Do you want to turn your passion into a profession? You could earn a very lucrative Personal Trainer Salary after graduating with Origym


Have a Personal Trainer Salary that has uncapped earning potential!

Once you have gained your certificates in fitness instructing you can start to apply for gym instructing positions, internationally. Typically, Level 2 Gym Instructors earn a average wage of £15,000 per annum. Level 2 Gym Instructors are responsible for conducting gym inductions, health and safety checks as well as creating pre-template machine based programs. Your certificate will educate you how to conduct these tasks with proficiency and professionalism. A Personal Trainer Salary will only increase from its initial starting salary. This is why your salary potentially has an uncapped earning potential.

If you are an aspiring fitness professional, we recommend that you enrol on Origym’s Level 2 Personal Trainer Course. The Level 2 Personal Trainer Course has limited requirements and is available to anybody who wants to become a fitness professional. This is why it is the best course of action when beginning your fitness career. With the successful completion of this course you will be able to construct and deliver tailor made gym programs for your clients. You will also be able to focus on developing your physical capabilities.

Origym will get you off to a flying start!

Our Level 2 gym instructing qualification is a fantastic foundation for any personal trainer. You also have the opportunity to gain a substantial Personal Trainer Salary within the UK. Origym offers fantastic online fitness instructor courses that provide you with an unparalleled amount of flexibility. No other company within our industry can match our resources. Origym value diversity and this is why we offer a diverse amount of courses with a diverse amount of resources.

Origym’s Fast Track Gym Instructor Course enables students to dictate their own learning schedule. This gifts students with the freedom and flexibility to focus on their course. Students who are new to fitness courses can take their time and feel totally comfortable. If you enrol on Origym’s course you will also receive an unprecedented level of help and support that is needed to gain your certification. Every last one of our brilliant mentors are qualified as a personal trainer professional. Our trainers knowledge is amalgamated with their practical experience. They are one of your most beneficial resources and they are are hand to help you when you need their support.


How much can you earn on a Personal Trainer Salary?

Becoming a personal trainer have the potential to be extremely lucrative. The national average wage for a Level 3 Personal Trainer is valued at 26k per annum. An entrepreneurial Level 3 Personal Trainer may have set-up their own fitness studio or they may have already established a large freelance client base that contributes to a more worthwhile wage packet. In this instance, you would have to be balance your clients by scheduling appointments and constantly communicating with your clients. The more qualifications your receive, the higher your personal trainer salary.

A Personal Trainer Salary (UK) is comprised of hourly payments at a commission rate. This certainly applies to any graduates who decide to become a freelance personal trainer. Again, you will receive autonomy for your career because you will be able to dictate your own Personal Trainer Salary. On average, within the UK, a personal trainer charges around £30 per hour. In fact, there are a number personal trainers who are charging an excess of £60 per hour for their expert services. Our personal trainer course will provide you with the resources to attain both the correct knowledge and practical experience that is needed to multiply your Personal Trainer Salary.

With your own hard work and career decisions you will decide your own Personal Trainer Salary.

There are three major ways  for you to earn an impressive Personal Trainer Salary, once you enter the personal trainer industry.


Choose you own career path!

Once you have gained your Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate you will be eligible to work within any leading health club within the UK.  Different employers offer a different Personal Trainer Salary.

The UK’s leading health club operators have a variety of different payment systems in place for their personal trainers. Some payment packages ask their personal trainer to reimburse their rent by taking other shifts.  Some other health clubs ask for rent while others ask for a combination of both time and rent. This is just one of the opportunities that Level 3 qualified personal trainers can utilise.  Origym is a power player within the fitness industry.

This is why we are affiliated with a number of  leading health clubs within the current UK market. Our affiliates include the biggest players within the industry, such as David Lloyd, Sweat Union and Virgin Active. Moreover, we support all of students past graduation by helping them secure work within the personal trainer industry. Origym help their graduates optimise their CV. We then forward the CV to a number of our high profile affiliates within a location of your choosing.  We want you to succeed and make a Personal Trainer Salary that reflects you hard work and certification.


Freelance Personal Trainers do not have to part with any portion of their Personal Trainer Salary.

Many of the leading health clubs in the UK such as Pure Gym develop and operate within their own individual personal training schedule. This schedule is structured to benefit both the gym and you as a fitness professional. These health clubs subside the Freelance Personal Trainers rent with a set amount of hours. The gym allows their trainers to to operate on a freelance basis for a large remainder of their contract.  This allows a personal trainer to keep all of the money that they earn outside of those hours. A personal trainer will accumulate their salary through personalised trainer sessions and group workouts. The freelance personal trainer operates with autonomy while respecting the code of conduct that the health club has set out.

You will also be operating on a salary that is structured by your employing company. However, this opportunity is a fantastic avenue for personal trainers because you will have access to great facilities. While working for a health club may compromise your original goals, it is very affordable and beneficial to your business. You will be able to train your clients in a diverse environment with all of the correct equipment, free of charge. You will also be able to take advantage of all the clients within that health. These clients will range from new members to consistent members. There will be many members looking to maximise their workouts and you will in a position to help them achieve this and get paid doing it. Clients will value your professional input. They will also value your facilities.

As long as you have your Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate, you will be able to maximise your Personal Trainer Salary.  Origym will even teach you methods that will help you build a rapport with a large number of clients. For personal trainers there is nothing more advantageous than a strong network. By combining all of this you will stimulate your own extensive development both inside and outside of practical environments. There is a foolproof way to start your personal trainer career.


Freelance Personal Training For a Health Club: Paying Rent

Other leading health club operators such as LA Fitness, Fitness First and DW Sports, apply a rent-based structure to their contracted personal trainers. This requires personal trainers to pay their gym rent each month. In return, personal trainer will be able to use the gym’s equipment and access to their database of members. Keep in mind that every member is a possible client and every client can increase your Personal Trainer Salary.

This payment structure is really popular with our graduates. It is a variable option for newly graduated PT’s who enjoy managing their business and subsequently, their schedule. It provides personal trainer with enough flexibility to enjoy their profession and a generous Personal Trainer Salary. This agreement comes with a virtually uncapped earning potential.  In fact, it will effect your rate of client retention and more importantly, your Personal Trainer Salary. With this option, you will be able to provide you and you clients with the facilitates to deliver effective fitness sessions. In essence, you are paying for a roof and the equipment that comes with it. In the long run, this option will save you money.

Furthermore, many Personal Trainers use this option as a stepping stone to their own independence. They begin by renting these facilities and eventually after gaining a network clients and financial stability, they will move into their own gym and purchase their own equipment. Many gyms are happy to provide you with their facilities because your professional presence provides ample opportunities for client satisfaction.  Client satisfaction results in renewed memberships. So as the gym makes money, so will you. You will still be able to earn a Personal Trainer Salary (UK) and practice your theoretical and practical knowledge.


What is the average Personal Trainer Salary for people based in a (UK) Health Club

There are also many companies within the UK who are willing to offer permanent contracts to newly qualified Personal Trainers. Many of the leading health club operators such as Virgin Active, David Lloyds and Nuffield Health all hire certified personal trainers on a both a full time and part time basis. you can choose what contract to apply for depending on your preferences and commitments. These health clubs offer a Personal Trainer Salary (UK) that is based on a set number of contracted hours. These contracted hours will pay you by the hour.

Most health club operators also offer individual reward schemes that provide you with the incentive to accelerate your customer retention. Health clubs are the ideal working environments for newly qualified Personal Trainers because you are able to learn the commercial aspects of becoming a Personal Trainer, whilst earning a steady and sustainable income. You will instruct your clients in the best facilities and ensure that they stay with you. You will also learn how to market yourself to a mass audience of fitness consumers. This is where the vast amount of clients will be. You should take advantage of this opportunity because it is a surefire way to develop both your skills and experiences.

Origym has a strong network of affiliates in the UK Fitness industry

Origym is affiliated with a number the countries leading gym operators. When you have completed your Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification or a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification (either online or at one of our various in house locations) we will help you instigate your career plan by beginning the development of your application. We want to open the right doors for you so you can explore the best options for you.

There are always a number of alternatives for you to consider when starting your personal trainer career. We will begin to analyse your CV and making sure it meets the requirements of your potential employers. From then on, we will begin to distribute your CV throughout the job market. We will work tirelessly to guarantee you an interview while also helping you prepare for what well could be the future place of your practice. If you do not gain a position during your first interview, we will set up a second one for you. Upon enrolling on your course we promise to find you a position in the fitness industry.

Even after all of that, if you have a change of heart or a clash in your schedule, we will accommodate you. Please feel welcome to talk through the entire process with our advisors.  We are happy to help you on your journey because we were once in the same situation as you.  That is why we respect your decisions and help you to follow your own decisions so you can enjoy a bountiful career with a lucrative Personal Trainer Salary.


Striking out on your own

Origym’s qualifications provide personal trainers ample opportunities within established health clubs. If you are not interested in working for a health club, you do not have too. Instead you can be an independent personal trainer who develops their own fitness business. The fitness industry is oversaturated with under-qualified personal trainers who take advantage of their clients. That is why Origym teach their personal trainers the correct procedures.

This is why a graduate with an Origym qualification can easily find a job within the industry. This is because Origym provide you with outstanding qualifications that provide you with the correct knowledge and experience to truly grow in to your own role as a fitness professional. Origym’s qualifications are also in concordance with the leading government bodies within the UK fitness industry. The governing bodies include the Register of Exercise Professionals, SkillsActive and Active IQ. By working within the regulations of these companies we ensure that your qualifications give you the best opportunity to gain a position with a substantial Personal Trainer Salary.

We will teach you how to easily gain a profit

One of the easiest way to gain a profitable Personal Trainer Salary is by becoming an independent personal trainer. In fact, if you are an ambitious individual who enjoys making their own salary. Why not set-up your own Personal Trainer business?

As an independent personal trainer you can earn a Personal Trainer Salary (UK) that has an earning potential that is virtually limitless! However, you have to manage the risk of generating your own network of clients. If you want to achieve an uncapped salary you will have to market yourself and be as pro-active as possible. Being a independent personal trainer is the least time efficient option that you can choose from. However, the salary can rise exponentially.

After you have completed your Personal Trainer Course and collected your personal trainer qualification, Origym will support you past your graduation. We will maximise your opportunities by advertising you and your personal trainer services on our revolutionary platform. This called the ‘Fitness Directory’ and it is exclusive to Origym. However, to be included on this service you will have to be a certified Level 3 personal instructor.

Origym want to also give back to you!

We understand that you sacrifice a lot of time and resources to our course and this is why we want to rehabilitate this anyway possible. This is one of the reasons you have our unconditional support. Your sacrifice could possibly affect your Personal Trainer Salary. When developing your independent personal trainer businesses you will have to wait to fully realise the benefits of your Personal Trainer Salary. Money will be tight, because you will have to buy your own location and the equipment with it. Keep in mind that you will also have to market yourself and pay for ad revenue while running your entire business.

It is a lot to handle but also the most profitable. You will also have to develop a structured timetable that optimises your classes and services. Clients have a tendency to be fickle but if you build a rapport with your clients and some brand loyalty, you will begin to see results. The more you cater to your clients, the more profit you will see. This is why you can travel to your clients. This can up sell your services but we would recommend that you have a centre to your business. This can take a good portion of your money as well.

Accelerate your career, today!

We will give you the best start to your personal trainer career by developing the structure of your own website and social media accounts. Proceeding this, we will also optimise your marketing so you can quickly begin to attract clients.

While we offer a substantial amount of support, we still want you to be able to handle yourself.  We want you to prepare yourself for your personal trainer career.  This is why we give you the choice to extend your study and optimise your CV. Origym offer 10 CPD courses but for any graduate thinking of becoming a independent personal trainer we offer a business CPD course. This course will further facilitate your professional development and give you an additional edge over your business rivals. Clients look for the best quality services and we aim to support you in developing and maintaining a high quality service.


How will this affect your Personal Trainer Salary (UK)?

So now we have shared the details of our personal trainer options, we will overview the positive and negatives of being a personal trainer:


  • Personal Trainer Salary’s (UK) start at a base rate of £15,000 per annum. The base rate rises as you gain more experience within the industry.
  • Many health clubs offer lucrative positions within their organisations. As a qualified personal trainer you can work under a contract or rent a position within the health club.
  • If you work under a contract you will earn a Personal Trainer Salary (UK) that is based on your companies pay rate. You may also be offered bonuses as a further incentive.
  • If you work under a rented position you will have to pay a base rate to use the gyms facilities. However, you will be able to set your own price. Your services will also be available to all of your gyms members.
  • If you work as an independent personal trainer you will have to buy your own equipment and allotment. You will also have to market yourself while developing your brand.  This can be a lot to handle at first but you can also set your own hourly rate and earn a lucrative Personal Trainer Salary.


Origym hope that you have gained a better understanding of the options that are available to you as a personal trainer. We will help you traverse you way through the entire process so you can enjoy a rewarding and profitable career. Our team look forward to helping you achieve your personal trainer objectives. If you need any more information about Personal Trainer Salary, please contact me now on 0800 002 9599. Alternatively, you can fill out a quick and easy online form. We can not wait to hear from you and help turn your passion into a profession.

If you have any doubts about our services please look at our students testimonials to gain a better understanding of our brand and courses.


Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses


– You have the autonomy to make your own salary
– A Personal Trainer Salary can be virtually limitless
– Balance your life and career with ease
– Plenty of options with security and engagement
– Continuos support when considering your options


– Too many choices

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Origym outline the different options graduates will have when starting their own personal trainer career. A Personal Trainer Salary does vary depending on how you work with a gym and yourself. If you need to discuss your option further do not hesitate to contact Origym.

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