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OriGym Offers The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training in The UK!

OriGym’s multi-award nominated Online Yoga Teacher Training course ensures that you’re qualified to the highest possible industry standard! 

During this qualification, you will learn how to deliver innovative yoga classes, suitable for both large groups and intimate one-to-one sessions. This is achieved through our dedicated focus on covering various asana and meditation techniques.

Whether you’re a newcomer looking to break into the industry or simply want to expand your existing fitness practice, you can qualify in a matter of weeks with our online Level 3 Yoga Diploma.

OriGym has helped 92% of graduates find work in the fitness industry! If you want to be a part of this impressive statistic, enquire about our yoga teacher training online certification!

Entry Requirements:


Course Type:

Online with Practical workshops

Course Length:

4 months (Average)


Focus Awards

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Available Packages

Level 3 Yoga Bundle

  • Level 3 Diploma in Yoga Instructing

Currrently includes 2 FREE Continuous Professional Development Courses:

Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Hydration for Sport CPD
  • Business and Marketing CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

The Elite Holistic Bundle

  • Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga
  • Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance.
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Hydration for Sport CPD
  • Electrotherapy CPD
  • Taping and Straping CPD
  • Self-Myofascial Release CPD
  • Business and Marketing CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
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Industry-Leading Yoga Teacher Training Online

OriGym offers some of the finest online yoga teacher training courses, allowing students to study virtually via our award-nominated E-Learning platform. This resource is packed with valuable e-books, online lectures, interactive modules and quizzes all specifically chosen to help build vital skills you’ll need to succeed in the yoga industry.

As a student enrolled on OriGym’s yoga teacher training course online, you will also receive unlimited support from our team of expert tutors. Should you ever have any questions regarding your qualifications, you can get in touch via email, phone or our interactive chatbox 7 days a week! 

  • Course Length: The course is entirely self-paced and can be completed in a timeframe to suit your needs. There is a 2-year maximum time limit to ascertain this qualification, but on average it takes students between 3-4 months to complete. 
  • Entry Requirements: This is an entry-level course meaning there are no qualification requirements. However, students must be aged 16+ to enrol.
  • Cost: From £899 - There are no hidden fees with OriGym, therefore exams and resits are completely free!
  • Offer & Payment Options: If you’re looking for affordable online yoga teacher training, you can spread the cost of your qualification with payment plans at 0% interest.
  • What You’ll Qualify With: Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga Sessions (RQF)
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How You'll Learn

As one of the best online yoga teacher training certification providers in the UK, OriGym let’s students immediately begin their qualification upon the completion of the enrolment process.

You will qualify via our multi-award nominated E-learning platform, which contains a host of high-quality learning resources, including:

  • Online Lectures
  • E-Books
  • Videos
  • Interactive Assessments & Quizzes

The platform also contains a built-in chat box, which allows you to directly communicate with our tutor support team 7 days a week! Should you require further assistance, the team can also be reached via phone or email. 

As you progress through your online yoga teacher training in the UK you will also have access to expert-led practical workshops. These sessions run from OriGym’s nationwide training centres, and provide you with an excellent opportunity to gain in-person feedback.

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How You Will Be Assessed

To complete your yoga teacher training online course, you will complete your theory coursework and assessments on our custom-built E-Learning platform. These assignments can be completed at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Before qualifying, you will also need to complete mandatory practical assessments. These sessions can be scheduled around all of your existing commitments and regularly take place at our training centres located across the UK.

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Careers Support:

As one of the best providers of yoga teacher training online in the UK, OriGym will continue to support you following your graduation. Our specialist post-course support team will be on hand to get your yoga career started, with services that include:

  • CV advice & distribution
  • Marketing & business course and resources 
  • Mock job interviews
  • Access to our jobs board - Which features employment opportunities with our vast network of corporate partners

These beneficial resources have helped over 92% of OriGym graduates find employment within the fitness industry! 

This level of support has made OriGym one of the highest-rated training providers in the industry. So, why not experience these benefits for yourself and develop your passion for yoga with online teacher training.

Progression Route:

After finishing your yoga teacher course online, you can expand your career and earning potential through a range of further qualifications.

For example, you could progress onto a Specialist Level 4 Yoga Qualification and develop a niche teaching style. Whilst enrolled on this course, you can choose to become an expert in the likes of Hot, Hatha, Nirda or Ashtanga yoga respectively. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to create bespoke workout programmes that help clients reach their individual goals, you should enquire about OriGym's Personal Training Diploma. In doing so, you could even incorporate some of your yoga teachings into these sessions, using your knowledge to stand out in a competitive field. 

Alumni Benefits:

OriGym alumni have access to a whole host of beneficial deals, which will become accessible to you following the completion of your online yoga teacher training.

This includes discounts for products that could benefit your yoga career, from the likes of mats and pillows to more pricier investments like web design software.

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What will you learn:

When completing your Yoga Teacher Training online, you will study the theoretical elements of this course via OriGym’s virtual E-Learning platform, completing modules that include: 

Yoga, The Moving Body:

Learn how the body works during yoga, by studying various holds and poses to uncover the effects of different breathing techniques and postural placement.

  • Understanding muscle activation in a variety of holds and poses.
  • How to support clients to progress into advanced poses.
  • Breathing techniques, including thoracic, clavicular and diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Posture and body positioning
  • Progressive exercise programming

Planning and Delivering Yoga Classes:

If you’re passionate about yoga, this online teacher training module will shape your future career allowing you to become the instructor you've always wanted to be. Here you will learn how to plan and deliver classes for a variety of skill levels.

  • Collecting client information
  • Planning a safe and effective yoga class
  • Preparing a yoga class
  • Instructional skills and client communication for a yoga class
  • Demonstrate a range of asanas and sequences
  • Produce a Scheme of work for a beginner’s course, (minimum 6 weeks) to include aims and ILOs, teaching methods
  • Produce a course plan showing the progression from simple to complex in asana and breath work; showing the progression from gross to subtle in relaxation techniques and themes

Anatomy Physiology and Kinesiology for Exercise and Health:

Develop your understanding of anatomy and physiology, focusing on various aspects of the human body including.

  • The Skeletal System
  • The muscular system
  • The nervous system
  • The life course of the musculoskeletal system and its implications for special populations
  • The respiratory system
  • The circulatory system
  • The energy system

Principles of Health and Well-Being for Exercise:

You will study the principles of health and well-being, focusing on key fitness components to determine the effects of exercise and healthy eating on the body.

  • Health benefits of physical activity
  • Resistance training
  • Warm-up and cool down
  • Principles and variables of fitness in an exercise programme
  • Monitoring exercise intensity
  • Contraindications to exercise and key safety guidelines for special populations
  • Importance of healthy eating

Understanding and Applying the Philosophy of Yoga:

You will study the rich history of yoga, learning the practice’s philosophies and teachings in order to create physically and emotionally engaging classes. 

  • Expand and deepen your understanding of yoga, its sutras and its history
  • Learn the paths to yoga and the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Learn about yogic psychology and how the mind functions
  • Explore the ancient yogic text & scriptures and how this connects to modern yoga
  • Meditation and mantra. Mudras, bandhas and kriyas.

Know How to Support Clients’ Lifestyle Management and Enhance Client Motivation for Exercise and Physical Activity:

Learn how to develop effective working relationships with your future students, through ongoing customer services.

  • Supporting Clients who take part in yoga:
  • Forming effective working relationships with clients
  • Supporting clients to adhere to exercise/physical activity
  • Addressing barriers to exercise/yoga that clients experience 

Planning Professional Practice with Effective Consultations and Assessments for Group Training Sessions:

Teaching yoga extends far beyond the session itself, and here you will study the different components that go into planning and preparing a yoga class.

  • Understanding yoga insurance
  • Importance of maintaining CPD Training
  • Setting up a room/class correctly
  • Spotting and supporting clients efficiently
  • Communicating via the correct language
  • How to support both groups and individuals

Instructing Professional Practice and Effective Exercise Supervision in Group Training Sessions:

Learn how to introduce, lead and conclude effective yoga classes that improve a participant's performance, through the delivery of reflection and support.

  • How to conduct yourself professionally to more than one participant including voice projection, music choice and temperature control.
  • How to review yoga sessions with clients
  • How to self-evaluate your teaching performance
  • How to provide instructional cues and teaching points
  • How to use additional training aids including straps and blocks
  • How to deal with common conditions encountered in a yoga class

After completing your yoga teacher training course online, provided that you have paid for your course package in full, OriGym will contact Focus Awards who will begin the process of verifying your certification. In the meantime, we will provide you with an internal certificate, which you can use to apply for jobs. 

No, OriGym's online yoga teacher training certification is for life! Occasionally, there may be industry-wide updates that are implemented by Ofqual, which sets the standards across the vocational sector. 

In this instance, you won’t need to re-sit any aspect of your qualification! Instead, you will simply need to complete any new modules.

Our online yoga teacher training courses are assessed through a combination of online theoretical examinations, coursework and a final practical-based assessment that can be completed from one of OriGym’s Nation-wide locations.

No, you do not need any pre-requisite associated with our Level 3 Yoga Instructor online course, as it is an entry-level qualification. We do, however, require all students to be aged 16+ before enrollment.

You can complete OriGym’s Level 3 Yoga Teacher course online at your own pace, studying whenever and wherever suits you best! However, on average students complete this qualification in 4 months.

Yes, when completing your yoga teacher training online with OriGym you can set up a payment plan to suit your needs. Better yet, these plans come with 0% interest and no unwanted hidden fees! 


After completing yoga teacher training in the UK online students will receive expert guidance! 

Expert CV Lab

Our helpful team of employment experts will optimise your CV before distributing it to partners in the local area.

Free Business Resources

You'll get access to a hub of free business and marketing resources, specifically created to help launch your yoga business.

Student Alumni

Our graduates get exclusive brand discounts on insurance, yoga software, website design and much more.

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Heather Hacking, Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Heather Hacking

Founder of Heather Hacking PT

Fantastically Structured & Well Organised

As a mother of three children after spending the past nine years building her career as a solicitor, Heather made the decision to follow a life-long passion for health, wellness and fitness, and pursue a career as a personal trainer.

Studying part-time with OriGym to fit around family and work, I achieved my Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications. I found OriGym’s courses to be fantastically structured and well organised, and my tutor Andy Tsang was brilliant - he taught me so much!

After graduating I started my fitness business with the sole purpose of empowering women, both physically and mentally. My business has now been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Breakthrough Personal Trainer’ category at Northern Ireland’s Health & Fitness Awards 2019 - I am so thrilled! I am very grateful to OriGym for giving me such a great foundation to launch my business from.

Ramnik Sembi

Ramnik Sembi

Founder of Ramnik Personal Training

Invaluable practical experience!

Before OriGym Ramnik was facing redundancy after a 10-year career. With an existing interest in health and fitness, Ramnik knew a role helping others to reach their goals would suit his personality and ambition. Searching online, he signed up to the Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer course. 

I absolutely made the right decision to choose OriGym! I’m very grateful for their continued support and their amazing tutors. They are really encouraging, helping to build your confidence to succeed. OriGym’s approach to flexibility encouraged me to study in my own time through online assessments and tutorials. Perfect for a busy parent juggling responsibilities.

My career since has gone from strength to strength. I set up my own brand whilst studying, creating a home-based studio where I train my clients. I also work as a Group Fitness Instructor, have set up my own HIIT fitness event and work with local academies encouraging children to enjoy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sophie Dennison Personal Trainer Image

Sophie Dennison

Fitness Influencer

Sophie Dennsion is a leading influencer within the health and fitness sector with a 195k followers on Instagram alone. She opted to study with OriGym as her chosen training provider for her Personal Training qualifications.

Follow Sophie's fitness and PT journey: @sophie_does_squats

I have had such a wonderful experience with Origym. I started and completed my Level 2 Gym Instructor theory within lockdown and passed my practical after lockdown. The Origym tutors were super helpful with feedback on work. Also, the programme design had lots of information and I could work at my own pace! 


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