How To Become A Clubbercise® Instructor

how to become a Clubbercise instructor

If nothing gets you moving more than a great energetic playlist, you may be wondering how to become a Clubbercise® instructor. If you love to workout to dance music, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can get paid to do just that, and even better, teach a whole class to do the same. 

Within this article, we will cover everything you need to know about getting qualified to teach Clubbercise®, including:

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What is Clubbercise®?

First off, let's get more familiar with what exactly Clubbercise® is. Clubbercise® is a full-body workout class that combines popular dance music and exercising, all in an environment that replicates that of a nightclub.

We should remind you that Clubbercise® is a trademarked brand and so, when working as a Clubbercise® instructor, you have to go by their rules - meaning that you will have to teach their routines, use their music playlist, and only sell their branded merchandise in every class as standard. 

Clubbercise® say that their classes bring a night out to your workout, and we totally agree. Performed in a dark setting lit up with glow sticks and luminous clothing, you can burn upto 600 calories a session by just dancing with your friends!

The phenomenon started with three friends back in 2013, from there, it has only gotten bigger and better. The ultimate goal when taking part in these classes is to help people get fit and stay that way by taking part in consistent fun and uplifting classes. 

The reason that Clubbercise® is so effective at achieving this goal is that those attending classes are actually enjoying themselves, which makes it much easier to be motivated and consistent when it comes to exercising.

The benefits of Clubbercise® are not limited to particing in classes either, as you can have just as much fun and keep equally as fit by getting qualified and running your own Clubbercise® classes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, keep reading as we’re about to show you how to do just that. 

But before we get to that, if teaching group exercises sounds like your ideal job, be sure to read our article on how to become a fitness instructor here!

What Qualifications do I Need To Become A Clubbercise® Instructor?

With over 2,000 classes worldwide, becoming an instructor of your own Clubbercise® class has the potential to be a lucrative and exciting venture into the field of fitness, but where do you start?

Pursuing this career may be easier than you think as Clubbercise® have a clear framework detailing what it is exactly that you need to do in order to be eligible to complete an instructor course with them. First and foremost, you should prioritise getting your level 2 certificate in gym instructing as this will then enable you to take the Clubbercise® training course.  

A level 2 fitness instructing course will grant you access to the qualifications necessary to get started, more specifically, the most important module within this course for Clubbercise® is Anatomy and Physiology. This module will teach you about the vital mechanics of the body, which is a minimum requirement to be eligible for the Clubbercise® training course.

This section of the course provides you with the knowledge that keeps your future clients and classes safe, covering the heart and circulatory system, the respiratory and digestive systems. This is particularly important in a class such as Clubbercise® due to its intensity. 

Once you have achieved your level 2 certificate in gym instructing you are then eligible to take part in Clubbercise® training, which is essential to run a class of your own. If you want to take it one step further and become the best candidate for the job at hand, you can take a diploma in personal training. A personal training diploma covers both your level 2 fitness instructor qualification and a level 3 personal trainer qualification

This will not only make your knowledge stronger so you feel more confident in being an instructor, but also maximise your profits as a fitness professional by allowing you to run 1-1 sessions alongside group classes.


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By becoming a general fitness instructor rather than a Clubbercise® instructor, you would have the freedom to perform whichever class you desire. You wouldn’t be simply limited to a licenced class that requires you to do the same moves and use the same playlist as every class up and down the country, instead you would be able to design something that you find effective and change things up every now and then to keep clients returning.

Plus, you wouldn’t need to complete any training beyond your Level 2 certificate in fitness instructing. Stick with us because we’ll discuss more about the pros and cons of becoming a Clubbercise® instructor vs a career as a fitness instructor very soon.

If you’re interested in a career in the fitness industry generally, we would recommend completing a personal training diploma for the best start and a wider plethora of knowledge, plus the personal training salary is generally much higher than that of a group class instructor.

How Much Does A Clubbercise® Instructor Earn?

If you’re looking to become a Clubbercise® instructor, it's likely that you want to know more about how much they earn. You might have the desire of being a fitness professional but, to turn it into a career that you can make a stable income from, there must be a demand for the classes in the first place.

So, we looked at some of the most popular Clubbercise® classes in the UK to see how much you could charge for your own class. As you might expect, costs typically vary up and down the country so be wary of this before you decide where to hold your classes. 

We did some digging and found that the average price of a Clubbercise® class in the UK is £5 per class - so this is what you can expect to be earning per person per class. However they do vary from location to location, as you can see below, this class in Central London costs £9 a class:

Clubbercise price per class

Some instructors offer class bundles to encourage clients to commit to a length of time. For example, one instructor in the UK offered a price of £25 for 5 classes or £50 for 10 classes, when their usual class rate is £6 per class. This is great for client retention but it will of course reduce your profits.

Say 20 people show up to your class, each paying £5 each. That gives you a gross profit of £100 - not bad for an hour's work! However, you need to think about your outgoings, as well as how sustainable that income is.

What we’re trying to say is that whilst £100 seems great, chances are you won’t always have 20 people in every class, every day, so it could be tough to make a full-time wage. Plus, you need to remember that you will have to spend some of that money on the expenses associated with setting up the correct environment, hiring out a space, and getting insured.

Is Being a Clubbercise® Instructor a Profitable Career? 

Some Things to Consider…

#1 Creating The Right Environment Can Be Costly 

Clubbercise® has a particular set up and dance club environment which is something that is highly anticipated. To provide this service, you’re going to need some disco lights and merchandise. This includes things such as glow sticks, which are popular props for these classes. 

Whilst these make for a great atmosphere, they are arguably unnecessary purchases that put you at a loss financially, especially when you’re first starting out.

It's worth thinking about the fact that if you weren’t running a licenced class, you would not need to pay out for such props - but we will get into more of that a little later. 

#2 Is There Sufficient Demand for Clubbercise® Classes?

One of the key things to question when wondering whether being a Clubbercise® instructor is a lucrative career, is the level of demand in your area. For example, you’ll want to refrain from setting up your club near another established or popular one as this will only create competition.

Whilst competition is inevitable when starting a business, the fact that Clubbercise® classes are branded and therefore very similar to each other means it's unlikely that there’ll be room for two in your local area!

What has this got to do with your earnings you may ask? Well, without demand for your classes, you won’t get clients through the door, and won’t make any money!

To avoid this, look for areas that have demand or where Clubbercise® classes aren’t currently running - you can do this by heading onto the find a class page.

#3 Ways to Make Additional Income

With the above in mind, one way to make additional money as a Clubbercise® instructor is by capitalising on the branded merchandise that we mentioned earlier. How so? Well, if you sell merchandise you can earn approximately £2.50 per pair of glow sticks and 15% profit on clothing and accessories. You can have these for people to buy before or after classes so that people can really get involved and feel like a part of the club. 

Stick with us because in the following section, we will explain how you can earn more profit and benefit from fewer losses by operating as a fitness instructor and selling your own merchandise!

Fitness instructing Vs Clubbercise® Instructor 

Since you need to take a fitness instructing course before taking part in Clubbercise® training, it's worth considering whether working as a general group fitness instructor could be a better option. Not only would this mean you can save time and money by not completing Clubbercise® training, but it is arguably a more sustainable career. 

So, lets see the benefits of becoming a fitness instructor and how this can differ from a Clubbercise® instructor.

#1 Creative Freedom Over Your Classes 

Being a fitness instructor allows you to run a much larger scope of classes and in turn, gives you a lot more creative freedom over the kind of classes you run, the environment they’re in, and the choreography you use. 

For example, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own version of a dance and exercise combination class that you can design from start to finish. Of course, you wouldn’t have the licencing to use the name “Clubbercise®”, nor would you be able to advertise on their page.

That said, there are plenty of benefits to balance out these minor cons! For example, if you want to create a dance-style class with your own twist, you could still create a similar environment with your own choice of music and props. Plus you’ll have complete freedom to change your playlist, props, and choreography every so often to keep your clients interested. 

This will get clients excited and keep them coming back, as while some may find it comforting to know what they are walking into each week, many people eventually find this boring. Being able to regularly switch up your routine means you can keep a buzz around the class and gives you the option of using client feedback to alter your choreography. 

#2 Sell Your Own Merchandise & Keep The Profits!

There is also nothing stopping you from creating your own merchandise.

Selling branded items such as t-shirts or water bottles will not only act as an extra source of income, but if your clients then go on to use or wear that item out and about, it also gets the name of your class seen by more potential clients.

You can create your own brand and have a close knit community of clients that are willing to purchase your merchandise. Unlike if you were to sell merchandise as a Clubbercise® instructor, you can keep 100% of these profits!

#3 Set Your Own Prices

Whatsmore, if you’re a fitness instructor creating your own class, you have the freedom to choose your own pricing structure.

As we established earlier, up and down the UK there is an average price of around £5 per Clubbercise® class. This means that if you were to price your class a little higher, you might struggle for clients since it's unlikely that people will choose your Clubbercise® class if there is one for a cheaper price nearby. 

The reason Clubbercise® classes are pretty consistently priced is due to them being licenced and choreographed. However, by choreographing your own class and making it unique you can charge what you think it is worth, rather than the approximate base price.

#4 You Can Offer A Range of Classes

With a gym instructing qualification, you are not simply limited to one choreographed class that you are trained in. Instead, you can teach a range of classes that vary up not only your clients’ sessions, but yours too.

You can take some CPD courses in specific classes that would ensure you are properly trained and qualified to deliver the classes safely and efficiently - these could include:

These kinds of courses can give you the tools to create your own fun and exciting classes that will keep clients coming back every week!

#5 Multiple Career Options

By getting started as a fitness instructor, you are not limited to one form of work. You can take advantage of having multiple options for the way you choose to direct your career. For example, you are not limited to a contract that is capped at X amount of hours with a restriction on income.

Instead, freelance work can see you having multiple revenue streams, you will not be tied to one form of income. You can teach multiple classes in multiple different areas and all the while, if you have a personal training qualification, you can be training 1-2-1. 

So, you should definitely weigh up your options when choosing what kind of class you want to teach and what will give you the biggest return of investment.

- - - - 

For more information and useful resources on becoming a fitness professional, read our articles below to kick start your career:

How To Progress As A Clubbercise® Instructor

As you now know, to teach Clubbercise® you will need a level 2 in gym instructing qualification, the Clubbercise® training course, and if you want to take it one step further, a diploma in personal training. These courses are a great foundation to build a career in the fitness sector. 

If you choose to work solely as a fitness instructor, many more doors will open to a bigger and better work life. So let's see how exactly you can do this.

Level 2 Exercise To Music

You could take further fitness courses such as a Level 2 Exercise to music which is especially valuable when putting it to use in a class like Clubbercise®. You can find out more about every step on how to become an exercise to music instructor here, but in a nutshell this is what you can expect. 

  • Entry-level qualification, so long as you’re 16+.
  • Key modules covered such as: Delivering Freestyle & Choreographed Classes, Teaching Special Population Classes, Principles of Exercise and Fitness, Health, Safety and Welfare and the all important Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Though you can enter the ETM course with no prior qualifications, if you did opt for the level 2 in gym instructing or that of the personal training diploma, you would actually be exempt from some theory papers on the ETM course. This is because they are featured in the level 2 in gym instructing course and therefore, we know you don’t need to repeat this!

Level 3 Personal Training Course

Ofcourse, there are a range of benefits of completing a level 3 personal training course. You can either do this as part of our personal training diploma or as a seperate course after you’ve completed your level 2 in fitness instructing. 

It is on this level 3 course that you will learn advancements from the level 2 gym instructing course, going into modules such as anatomy and physiology in more detail. In addition to this, you will also learn about nutritional principles and how to actually deliver a successful training session. This qualification is the key to a stable career in the fitness industry, particularly if you’re going to be self-employed.

Personal trainers are always in demand, clients will be looking for their fit and you could be just that. As we mentioned earlier, the combination of a personal training qualification along with your gym instructing is perfect to ensure you can conduct classes but also fill in your spare time with valuable business by running 1-1 sessions. 

Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition 

Further education in areas such as nutrition can be a great addition to your forte if you're looking to generate more than one revenue stream from your fitness business. 

This course can help you to learn the requirements to help your clients follow a healthy and balanced diet, particularly how their exercise habits work hand in hand with what is on their plate. 

With this level 4 certification behind you, you can have a distinct advantage over other fitness professionals, as it is one of the highest awards in the industry and presents you as a reliable and knowledgeable instructor. 

If you want some more information on the benefits of introducing a nutritionist qualification to your repertoire and want to see an example meal plan, read our article on the pros and cons of being a nutritionist.

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy

Finally, another way that you can make yourself the best fitness professional that you can be, is to get become a qualified sports massage therapist and offer smt services. 

A good way to utilise and advertise your services is in conjunction with your unique class, so long as you have your level 2 in fitness instructing of course. You could conduct your class and afterwards, hold a couple of hours for sports massage appointments, chances are, after a strenuous class people just may want your service to feel limber for the next day!

You can expand your knowledge by completing a Level 4 Personal Trainer course, as well as CPD courses which only make you progress further into your career as a fitness professional and become more valuable.  

Ultimately, a wider range of abilities when it comes to your work is always a good thing, you can’t be too educated! So, the more you can get under your belt, the better.


Can I Take Clubbercise® Worldwide?

Technically yes, however actually taking the course and finding out the information of what you need is a little less straightforward. On their website, they disclose the entry requirements to their course for UK and Australian citizens, however not for other countries.

Instead, if you are from a country other than the UK or Australia, you are prompted to contact Clubbercise® directly on by email for further information on getting qualified.

How Much Does A Clubbercise® Course Cost?

After you have taken your examination in Anatomy and Physiology, you should head over to the Clubbercise® website and take a look at the prices that best suit your needs. There are three different prices that increase by £20 each time. 

This includes 3 kinds of course cost, an Early, Regular, and Last Min. This is of course based on the proximity of you actually purchasing the course, and the course beginning date.

These courses are online currently (as of 2023) and an original Clubbercise® course Early ticket costs £219.00 and lasts from 09:30 to 15:30. The prices then steadily rise, with the Regular ticket at £219.00 and the Last Minute ticket at £249.00. 

Simply head over to the website and press sign up to get started with the processing of your course.

Do I Need To Prove I Am Certified?


You must show certification of completing the required courses before registering for a course, you can tick which boxes are applicable to you in terms of what qualifications you hold just before you proceed to payment.

It is here that they specifically ask if you do hold an exercise to music qualification, so it is certainly valued within the class and we would definitely recommend checking it out. For more details on how to become an exercise to music instructor, click here.

Before You Go...

Clubbercise® is perfect for those who love to combine their love for dance and music with exercise and health - so why not take the dive and get qualified.

So now that you have all of the information you need to become a clubbercise® instructor, get off to the best start by enquiring about our Level 2 Exercise to Music Course. Or, browse through all of our fitness courses that can help you become the best Clubbercise® instructor in our downloadable course prospectus. 


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Written by Kimberley Mitchell


Having gained a B.A Hons degree in Media, Culture and Communications, Kimberley has gained experience in areas of web journalism, website production and marketing.

Alongside this, Kim expanded her knowledge and passion for fitness, by becoming a fully qualified fitness instructuor and personal trainer. Kim has also gained specialist qualifications in yoga, nutriton, spin and many more.

After working in the industry as a PT, Kimberley went on to study an MA in Digital Marketing and continues to expand her knowledge in the industry. Her main focus is to keep up with current trends and communications with a focus around health & fitness, writing and being creative.

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