Our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course will help you reach your fitness career goals quickly and effectively.

If becoming a fitness professional is an ambition of yours and if you would love the opportunity to make a lucrative career from the health and fitness sector, a Level 2 Personal Trainer Course is the next logical step for you. However, before you commence on a Level 3 Personal Trainer Course you must possess a Level 2 fitness instructor qualification. Origym offer both a Level 2 and Level 3 qualification. You can purchase both of these courses in a package together so you can move from the Level 2 fitness certificate straight onto the Level 3 Personal Trainer course without breaking stride. Origym make this transition between the two seamless. 

What are the core skills to becoming a great Personal Trainer?

  • You should have a real passion for fitness
  • You should enjoy helping other people
  • It is helpful to have a communication skills that enables you to build rapport with clients
  • Personal trainers should not lack drive and ambition.
  • Organisational skills are a neccesity

If you believe that you embody four out of five of these points or any of the other skill sets that are associated with personal training, you are adapted to Origym’s Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. 

The Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is fantastic because it is multi-dimensional. You will learn how to handle, market and sell yourself as a personal trainer. Students are able to develop their understanding from a multitude of resources such as online videos, which have been written and customised by real, successful personal trainers to help get you kick started into the health and fitness sector.  You will not find these business resources anywhere else in the industry. These videos demonstrate how you can get obtain and retain clients as a Level 3 Personal Trainer working for a gym, or as a freelance personal trainer.

Our course accumulates all of the fundamental knowledge that you will need

You will also be taught how to get clients online via social media or a fitness website. All the core fundamentals of being a personal trainer such as physiology, anatomy, nutrition and innovative practical planning are also within the content of this dynamic course. At Origym we believe a good personal trainer should be aware of all these attributes. The Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is a great starting point to getting you where you want to be. Once you have completed your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course you are a fully qualified personal trainer with both theoretical and practical skills. 

Flexible payment terms for your lifestyle – 0% interest.

  • Most cost effective Level 3 Personal Trainer Course in the UK
  • Our courses are 0% Interest free
  • There are no additional guarantors
  • There are no additional credit checks
  • Choose from a number of flexible payment plans

You should be excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of a new career in the fitness industry. However, there are many companies that make it difficult for aspiring fitness professionals to begin their qualifications.  Origym are the complete opposite to these complacent companies. Instead, Origym make the process as simple as we possibly can. This streamlined process enables you to start your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course straight away while minimising any undue pressures. We do not judge our candidates on financial wellness. In fact, we believe everyone deserves a chance to initiate change in their lives. This is why we do everything to facilitate you and your current situation. Origym offer tailored payment plans that suit you as an individual. Our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course are the most respected and affordable on the market. Starting your Level 3 Personal Trainer course has never be easier!

Fasr Track Level 3 Personal Trainer Course – 98% Pass Rate

With Origym’s Level 3 Personal Trainer Course you will learn from a balance of gym based practicals and theory lessons within the classroom. All the while, you will be taught in a group atmosphere by a leading expert tutor. The Fast Track Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is the perfect course for those who are looking to make a swift transition into the world of personal training. Origym have developed a course that is engaging and fun. We strike the correct balance between the two so your experience of the personal trainer industry is a positive one. This is also a great opportunity to meet a network of aspiring personal trainers 

Our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is taught out of ten major cities across the UK. Our centres based within cities that are adjacent to public transport. This makes the process that much easier to attend and complete your course. As well as this, we allow you to take advantage of the gold standard venues that only Origym affiliates with. Within these venues you are able to conduct all of our full time Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. All of these venues are state of the art facilities, with ample free weights and huge ranges of functional equipment. These venues are chosen to give you, the student an advantage to adequately prepare and  effectively execute you fitness programmes.

Origym have the most dedicated tutors who are always on hand to help you and your progression

Only the most decorated and successful tutors are  hired to conduct and deliver our full time Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. You can be safe in the knowledge that you will be learning from a tutor with exponential personal trainer experience. Our tutors have lived and worked within the the personal trainer industry for many years. Our personal trainer tutors experience is one of the most invaluable resources that our students have to offer. By combining a tutors experience and knowledge with your desire and ambition you are certain not to fail. This is why Origym’s have a respectable record of producing top quality personal trainers with excellent first time pass rates.

Personal Tutored Level 3 Personal Trainer Course

Origym’s personal tutor course is ideal for students who need additional help and support when enrolled on the course. If you have work commitments or a general lack of time, this course is for you. Our Personal Tutored Level 3 Personal Trainer Course provides you with a flexibility that no other course can offer. To begin, you will gain a localised private one-to-one tutor who will  help and support you from the induction to graduation. The Origym team will support you from there on. Not only will Origym cater to you learning style, they will also cater to your lifestyle.

Our services are easily accessible as well. All you have to do is allocate your tutor electronically while selecting the days that best suit you. Origym make the process very simple so you can focus on your studies. This entirely flexible course allows you to get work done in your own time while utilising the benefits of our online resources.  The content of our Personal Tutored Level 3 Personal Trainer course will be no different to the our in house Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. The content and support are entirely the same.

All Origym tutors are currently active as personal trainers who have a diverse background of teaching and assessing qualifications. In fact, Origym are renowned for having constructed one of the best teams in the UK. Most of our personal trainers are headhunted so our students have the best possible experience when on the course.

Online Level 3 Personal Trainer Course

Origym’s Online Level 3 Personal Trainer Course has become the most popular method of ascertaining a Level 3 personal trainer qualification. The course the most time effective personal trainer qualifications on the market. Origym allow you to take your time and fully engage with the learning material. There are no deadlines for completion. The average time that our previous students completed the our Level 3 online course have is 10 weeks, but you can do it much faster. On the other hand, you may just want to leave the course to one side while you deal with other commitments such as your family or hobbies. Our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course Online provides you with flexibility to make this possible.

Origym provide the most flexible personal trainer courses in the UK

There is no set dates when enrolling on our Level 3 Online Personal Trainer Course learning so you can start moving towards your certificate the first day you enrol. You will have instant access to all your online resources which consist of online videos, e-books, hardback copy books and online mock papers and webinars. You will never not struggle for material to work with.

Our team of trainer and advisors will always be on hand to help and support you through your studies. Just because you are learning your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course online, it does not make you any less distant from our team or any different from the in-house students. You can call upon our advisors on seven days per week. Origym’s online e-tutors are also available to you during the duration of the course. Our online e-tutors are there if you need help with theory, planning the practical or if you just want to know if you are on the right track, we are open to helping you in anyway we possibly can.

Quality Career Support

Origym is a company that appreciates quality, and we know that you are too. At Origym, we value quality. In fact, we are the only course provider who consistently provide quality content, support and resources. Course providers were created by personal trainers for personal trainers. We are the only company in the UK whose entire team have completed their Level 3 certificate in personal training. We set this pre-requisite for our staff so we can offer consistent and effective advice to our students. You can be sure that we have all been in your shoes at some point or the other. So, if you are looking to find the right Level 3 Personal Trainer Course for you and your career in the fitness industry. 

Our “gold standard” service will support you throughout the initial duration of your course and throughout your career after. Origym find everyone our students an interview in a location of their choosing. This process is orchestrated by our professional recruitment team spending. They will take their time to spend one-to-one time with you. Our tutors will  guide you through the application process by helping you develop a high quality CV.  We will even distribute it across your desired location for you. If this was not enough, we will go through mock interviews to help you practice and prepare yourself for the reality of a fitness professional.

Support for life!

Our former students from the past are always touching base with us about new opportunities and job roles. We are always to help them in their current situation because once they enrolled they were part of our community. You can also feel free to come back and say hello if you want to assess the opportunities or use our extensive network. Origym are continually developing their network of established fitness professionals. We are still adding some of the biggest names in the health and fitness sector because we believe that there will alway be an opportunity for you to develop your career. Here is a quick look at our list of companies that you could be working with immediately after passing your  Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. These include:


Origym offer internationally recognised, REP’s Accredited Qualifications!

Our course will provide you with the competitive edge on the rest of the competition within the industry. Origym provide their students with the highly recognised qualifications in the industry. Employers within the industry understand that Origym’s graduates are of the highest calibre. This is why as an Origym graduate, you are a lot more employable than other graduates within the industry.

Every leading health club chain in the UK and abroad recognise Origym’s Level 3 Personal Trainer Course for their quality content and accreditation. Our personal trainer courses are designed in association with Active IQ . Active IQ are the UK’s largest and most recognised governing body for personal training certifications,within the UK. All  of Origym’s Level 3 diplomas in personal training are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). As well as this, educational company Skills Active, set the parameters for the personal training qualification framework in the contemporary fitness industry, endorse our courses.

What job roles can you obtain after gaining your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course?

There are many opportunities for fitness professionals with a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. Personal Trainers believe that their opportunities are limited. They also believe that they can only work within a gym and nowhere else. There are a lot of different ways for you to practice your profession wether in a gym or not. Each opportunity influences you how to get paid. They is also many job roles that you may have not considered. Here are just a few routes that will enable you to envisage were your your PT career is going.

  • You could freelance for a gym
  • Personal Trainers are paid a salary by a health clubs
  • Freelance while working outside of a gym environment
  • You could also work within schools or education establishments
  • Work for the NHS as a GP Referall
  • Use your own private studio
  • You can also be am online personal trainer
  • Run boot camps and class based PT business

There are many more options for personal trainer to consider when first exploring the fitness industry. The personal trainer profession is an incredibly rewarding and possibly lucrative profession. The personal trainer profession was voted by The Times as the most satisfying jobs in the fitness industry.

We look forward to helping you achieve your Personal Trainer career. Enrol today on our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course by calling us on 0800 002 9599. Origym can not wait to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses

Level 3 Personal Trainer Course
  • Editor Rating
  • 97%
  • 97%

Origym's Level 3 Personal Trainer Course expands upon the modules conducted during a Level 2 course. The modules range from physiology to practical assessments and even nutrition. If you want to be a fully qualified personal trainer you should enrol on this course.

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