REPs Points System + CIMSPA Membership Explained (2022)

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Whether you’re looking to become a personal trainer or you’re already qualified, you might be confused to the role of REPs, what they do are and what the REPs points system is?

You’re not alone….

With the emergence of CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) also into the mix with “CIMSPA points”, this has caused confusion amongst many fitness professionals as whether they should register with REPs, CIMSPA, neither or both! 

Do they need REPs or CIMSPA qualifications?

This quick article will explain what these companies do and how the REPs and CIMSPA points systems really work and what you as the consumer need to be aware of.

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REPs stands for The Register of Exercise Professionals (great name) and was previously owned by SkillsActive, but is now under the stewardship of UK Coaching since 2016. REPs is an independent register for the health and fitness industry, which recognises training or qualifications and expertise of health enhancing instructors within the UK.



CIMSPA is a professional body that came into force in the fitness sector in 2016 but was originally founded back in 2011. CIMSPA with the backing of Sport England has come into to fruition to rival REPs dominance over the past 15-20 years of providing accreditation to qualifications within the UK sport and physical activity sector.

REPs & CIMSPA have several angles to their business’:


Recognises Training and Provides Accreditation 

REPs & CIMSPA provide accreditation to both awarding organisations such as industry leaders YMCA awards or NCFE as well as training providers such as ourselves. This stamp of approval on qualifications gives quick knowledge to a consumer that the training being offered is trustworthy.


Become a Level 4 Qualified Fitness Specialist

REPs & CIMSPA Endorsed Level 4 Master Trainer Qualification

Gives Public Sector Confidence

REPs Certification Image

This gives the general public and employers a like the knowledge that the training they have undertaken with a REPs or CIMSPA approved course provider has met and surpassed a set industry standard. This gives confidence to the general public that when they either want to become a fitness professional or are looking to hire one that they in turn have also met the required level of training to offer relevant advice and guidance.

Through REPs and CIMSPA system naturally protects customers from trainers whom do not possess appropriate certification to act as a fitness professional, in addition to the trainers who have invested in the correct qualifications. 

Here you can see below is OriGym’s approval with both CIMSPA and REPs and we have also included the links to their portals for you to view recognised training that matches the REPs points system and CIMSPA points CIMSPA.

REPs List of Recognised Training -

CIMSPA List of Recognised Training -

REPS Points System & CIMSPA points System Explained

Now you have understood the essentials, this bring us onto the REPs points system and how that works as well the CIMSPA points system. 

If you have completed a course with a REPs and CIMSPA recognised provider, you will automatically have REPS points and CIMSPA points attributed to your qualifications. REPs and CIMSPA attribute qualifications with points against a vocational framework. 

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) set by Ofqual (sister to Ofsted) creates a framework of levels for qualifications where a graduate would need to demonstrate certain competencies, skills and knowledge to perform the affiliated job roles to that qualification e.g. Level 2 fitness instructing.

This all ties into both REPs points system and the CIMSPA points system who adhere to NOS.

Here is a breakdown of both the REPs points system and CIMSPA against the NOS:

REPs qualifications and points table

REPs Categories

The Register of Exercise Professionals has Levels and Categories that come up a certain amount of REPs points and pre-requesites:

- Level 2 Gym (access to Level 3 Personal Trainer) - 20 REPs points
- Level 3 Personal Trainer (access to Level 3 Exercise Referral) - 20 REPs Points
- Level 3 Exercise Referral (access to Level 4) - 20 REPs Points
- Level 4 (Specialist Modules) - 20 REPs points

CPD Courses require a level 2 qualification before enrolment and CPD REPs points can vary from just 1 point through to 16 REPs points.

As you can see from the above REPs points system, each level of qualification comes with 20 REPs points and XXX CIMSPA points. This is the same for all qualifications that are attributed a level.

You may however have noticed on the above REPs points system that the number of points attributed to CPD training varies.

This is for a couple of reasons…. 

REPs CPD points are attributed differently depending on:

This why on the REPs points system and CIMSPA’s the points can vary from either 1 upto 16 REPs points.

For example: 

If you’re looking to complete a kettlebells CPD course and one course has 8 REPs points, and another has 16 REPs point, it might be worth taking a closer look at the content and delivery of the CPD. Some training providers and colleges do CPD courses over an entire weekend, which is why they have 16 REPs points, but others might do it as an online course or over just one day which is why it has 8 REPs points. 

Are both equally as qualified?


CPD courses are there to give you competency and skill knowledge within a particular dispone of fitness. Just because one trainer picks a kettlebells course with 8 REPs points over 16 does not make them less qualified, it just means that they may have not learnt as much or covered as much on instructing kettlebells as the trainer that went on the more in depth course.

Think about this…

You could might not have completed either an 8 or 16 REPs points Kettlebells course and still have more knowledge on kettlebell training than either of the two trainers who did if you had perhaps been instructing kettlebells for say 15 years. What you will not have though is a qualification to back it up as supporting evidence to employers or the general public.


Become a Level 4 Qualified Fitness Specialist

REPs & CIMSPA Endorsed Level 4 Master Trainer Qualification

What then is REPs membership and CIMSPA membership?

Firstly, there is a massive difference between having REPs and CIMSPA endorsed qualifications and being on the REPs or CIMSPA register or in other words having REPs membership.

20,000 plus fitness professionals have REPs membership, and this come with some both soft and core requirements for fitness professionals. 

The biggest part is providing of REPs insurance and liability cover to you as a fitness professional. It is key to be aware that having REPs membership does not entitle you to have REPs insurance. The insurance aspect is an optional Bolt-on to your REPs membership. 

REPs insurance costs are:

Note: that REPs insurance costs are on top of the REPs membership fees.

It is a legal requirement for all trainers to operate in the UK with insurance, kind of like a car requiring a valid MOT.

If you’re a level 2 and above fitness professional, then holding adequate civil liability insurance is required. 

What does REPs Insurance cover for your clients?

REPs Insurance also covers:

REPs insurance and registration. Is completely optional, you can go to companies such as Insure4sport or Azure and get the relevant fitness insurance if you choose to. 

If REPs Insurance is not included, what does REPs membership actually give you?

REPs has a members directory which you can advertise your professional services:

Create your own personal profile:

Other benefits of REPs membership include:

How REPs Membership & the REPs Points System Interact

REPs are committed to trying to keep trainers learning, educating and staying on top of ever changing industry trends. This is reflected in the REPs renewal and REPs point system.

Each year to sustain your REPs membership, you must meet REP’s CPD training requirements as outlined in the REPs point system. This is requirement is to have obtained 10 REPs points over the calendar year from point of signing up. 

Normally, when you decide to get REPs membership, you will have at minimum 20 REPs points to start with as you would most likely of completed a course that warrants you getting REPs membership in the first place. 

The old REPs points system used to be 24 points to be obtained but has been reduced to 10 due to complaints from fitness professionals that it was too high. 

One other thing to bear in mind is that if you gained a qualification more than 5 year ago, not declared it to REPs and then try and count the qualification points towards the REPs points system, then it will not apply. You would have to do the course again or obtain REPs points via a different qualification.

CPD training needs to be uploaded via the REPs Members Area, which you get access to when signing up. As soon as you upload and log your training and it has been verified, your CPD training will map against the REPs points system and update.

Do I need both REPs Membership and CIMSPA Membership? 

Here at OriGym we get this question A LOT! 

The truth is, you can get both, get one or not get either. This is one of those annoying things where there is no right answer.

What we recommend is looking at both REPs and CIMSPA membership and weighing up what you actually get for the amount of money you pay. If you think it’s good value for money then go for it!

Want to kick-start your career in fitness? Go check out our incredible range of PT courses, or download our latest prospectus for everything you need to know! 


Become a Level 4 Qualified Fitness Specialist

REPs & CIMSPA Endorsed Level 4 Master Trainer Qualification

Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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