Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and conditions

Please read these carefully and feel free to ask if you need a term explaining prior to enrolling.

Application of Our Terms

  • Origym Centre of Excellence may alter our terms and conditions (protocols and procedures included) from time to time. Please review this page prior to booking to check current policies and procedures as you will be subject to them when enrolling. Terms and procedures after you have enrolled will only change if required by law, government or regulatory authority to comply with new enforced protocols.


  • 2) Origym Centre of Excellence accepts responsibility for our verbalised statements made by our mentors, administrators and contracted affiliates, however, we do ask for students to ALWAYS ask for confirmation of deviations of our terms and procedures to be put into writing for reference


Application of Our Terms

2.1) Application will ONLY be accepted once we receive the registration fee, a fully complete enrolment form and monthly payment plan set-up where appropriate.


2.2) Enrolments must be made on an official enrolment form or via our enrolment team at head office.


2.3) Please fill the enrolment form in accurately and clearly for administration. Please note that the name on the enrolment form will be the name issued on the certificate. Any amendments required by students will be £30 for the charges we incur to re-order and distribute.


2.4) It is a student’s responsibility to update their personal information if any aspect has changed since their enrolment e.g. change of address/email /contact number or name.


2.5) The completed enrolment form contracts you to attend and pay for the course(s) as detailed in the application.


2.6) Students who have pre-requisite qualifications to enable them to skip modules or courses must provide them at the point of enrolment for verification. Students whos qualifications are not valid or do not fully comply with what is agreed upon enrolment must purchase the course or modules that are missing at the same value of the course of when they enrolled.


2.7) All modular bookings within the personal training programme are subject to availability, on a first come first serve basis.


2.8) Students wishing to upgrade from e-learning to tutored learning, to tutored learning to a full-time course, from level3 to exercise referral, the online course to a full-time course or the equivalent must complete a new enrolment form with an amended payment plan if they are on one. Students will not need to re-send a copy of identification or a recent head shot photo during this process. No learners will be allowed to downgrade from flexible learning to e-learning or from a full-time course to any other learning method.


2.9) All modular bookings within the gym instructing, personal training or advanced personal training diplomas either via the flexible learning or online courses must be made via student zone. Only once you have received confirmation from the head office tutoring team will you be eligible to attend


2.10) CPD courses must be booked via student zone and not over the phone, via email or in person – this ensures you will have a record of your booking request. CPD courses must be attended during the times stated on your confirmation email, failure to attend the full course will result in non-certification.


2.11) Students wishing to add three or fewer CPD courses will NOT be required to submit another enrolment form. Consent will be accepted given verbally or in writing and confirmed when an email is sent from head office containing details of the course(s) added on with confirmation of payment. Payments for three CPDs or less have to be paid in full.


2.12) The full course fee is payable at time of booking or in instalments if arranged with head office.


2.13) The enrolment form will only be accepted with the registration fee (at minimum) or full fee. The registration fee or your first payment is non-refundable past a 7 day cool off. Eligibility for a full refund is applicable in the first seven days after booking only.


Late Payments and Payment Cancellation

3.1) All Students who have made an agreement to pay in instalments and who are not up to date with those instalments, will not have their coursework marked, examinations processed and access to any online account will be restricted until outstanding fees are paid and brought up to date.


3.2) Origym Centre of Excellence operates a 0% interest policy on all its courses, however, if students late pay on more than one occasion interest will be charged at 5% above the base rate on any future late payments. Students will be notified by the accounts department in writing if this occurs.


3.3) Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 will be applied to business’ who late pay, allowing us to claim for the interest.


Cancellations by Students and Potential Charges

Please note: If you're on finance via Omni Capital, you will be bound by their term of service with regards to cancellations and refunds. 

4.1) Origym Centre of Excellence operates selling to consumers within distance selling regulations and we advise all students to seek advice from trading standards or their local citizen's advice bureau regarding cancellations. Students wishing to cancel within the first seven days will be entitled to a full refund. Refund time-period will commence the calendar day after the booking is made. Notifications of refund MUST be made in writing via email to accounts@origym.co.uk or via post to our head office address.


4.2) If cancellations are utilized during this seven-day period, refunds will be processed within 30 days of termination, and will be credited to the same card or bank transfer to a designated account of the customer. Please note online and flexible learning courses commence on the same day the enrolment form is successfully completed and returned to head office, hence legal rights to cancel within a fourteen working-day period out laid in the distance selling act are void. Full-Time courses commence on set days and times and course refunds are only applicable within the first seven days of the successful return of the enrolment form.  If you attend a Full-Time Course within those seven days, the course refund will be void in coherence to distance selling law.


4.3) Origym Centre of Excellence understand circumstances may lead to students needing to cancel their courses after the seven-day refund period. Cancellations can ONLY occur within the first 6 weeks from the point of enrolment onto the course and all payments and registration fees up to this point will be lost. In addition, there will be a cancellation fee applied. The cancellation fee for e-learning students is £250. The cancellation fee for flexible learning and Full-Time students is £350 to cover additional tutor costs irrespective if they have had a face to face meeting or not. Cancellations will not be accepted if there are outstanding charges due or monthly payment plan monies owed. Cancellations MUST be put into writing and addressed to the accounts department.


4.4) If the above criteria is met, Origym Centre of Excellence will terminate your learning and not pursue another further payment


4.5) Bookings for the combination packages for example,  level 2 gym instructing and level 3 personal training course will be treated as a single course. Refunds will therefore not be given for course downgrades. For example, a combination package downgraded to Certificate in Gym Instruction booking will still be liable for the full combination package fee.

4.6) Non-attendance of any CPD course, training day or assessment day will occur a £25 charge to re-book, unless cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the course via the etutor department in writing.


4.7) We operate a free, unlimited re-sit policy, however, any learners that fail to attend assessments booked without previously notifying Origym Centre Of Excellence’s account department will automatically forfeit their right to free re-sits. In this instance, a £25 fee will be applied to every subsequent re-sit


4.8) All courses have 24 months to complete from point of sitting the first assessment per course level. If a student has purchased a package consisting of multiple courses e.g. level 2 gym instructing and level 3 personal training, they will still have to adhere to the 24-month time frame each time a new level commences to get all those qualifications ascertained. If a student expires this time frame they will be subject to a £495 re-registration charge for that particular level they are on, whether they are on a course up to a level3 exercise referral or level 4 course too, the same applies.


4.9) Students who wish to transfer their course over to another individual will have to pay a transfer fee of £50. Once this payment is received we will cease any future payments from that respective student. Transfers will ONLY be accepted if all previous payments are up to date and the transfer request is placed in writing addressed to the accounts department. The transfer fee can be made by either the leaving student or the student whom is taking on the course. The student taking over the course may commence learning as soon as the transfer enrolment form is successfully returned to the accounts department.


4.10) Students who have had courses transferred to them will NOT be eligible to cancel the course or obtain any refunds


4.11) Flexible learning students are ONLY permitted to switch mentors for any given reason at the point of completion of any individual course. Flexible learning students wishing to switch mentor mid-course will be liable for the mentor’s cost of £350.


Cancellations by Origym

5.1) It may be necessary from time to time to change or cancel /training days/assessment days and venues from those published. Origym Centre Of Excellence will not be held liable for any costs/losses incurred as a result of any such changes.


5.2) Tutored learning students whos tutor leaves/resigns mid-course will be re-allocated a tutor the most geographically located to them within a 20-mile radius. If a mentor is not available to be re-assigned to, whether due to location or time impingements students will temporarily convert to a home study course until a new tutor becomes available. If a new tutor is not assigned within 30 days of this occurring we will give the student a full refund of all payments made proportional to that course level and would request our learning material be delivered (if distributed) back to us at our expense in the original format it was distributed. If the learning material is returned damaged or has been lost we reserve the right to apply a charge at the cost incurred to replace it.


5.3) Origym Centre of Excellence will not in any shape or form tolerate any form of abuse towards its centre staff or mentors. This also applies to the conduct of authorised representatives of the learner (may include: parent, guardian, partner, spouse, friend etc.) Any student or authorised representative whose behaviour or conduct we deem misappropriate will be removed from their course and will lose all payments made until this point and legal action may be taken.


Intellectual Property

6.1) “Origym” or “Origym Centre of Excellence” are trademarks. These trademarks cannot be utilised by a student or a business unless authorised to do so by the Directors of Origym Centre of Excellence.


6.2) All material supplied by us to students for purpose of study belong to us until full payment of course fees are complete.


6.3) E-learning students will have access to online learning material. Access to this learning material is permitted only as a licensee. Post-course completion or if a student cancels their course, this license will immediately terminate.


6.4) E-learning students are not permitted to replicate, modify or share our online material. It should solely be utilised to support a student’s learning.


6.5) Any violations to these intellectual property terms will result in legal action.


Data Protection

7.1) Data ascertained will be stored safely in accordance to data protection laws.


7.2) Students data will be utilised to maintain their course and further course offers, products or services of a similar nature that we provide. If a student wishes not to be contacted about any future offers or related promotional material, they must notify the accounts department in writing.



8.1) Any claims made against a student will not exceed the value of that respective course.


8.2) Origym Centre of Excellence will accept any responsibility for damages or loss incurred if these are a direct consequence of our breach of these terms and policy’s or clear negligence can be evidenced.


8.3) Origym Centre of Excellence will NOT accept responsibility to damages or loss incurred if it is not foreseeable.


8.4) Please note liability does also include the following three terms, which we take responsibility for if negligence is apparent.

8.4.1) Death caused by negligence or a representative’s negligence

8.4.2) Defective products

8.4.3) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation


Legal and Miscellaneous

9.1) In accordance to the rights of third parties act 1999, a third party has no legal rights within these terms if they are not party to them.


9.2) These terms and conditions are set-up in accordance to English law and are subject to be governed by them


9.3) Origym Centre of Excellence can waive accumulated interest payments, cancellation fees or any other costs incurred by a student in accordance to these terms at our discretion. If we do waive a charge or fee owed, that does not mean that subsequent fees incurred will also be waived if our terms are violated. Each individual waiver is treated in isolation. A student should only consider a term to permanently be waived if we have expressed so in writing.


9.4) Origym Centre of Excellence always attempts to adhere to adaptations in law and governed authority. If a clause or term is found to be in violation of law or by respective governing authority it will be removed and therefore non-applicable. This does not mean that the remaining terms that law will allow us to enforce cannot be adhered to.


9.5) Failure or delay in learning that is generated out of circumstances of reasonable control to either party (either us or a student) will not be in breach of these agreed terms or liable for them.


9.6) E-learning and flexible learning students should take note that we recommend having a broad band speed of greater than 2MB per second to optimise the functionality of our learning platform. Our regulated guidelines for booking this method of learning requires students to have access to 550kb per second broadband, otherwise we would recommend another learning method.


9.7) We may upon occasion take photographs of learners studying or performing practical elements while they are on the course. These pictures may be used on our marketing and promotional material. Any objections to this must be made in writing before the course commences to our accounts department.


We strictly adhere to our terms and conditions policy and you should ensure you have read and understood them before entering an agreement with us or signing your enrolment form.