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About Shavron Products:  Engineered to the highest standards, using breakthrough science and technology – Shavron is transforming the way you train, recover and perform.

Our carefully engineered products are designed to help you reach and maintain peak performance wherever you are.

Our award-winning Shavron Massage Gun targets deep tissue by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation so that nutrients and fresh oxygen can be delivered to muscle tissue - reducing fatigue and inflammation. Crucial for muscle recovery, and for injury prevention.

You can count on us for commercial-grade percussion therapy. 

    Shavron Products

    Exclusive to Origym Students receive £40 off the award-winning Shavron Massage Gun. Voted as the number one percussion therapy device by Women’s Health, the Shavron Massage Gun has also been featured in Esquire, Men’s health, and Origym

    Only available to students