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Top 15 Men's Running Tights of 2021

So you're looking for a men's running tights review? You're definitely in the right place! When you're racking up a lot of miles, you need to invest in a pair of men's running tights to help warm your muscles up. 

If you are wondering what the best running tights for men are, fear not! Here at OriGym, we've listed the best on the market. 

Don’t be afraid of running in the winter just because it is harder to warm those important muscles up. You definitely need to invest in a good pair if you want to push yourself that extra mile.

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We’re kicking off our list of the best men’s running tights with a super high-quality product from GORE. If you couldn’t already gauge this from the image, let’s walk you through their features! 

The tights are incredibly Slim Fit, which allows them to minimize air resistance and reduce the overall bulk that other products on the market tend to cause. Their form-fitting abilities also mean that they offer incredible protection from light rain and wind, all while giving you freedom of movement through your full range of motion. 

They are manufactured with GORE-TEX INFINIUM, which is a windstopper fabric that makes them water resistant and highly breathable as well as windproof.

If safety is one of your priorities when purchasing men’s running tights, you’ll be glad to know that they feature reflective details on the lower leg section. They also come with a side pocket on the left thigh, as well as a back zip pocket, which enables you to carry small valuables with you as you run. 

Their reviews are a testament to their quality. They have 95% positive reviews on Amazon, with one customer writing ‘the best running tights I’ve bought so far!’. 

We would highly recommend checking them out if you’re searching for the most durable pair of tights on the market.

2.Under Armor Heat Gear 2.0


under armour running tights

Under Armor running tights for men have released this product which is made out of robust and lightweight fabric, this offers full mobility and that it dries extremely quickly.

The ultra-lightweight leggings are fantastic with state of the art HeatGear material. The running leggings fit like a second skin and are very hard-wearing.

There is maximum mobility in the leggings with the unique 4-way stretch fabric, the base layer ensures optimal freedom of movement in all directions.

The material is quick-drying and strategically placed nets to ensure extra ventilation even in your hardest sessions! 

In terms of price, the RRP is £32.00 and for a well-known brand like Under Armor, you know that's very good value for money. The choice of colour will be difficult! if you are looking for grey running tights for men, Under Armor has you covered! 

3. MyProtein Men's Compression Tights

myprotein compression running tights

This Myprotein product has to be considered as one of the best running tights for men as it is made of robust yet lightweight fabric. This offers full mobility and the material dries extremely quickly. 

The antibacterial ingredients included in the compression clothing prevents any smells and bacterial growth within the product. This means that the product will be long-lasting!

The smooth and soft fabric provides a comforting touch on the skin with no irritation, the mesh material also means it’s great ventilation to stay cool and stop you from overheating. If you're looking for one of the best men's running tights, this MyProtein compression leggings needs to be listed! 

The compression second-skin fit improves blood flow, oxygen supply to your muscles that prevent any sort of injuries from occurring. This minimises potential soft tissue damage, allowing you to perform better.

With these compressions garments this clears away metabolic waste products from active muscles of the workout which helps shorten the time of recovery! The men's lycra running tights also wicks moisture which helps keeps you dry. This means it is comfortable to wear all day.

In terms of price, it costs £20.00 for the price that you pay for the product, it’s definitely a cheap men's running tights to choose if you are on a budget. The compression tights comes in the 1 colour so you can decide your favourite colour. 

4.Sundried Men’s Compression Leggings

Sundried Running tights

If you’re looking for the best men's running tights on the market, you have definitely come to the right place. This product is made in Italy and the UK company Sundried uses premium fabrics that are not seen from mass-market garments. The incredible design gives a sleeker silhouette and sport like look.

The seamless construction of the product means there are no annoying or uncomfortable side seams down the tights. The product is especially designed to be like a second skin. This means that this product can be used for activities like running, yoga and even CrossFit.

The anti-odour technology prevents any growth of odour causing bacteria. The garment is also machine washable and there’s no need to iron the product as it’s very easy to look after. If you are looking for a product that has one of the best men's running tights reviews then this product is amazing! 

What is very interesting to know about the product is that due to the fabrics being produced in Italy, the products are produced with low carbon emissions and ethical production. This is a brilliant British brand which is developed by athletes. 

In terms of price, it’s a cheap men's running tights as it costs £30.00. The colour choices comes in 2 in grey and black which is great for mixing and matching your favourite 

5.Nike Mens Pro Compression Tights

nike running tights

The Nike Pro fabric running tights comes with Dry fit technology helps you have an almost second-skin like material. This will help you feel secure and locked in and cooler for longer. This is definitely a men's thermal running tights to consider! 

The flat seam detail is fantastic and it creates for smooth ultimate comfort throughout your workout.

The 90% polyester and 10% Elastane is a perfect mixture for running tights as it’s stretchy enough and can be worn for long periods.

The mesh panels ensure that even in your hardest sessions, you can rest assured that you’ll be dry and cool all day long. 

In terms of price, the RRP starts at £44.95 and due to the popularity of the Nike brand, the running tights are definitely good value for money. In terms of colours, there is a style of 3 colours to choose from. This includes an amazing grey running tights for men and in my opinion, one of the best colours to match with! 

6. Reebok Compression Tights 

Running tights reebok

Reebok has a product which is perfect for the majority of sports as the elastane fabric ensures that the product is lightweight. The tight compression fit increases muscle performance and recovery time. 

The technical performance of the fabrics helps regulate your body temperature. The moisture fabric is quick dry and absorbs sweat from the skin keep you dry and comfortable. This is a perfect idea for if you want to invest in a pair of winter running tights for men!  

The seams on the product are chafe-free which helps with any skin irritation since the running tights are so smooth! 

The flexible design provides superb comfort and enables the ultimate freedom of movement. When you are wearing the tights, it will improve the blood flow to your key muscle groups which helps with increasing their power and endurance.  

The lightweight design can be worn in all conditions and can be used all year round. This can be used from any like running, jogging, basketball or even bodybuilding. If you're looking for one of the best running tights for men, the versatility of the product would mean this has to be one of your top choices!  

In terms of price, it’s a relatively cheap compression leggings as it costs £32.95. It comes in the colour black which is the perfect colour to match with any colours. 

7.Roadbox Compression Pants

roadbox running tights  

If you're looking for men's running tights in the UK, you are in luck as Roadbox has a full-size compression legging has up to 6 sizes to ensure that they can have available sizes for everyone!

If the running tights do not fit when you try it on, Roadbox will send either a replacement or a total refund for the product. 

The men's running pants has excellent elasticity and durability which provides muscle support for hip, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Their product will help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

The seam design prevents rubbing against the skin, the elastic fabric fits perfectly around anyone who would want to have additional comfort. This ensures that you can concentrate on your fitness journey and nothing to hold you back!

The advanced moisture-wicking material keeps heat in during the winter and keeps you cool during the summer. This is all aided with the anti-bacterial fabric, so you do not have to worry about any irritation or odours to your clothing. If you're looking for a pair of cheap men's running tights, this product needs to be considered!  

The compression leggings are designed for the majority of sports for example weightlifting, running, climbing and even yoga!

In terms of price, it costs £15.49 so it is a mid-range price for men's running tights.  This is definitely one of the best men's running tights to purchase as you can also choose up to 7 colours for the running tights, this means that you can style it however you want to. 

8.New Balance Core Running Tights


new balance running tights

The New Balance Core range can be used for any type of sport as it’s designed to meet your every workout need with the fitted silhouette material.

In terms of the dry moisture-wicking technology, this means that the running tights will keep you warm during winter and cool you down during summer. If you're looking for a pair of men's winter running tights, this product will be ideal.

The 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane mixture ensure that the fabric is long-lasting and can wrap around your important muscles effectively. This is definitely a pair of men's running thermal tights to invest in! 

What’s interesting about this product that it is true to size when it comes to finding the right size. The slim fit product has reflective details throughout the trousers and this ensures your safety when you are running in the night.

This product costs £50.00, it only comes in one colour, black and it comes in 5 sizes. However, the versatility of the product ensures that you do not feel restricted in what to match with it!

9.Adidas SuperNova Long Tights

Adidas Running Tights

I’m sure you’ve heard of the world-famous Adidas brand! Well, if you’re looking for the best running tights for men, then you’re in the right place!

If you are looking for a fitted size of this product, then we suggest to size down from your normal regular sizing for that tighter feeling.  There is a high rise back, so you do not have to keep pulling the running tights up. 

What is interesting about this product is the fact there is an integrated pocket within the trousers which keeps your personal items dry and safe whilst exercising. This is an amazing pair of men's running tights with side pockets!  

The polyester material is recycled and high elastane content means that the product is very stretchy and means that your muscles will be protected from any soft muscle injuries whilst exercising.

It’s also designed with flexible details on the stitching and badge to ensure even when you are running at night, you will be visible to drivers for example. 

The famous Climacool material ensures that it will keep you cool and dry in the warm weather yet in the winter, will keep you and your muscles working whilst you are working out. This is a perfect pair of men's winter running tights to invest in!  

In terms of price, the RRP starts from £22.51 and does range due to sizes. The Supernova running tights only comes in the one colour however black can match with almost anything.

10.Adidas men's running tights

Adidas 3 stripe Running Tights

Another one from the world-famous Adidas is the 3 stripe running tights. The design of the product has a tight fit feel that feels like a second skin which provides optimum movement. A perfect pair of men's lycra running tights to consider!  

The product is designed brilliantly that there is an elastic with drawcords to help for even a better fit. It is right to note that if you wanted a more slimline fit as a second skin, we recommend you to size down for a tighter feel.

The mixture of the 83% polyester and 17% Elastane means that the material is stretchy enough for anyone. The design of the product means that you definitely will stand out from the crowd with the famous 3 stripes which are embroidered on.

The moisture-wicking climalite fabric means that the product will help you cool you down in the summer and yet, keep you warm in the winter. A great choice if you're looking for a pair of winter running tights for men! The product has also anti-bacterial compounds to prevent any odours from lingering in your sessions.

Also if you’re interested in reflective running tights then we'd strongly advise you to consider this product due to the fact that you can run at night! The reflective strips on the sides of the product ensure your safety.

In terms of colour, it does only come in the one colour black however, with the white detailing on the product ensures that you will stand out from the crowd. In terms of price, this pair of men's running tights costs £29.95 which means it’s a reasonably priced running tight.

11.Gymshark Men's Leggings 

Gymshark running tights

Gymshark is one of the best brands for gym clothing before unlike the major brands however you do not miss out on any quality with this product! If you're looking for a pair of men's running tights in the UK, you're definitely in the right place. 

The non-abrasive fabric material has excellent fabric elasticity and durability so you can still wear these running tights for years to come.

The product is fantastic as the material wicks sweat away with ease, making sure you are able to be cooler and drier for longer. The running tights help reduce any muscle soreness throughout your legs and will prevent in the long term any soft muscle injuries due to you warming those muscles up!

The compression fit of the leggings helps improve circulation and provides vital muscle support as you are working out. As mentioned earlier, will likely reduce any sort of injuries occurring. You can even have this pair as a 3/4 men's running tights if you roll the product up! 

In terms of the versatility of the product, the tights can be used for all-weather sports making sure you are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

For value for money, this product is one of the best on the market as it costs £25.00. This brand is fantastic and it also comes in 5 colours as well which is even better! 

12.Asics Lite Running Leggings

Asics Men's Running Tights

Asics are a well know brand in the Running and Fitness industry, with its H1 fabric, it provides the ultimate comfort and warmth to any keen runner. Perfect as a pair of winter running tights for men. 

The moisture-wicking material helps you to be damp free, it wicks away sweat with ease so that in winter you are warm and in the summer, the product can keep you cooler and reduce sweat on your legs greatly.

The Asics light show technology means that you are visible to any light that appears on the garment, the reflective print bounces backlight directly to its source no matter what your position is. 

There is an adjustable drawcord at the waist to provide added comfort and fitting to the running tights, what is also handy is there is a pocket where you can put all of your personal belongings that you need for your run.

These Asics running tights have a unique perk to it, the leg zips on the product provides ultimate temperature control. If you decide to run in winter, the tights will be able to keep you warm. 

In terms of price, due to the quality and how well known Asics are, the RRP starts at £65.00 so it is one of our more expensive products in the running tights review however this is well worth the investment.

The choice of colour is limited as it does only come in black and black and yellow, however, don’t let that put you off! You can match black with anything!

13.Skins Mens Dynamic Tights

running tights skins men

Skins company have always had high-quality products, on this occasion, they have set the barrier even higher and has to be included for this men's running tights review! With its gradient compression technology, this will boost your circulation, bringing more blood to your muscles so your muscles can perform a lot better, stronger and longer!

By strategically wrapping your muscles, compression clothing like SKINS reduces blood lactate build-up which leads to fewer muscle tears and more importantly, lowering the risk of injury to you. This is a brilliant men's thermal running tights product! 

The product itself is lightweight and durable, meaning that even in the summer, it’ll allow your skin to breath and allows the material to wick sweat away with ease! One of the best men's running tights on the market I say! 

What is amazing about this product is that Skins fabrics have a UV protection of 50+ which means that you can train even harder without the worry of any sun-related risks to yourself. 

In terms of price, the RRP starts at £29.99 and it does come in a choice of 7 colours which is fantastic. Yes, it may be a little on the expensive side however with the benefits of the trousers protecting yourself from the sun! It is definitely value for money.

14.Ronhill Trail Running Tights


Ronhill running tights

Ronhill maybe not a known brand however don’t be put off by an unknown brand, the lightweight fabric offers great freedom whilst exercising yet still provides excellent support that acts as a second skin.

The high content of elastane means that the product provides superior support with stretch and stability. Since the running tights are so stretch, this enables your muscles to recover quicker and it assists with warming up your muscles faster.

If you’re looking for the best running tights, this product has 2 side mesh pockets which provide safety and security for your belongings. This pair of men's running tights with side pockets also have an expandable 600 ml capacity for even more storage even for a light jacket! There are also 4 elasticated loops which also is perfect for running gels.

Safety is one of the priorities for Ronhill, they have added reflective graphics to enhance visibility in low light conditions ensuring your safety when you are out on a run.

In terms of price, it’s a relatively cheap men's running tights as the RRP is £30.00. and it is true to size which is great! In terms of colour, it is limited to black, but this means you can match it with your favourite running gear.

15.Sub Sports Dual Compression Leggings


Sub Running tights

Sub sports has got a fantastic pair of running tights which is midweight compression. This enables you to use this product in the summer and in the winter. If you're looking for men's running thermal tights, you are in the right place! 

Due to the high percentage of elastane in the product, this helps with increase muscle power and endurance. This is because your muscles will gain increased blood flow and help with you going for longer on your runs.

The running tights can be used for other multisport activities as well, this means that you can invest in the pair and use them for a long time. The compression fit reduces the risk of injuries to you.

The moisture-wicking technology on this product means that sweat will not be an issue and will minimise any chaffing that does happen with some other running tights. This will help to keep your skin cool, dry and light even in hot temperatures.

The flatlock seams that keep the running tights together ensure ultimate comfort whilst minimising chaffing. There’s a 4-way stretch which also helps freedom of movement. If you are looking for men's running tights in the UK, then this product for you. 

In terms of price, it is one of our cheaper items as its RRP is £20.40. The availability of colours is one of the best in our product reviews as it comes in up to 7 colours!

Before you go!

So there you go! I’m sure you have found the best men's running tights review (we hope so anyway!) this means that you can have purchase favourite pair of running tights to your new collection. 

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