Sports Massage Business Cards: Why You Need Them, Examples & More

sports massage business cards

Using sports massage business cards to advertise your services may seem like an outdated strategy in a digital era. But they are actually still a highly effective marketing tool!

That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to creating sports massage therapist business cards, covering:

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Why You Need Sports Massage Business Cards

Put simply, business cards are one of the best sports massage marketing strategies.

But why are they so effective, and why should you create your own sports massage therapy business cards? 

Here are 5 reasons why:

#1- Sports Massage Therapist Business Cards Are Cost Effective 

sports massage therapist business cards 3

One of the main reasons to create a sports massage business card is that it is highly cost effective.

In comparison to other types of marketing such as paid online advertising, they are relatively cheap to produce. 

As we will explore later in this article, you can create your own sports massage business cards using completely free software online. 

They are also very cheap to distribute, as handing them out costs you nothing at all!

Once you have designed and purchased your business cards, they can be passed around amongst families, friendship groups, and communities.

This means that you’ll continue reaping the benefits of your sports massage business cards long after you’ve first invested in them. 

#2- Business Cards for a Sports Massage Therapist Look Professional

A clear and well-designed business card is a brilliant way of attracting and securing new clients.

This is because a professionally printed business card can help to portray a good impression of yourself, your brand, and the services that you offer.

It also shows that you are organised and professional- which are key traits in a sports massage therapist job description


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#3- Sports Massage Business Cards are Convenient  

sports massage therapist business cards 4

Since they are small and lightweight, business cards are completely portable. 

You can therefore carry them around with you wherever you go, meaning that you can advertise your business whenever the opportunity arises! 

Some good places to leave your sports massage business cards are:

  • Gyms, leisure centres, and sports facilities
  • Your existing clients
  • Waiting rooms in doctor’s and dentist’s offices, hospitals, and other businesses within your community
  • Community bulletin boards, which are often found in supermarkets, community centres, and libraries.

As well as leaving cards in these places, having them with you when you’re out and about is also useful. 

Say you meet someone in a gym and you start talking about your sports massage business. It is unlikely that you will have all of the right information to hand, or that that person will have the time to stop and hear everything about your business. 

You may therefore lose out on a potential client!

Keeping a stack of business cards on you therefore means that you can give someone information about your services anywhere, at any time. 

In this case, you could simply give them a business card and tell them to visit your website/social media or contact you through the information on the card. 

This gives the potential client some time to look into your services and decide whether to contact you without any pressure. 

This method also helps to save you and your potential clients a lot of time, which again makes them more likely to make an enquiry if they don’t feel like you are hindering them!

#4- Sports Massage Business Cards Help You to Reach a Wider Audience

sports massage therapist business cards 5

Although most people use search engines or social media to find services and products, not everyone does!

Having a business card therefore means that you can reach clients who you may not typically be able to reach through other avenues.

For example, in general, older clients are less likely to use the Internet to find a sports massage therapist. However, they may well find your business card on a local community board, or in their doctor’s waiting room.

Without a business card, you may have missed out on this whole demographic of potential clients! This is why sports massage therapy business cards are just as important as other marketing methods. 

Plus, using a card that clients can physically hold in their hands also means that you’re likely to get recommendations through word of mouth, when these cards are passed on to friends and family.

#5- Designing a Sports Massage Business Card Can Increase Brand Awareness

A sports massage business card is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand which will bring in more clients and can lead to more sports massage therapist career opportunities.

Having a good logo, with matching colours and a strong font on your business card makes your brand immediately recognisable, and will have a lasting impression on potential clients.

If the card is in someone’s purse or wallet, then they will be reminded of your business each time that they open it- which is unlikely to happen if your only marketing strategies take place online!

What to Include on a Sports Massage Business Card

sports massage business card

So, now we’ve discussed the benefits of sports massage business cards, you may now be wondering what exactly you should include in them. 

In general, your sports massage business cards should include all of the information necessary to:

  • Inform potential clients about your services
  • Provide contact information 
  • Enhance your brand identity 

How exactly you design your business card is up to you. We’ve split our list ito essential and optional things to include on a sports massage business card:

Essential Elements to Include on Your Sports Massage Business Cards

Below are 4 things that you should definitely include on your sports massage business card:

#1- Your Business Name and Logo

sports massage therapist business cards 6

The most important element to include on your sports massage business card is of course your name.

This can either be incorporated into your logo, or situated separately with the logo clearly visible too.

Whether you choose to use your own name, or you have a different name for your business, it should always be clear, simple, and easy to read.

This can be situated either in the centre, at the top of the card within the header, or at the bottom in the footer. 

As the first thing that your potential clients will notice, the name should therefore be the biggest, most easily recognisable component of your card.

#2- Your Business Purpose

It may be obvious to you, but you should make sure to explicitly state what services you are offering on your sports massage therapy business card. 

This may already be clear from your business name. In the example below, the business name is ‘Beaconsfield Sports Massage’, so it is obvious that it is a sports massage business!

sports massage business cards

However, in other cases, the words ‘sports massage’ may not be featured in your business name, such as in the example below. 

As you can see, they have included ‘Clinical Sports Massage Therapist’ under their name, making it clear what their business is. 

sports massage business cards 9

So, if your business name doesn’t make this point clear from the client’s first glance, it’s important to specify that you are a sports massage therapist underneath.


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#3- Contact Information

sports massage therapist business cards 7

Your contact information is one of the most important elements to include on your sports massage therapy business cards.

After all, one of the main purposes of a business card is to make it easy for people to contact you!

The contact information that you should ensure to incorporate into your sports massage business cards are:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Social media links

This should all be displayed in a simple and easy-to-read way, making it as easy as possible for potential clients to contact you. 

It’s also vital that all of the information you include is accurate. 

If you make a mistake on your card, this will not only hinder potential clients from contacting you, but makes you seem unprofessional. 

#4 Location and Opening Hours

sports massage therapist business cards 8

Including your location on a sports massage business card ensures that potential clients know exactly where you are, and can help them to decide if it is an accessible location to them.

You should also include your operating hours, so that clients know when they can access your services. 

Including this information on a business card will therefore prevent clients from forgetting these details, or risk them being disappointed after trying to book at an inconvenient time.

Optional Elements to Include on Your Sports Massage Business Cards

The following things are not necessarily essential to include on a sports massage business card, but are worth considering to improve their effectiveness. 

#1 - Certifications, Associations, and Qualifications

sports massage therapist business cards 9

If you have any relevant certifications, associations, or qualifications, you should incorporate them into your sports massage business cards.

This will show that you are professional and experienced, making clients more likely to trust you and want to contact you.

For example, if you have a Level 3 Sports Massage Qualification, make sure to state this on your business card! 

#2- Call to Action

In marketing, a Call To Action (CTA) is a phrase that is designed to prompt someone to take a certain action.

In this case, your CTA should be to get people to contact you and enquire about your services. 

Your CTA should be relevant, meaningful, and concise. 

Some examples of the kinds of CTAs you should include on your sports massage business cards are:

  • “Schedule an appointment today”
  • “Call today!”
  • “Visit our website for more information”

As you can see, these kinds of phrases all encourage a potential client to take a specific action that will ultimately lead them to become a paying client. 

#3- Reviews

sports massage therapy business cards

Reviews are an important marketing tool, and is something that you may want to include on your sports massage therapy business cards.

However, since you will have a limited space on a business card, you cannot include long customer testimonials!

Instead, you may simply want to include something such as a graphic of 5 stars next to Facebook and Google logos, to inculcate your ratings on these platforms. 

This shows potential clients that you are a well-regarded and established business, making them more likely to enquire! 

- - - -

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How to Create Your Own Sports Massage Business Cards

Now that you know why business cards are so important and what to include on them, you should now be ready to create your own!

We’ve broken the process down into 3 simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1- Find a Software to Create Your Sports Massage Therapy Business Cards

Firstly, we’d recommend finding a piece of software that makes the process of designing professional looking business cards as easy as possible.

Using software means that you don’t have to be proficient in graphic design to create your business cards!

There are lots of different options out there, but one of the best is Canva, since it is free and easy to use. 

sports massage therapist business cards

The software offers several templates to help you design your business cards; all you need to do is tweak the colour scheme to match your branding, and add your own information.

To avoid having to sift through hundreds of unrelated templates, Canva allows you to select your business type from the start, and then recommends the right ones for you.

For instance, the image below illustrates what you’ll see when you use the search term ‘sports massage therapy’.

sports massage business cards 8

Alongside the templates, Canva has a huge library of photos, icons, graphics and media elements to add to your business cards, which can be designed on either a desktop or mobile device.

Although the software is free to use, you can choose to upgrade to a premium account, which gives you access to exclusive templates and card designs.

Some other software options for designing your sports massage business cards are:

Step 2: Design Your Sports Massage Business Cards

Once you’ve chosen a piece of software, you’re all ready to start designing your business cards!

Although the software does all of the hard work for you, there are several design elements that you should consider after selecting a template:

  • Have a design plan

sports massage therapy business cards 2

Firstly, you should always have a plan, or a rough sketch of your business card, before beginning to design your sports massage business cards.

This means that you can keep referring back to your original design plan throughout the creation process, making it easier to remember what you want to stick to. 

For example, you can use it to make sure that details such as spelling are correct, and that the information provided is accurate (such as your phone number). 

Having an idea of what you want before you begin creating your card will ensure that your sports massage business card is as accurate as possible. 

  • Use a clear and engaging font

You should choose a font that’s easy to read, so that potential clients can see your information as easily as possible. 

If you use a font that is difficult to read, you may put clients off as it will require more effort for them to read. Plus, it increases the risk of them reading the wrong contact information. 

The font that you choose will become part of your branding, and clients will begin to associate it with your services, so choose one that reflects your business and intentions well.

For example, if you are designing a sports massage business card with the goal of getting clients to enquire about a consultation, then try using a bold font to act as a call to action.

We would recommend using one, or a maximum of two fonts, to keep your cards looking consistent and professional.

  • Choose your colours carefully

sports massage therapy business cards 2

A study conducted by Canva suggests that colour influences 85% of the final decision customers make when purchasing a product, and increases brand awareness by as much as 80%.

It is therefore important to carefully consider the colours that you use when designing your sports massage business cards.

Did you know that colours can influence how we feel? This means that they can incite us into taking a particular action, such as choosing a business card and contacting a sports massage therapist!

As well as conveying your branding and business identity, the colours that you choose should therefore accurately represent the message and feeling that you are trying to convey.

For example, different colours convey different feelings:

  • Red- Boldness
  • Yellow- Optimism and warmth
  • Orange- Confidence
  • Green- Peace and health
  • Blue- Strength and dependability
  • Grey- Calmness

The colours of your business card should also match with any existing branding, such as your logo or website colour scheme.


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  • Use a high quality image

Although including an image on your sports massage therapist business cards isn’t necessary, it is a great way of conveying who you are, and the services that you offer.

We’d recommend using just one high quality image rather than multiple of a standard quality, to ensure that your cards portray a sense of professionalism.

Plus, make sure that any images you use are relevant to sports massage therapy! 

Some great online resources to find images for your business card are websites such as Adobe Stock and ShutterStock. 

What To Put on the Front of Your Sports Massage Business Card

Something else to consider when designing your sports massage therapy business cards is what to put on either side.

It’s important that your design isn’t too cluttered, so we’d suggest choosing just a few of the options below to ensure that you don’t overwhelm prospective clients with too much information.

However, the front of your business card should convey all of the information needed to understand your business at a glance.

There are many different ways of laying out a business card, but here are our recommendations for what should go on the front:

  • Your business name and logo

As we have discussed, your business name should be the first thing that a potential client sees.

This means that it should be the biggest piece of information on your sports massage business cards, so that it is clear and easy to read.

sports massage business cards 7

In the above example, the business name is at the top and in the centre of the card, and is the most eye-catching piece of information.

sports massage business cards 6

Even when the text is vertical rather than horizontal like the example above, it is still the biggest piece of information on the business card, and will hence be the first element a potential client sees.

  • You could use a background image

Your business name and logo are arguably all that is needed on the front of a business card.

However, like these examples below, you may choose to include an image to represent your business, and catch the eyes of potential clients:

sports massage business cards 5

sports massage business cards 4

As you can see, these images are all relevant to sports massage, and do not obstruct the main written information on the card.

  • Your business location

Your business location should be one of the first pieces of information that prospective clients see, so that they know that your services are relevant to them, at a location that they can access.

sports massage business cards 3

As you can see in the example above, they have included the business address on the front of the business card. 

What To Put on the Back of Your Sports Massage Business Card

So, the front of the business card is what initially attracts potential clients and leads them to pick up your business card. 

But the back of your sports massage therapy business card should include more detailed information about your business. 

The main thing to have here is your contact details, including information such as:

  • Your phone number
  • Website address
  • Social media handles

If you tried to include this on the front of your card, it could appear too crowded alongside the other features such as your business name, logo and location. 

It could therefore be useful to have a whole separate side dedicated to conveying this information, such as in the example below.

sports massage business cards 2

As you can see, this is a great example of how to lay out your contact information on the back of your sports massage business card. 

They have also used icons, for example an icon of a phone, rather than writing the words ‘phone number’. This therefore saves space, yet still conveys the same message!

Check out our guide to personal trainer icons for more tips on this that you can apply when designing your sports massage therapist business cards.

With most of the contact information on the back, the front of this business card looks clean, clear, and simple, and allows the business name and logo to speak for itself.

Alongside your contact information, you could choose to implement some of the other optional elements that we’ve discussed in this article on the back of your business cards.

These could include:

  • Ratings
  • Calls to Action
  • Areas of speciality
  • Certifications and qualifications

However, it’s important to remember not to overcrowd your sports massage business cards with too much information, to ensure that it looks attractive and easy to read for prospective clients.

Step 3: Print Your Sports Massage Business Cards

sports massage therapy business cards 5

Once you’ve designed a business card using your chosen piece of software, you’re now ready to print them!

If you have your own good quality printer, you can do this yourself.

However, if you want to guarantee that you have good quality business cards, then we would recommend getting your business cards professionally printed. 

You can do this through the software you chose in Step 1 to design your cards. 

For example, Canva offers 50 standard sports massage business cards for just £14.

Many software have offers and discounts available when you order, making it easy and affordable to purchase your first batch.

When your cards arrive, all that’s left to do is distribute them amongst your target market, and begin attracting your potential clients!

Before You Go!

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for designing, ordering, and distributing your sports massage business cards!

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