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15 Best Gluten Free Protein Bars

OriGym wanted to find the best gluten free protein bars the market has to offer to give you some help and guidance to ensure you find the right bar for your needs and goals. Whether your opting for a protein bar free of gluten for health purposes or due an intolerance, there is a few key elements you need to consider when picking the right bar for you:Taste - Of course taste is a very key aspect and you will only eat a product that resonates with your taste buds. 

  • Protein & Carbohydrate Ratio - This will depend on your fitness goals as if you might want a bar that is high in protein, but low in carbohydrates or high in both if your looking for more energy. 
  • Gluten Free - Is the protein bar gluten free? soy free? dairy free?
  • Sugar content - How much sugar is in each bar!
  • Price - Like every product or service, you want value for your money! Cheapest does not always mean "the worse" and neither does the most expensive mean "the best".

In our list of best Gluten free, low sugar protein bars we have included a variety of different bars that meet different fitness goals and fulfil different purposes, such as pre-workout, post workout and meal replacement, so you can find a bar just right for you!

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#1 Nutreelife

gluten free peanut butter protein bars image

We love Nutreelife. They’re a family run company with years of experience in innovating the vegan diet to make it tastier, healthier and even more nutritious. They place accessibility at the heart of their agenda, and they seek to challenge the notion that protein is just for athletes or bodybuilders. Instead, they want anyone and everyone to enjoy their protein gluten free bars and take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 

There are a few flavours on offer, including salted caramel, chocolate mint, chocolate brownie and the extra luxurious chocolate orange. Whichever you choose, you’ll be getting a completely plant-based bar made using 100% all natural, cruelty free, sustainable ingredients. For added confidence, the bars have all been vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.

They’re high in protein too, ranging from a respectable 12g in the Live Well snack bars to a highly impressive 21g in the original bar. As the bars are made from plant-based ingredients, they’re also free of the many additives used to keep animal products stable.

You won’t find many more natural bars than this, and the ingredient lists are refreshingly short. Better still, the bars are low in sugar, some containing less than 1g. That’s quite impressive, considering the selection of luxurious flavours on offer. 

These are some of the best gluten free protein bars UK shoppers will be able to find, and since the website offers free delivery on orders over £30, there’s no reason not to bulk buy and indulge. Nutreelife are a fantastic company to support, and their focus on accessibility is truly admirable.

Price: £17.99 for box of 12 bars

#2 Pulsin


gluten free protein bar image

If you’re on the lookout for gluten free soy free dairy free protein bars, Pulsin are quite simply the best of their kind. The company has stacks of awards to its name, including a Best of Health Award from Healthy Food Guide, Gold in the Free From Food Awards and even a Best Healthy Snack for Toddlers award from Mama and Baby. 

Obviously, there’s a lot to love here, not least the companies aim to give you a sustained energy boost with no crash. All the bars are plant based, and the only sweetener used is the naturally occurring xylitol, which is found in plants and also happens to be kind to your teeth! 

Every bar is high in protein, with around 13g, and they’re all none GMO. Sugar content is fairly low at around the 5.6g mark per bar, and there aren’t too many calories. Everything is certified vegan, and you can choose between caramel chocolate chip and peanut, peanut chocolate, vanilla chocolate or maple and peanut.

When a company attempts to make protein bars gluten free, they often do so at the expense of taste, but this isn’t the case with Pulsin. We loved all the flavours on offer, especially the Caramel Choc Chip & Peanut, which feels dense and has a real crunch. This particular bar is also high in fibre, so it will make you feel fuller for longer.

It’s really no wonder that Pulsin has won so many awards. Their bars taste great and make you feel great too. The high fibre content keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and although the range doesn’t offer as much choice as some of the bigger companies on this list, what Pulsin do, they do incredibly well.

Price: £32.22 for a case of 18 bars

#3 Nature Valley


gluten free whey protein bars

Nature Valley’s gluten free protein bars are world famous. Nature Valley is probably the most famous brand name on the list, and we would be remiss to omit them. For anybody unfamiliar with the company, they make a whole range of snack, cereal and protein bars, always using real ingredients that have been minimally processed.

Nuts and nut butter form the basis of most of the bars, and that’s what makes Nature Valley protein bars gluten free. While these bars might not be right for serious athletes looking to load up on energy, they do strike a good balance between nutrition and taste, so anybody will enjoy them

The gluten free range offers three different types of bar; Protein Peanut & Chocolate, Protein Salted Caramel Nut and Protein Coconut & Almond. All of these account for around 20% of your daily protein needs, and contain 40g of ingredients.

Anyone with a particular fondness for gluten free peanut butter protein bars won’t be disappointed by the Peanut & Chocolate bar, which happens to be our favourite. It’s loaded with peanuts, chocolate and peanut butter, and it tastes decadent. Each bar contains a decent 10.2g of protein and 50% less sugar than an average cereal bar, so you can enjoy this tasty treat guilt free.

All in all, Nature Valley are a trusted brand who make some fantastically luxurious bars that contain a good amount of protein, lower than average levels of sugar and come with a decent calorie/protein ratio. These are some of the best tasting protein bars on the list, and we recommend sampling the whole gluten free range.

Price: £13 for a pack of 26 bars

#4 Sun Warrior

gluten free protein bar review image

Next on our gluten free protein bar review is definitely not the cheapest bar on the list, but they do pack some big nutritional punch! Sun Warrior has created some of the best gluten free low sugar protein bars for athletes who are dedicated about their training. These bars are very high in protein, low in sugar, and Sun Warrior is a company already starting to make waves in the dietary industry.

They offer a variety of bars; salted caramel, cinnamon roll, coconut cashew and berry blast. Whichever you choose, you’ll be getting the benefits of 100% plant based ingredients. It’s the low sugar content that really sets these recipes apart, so they’re the perfect high protein gluten free bars for anybody who’s also keeping an eye on their sugar intake. 

The high levels of protein make them perfect for training athletes or those after an energy boosting, mid-event snack. That said, the bars taste great, especially Berry Blast, which comes bursting with juicy blueberries, so anyone will enjoy them. Each bar contains 17 to 19g of purely plant based protein, so Sun Warrior bars are good for both you and the planet.

Sun Warrior is a company with a clear ethos and lofty ambitions. They believe that plants are the most powerful foods on the planet, and their mission is to turn as many people back to nature as possible. With bars as tasty and nutritious as these, we’d say they’re off to a fantastic start. 

We recommend giving the variety 12 pack available from the Sun Warrior website a try, so you can sample everything that this company has to offer.

Price: £41.40 12 bars per pack

#5 Nakd Bars

low calorie gluten free protein bars image

Another huge brand, you’ve probably seen Nakd bars hovering temptingly around the till whenever you visit the supermarket. These are some of the best gluten free dairy free protein bars on the market, and they’ve successfully made the jump from niche energy snack into mainstream consumption. 

Each bar is made from 100% natural ingredients and consists of a mixture of fruit and nuts. Nakd put nature at the heart of their agenda, so none of the bars undergo heat processing and they don’t include sugar syrup or any other additives. 

Bars come in a range of flavours, and our favourite is probably the Blueberry Muffin. It really does taste like its much more unhealthy namesake, and it's loaded with enough fruits to count as one of your five a day. The ingredient list is refreshingly simple, and the bar contains an impressive 58% dates and 15% cashews, with a few more nuts and fruits thrown in for good measure.

The classic Berry Delight is also worth sampling, as is the more luxurious Strawberry Sundae. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting a big dose of protein and an array of other healthy, natural ingredients too.

We also recommend that you check out the Nakd website, where you’ll find a collection of recipes, most of which incorporate gluten-free protein bars. Gluten free cupcakes, knickerbokerglorys and even a cheesecake are all there for the making, and the recipes are easy enough for anyone to follow.

Price: £27.54 for a case of 48


#6 Quest

gluten free sugar free protein bars image

Quest bars are great for anyone looking for high protein, low sugar snacks to keep them going during training. In fact, these gluten free low sugar protein bars are some of the most nutritious on the list, and they come in a wide variety of flavours (over 20!) so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Without a doubt, nutrition is the main draw here. Each bar packs an impressive 21g of protein, some of the highest on the list, and less than 1g of sugar. They only have 3.6g of saturated fat. Salt levels are low too, making Quest bars by far some of the healthiest that you’ll find. The protein to sugar ratio is really impressive, and makes these bars perfect for athletes.

The only complaint we have with these vegan gluten free protein bars is that the flavour isn’t as great as some of the other bars listed here. There’s a lot of variety on offer, ranging from birthday cake to chocolate sprinkled doughnut, and while we were fans of the taste, it doesn't quite match up to some of the other bars.

They are reasonably priced though, and you can grab a multipack of 12 for under £20. Quest has managed to produce some of the best gluten free protein bars uk athletes and sports professionals can lay hands on. While the taste might not be as strong as some of the other offerings on the list, Quest bars certainly deliver in the protein and energy department.

Price: £19.26 for a case of 12 bars

#7 Go Marco

gluten free peanut butter protein bars image

Go Marco bars are a little different. While they still pack a big protein punch, they are a little higher in sugar than some of the others bars on the list, so they might not be suitable for someone searching for gluten free low sugar protein bars. They are, however, some of the best tasting energy bars we’ve ever sampled, and they make a great, high protein treat!

As you might expect, there are quite a few flavours on offer, including dark chocolate and almonds, blueberry and almonds and the inventive sunflower butter and chocolate. If you’re looking for gluten free peanut butter protein bars you’ll absolutely adore the peanut butter version, which might be our personal favourite too. 

Ingredients are all natural, and there’s a heavy focus on using organic products. The bars all contain a very healthy amount of protein, ranging from 11g all the way up to 20g. Each bar comes with its own recommended use, so you can choose accordingly. The banana and almond butter version is suggested for prolonged energy release, the peanut butter variant for protein replenishment and the mocha chocolate chip for help waking up. 

We like this approach, and we appreciate being able to choose a bar appropriate to our immediate needs. Some will be put off by the additional sugar (as much as 13g in the chocolate and almonds bar, which is recommended for “decadence”), but the natural ingredients and high levels of protein do go some way to offset this. 

All in all, these are great bars for anyone who wants to load up on protein but treat themselves at the same time!

Price: £26.93 for a box of 12 bars

#8 Rise Bars

protein bars gluten free image

Rise Bars tend to rank very highly among nutritionists, and with good reason. Rise prides itself on using no more than 5 ingredients per bar, so you always know exactly what you’re getting, and there aren’t any additives or other unwanted additions. We love this emphasis on simplicity and purity of recipe, and Rise bars also provide some of the most balanced nutrition available.

Nut butter, natural sweetener and protein powder form the basis of every bar, with other ingredients like coconut or almond thrown in for flavour and that extra hit of protein. It’s rare to find any foodstuffs as pure as this, and these are very high protein gluten free bars, with the majority containing over 15g. 

Sugar content is (obviously) low, and you won’t find any GMOs or preservatives either. We particularly enjoyed the Mocha Almond bar, which packs a nice caffeine hit that’s absolutely perfect for an early morning run. The coffee and almond combination works really well, and the bar tastes great. At a mere 260 calories and containing 15g of protein, it's a treat that you won't need to feel guilty about.

Rise also offers a great selection of gluten free whey protein bars, perfect for anybody in search of whey based protein. It’s the simplicity of these bars which really makes them stand out. In the modern world it can be difficult to keep track of, or even really know, what goes into your food, but the five ingredient rule means that you can enjoy these bars with absolute confidence.

Price: £21.56 for a box of 12 bars

#9 NoGii bars

best gluten free dairy free protein bars image

NoGii was founded by famous talk show host and author of G-Free Diet Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She’s a big advocate of the gluten free diet, and her low calorie gluten free protein bars are some of the tastiest on the market. They're a little sweeter than some of the other bars on the list, but that doesn't mean that they contain any excess sugar.

In fact, NoGii bars are exceptionally healthy. The main selling point is what Nogii calls “quality carbs.” Just one of these bars will give you a sustained release of energy, perfect for athletes competing in longer events. 

These are some of the more substantial bars on the list, and they’re slightly larger than your standard protein bar. This means they have more bite, and you’ll feel much fuller after eating one. The combination of larger size and quality carbs really does make a tangible difference, and we recommend these bars to anyone looking for slow release, long lasting energy.

We particularly enjoyed the chocolate brownie flavour, which is moreish enough to substitute for an actual brownie. Whatever flavour you choose you're guaranteed all natural ingredients. Since these are gluten free protein bars, coeliacs won’t be disappointed either.

With their quality carbs and big, chunky taste, NoGii bars are a perfect choice for anyone who finds other proteins bars a little under filling. They’re high in protein, and they don’t skimp on the taste either.

Price: £30.79


#10 Truth Bars

vegan gluten free protein bars image

Truth Bars are more than just your average protein bar. Alongside all the usual benefits, they also contain Omega-3s and probiotics. Omega-3s will help with muscle growth and development, while probiotics boost healthy bacteria in the gut. Low calorie gluten free protein bars with probiotics and amino acids are somewhat rare, and no other products on the list can boast of those benefits. 

It helps that Truth bars also do the basics well. The bars contain on average around 10g of protein and they’re all low in sugar. Each one has about 200 calories or less, with only moderate carbs. They’re made from all natural ingredients, and they taste good too, especially the decadent Chocolate Peanut Crunch, which comes with a creamy peanut feeling and tastes more like a cake than a protein bar.

The above average fibre content keeps you feeling full for longer, so you won’t feel the need to snack, and the bars contain little or no trans fat. Everything is none GMO, none of the bars contain soya, and they’re all kosher too.

The addition of omega-3s and probiotics is probably the biggest selling point here, and Truth market their bars as meal replacements. We love the additional health benefits, and it's great to be able to enjoy a workout snack safe in the knowledge that you’re getting much more than just protein. 

Truth bars are perfect for anyone searching for gluten free low carb protein bars with a difference, and we wish other companies would offer this kind of all round nutrition.

Price: £23.05 for a pack of 12 bars


#11 Pure Protein Bars

best gluten free protein bars uk image

Pure bars stand out in the world of gluten free protein bars due to their superior sugar to protein ratio. They contain an impressive 20g of protein per bar, which makes them one of the most protein dense products on the list. Couple this with low sugar (just 3g) and you’ve got a bar that you can enjoy without compromising your diet. 

The bars are designed to give you a quick but sustained burst of energy, and Pure recommends eating one about an hour before your workout, and then another one afterwards to help your muscles recover. 

Pure hasn't compromised on taste either, and they offer a great variety of flavours, including the particularly decadent birthday cake. Best of all, there aren’t big nutritional differences between each flavour, so you can go where your taste buds take you. 

Chocolate deluxe has the most protein at 21g, but that’s only 1g more than the rest of the range. The deluxe and chocolate chip contain the most sugar at a measly 3g, but again that’s only 1g more than the rest. 

Anybody searching for gluten free low carb protein bars that perform well in all areas need look no further. It’s no wonder that the bars hold an impressive 4.6/5 rating on Amazon (from 1,399 reviews!), and we’re sure you’ll be another satisfied customer. 

Pure is an American brand, but if you’re looking for gluten free protein bars uk delivery, you can find them on Amazon, and they’re routinely stocked in fitness shops around the country.

Price: £10.29 for a pack of 12 bars 

#12 Detour

gluten-free protein bars image

Detour’s gluten free protein bars are renowned for their low calorie count, making them some of the healthiest bars on the list. Anybody on a strict calorie counting diet will love these bars, especially as they still pack enough protein to keep you fuelled through a gruelling workout. Detour has worked hard to lower the calories, but they haven’t compromised on taste or protein.

There’s a good selection of bars available, including some original flavours like cookie dough and cookies n cream, which are rarely seen anywhere else. Cookie dough has an especially sumptuous, gooey texture which we really loved, and we felt that it resembled the real thing quite closely, just minus the calories.

Everything is gluten free, none GMO, and ingredients are all natural. The bars contain an average of 10g of whey protein each, 2g of sugar, and come in at a negligible 120 calories. They also contain quite a bit of fibre (3g), which will keep you feeling full for longer and help stifle the urge to snack.

Whey protein is probably the best form of protein available. It’s processed quickly by the body, so you’ll feel the benefits in a very short space of time. It’s also packed with amino acids, which are required to maintain and build healthy muscle in the long term. 

Detour believe that people are more likely to eat healthily if the food tastes good, and they’ve created a range of gluten-free protein bars which are tasty in their own right. We’d be more than happy to eat these at any time, even if weren’t working out.

Price: £19.28 for a 12 pack of protein bars

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#13 Tribe


 high protein gluten free bars image

Tribe’s website is adorned with videos of athletes cycling, running and training in the natural world, which gives you a really good idea of what this company is about. They pride themselves on “natural performance nutrition,” which will help you unlock the forces of nature. All of their products are made from natural ingredients and unrefined wholefoods, and they’re also free from preservatives. 

Each bar contains around 10g of protein, and calories hover around the 200 mark. Sugar, happily, stays below 10g regardless of which bar you choose.

Expect to find combinations of fruits, nuts, and pea and rice proteins making up the range. There’s a lot of choice, including chocolate brownie, white chocolate and raspberry and double chocolate. The bakewell tart flavour is a nice addition, and since it’s only 213 calories and contains 9g of protein, you can enjoy it guilt free. Cake flavoured protein bars are usually a mixed bag, but we’re pleased to confirm that this one actually tastes great, and really does resemble a cherry bakewell! 

It’s notoriously difficult to find gluten free sugar free protein bars, but Tribe bars at least contain no added sugar, and they have some of the lowest sugar content on the list. Plant based protein is the order of the day, and a back to basics reliance on nature to provide all the energy you need is certainly refreshing.

Tribe offers some of the best gluten free protein bars uk shoppers are likely to find, and we recommend them for anyone who wants to get back to nature.


#14 Ridiculous Vegan Bar

gluten free low carb protein bars image

These bars get their name from what the company considers the ridiculous nature of their existence, since it shouldn’t be possible to make a bar that tastes so good but doesn’t compromise on any of the health benefits offered by competitors.

There’s a lot going on beneath the wrapper, but the first thing you’ll notice is probably the multi-layered texture, something quite unusual for gluten free low carb protein bars. The different layers give each bite real depth, and make the bars feel very indulgent, despite containing less than 1g of sugar and under 200 calories.

Each bar offers around 15g of protein and a decent amount of fibre to keep you feeling full for longer. There are no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and the bars are naturally sweetened. Plant based proteins are the name of the game here, and everything is completely natural.

Better still, Ridiculous is an eco friendly company. The bars don’t contain any intensively farmed palm oil, and plant based ingredients aren’t a drain on the planet. Ridiculous has gone to great lengths to prevent waste, even taste testing their bars to determine what the optimum size is. They discovered that a 50g bar generates too much needless waste, and settled on an optimum 47.5g.

We love this emphasis on the environment, and Ridiculous bars are some of the tastiest around. The multiple layers of flavour really make a difference, and you could easily replace a whole desert with the Chocolate Caramelicious. All things considered, it’s no wonder that the Ridiculous bar was named #1 vegan protein bar by Women’s Running Magazine in 2020.

Price: £21.99 for 9 pack of bars

#15 Trek

gluten free soy free dairy free protein bars image

Treck bars are made with sustainable energy in mind. They won’t give you the sudden sugar spike of other protein bars or energy supplements, and they’ll keep you going much longer due to their slow release, high quality plant proteins. Bars consist of a mixture of oats, nuts and fruits, which Trek has baked into a few delicious combinations. 

Peanut Power, Berry Buster and the sumptuous Cocoa Chaos all taste great, and while Trek doesn’t offer the variety of other companies, this has allowed them to really pour all of the efforts into their flagship bars. The results are impressive, and these bars manage to be healthy and tasty at the same time.

Each one contains 10g of natural protein, and although that’s not the biggest number on the list, the addition of fruits and nuts means that just one bar constitutes one of your five a day. Everything is designed with that all important, slow release energy in mind, so a bar will easily see you through a race or workout. 

All ingredients are natural and raw, and they haven’t undergone any artificial processes. They're dairy free too, vegan friendly and contain no added sugar. We loved the flavour, and these bars are wonderfully crunchy with a great texture 

If you’re looking for low calorie gluten free protein bars that are especially nutrient dense and can even substitute for one of your five a day, then Trek is probably the bar for you.

Price: £27.22 for case of 36 bars

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