How To Become A PureGym Personal Trainer

how to become a puregym personal trainer

As one of the largest and most reputable commercial gyms in the UK, it's no wonder that so many fitness professionals are asking how to become a PureGym personal trainer! 

From the qualifications you need to the hiring process, we’ll take you through everything you need to become a personal trainer at PureGym. 

This article will cover:

But before we get started, the first step in becoming a PureGym personal trainer is to get qualified! Take one of OriGym’s industry-leading personal training courses to kickstart your fitness career today. Or, download our free prospectus to browse the full range of courses we offer. 

What Is A Personal Trainer?

Before we get stuck into discussing how to become a personal trainer at PureGym, let’s first establish what exactly a personal trainer is. 

A personal trainer is a certified individual who works on a 1-to-1 basis with a client to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

Personal trainers design and deliver fitness programmes that are specifically tailored to their client’s needs. These programmes are delivered through personal training sessions, either in a gym environment, at home, or even online. 

You can even become a mobile personal trainer and run sessions in the park or at a client’s home!

The fitness sector is ever-growing, making personal training one of the most popular and exciting career choices out there.

For more information about what exactly you can expect as a PT, check out our guide to what a personal trainer needs to know to see if you’re ready to take on the role!

About PureGym

PureGym is perhaps one of the most well-known and reputable commercial gyms in the UK, with 294 locations and over 1 million members. 

They pride themselves on being a safe, inclusive, and friendly gym that welcomes everybody regardless of ability. 

Their membership is competitively priced and they are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This, along with their no contract membership program, is what makes them one of the best gyms to work for as a personal trainer in the UK. 

Considering its huge popularity and scale, it is no wonder that so many people are asking how to become a PureGym personal trainer. Next, we’ll take you through everything you need to know if you want to work in one of the best gyms in the country! 

How To Become A PureGym Personal Trainer

If you want to become a personal trainer at PureGym, it is worth considering the different kinds of roles they hire for and the qualifications required for each one. We’ll take you through each option so that you can decide which is best for you! 

There are two main types of roles available at PureGym:

#1- Gym Instructor 

The first kind of role that PureGym hires for is as a Gym Instructor. This is a contracted part time position that requires you to work a set number of hours per week (usually 12).

For this role, you will need a minimum of a Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification. This qualifies you to work as a gym instructor and is an essential requirement of most roles in the fitness sector, so it is well worth completing, no matter where you want to work! 

Although you only need to have completed a Level 2 qualification to work as a gym instructor, most of PureGym’s Gym Instructor job descriptions state that you need to be enrolled in and actively studying for your Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification too. 

As well as setting you up for a lucrative career as a personal trainer, enrolling in your Level 3 course shows a potential PureGym employer that you have the intention of becoming a personal trainer at PureGym in the future. 

This Gym Instructor role is therefore a great position to apply for if you are looking for paid work whilst studying your PT course. At OriGym, we offer part-time and online Level 3 personal training courses, so that you can also work alongside your studies. 

PureGym also specifies that your qualifications need to be recognised by REPS or CIMSPA in order to be considered. Since all of OriGym’s fitness courses are CIMSPA-accredited, you can guarantee that you will have the right qualifications to become a personal trainer with PureGym! 

As a Gym Instructor at PureGym, you will be working on the gym floor, interacting with members and helping them with any queries they may have. 

You will also be required to deliver some of the core group exercise classes, as well as carry out ad-hoc tasks such as cleaning down equipment and running gym inductions

If you are looking to become a PureGym personal trainer but have not yet completed your Level 3 qualification, this is a good place to start. Particularly if you are taking your PT course part-time, this is a great way to gain practical work experience in the industry alongside your studies or existing job. 

However, if you want to get qualified as a personal trainer fast, OriGym’s Personal Trainer Diploma could be the best option for you. You will gain both your Level 2 and 3 qualifications in as little as 4 weeks! Plus, choosing this package will also save you money compared to enrolling in the two courses separately. 

#2- Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach 

If you are looking to become a PureGym personal trainer, you may wonder why there aren’t any job vacancies for purely a ‘personal trainer’. This is because at PureGym, it is a combined role where you will work as both a personal trainer and a fitness coach. 

You will therefore see the role listed with the title ‘Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach’.

For this role, you will need a minimum of your Level 3 personal training qualification. This is not unusual- this qualification is a minimum requirement for all PT roles in all gyms across the country. 

The two parts of the role involve:

Fitness Coach

You will be employed in a part-time contract by PureGym as a Fitness Coach for 12 hours a week, for which you will be paid by the hour. This role is essentially the same as the Gym Instructor role we explained above. 

During these 12 hours, you will be working on the gym floor, assisting gym members, running inductions, upholding hygiene standards and conducting some group exercise classes. 

Personal Trainer

Separate from your employed hours as a Fitness Coach, PureGym will allow you to use their facilities to work as a personal trainer and run your own sessions with your own clients in exchange for ‘competitive rent’. 

This side of the role is on a self-employed basis, meaning that you will not have contracted hours from PureGym. It is therefore up to you how many hours you work as a Personal Trainer, and you will keep 100% of your earnings from your sessions.  

The money you earn from your 12 hours a week as a Fitness Coach is around enough to pay your rent to PureGym, so your salary from your fitness coach work essentially cancels out any PureGym personal trainer costs you might have otherwise had to pay. 

This dual role may seem complicated, but it actually works out better than a lot of other gym personal training contracts. You will essentially work 12 hours as a Fitness Coach in exchange for using their facilities for your own personal training business. So in fact, it is a lot more simple than having to account for rent and other expenses when you get your monthly salary!

Although you may be put off by having to work as a Fitness Coach in order to become a personal trainer at PureGym, it will actually equip you with valuable work experience in a gym environment that will stand you in good stead for any future roles!  

Check out our guide to the difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer for more detail on how the two roles differ. 


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Where To Find A Job As A PureGym Personal Trainer

Now that you know exactly what the role involves, it’s time to start the process of becoming a PureGym personal trainer!

You can find all of PureGym’s vacancies on their job listings page here, where you can refine your search by location. 

You will also find PureGym personal training jobs listed on more general job sites such as Indeed, or fitness-specific websites such as Leisure Jobs.  

However, sometimes a job can come about through word of mouth or by networking with others in the fitness industry. That’s why all of OriGym’s personal training course graduates get exclusive access to our network of partner gyms across the UK to help you make valuable connections and land your dream job!

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How To Become A PureGym Personal Trainer: The Hiring Process

Once you’ve found a PureGym personal trainer job vacancy, it’s time to get the ball rolling and start the application process! 

The hiring process for any job can seem daunting, so we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when applying for a job as a personal trainer at PureGym. 

Step 1- Apply online

The first stage in the hiring process is to apply online through PureGym’s online jobs board.

Here you should make sure to read the personal trainer job description carefully before applying, to make sure that you know exactly what the role involves. Read this carefully to make sure you know the difference between the two different contracts that PureGym offers, as we have explained above. 

You will then be guided through their online application form, where you will have to upload your CV and a cover letter

Step 2- Initial phone call about Fitness Coach role

If you are successful with your online application, you will then have an initial phone call screening. 

This is not a formal interview as such, but rather a chat to discuss your motivations for applying and to check whether you understand the Fitness Coach side of becoming a personal trainer with PureGym. 

This is also a good chance to ask any questions you may have about the job, and convey your passion for the role, which will help you stand out as a personal trainer.

Step 3- Face to face interview

If your phone call was successful, you will then progress to a face-to-face interview. This will be either in person at a gym, or over video call. 

The interview will be taken by a member of Pure Gym’s hiring team. They will ask you about your experience and skills, based largely on what you have included in your CV. So make sure you’ve brushed up on your CV to avoid any nasty surprises! 

This will also be a chance for them to gauge your personality, confidence and communication, all of which are important skills of a personal trainer. So try to be outgoing, friendly and let your personality shine through! 

Step 4- Separate discussion about personal trainer role

During this interview, as well as establishing whether you will make a good Fitness Coach, they will also discuss the personal trainer side of the role.

You will be asked to run through your personal trainer business plan so that they know you are serious about the role. It is therefore a good idea to prepare this beforehand, and explain how you intend to make the most of the facilities, gain clients, and develop your business. 

You may also want to mention your future career aspirations, to show your dedication and commitment to the role. 

Benefits Of Becoming A PureGym Personal Trainer

If you are still unsure whether to become a PureGym personal trainer, here are some benefits that may help your decision.

#1- You receive 100% of your income from your clients. Unlike many other commercial gyms, PureGym won’t take a cut of your earnings as a personal trainer. So you don’t have to worry about any surprise PureGym personal trainer costs!

#2- Expand your client base. Working in a gym environment will help you get personal training clients, since you will be around potential clients all day! Plus, your PT profile will appear on the PureGym website, app, and in the gym, so members can easily contact you to enquire about sessions. 

#3- Gain valuable experience. Although you may think that the Fitness Coach side of the role is an inconvenience, it can in fact be hugely beneficial for your career! You will gain valuable experience working on a gym floor, interacting with members and even the administrative side of the fitness industry. These are all great skills to put on your CV for any future jobs you may apply for. 

#4- 12 weeks induction. If you become a personal trainer at PureGym, you will undergo a 12-week training programme, allowing you to build your confidence and get familiar with the gym. 

#5- Funded First Aid qualification. As part of your contract with PureGym, you will be First Aid trained. Personal trainers don’t actually need to be first aid trained, but PureGym funds your qualification so it's definitely worth doing!

#6- Other perks. Such as a free gym membership for a friend or family member, annual leave allowance, and an extra day off for your birthday!

Potential Disadvantages Of Becoming A Personal Trainer With PureGym

Despite the many benefits of becoming a Puregym personal trainer, there are still some things that you may want to consider before applying for the role.

#1- You have to work set hours as a Fitness Coach. This is perhaps one of the main things that may put people off becoming a personal trainer at OriGym. It means working set hours, which may reduce the time you have to put into running your personal training business. If you want more freedom and flexibility, it is perhaps worth considering being a freelance personal trainer instead. 

If you take your personal training qualification with OriGym, you’ll learn all about the business side of the fitness industry. Having this knowledge will help you make an informed decision about which kind of contract you want to take on, as well as how to run your own PT business.

#2- You will have to teach group classes. As part of your Fitness Coach role, you will have to teach some of the gym’s group exercise classes. If you prefer teaching clients one-to-one, this may therefore be a downside of working at PureGym. If you don’t have much experience in teaching groups, you might want to take a group training CPD course with OriGym to help prepare you for this side of the role. 

#3- You still have to pay rent. Although you receive 100% of your income from your personal training clients, you will still have to technically pay rent to PureGym in exchange for using their facilities. As we have mentioned, the money from your contracted hours will essentially pay for this. But another way of looking at it is that since the rent is an unavoidable cost of the job, you are technically working for free for 12 hours a week! 


Enquire now to become a personal trainer with OriGym!

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Career Progression As A PureGym Personal Trainer

So, what’s next after you’ve become a personal trainer at PureGym? 

There are some opportunities for career advancement within PureGym itself. For example, you could progress to become a manager and run your own PureGym branch.  

You could also use your role at PureGym as a springboard to launch the rest of your personal training career! Whilst you have a stable income, you could take the chance to complete some extra qualifications on the side to expand your opportunities and find your niche. 

One of the best ways to do this is to take a CPD course with OriGym. With courses ranging from kettlebell training to strength and conditioning, there is a course for everyone. Plus, all of our courses are taken in just one day, meaning that you can easily fit it in alongside your job at PureGym. 

If you wanted to become even more of an expert, you could take one of OriGym’s specialist fitness courses. For example, if you enjoy the nutrition side of personal training, taking a Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition course is a great way to specialise in this area and is a popular path for personal trainers looking for career progression. 

During this course, you’ll learn about the relationship between food and physical activity, and you’ll be qualified to write specialist nutrition plans for your clients. This will allow you to expand your client base as a PT, as you will now be able to target potential clients who are looking for nutritional advice to complement their exercise regime. 

You find out how to become a nutrition coach here or learn about free nutrition courses in this blog post

Another popular career route that you can take once you have become a PureGym personal trainer is to go into GP exercise referral. Exercise referral specialists take referrals from GPs, the NHS or private medical practitioners and create tailored programmes to support those with physical health conditions. OriGym’s Level 3 exercise referral course equips you with all the skills and knowledge you need to enter this rewarding career path.

Ultimately, the more qualifications you have, the wider the range of clients you can attract, and the bigger your earning potential! 

How Much Does A PureGym Personal Trainer Earn?

Now that we have considered the pros and cons of the role, you may now be wondering about the PureGym personal trainer salary. 

According to Indeed, the salary at PureGym ranges from £17,503 for a Gym Instructor to £29,163 for a general manager. The average salary of personal trainers at Pure Gym is £19,359, but that depends on a number of factors, such as your location, level of experience, how many clients you have, and how many hours you work. 

For example, if you work in London, have a solid client base, and put in the hours, you’ll earn more than a pt outside of London who only has a handful of clients that they see once a week. 

However, your PureGym personal trainer salary ultimately depends on how many clients you choose to take on. Since you are self-employed, it is up to you how many sessions you take and how much you charge for them. If you don’t put the work in, you simply won’t earn as much!

Plus, PureGym doesn't take a cut of your personal trainer earnings, so you take home 100% of what you earn from your personal training work (but remember you will still have to pay rent to the gym).

For a more detailed breakdown of the factors affecting your earnings, and to see how you can maximise your earnings as a PT, check out our guide to the average personal trainer salary here.

Before you go!

So, now you know how to become a PureGym personal trainer, what are you waiting for? Get qualified as a PT today to land your dream job with one of the UK’s leading gyms. 

Enquire today to see how OriGym’s personal training qualification can kickstart your career in the fitness industry! Or, download our free prospectus to browse the full range of industry-leading courses that we offer. 

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