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13 Best Running Armbands UK (Updated 2020)

Whether you know it yet or not, you need to read this article and find the best running armband for you. 

Sick of having to hold your phone on a run? That was us once, too. Carrying your phone really isn’t ideal and gets pretty annoying after a while.

We know the struggle, it’s pretty much impossible to find decent running clothes with pockets that zip up never mind pockets big enough to fit the ever-growing iPhone.

Leaving your phone at home whilst you go for a sunny morning run is a nice idea, but smartphones have tons of features like route tracking and music apps which means that for most people (ourselves included) leaving it behind isn’t really an option.

Looking for the best way to carry your phone on a run? We’re about to share our reviews of the best running armbands to fit the latest smartphones.

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Why You Need A Running Armband

#1 Comfort

Having your phone move around in your pocket gets pretty annoying. If you’re an avid runner, this definitely isn’t a permanent solution. With an armband, your phone will stay in place strapped to your arm so that you can forget about it and concentrate on your enjoying your jog. 

#2 Protect Your Phone

Nobody needs the stress of seeing their phone flying out of their pocket and ending up face-down on the pavement.  Running armbands are the best way to avoid this, keeping your phone safe and secure.

Some of the armbands on our list are rainproof so they’ll protect your phone from wet weather, too.

#3 Convenience  

Having a phone holder for running will make your life that little bit easier. The best running armbands have a few compartments so you can put your phone, bank card and house keys in one place. 

#4 Use it For Other Exercises

Just because it’s called a running armband doesn’t mean you can only wear it on a run. Phone armbands have all of the same benefits for cycling, in the gym, or on a hike. More use = more for your money! Which leads us to our next benefit…

#5 Affordable

Running is one of our favourite hobbies because it’s free! Once you’ve got your running kit sorted, there’s no monthly fees, just grab your shoes and go. So, we’re not about to ruin that by recommending you splash out on a running backpack that will only get in your way.  

Every running armband on this list is completely affordable and the majority won’t set you back more than £20.

All of these benefits considered, we’re assuming that you’re convinced that you need one! So, here are the best running band armbands available in the UK.

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13 Best Running Armband

1. Portholic Sweatproof Sports Armband

best running armbands portholic product image

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: £10.99

This phone holder comes in a range of different sizes to suit different makes and models. If you don’t want to risk ordering a generic one-size-fits-all armband, Portholic has plenty of options to fit older and newer Samsung, iPhone and Sony devices. There’s a bit of variation in price because the size of the armband differs from 4 to 6.7 inches.

We love that this running armband has 6 different headphone holes so that it’s suitable for different smartphone brands other than your typical Apple and Samsung.

The cable locker is an added bonus, too – it stops your headphone wire hanging in the way. 

Portholic has designed this running armband to be completely sweatproof. The back of the armband is fitted with a non-slip foam padding which stays in place as you start to sweat. The strap is covered in small ventilation holes which evaporate sweat, keeping your arm dry! 

The touch screen cover is also water-resistant as it sticks firmly to your phone to prevent any water leaking in. This also ensures high sensitivity of your phone screen! We found this protective cover was the easiest for using touch screen as normal, with the only downside being that you can't use Touch ID.

2. Karrimor X Lite Reflect Running Armband

Amazon rating: 3.5 stars

Price: £9.99

Made of lightweight and water-resistant material, this product has everything we were looking for in the best running armband at a fraction of the price of the other options we tested.

As well as a phone holder, the armband is fitted with a discreet pocket for your house key and has model precise cut-outs so you can access all of the side buttons and plug your headphones in. It even has reflector details for extra visibility!

We were really impressed by this product, as it's a real bargain considering the quality. The only downside is that there isn't much variety in size, so if you have a newer phone, it's likely you'll have to take a look at some of the other products on this list. 

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3. Classic Y-Fumble Reflective Arm Pocket

best running armband UK

Amazon rating: 5 stars

Price: £14.99

We loved the sleek design of this product. We give it a 10/10 for design because it was so much less bulky compared to others we tried, plus it comes in 4 great colours: black, blue, pink, and yellow.

For us, this is the best running armband for running when it's dark out because each colour has great reflective qualities that enhance your visibility.

This is definitely among the most comfortable to wear because the sleeve is seamless and really lightweight. We love that there are different sizes to choose from and that the armband itself is stretchy so that it fits securely, but doesn't become tight once your muscles start working.

Unsure how to clean your running armband in between outings? The Provis armband is fully machine washable and therefore really easy to clean!

4. Ronhill Stretch Arm Pocket

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: £6.40

If you’re looking for a really lightweight and basic armband, this is the one for you. 

Instead of having a strap, the armband fits on your arm like a sleeve. There’s no uncomfortable Velcro, the armband stays in place thanks to the silicon grippy dots on the inside.

There are obviously some downsides of the practicality of this product. It might look great, but the phone holder is essentially just a pocket. The thin Velcro strap is the only thing stopping your device from flying out of the top.

This is a fairly cheap armband, but for running, we'd rather spend a little more and not risk having our phones plummeted to the pavement.

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5. Revere Sport Armband with Fingerprint ID Access 

Amazon rating: 4.7 stars

Price: £9.98

Almost as if Revere Sport tried the armbands above and noticed how much of an inconvenience it is when you can’t use Touch ID through a screen protector, this product comes with fingerprint ID access! 

We love that the material is sweat blocking as it’s important not to overlook the damage that sweat can do to your smartphone. Although, we do question whether this one is completely water-resistant as heavy rain could seep through the gap for the home button – but maybe we’re just being extra critical.

As well as space to hold your phone, the armband is fitted with an earphone hole (an essential feature for us) and a pocket to fit your house key. You may not be that fussed on having a separate key pocket, but think about it, why would you put your phone behind a protective screen for it to be scratched by your key? You wouldn’t, so find an armband that keeps them separate.

The armbands from Revere Sport are super secure because they’re designed to fit exact models. This one is the perfect fit for the iPhone 8 plus. If you have a different model, or you’re an android user, you can find this same armband to fit your phone on their website. 

If you have bigger arms and don’t think the dimensions of normal running armbands will fit you, Revere Sport sells a compatible extension strap to make the armband bigger. 

6. Nudic Fitness Running Armband Bag 

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Price: £7.99

No pockets? No problem. This option has plenty of room for storage. The armband has two separate pouches so you can store your phone (if its 6.2 inches or less), cash, cards, keys and any other little bits you might need whilst you’re out on a run.   

Our favourite part is that the pouches each have a zip, so you can feel secure knowing your phone is stored safely.

This product is really simple but practical. It’s made of a lightweight material which is more comfortable than alternatives made of rubber. The material is water-resistant with a foam lining that absorbs water, protecting your phone from rain, sweat, and tears! 

Thanks to the reflective strips on the trim of the armband bag, you can increase your visibility when out running in the dark.

One downside of the design of this product is that you can’t use your phone whilst you’re running. There’s space to fit your headphones through the eyelet on the front, but if you want to skip a track or open up an app, you’ll have to stop and take your phone out.

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7. ROCK Sport Running Phone Holder

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Price: £10.06

This product is pretty similar to the Nudic running armband bag above, it has plenty of storage, 2 zip-up compartments, and a lightweight design. The main difference is that this running armband is bigger so its suitable for phones up to 6.8 inches.

The strap of this armband is the most adjustable in our list, it has a hook and loop fastener which can be adjusted between 5.5 and 15 inches. This is great because you can make the strap small enough for it to sit tightly on your wrist like a watch – we found that this was way more comfortable than having the armband on your upper arm.

Rock Sport has made this armband out of waterproof nylon material – so you can count on it to be rainproof and sweat resistant.

As well as being suitable for rainy weather, the back of this product is designed with breathing holes which keep your skin cool and sweat-free on hot summer days.

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8. Kalenji Phone Holder for Running

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Price: £2.99

This running armband can fit any device between 4 and 6.5 inches. It’s made of rubber bands so that it stretches to the size of your phone. You can even stretch the holder over your normal phone case, so you don’t have to switch cases every time you want to use it. 

This product is slightly different from the others on this list because you strap it around your hand rather than your arm. This makes it a lot easier to open up apps and switch music while you’re running. We’d say this is the best running armband for those who want to use their phone while running.

Because there’s no plastic cover over your phone, you can use all the functions on your smartphone as normal – we love this because it’s hard to find a good running armband that lets you use Touch ID and face recognition.

But this definitely isn’t the best phone holder for running for distance or outdoors in extreme weather. This product is great but because there’s nothing covering your phone so it doesn’t protect your device from the wet weather. We really rate this product but probably more suitable for jogging on a treadmill or outside on a dry day.

9. Bone Collection Running Phone Armband

Amazon rating: 3.9 stars

Price: £16.99

The back of this phone holder is fitted with moisture-wicking ventilation to make the product sweat-resistant, keeping your phone dry and your arm cool and comfortable

Our favourite thing about this product is that you can choose from 3 different sizes to get the best fit possible. 

The bone collection running armband is slightly pricier compared to similar products in this list, but, being able to choose the size of the strap makes it worth paying that little extra. We found wearing this armband was so much more comfortable than the options with standardised sizes. Choosing the right fit stopped the armband moving around like it did with some of the cheaper options.

Need something more secure to hold your phone whilst you're running? Running belts are a great alternative!

Like the VUP Running Armand, this product is made up of rubber bands and has an open design for easy use of all the controls on your phone.

But, some of the reviews mention that the rubber bands cover the camera on some models of the Samsung Galaxy as well as the front camera of the iPhone X – meaning you can’t actually use face recognition, even though that’s listed in the product description. If this is important to you, check out this next product instead.

10. Revere Sport Waterproof Running Armband

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: £11.99

Revere Sport has made it onto our list again with another innovative solution to common problems with running armbands! 

This time, they’ve designed a running phone holder so that it allows completely unrestricted access to the front of your phone. Unlike the VUP and Bone Collection armbands, there is nothing stopping you from using face recognition whilst your phone is still in the case.

This running armband has other benefits too. It’s a really sleek and minimalist design with reflective strips around the protective screen for increased visibility.

It’s also really practical as well – we managed to fit a car key into the keyholder. This is a huge advantage for anybody who likes to drive to different running destinations.

11. Armpocket Racer Armband 

Amazon rating: 5 stars

Price: £24.99

Armpocket is one of the most popular running phone holder brands. It would be weird if the brand that exclusively makes running armbands didn’t make one of the best!

This design is pretty simple but still has all of our favourite features. It holds your phone securely, has a key pocket, is weather and sweat-proof, and reflective.

It’s even fitted with a memory foam back for extra comfort. As much as we liked the look of the Adidas armband, we love this little extra so much that the most comfortable armband has to go to Armpocket.

Reading the Amazon reviews, it’s clear that Armpocket is the best running armband brand because the products are really high quality and durable. This was one of the most expensive of the running armbands we tried out, but you’ve got to think about value! £19.99 is a small price to pay when you think about the cost of replacing a smashed screen or fixing a water damaged phone.

If you think of yourself as more of an eco-conscious customer, this is the option for you. Armpocket does their bit for the environment by making their armbands out of recycled plastic bottles from the ocean and landfills.

If you want to splash out on the ultimate phone armband, this one from Armpocket is 100% waterproof and can be worn for watersports.

12. MPOW Running Armband

best running armband image

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars

Price: £8.49

If you’re one for always being up to date with the latest smartphone, this is the best running armband for you. This armband is a fit for the latest iPhones (XR XS X 8 7), Samsung’s (S9 S8 S7), and even those who have converted over to Huawei (P9). 

You can use all the buttons on the side of your phone as normal whilst it’s in the case and touchscreen works through the clear protective cover (but Touch ID won’t work).

Thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap, it will stay in place on pretty much anyone. It even comes with an extension strap for those with bigger biceps.

MPOW has thought of pretty much everything they can do to make your run that little bit easier. There’s space to store your house key, headphones and your bank card, as well as small holes at the bottom of the case so you can plug in that motivational playlist to get you in the mood for moving! 

The material might possibly make it the best phone holder for running in the UK, why? Because it's suitable for all unpredictable weather spells. The breathable and elastic fabric has a sweat-wicking technology which will keep you cool and comfortable in the warm summer. Then, when it inevitably rains, it’s also water-resistant so there’s no need to cut your route short.

MPOW has produced several running armbands, all of which are really high-quality and affordable. If you like the sound of this one, but it isn’t compatible with your phone, they have a bigger version that fits devices up to 6.5 inches and a smaller 5.8 inch version, too. For £6.99 a piece, we think is the best running armband UK!

13. Quad Lock Sports Armband

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: £29.95

If you know you’re going to get plenty of use out of your running armband, it’s worth investing in some Quad Lock gear! 

This was the sturdiest armband we tried by far. You can rest (or run) assured that your phone is not going anywhere when it’s attached to this armband.

However, it is a pretty expensive option as you’ll need a Quad Lock phone case or an adapter in order to use it.

You really are paying for a quality piece of kit, though. And seeing as smartphones are expensive themselves, it’s not a ridiculous price to pay to keep it safe!

Before You Go! 

Whether you're looking to get in to running for the first time or you've been running for a while, we hope that our list has helped you to find the found the best running armband to make your life easier.

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Written by Abbie Watkins

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