Barry’s Instructor Salary: Explained

barrys instructor salary

As a boutique fitness brand that has revolutionised group exercise classes, one of the most common questions about Barry’s is ‘how much do Barry’s instructors make?’

Whether you’re an aspiring Barry’s instructor looking for information on earnings, or are curious how you can earn more, we‘ll answer this question for you. 

This article will cover:

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What Is The Average Barry’s Instructor Salary?

When it comes to answering the question ‘how much does a Barry’s instructor make?’, there is unfortunately no conclusive answer. 

This is because Barry’s does not advertise its salaries publicly.

Although Glassdoor doesn’t have the figures for a Barry’s Bootcamp salary in the UK, the site suggests that a front-of-house team member earns between £22,309 and £23,847 per year.

barrys instructor salary

According to, the average Barry instructor salary is $57,933 in the US, which is equivalent to £47,742.59

However, this figure can range from £34,558.63 to £60,926.54, depending on several factors.

For example, no figure is given in job advertisements for Barry’s instructors because it is a self-employed role, so their salary will depend on how many classes each instructor runs.

barrys instructor salary 2

We can see from the Barry’s class timetable above that Joe Davies instructs the most classes. He is therefore likely to have a higher salary than an instructor like Olivia Mercer, who teaches only one class.

The average Barry’s trainer salary also depends on other roles that their instructors may take on.

For example, as shown in the class timetable, there are a variety of different instructors at Barry’s in Liverpool. This means that each instructor can only run a limited number of classes per day, and will therefore have spare time to take on other employment opportunities.

This is the case for Barry’s instructor Matt Spooner, who is also an instructor at Ride Republic.

barrys instructor salary 4

In terms of ‘how much do Barry’s instructors make?’, instructors like Matt will therefore have a higher salary than those who only run Barry’s classes.


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What Is A Typical Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor Salary Per Class?

barrys instructor salary 8

As well as the average salary per year, you may also be wondering ‘how much do Barry’s instructors make per class?’

With each class lasting from 45 minutes to an hour, the average hourly wage for a Barry’s instructor is $28 according to, which is the equivalent of £23.02 in the UK. 

However, this can range from £16.44 to £29.60, depending on factors which we’ll discuss later in this article.

What Is The Average Salary Of A Fitness Class Instructor Compared To A Barry’s Trainer Salary?

barrys trainer salary

If you’re already a fitness instructor or wanting to get into the industry, you may be wondering how a Barry’s instructor salary compares to that of a standard fitness instructor. 

We have a whole article here on the average fitness instructor salary in the UK

But according to Indeed, the average salary of a fitness class instructor is currently £13.77 per hour or £25,827 per year.

The figure will vary depending on factors such as location, with the average salary for a fitness instructor in London being £16.03 per hour. This is 18% higher than the national average salary.

However, estimates for the average fitness instructor salary from sites such as Indeed are typically not completely reflective of the reality. 

barrys trainer salary 3

This is because they only have data from fitness instructors who are employed on a full-time basis by gyms and health clubs.

They therefore do not consider the salaries of freelance or self-employed instructors, who typically earn more than those in employment.

Freelance instructors have a higher earning potential, as they can run as many classes as they wish, and are not limited to just one venue. 

This means that whilst fitness class instructors who are employed by one gym are limited by the number of classes on the gym’s class timetable, freelance instructors are not. Their earnings are therefore unlimited.

For example, this job advertisement for a freelance group class instructor shows that instructors running classes at Anytime Fitness can expect to earn from £20 to £25 per hour, or per class.

barrys instructor salary 5

The number of classes that they choose to teach here and for other gyms will therefore determine their average salary.

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Why Is The Average Barry’s Instructor Salary Different from that Of Other Fitness Class Instructors?

barrys trainer salary 2

To provide some context for this question, here are the average salaries for three different fitness class instructor careers:

  • Barry’s instructor - £47,742.59
  • Fitness class instructor at a gym - £25,827
  • Self-employed fitness class instructor - £20 - £25 per hour

When it comes to the question ‘how much do Barry’s bootcamp instructors make?’, it’s important to consider that Barry’s instructors have many of the same roles and responsibilities as a fitness class instructor, as you can see from the job description below:

barrys instructor salary 6

For example, we can see from this job advert on Barry's website that they ask for candidates to be qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor at minimum. This is a requirement for all fitness class instructors, no matter where they work.

Barry’s instructors are also required to be friendly, positive, and have a passion for helping clients reach their goals- all of which are key roles of any fitness class instructor.

However, the difference between the two roles, and the reason that Barry’s Bootcamp instructor pay in the UK is higher, is that most general fitness class instructors tend to work at:

  • Commercial gyms, such as Pure Gym or JD Gyms
  • Small independent gyms
  • Local council-run leisure centres

In contrast, Barry’s instructors work for a high-end fitness brand whose classes are trademarked.

The boutique fitness brand offers world-famous workouts that are even popular with celebrities such as David Beckham and Naomi Campbell.

It costs £20 to take part in a Barry’s workout, which is a much higher price point than a general fitness class at a high-street gym. In fact, the price of these classes is often included in the price of a monthly membership.

This means that instructors need to act as an “Ambassador”, upholding the reputation of the luxury brand that they are representing, as shown by the ‘key responsibilities’ section of a Barry’s job advert.

barrys instructor salary 7

For their efforts of maintaining Barry’s values and providing the best experience possible for their clients, Barry’s instructors are therefore rewarded with a higher salary than general fitness instructors.

This is highlighted by this review of the company culture at a Barry’s studio, where all employees go above and beyond to uphold the highest of standards.

barrys trainer salary 4

Plus, since they are a boutique fitness brand, Barry’s studios are based in big city centre locations such as London in the UK. 

Central locations such as London have a much higher demand for luxury fitness classes like Barry’s and it is unlikely that this demand would be so high if they were located in more suburban areas.

The average salary in London and inner cities where Barry’s classes are based is higher than in other areas of the UK as the cost of living is higher.

For instance, according to Statista, the average salary for someone working in London in 2022 was £41,866, whereas in the North East it was only £29,521.

This highlights why there is such a difference between a Barry’s Bootcamp salary in the UK and the salary of someone who has become a group fitness class instructor!


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If you were wondering ‘how much do Barry’s instructors make?’, we hope that this article has provided you with everything that you need to know.

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