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About Jordan Fitness: Jordan Fitness are a recognised leader in functional fitness gym equipment, specialising in premium quality yet great value for money. For 30 years we have been at the forefront of product design, offering innovative free weights and functional kit focussed on space-saving, and maximising workout potential. If you're just starting put on your Personal Training Journey, contact us to set up an account to get the best deals on gym kit for bootcamps or your own Personal Training Studio. Product Quality Much of our product range is BSI approved, having been approved and tested by the British Standards Institute, so you can see how much we value quality. With several registered designs including our Ignite free weight range and rigs through to our unique HIIT Bench, we offer gym essentials through to on-trend studio kit to simply WOW your visitors and clients. Our popularity is as much to do with our personality as it is to our products, professionalism and personalisation. We value trust and being approachable which means no matter what you need, we can achieve your vision.

    Jordan Fitness

    Get 15% Off all Jordan Fitness Branded Gym Equipment by using the code: ORIGYMPT15 on our website. If you're looking to set up your own Personal Training Studio, please contact us for even bigger discounts.

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