Interested in getting into the fitness industry? Our Personal Trainer Course Glasgow will help you do just that!

Are you are looking for Personal Trainer Course Glasgow?

Origym offer a dynamic number of Personal Trainer Course Glasgow, that will give you the skills and confidence to launch your PT career.

When you have completed your personal trainer certificate with Origym, you will be recognised as part of an elite group of fitness professionals .

If you want to have an advantage over your competition within the UK fitness industry, our Personal Trainer Course Glasgow will help you do just that. You just need to identify which course aligns with your own time and aspirations. Origym also offer unconditional support both during and after your course so if you ever need any help, do not hesitate to contact one of tutors in Glasgow.

Firtsly, we will explain how you can become a fitness instructor or personal trainer?


Firstly, you will have to require a Level 2 fitness instructing qualification. This is also referred to as a gym instructing qualification. During the qualification, you will learn how to deliver safe gym inductions. You will also learn how to write progressive programs for individual clients. Not only will this increase your knowledge of practical fitness, it will also increase your likelihood of gaining and retaining clients.

A fitness instructor certificate is commonly used as a stepping stone towards the more advanced Level 3 personal trainer course. In fact, the Level 3 certificate is the most sought after qualification within the personal trainer industry. In fact, the Level 3 personal trainer qualification also teaches you to write personalised advanced programs for individuals clients. Our tutors encourage students to be creative with their planning, arrangement and analysis. The Level 3 Personal Trainer Course Glasgow also contains advanced modules such as nutrition and advanced anatomy.

Origym pride themselves on the quality content within their courses. That is why we have so many students recommending their friends.  W have designed our courses, so that they are effective and enjoyable, they are also endorsed by REP’s and accredited by Skills Active. Therefore, you can be safe in the knowledge that are courses comply with the national occupational standards across the international fitness industry. You will also be happy to know that our courses are internationally recognised so if you want to re-locate, you have a profitable and engaging career to also accompany you.


Origym is a company that values quality. Our company is renowned for producing the highest standard of personal trainers across the UK. Subsequently, our courses also reflect this quality. However, year after year our students marks are improving and so our the number of our personal trainers gaining positions in the industry. Origym ensure that they stay ahead of the market by evolving our courses within the confines of fresh and innovative learning methods. Not only have these learning methods proved effective in regards to our students progress, our students also throughly enjoy the duration of our courses.


–  We are the only course provider whose whole staff are qualified personal trainers.

–  We are also the only course who have DBS verified tutors

–  As well as this we head hunt all our tutors to ensure that we maintain our consistent quality

–  Origym provide students with the opportunity to complete the course online from the comfort of their own home

–  Once you have enrolled with Origym you will  be provided with career support during your course and after

Origym was created by personal trainers, for personal trainers. We noticed that personal trainer course providers were not supporting students. In fact, they were exploiting them. This is why Origym is understanding and supportive of aspiring fitness professionals. We make the process as simple and stress free. This will ensure that you have best start to your Personal Trainer Course Glasgow.


Origym was founded on the principle of providing quality Personal Trainer Course Glasgow. We do not hold our students to ransom. This is the reason why Origym are considered to be the most reliable and trustworthy personal trainer course provider within the UK. Starting a new career is not only mentally straining on any individual, it is also financially straining.  Our payment schemes are very flexible. Students will be allowed to make small deposits payment or monthly direct debits. Therefore, you can make a transition into the personal trainer industry without having to worry about breaking the bank.






– Post Course Support
– Help from experienced personal trainers who are also your tutors and mentors
– Cost effective
– Flexible Payment Plans
– Engaging and fun content
– Quality resources

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Origym provide Personal Trainer Courses in Glasgow. These courses were designed to engage students and develop them into fitness professionals. There graduates received additional career support once they finished the course and they now have lucrative careers within the fitness industry.

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

    Unit 1 – Anatomy & Physiology

    Unit 2 – Supporting Clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

    Unit 3 – Health, Safety, & Welfare in a fitness environment.

    Unit 4 – Principles of exercise fitness & health

    Unit 5 – Planning gym based exercise

    Unit 6 – Instructing gym based exercise

    Practical assessment to demonstrate a gym based induction for an individual clients requirements

    A case study to outline their knowledge of performing, writing and conducting a gym based induction.

    A multiple choice theory exam covering basic anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the principles of exercise and health (70% pass rate required)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

    Unit 1 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for health and exercise

    Unit 2 – Applying the principle of nutrition to a physical activity programme

    Unit 3 –Programming Personal Training with clients

    Unit 4 – Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills

    Practical assessment to demonstrate their ability to deliver personal training sessions

    A case study to outline your knowledge of programming personal training sessions and nutritional advice

    A multiple choice theory exam covering advanced anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the application of nutrition (70% pass rate required)


Our personal trainer courses in Glasgow can be completed through online learning and is an extremely popular way of getting qualified. One of the great benefits of this type of learning is that you can start working towards your personal training certificate the same day you enroll, often meaning that students complete quicker than if they had gone via full time study. You will receive hardback copy-books for each level to compliment the e-learning resources, ebooks and online webinars.

All assessments and practical training days are conducted in Glasgow from our affiliate company Dynamic Core Studios in Clydebank with lead tutor Mark Tiffney. You can attend as many practical training and assessment days as you like, they are all incorporated as part of the price.


Our most popular options for personal training course in Glasgow is via the mentorship route. This is where you will learn through a combination of distance learning and have the valuable input of Mark, who is an experienced gym owner and highly qualified mentor. You will be able to visit Mark on a 1-2-1 basis all around your personal circumstances and current schedule, so you won’t have to compromise employment or stop doing the things you enjoy.

Upon enrolment you will have set-up a tailor made schedule just for you that you can stick to help you ascertain your personal training certificate. You will receive all the same high quality resources that an e-learning student would receive, but with the added advantage of having utter flexibility on when you can sit your examinations. You will be able to select exam dates in coherence with Mark’s schedule as and when you feel ready to tackle them.

The great part of this course that makes it so unique is that you will have real life exposure, to real clients, with genuine goals. Through shadowing and getting real experience on the gym floor we know you are going to love this way of getting to your dream and becoming a personal trainer of high esteem.


Having worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and opened our high end training facility, Dynamic Core Studios, in January of 2012, I have been consistently asked to run training programmes for personal trainers looking to achieve their personal trainer qualifications and to mentor PTs to a higher standard. The level of service being offered in the Glasgow area has generally been very poor and we have struggled to find qualified personal trainers and gym instructors that meet our high level requirements or who have a strong ethos of putting the client’s needs at the highest level.
   However, where other course providers continue to re-enforce the idea of a financially driven industry and producing trainers who put earnings before quality of service, Origym are a breath of fresh air.
   After some detailed discussions with them it was clear that their agenda was to attract and develop personal trainers of a higher calibre than other providers and that the mentoring element was not just there to get as many people through the personal trainer course as possible, but rather to prepare the trainers for the realities of the industry and prime them to raise the bar for the industry as a whole.
   When working with students I have been given the opportunity to instill the idea of keeping the client’s needs at the forefront and rather than being a slave to the curriculum, working with my students to develop stronger ideas of working with their clients to get the best possible results and deliver a high level experience for them. And as I get to work with them closely, it also gives me the opportunity to discover what makes them tick, and as such, help out in directing them on the right path once they have their fitness qualifications. That could, in some instances, involve a position within our facility, but even if we are not a solid match for them, we can look to work on their strengths and suggest solid routes for them going forward.
   Origym will guarantee an interview with a training facility upon completion of the PT course as well as giving assistance with the preparation of your CV, that along with the experience gained during the mentoring process ensures that our students are better equipped than most new trainers entering the market to ensure a solid start in the industry.
   Given all of this, Origym are the only company I felt comfortable working with in delivering this service and I feel that, not only do they provide the course at an extremely competitive price, the quality and value of the course is so much higher than anything else out there due to the nature of their set up


If you are looking for a full time personal trainer course in Glasgow that will challenge you and make you think outside of the box on your own training, Origym’s fast track personal trainer course is the one for you. Taught by the UK’s leading tutor’s this personal training course is taught on a full time basis and will combine the principles of exercise to the reality of actually delivering on the gym floor.  All hardback course material will be waiting for you on the day of course commencement with a complimentary Origym personal trainer T-shirt for you to have ready for once you have gained your certification in personal training.

Taught over 16 full days on a 9am-5:30pm basis, you will get taught in depth the application of nutrition, anatomy, physiology and principles of exercise and how to apply to each individual client’s goals and ambitions. This fantastic course is a great way for you to learn all the advanced movements that will separate you from a standard personal trainer and allow you to complete everything on site in Glasgow without having to travel anywhere else. After just 4 weeks you will be ready to start your career as a fully fledged, quality personal trainer and with the help and support from ourselves we will help find the right role that suits your needs.


We have great connections and associations for all students who are completing our personal training course in Glasgow – we know these will get you excited about working in the fitness industry. With links to national chains, health clubs and private studios based in Glasgow we will help you realise your passion and become a fitness instructor or personal trainer of genuine quality.

With the aid and support of our resourceful recruitment team we will perform a post mortem on your CV for you, evaluating how we can improve or tweak it, to maximise your chances of getting the job you want. Not just that, we will circulate it on your behalf and prepare you for the interview process over Skype, phone or however you prefer. With our many years of seeing successful graduates blossom into great personal trainers we know we can help you reach your career goals.

Our help and support won’t just stop there, many of our graduates still come back to us to this day asking about new avenues or opportunities in the market and of course we are glad to help. Our support is not limited by time that all our competitors place upon students, we are hear for the long haul, so if you ever want a change of role or want to know what other opportunities are out there then come back to see us and we will assist in anyway we can.

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