate you.

The fitness industry is now worth 4.5 billion per year. The UK industry now has more career opportunities than ever. These roles are looking for ambitious people with accredited qualifications.  If you want to apply for these roles, there is not better place to start than Origym were we will support you through the most sought after qualification within the industry. The Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is the backbone of any fitness professionals development.

Understanding our qualifications!

Many aspiring fitness professionals who are new to the industry can find our qualification framework difficult to understand. It can be difficult to identify which fitness qualifications you will need to become a gym instructor. Origym make this process simple for you! We are here to help and develop you in to the best personal trainer that you can be. Every member of the Origym team is a certified Level 2 Personal Trainer. We are always here to give you genuine advice and make sure you understand what course best suits you.

We are frequently asked by brand new students about the chronology of our Personal Trainer Courses. There is a required order to our fitness qualifications. These courses match the order of the established norms that are set out by the industries governing bodies.  We follow the rules and regulations of the these companies, so you can be sure that your qualifications are credible. Furthermore,  each level has a job title associated with it. There is either a Level 2 gym instructor course or Level 2 certificate in fitness instructing as it is also known. Here is the structure of our courses  so you can better understand what personal trainer qualification is best for you:

  • Origym’s Level 1 Award in Physical Activity
  • followed by Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing/Gym Instructing (Also known as a Level 2 Personal Trainer Course).
  • then Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • GP Exercise Referral
  • Speciality Courses (Advanced Diploma)

What will you learn during your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course?

During your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course you will learn how to motivate both groups and individuals during personal trainer sessions.  You will also be taught how to develop and deliver personal trainer sessions that are individually tailored to your client’s goals and needs. Our students gain a broad range of knowledge that covers the human anatomy and it’s physiology. You will also be taught how to apply structured training systems within practical scenarios. All of this content will be coordinated in coherence with our unique business course. Our unique business course was written by fitness professionals for fitness professionals. All of this engaging and useful content will help you develop and grow into a successful personal trainer. The Level 2 Personal Trainer Course will ensure that you gain employment within the fitness industry. 

Our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course are internationally recognised

  • Gain qualifications that are highly regarded and respected by all leading health club chains
  • These courses are REP’s recognised. They are also endorsed by Skills Active.

We want to help you gain the best standing within the health and fitness sector. The success of your career is our main focus. Origym affiliate with the very best awarding organisations in the UK.  Active IQ accredit our Level 2 Personal Trainer Courses. This qualification will be of great benefit to you when entering the fitness instructor industry in the UK. This is because it is supported by the most trusted establishment within the UK fitness industry . As well as this, our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is also recognised by the Register of Exercise Professional’s. Moreover, regardless of how you choose to study, employers will sure value your qualification higher than our competitors. Origym’s qualifications will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Origym do not just offer one type of Level 2 Personal Trainer Course. Origym offer a wide variety of courses that cater to different methodologies of learning. Whilst each student will gain the same fitness qualification,  they will benefit from a their own style of learning. Origym are flexible with our courses because we understand that there are different ways to learn. We want you to feel comfortable and in control of your career path. You are free to follow your own preferences.

Level 2 Gym Personal Trainer Course – Fast Track!

  • Be a fully qualified personal trainer in as little as 1 week
  • Experience your course within one of our 5 star venues
  • Our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is delivered by the best tutors in the industry

During your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course, we will balance your learning between the classroom and the gym. Within both environments you will be taught by one of highly experienced personal trainer tutors. The course will last a duration of one week and it will be held in one of our luxurious 5 star venues. These venues are situated across the country and you will be able to choose a location that best suits you.

Our courses are taught by the best personal trainer tutors!

Origym conducts a Level 2 Personal Trainer Course from the very best venues within the UK.  Our venues are chosen specifically with the courses content in mind. These venues will give you the freedom to construct effective gym plans while you providing you with the resources to efficiently engage with the courses modules. Origym’s Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is equipped with a huge range of fixed resistance equipment. The equipment ranges from the functional to the cardiovascular. Origym choose venues with this paraphernalia so you can simply learn the basics while exploring the most innovative teaching methods within personal training. These methods will help you become a very experienced and practical gym instructor.

Our Level 2 course is taught by some of the UK’s finest tutors. Origym tutors are well versed in creating dynamic lessons. Furthermore, our tutors understand what it takes to qualify as a gym instructor. This is why our tutors consistently create fun yet informative lessons. By enrolling on our course you will gain the upmost help and support currently within the industry.

In just one week you will be a fully qualified Level 2 Personal Trainer. A Level 2 Personal Trainer Course will allow you to gain access into the register of exercise professionals. This register will allow you to gain personal trainer insurance. Once you have your personal trainer insurance you will become aa internationally recognised gym instructor who can be employed by any leading health club in the country.

Origym’s Personal Tutored Level 2 Course

  • Receive free practical training days
  • Receive a collective of useful online resources
  • Gain private one-to-one tuition in a location of your choosing
  • Meet up with anyone of Origym’s tutors in every major city and town within the UK

Origym has the largest tutor network currently operating in the UK. Origym have hundreds of tutors waiting on deck to support you, wherever, whenever in the country. Our Level 2 Personal Tutored Course perfectly balances the freedom of learning online while also gaining private face to face tuition from an active personal trainer. Origym tutors are the only tutors who will travel to you. This dedication saves both our time and money.

Not only will our tutors accommodate you, they will also guarantee you 24 hours of one-to-one time with our experienced personal trainer tutors at a days that best suits you. This amount of flexibility will help you balance other commitments with your course.

We have the best tutors within the industry

Origym tutors will also help you with both the theoretical and practical elements of our course. Their prior experience will be of benefit to you. They know how to strike the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical sessions. If you are feeling confidant in your progress, please feel free to attend the practical training days across the multiple venues within the UK. These practical training days will enable you to practice the course in small groups. This also gives you a great prospect to meet the team and speak with our other fitness experts.

The average time frame for completing this course is 5 weeks. However this time of course completion does vary from person to person. We do not want to force any student into rushing the modules. This is why we implore our students to learn at a rate that you feel most comfortable with.

Online Level 2 Personal Trainer Course

The online gym Level 2 Personal Trainer Course gives you the complete freedom to work at a pace and time frame that  best suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you have a busy work schedule or swamped family life, we will accommodate you. We will also provide you a multitude of resources including online webinars, e-books, online tutorial videos, mock papers and hardback books. Not only do we double down on our resources, we also optimise the support from our e-learning tutors. Our tutors will support and assist you from the very start of your course to the extent of your personal trainer career.

As you progress through the modules included in your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course you will be invited to our. practical and assessment weekends. These assessment weekends are spread out across the UK.

The Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is  scheduled for online fitness instructing students. As a student you can gain some practical knowledge and you can also gain some feedback on the modules you made at home. Our highly regarded personal trainer tutors will spend time individually preparing you for a number of relevant assessments that will make sure you are on the right track to passing the fitness course the first time around.

Career support for life!
  • Origym will guaranteed you an interview after graduation
  • Our tutors will also help you prepare your CV
  • We will distribute your Cv in a area of your choosing
  • Our course includes additional interview preparation
  • Help & support for as long as you need it

Straight after the completion of your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course, you will have instant access to our highly regarded and successful, help and support team who specialise in getting interviews for newly qualified gym instructors. Our team will get you an interview with the biggest companies within the health and fitness sector.  Here are a list of our partners who provide interview to our Level 2 graduates:


We will not just establish an interview for you. We will also make sure that you are represented as an outstanding professional who will fit within a leading fitness company. If you were to send our CV, we will make sure that it looks presentable, concise and appealing to employers. We will distribute your CV in a location of your choosing. Once we have set-up an interview, we will take the initiative to help you prepare you for your interview. This preparation can be conducted over the phone or on Skype. We want you to have the best chance with employers.

This is why we educate our students in the type of questions that you are most likely to encounter. We will also educate you in what kind of answers the prospective employer will be looking for. Your employability and success is of the highest importance to our company. Your success rate is a reflection of our teams and we do not like to lose. This is why we will provide you with the best resources and training that the industry cen offer.

Gym Instructor Salary UK

As a gym instructor you are expected to run inductions in your employers facility. This is one of the main responsibilities that you will have to undertake. As a gym instructor you have to  make them feel welcome and comfortable with the fitness equipment within the gym. You will also have to write set programs that match an individuals fitness ambitions. As well as this, you will frequently conduct health checks and complete body composition testing that measure your clients’ progress. Our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course teaches you to  make adaptations to fitness programme as and when required. By implementing your theoretical and practical knowledge from your course, you will be a versatile and successful PT.

How much do Level 2 Gym Instructors earn?

The national average gym instructing salary is valued at £9 per hour. A Level 2 gym instructor salary is paid on a salary basis. However, a Level 2 Gym Instructor salary does vary in value. This depends on a variety of factors such as what health club you will be working for. The Level 2 Gym Instructor role is seen as a great starting point to build your knowledge of the fitness sector. Origym will also give you the opportunity to evaluate the commercial aspects of the industry prior to undergoing further fitness qualifications. Once you have collected a firm basis of theoretical and practical knowledge you will be ready to move on and become a personal trainer . A personal trainers earning capacity is uncapped and as a result, extremely lucrative.

We look forward to helping you start your fitness career. Enrol on our Level 2 Personal Trainer Course or call us now on 0800 002 9599. We will be waiting for your call.

Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses

Origym's Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is the best place to start when beginning your career path towards being a personal trainer. The course has modules that outline both the theoretical and practical aspects of being a personal trainer.

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