If you’re looking for the best Gym Instructor Courses, OriGym have got you covered: we’re internationally accredited and REPs recognised.

If you want to become a gym instructor you are in the right place.  You need to have a passion for fitness and working within a gym environment, enrolling on a gym instructor course is the right course for you.

Gym Instructor Course

Completing a gym instructor course will not only teach you invaluable knowledge regarding health and fitness, it will also provide you with a springboard for beginning your career in the fitness industry. Becoming a gym instructor will challenge your knowledge and practicality. However, it can also be a very fun and rewarding career. When qualified as a personal trainer you will be creating and implementing fitness plans whilst encouraging gym members to work out efficiently and safely. 

Why you should enrol on Origym’s Gym Instructor Course

When considering wether to enrol on a Gym Instructor Course, there are many factors that you should consider. In fact, there are a few options you can choose when enrolling on your gym instructor course. Origym offer their students Online Gym Instructor Course, Personal Tutor Gym Instructor Course and Fast Track Gym Instructor Course. These options allow you to choose a learning method that best suits you. Once you have qualified as a gym instructor you will be able to officially gain entry to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as a Gym Instructor.

Many people assume that there are many pre-requisites that you must meet to be eligible to enrol on our Gym Instructor. In fact, there are none at all except a, passion and a desire to learn.

Limitless opportunity!

Opportunities available to you when you have completed your Gym Instructor Certificate:

  • Work Full Time / Part-time as a gym instructor within a leisure facility, health club or private gym
  • Become a class fitness instructor – might need relevant fitness CPD modules like kettle bells CPD, suspension training CPD
  • Become a fitness manager / team leader
  • Use the Gym Instructor Course as a foundation before becoming a personal trainer

The Gym Instructor Course has modules such as:

  • Comprehensive theory that enable you to understand the human anatomy, energy systems and bodies adaptivity. You will also be able to learn how to apply exercises and the principles of fitness within a workout programme
  • You will also be taught how to effectively communicate and support with clients who take part in a physical activity
  • The crucial role of health and safety and how to uphold it within a fitness establishment for both yourself, clients and fellow staff members
  • How to effectively motivate clients towards their fitness goals
  •  Generating a plan that caters client types and their fitness aspirations

Only the best Gym Instructor Course Qualifications

We want you to become a gym instructor of the highest accolade. This is our students graduate with the best gym qualifications within the industry. All of our Gym Instructor Courses are recognised by the REP’s. They are also internationally recognised so you will be able to move with your qualification. Furthermore,  Origym’s courses are approved by Skills Active who are the leading skills council in the vocational fitness sector. Our Gym Instructor course is also accredited by Active IQ. Employers appreciate these qualifications and their accreditation so you will never have to worry about being valued by employers. 

Flexible payment plans

From just £388 – 0% payment plans!

  • No guarantor required
  • No prior credit checks are required
  • Manageable payment plans

Deciding wether to become a Gym Instructor can be confusing. This is why we like to make it as easy as possible for you. This is why Origym are the most cost effective personal trainer provider in the UK. We are also the most recognised provider within the UK.  As well as this we believe that providing quality is of primary important to our students. We believe that you should not have to pay excessive fees for quality.  You will not receive surplus requirements or hidden fees when enrolling on our gym instructor course. Origym are the only UK company with simplistic payment plans. We make these payments simple so you can carry on pursuing your qualifications without distraction.

Qualify quickly and start your career in the fitness industry

Fast Track Gym Instructor Courses

  • You will be qualified in as little as 2 weeks after achieving your gym instructor course.
  • Regular start time
  • Our courses have only the best personal trainer tutors with exponential experience
  • Learn in the gym or within the classroom
  • Interview straight after completing a Gym Instructor Course
  • 98% first time pass rate

Origym’s Fast Track Gym Instructor Course is notorious for pioneering the fitness industry. Origym produce the best gym instructors within the industry. This is why we do not just focus on the compulsory modules within the course. We incorporate and entire,  holistic overview of how you can  become a  successful Gym Instructor. We want you to have fun and engage with our course while also preparing for the realities of our courses. 

Origym has many location across the UK

Origym has a number of locations across the UK.  Our 10 locations are situated throughout the UK’s largest city’s. Origym utilise the UK’s best venues so they can deliver their dynamic and resourceful Gym Instructor Courses. All of the venues that Origym work out of are 5 star  facilities that have latest cardiovascular equipment and resistance equipment.

The fast track Gym Instructor Course is the most accessible course on the market. It is also taught by the very best personal trainer tutors within the industry.  Origym pursue out personal trainer tutors with augmented qualifications and experience. Our tutors are consistently working within our gym, on the floor, for our students.

Our courses combine the classroom and gym space so you have the best of both worlds

There is nothing better than studying on the gym floor and learning the practical aspects of being a personal trainer. Furthermore, you will learn how to develop substantial fitness plans and you will also learn how to deliver them effectively so they exceed your clients fitness goals. We believe that practicality will prepare you for the relaity of the personal trainer industry but we also believe that the theoretical aspects of the course will bolster your standing as a successful and innovative personal trainer. 

Origym’s Personal Tutored Gym Instructor Course provides great opportunity for any aspiring fitness professional

Personal Tutored Gym Instructor Courses

  • Head hunted Personal Trainer tutors
  • Our tutors are also DBS checked
  • Completely flexible one-to-one mentoring
  • Origym give you the choice to choose and work at your own pace
  • If you enrol today you will be able to start today

The personal tutored Gym Instructor Course has been specifically created to give you an option to complete your Gym Instructor Course through distance learning. However, this course content will be no different to a P2P course and you will still receive the unconditional support of a leading personal tutor in you area. As well as this you will not have to leave the comfort of your home until you book an appointment with our tutors for additional consultation.

We are flexible with our Gym Instructor Course so you can get the best out of it

We believe that this flexibility and support will enable you to pass focus on your course. As well as this, you will be receive 12 hours of private one-to–one support, that is fully tailored to you and your needs. Whether that is mainly focusing on modules about anatomy, modules about planning or the practical elements of our course. We value each student as a individual an this is why you should develop your own individual course than enables you to become a quality fitness professional.

Origym has an excess of 200 tutors operating in many major cities, towns and villages across the UK. Wherever you are, we are sure to have a tutor close to you. We are proudly of the way we are consistently innovating personal trainer courses.  We are the only UK personal trainer course provider who actually send our tutors to come and meet you. This type of support saves you valuable time and travel costs. Origym factor all of this into our courses so your decision is easier to make.  All our tutors are fully DBS checked and they have gone through huge measures to become a tutor for our organisation. The values of quality are instilled within them as much as ourselves. 

Our Gym Instructor Course resources are second to none

Furthermore, Origym will provide you with a collection of electronic resources so you can choose your own learning methods as well as your pace. You course and its accompanying content will be throughly explained by our tutor and our technical support team. 

Origym also hold practical training days throughout the UK. These days will provide you with the opportunity to gain insight into the practical process within the course. You will also be able to talk to tutors and fellow students so you can better understand the course. This will be of benefit to your progress and your experience as a graduate entering the industry with a Gym Instructor Course.

Origym also offer an Online Gym Instructor Course

Our Online Gym Instructor Course provides you with much more than other companies in the industry.

  • Start Learning Straight Away
  • Interactive E-Learning Platform
  • Qualify at a speed that best suits you 
  • Cost effective courses without simple payment plans.

After enrolling on our Gym Instructor Course you can start straight away. You can literally start within minutes of enrolling on our course. Even though certain aspects of our Online Gym Instructor Course are different, there are no major changes. You will receive the same resources and support than the rest of our students.  We have helped thousands of students complete their gym instructing course via online learning. Wether they are online students or in house, we value all of our students, past and present.

Instant access, anywhere, anytime!

You will gain instant access to our e-learning platform. Our e-learning platform is called student zone and its is available to access whenever you want it. Our resources include a culmination of useful information. Ou resources include health and fitness articles, e-books, interactive e-learning and guidance videos as well as our new webinar series that will enable your tutor to communicate directly with you on a regular basis. All of these resources are relevant to the course and aim to help your progress.  You will have practical training days that will give you additional feedback on your work.

Our courses are conducted in small groups of no more than 10 students. This means that you will be able to really benefit from our tutors input while receiving valuable one to one consultation. They will educate you in how to instruct and demonstrate exercises as well as fitness instructors.

If you have a Gym Instructor Course Qualification, you can be in reach of working with one of our affiliates.

David Lloyds, Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, GL Leisure

  • Guaranteed Interview after graduation
  • Personalised CV amendment
  • Free Interview Preparation
  • Career support for life

All of the major companies within the fitness industry actively pursue enthusiastic individuals with ambition and most importantly, a Gym Instructor Course Qualification. Straight after you complete your Gym Instructor Course you will have the option wether to allow our team to amend your CV. We will take your CV and tailor it so it fits the billing of employers within the personal trainer industry. Our team will also circulate your CV in a location of your choosing. Origym will also send your CV to our partners and other leading employers. This extra effort will help save you time and resources when searching for a position within the fitness industry. We want to help you achieve a rewarding and lucrative career.

Interview preparation is also included

As well as this we will help you prepare for any subsequent interviews. Origym can confidently guarantee you and every other student an interview with one of our affiliate companies across the UK.

Origym is the only course provider within the fitness sector who offer unconditional and guaranteed career support. We do not just guarantee a course and limited support, we welcome back any previous members for additional consultation whenever you ask. If you ever need any help regarding a new role or whether you want some help regarding interview preparation, our mentor and recruitment team will be there to help. There invaluable experience has helped many students before you succeed in qualifying and landing their ideal role.

Origm Value Quality. That is why our service is of the highest quality!

  • All of our staff have completed their Online Gym Instructor Qualification
  • We are the only company who head hunt our tutors
  • Most cost effective personal trainer course provider within the UK
  • We are the only provider who provide career support for life!
  • All of our courses including the Gym Instructor Course are accredited by the leading organisation in our industry
  • High rate of employment post course completion


We can not wait to help you achieve your personal trainer career. Our Gym Instructor Course will allow you to maximise both the profits and rewards of your career. If this course interests you, please give us a call at 0800 002 9599 or you can fill out our quick and easy online form. We can not wait to hear from you and begin your journey into the fitness industry

Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses


– Flexible course with flexible payment plans
– Students have the ability to choose their own methods of learning
– Plenty of resources to help you progress
– Enjoyable experience with like-minded people

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Origym have innovated the personal trainer industry with another one if their highly accessible and flexible courses. The Gym Instructor Course is one of the most recent and effective courses on the market. Not only will you increase your knowledge of personal training, you will increase your chance of being employed after your graduation.

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