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Origym will show you how to become a personal trainer.

Even if you are completely convinced that you want be a personal trainer, you may not know how to become a personal trainer. This is not un-usual and very understandable.  The UK’s leading personal trainer service providers want you to commit to the lifestyle and not the education. They make it seem easy and it is easy to certain extent. However, becoming a personal trainer is a lot easier if you have a passion for fitness or at least a basic knowledge of fitness.

If you have either or both of these characteristics. Origym would believe that you are eligible to enrol on our course. However, you are not yet a qualified personal trainer. In fact, you will need to complete a four-step process to be recognised as a fully qualified personal trainer. Origym are on hand to clarify what will help you qualify and  begin your career in the professional fitness industry (UK). We want to help you turn your passion into a profession and by using our four step guide, you will begin a rewarding and lucrative career in personal training.


First Phase: How to become a personal trainer?

Firstly, before you begin contemplating how to become a personal trainer, you must decide whether becoming a personal trainer is suitable for you. You need to judge whether the process and subsequent career compliment your lifestyle.  Being a Personal Trainer is a job that involves a lot pro-activity and commitment. You need to be able to be a balance the theoretical aspects of your course with the practicality of a personal trainer career. If you are not able to perform and explain an exercise to your classmates , you will most likely lose clients.

What does being a personal trainer entail?

There are many aspects of personal training that are abandoned. For instance, you have to take into account the health, safety and benefits of your client at all times. You also need to be a good motivator, listener and communicator. This role requires someone who has the ability to formulate methodologies that are adaptable to the individual clients.  We would recommend that you have a skill set that enables you to organise, strategise and communicate while adhering to the needs of each individual. If you feel that you  currently don’t have this skill, that is fine. We want you to have the will to evolve as the course continues.

You will be digesting a lot of information. This information will be both practical and educational. Our tutors will help you to the two while developing your understanding of your career path. Origym supply you with the correct resources that require you to become a personal trainer. Now that you understand what we expect from you, the applicant, Origym will overview what you can expect from a personal trainer career. The process of becoming a successful fitness professional has been broken down into a 4-step guide. This 4 step guide will help you understand the main principles of your course.  Origym’s 4 step process will help you understand how to become a personal trainer within the UK fitness industry.


Second Phase: The process and qualifications required to become a personal trainer.

The fitness industry, like any other professional industry, requires a certain standard of education. Origym aspire to provide the highest quality of personal trainers and we believe that we have kept true to our promise thus far. We want to show you how to be a Personal Trainer in the UK. We will help you achieve this by guiding you through the two qualifications that are needed to work within the UK fitness industry. This foolproof plan will require you to enrol on a Level 2 Fitness instructor course. In fact, the  Level 2 Gym Instructing course is mandatory and it is most important and initial step to to becoming a Personal Trainer. To become a qualified Level 2 Personal Trainer you have to pass modules that contain:


  • Studies regarding the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  • Classes that inform you how to support clients during physical activity.
  • Information on  health, safety and welfare regulations within a gym environment.
  • The principles of exercise, fitness and health.
  • An assessment where you are tasked with developing a coherent and productive gym based exercise.
  • An assessment where you are tasked with instructing a small group through a gym based exercise.

What else do I do to become a personal trainer?

After completing your Level Two Gym Instructing course you will be eligible to passing on to your Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. To pass this course you need to pass modules that will require you to learn:


  • Advanced anatomy & physiology for health and exercise.
  • The application of nutrition during physical activity programs.
  • How to program personal training for individual clients.
  • The ability to deliver personal training sessions while using group leadership skills.


After you follow our how to become a personal trainer, and qualified through our these two courses so you will become a fully qualified personal trainer.

Our courses are accredited by the UK’s leading companies

Origym offers a package that combines both a Level 2 Personal Trainer Course with a Level 3 Personal Trainer Course. By combining these two courses you will save an exponential amount of  time and money. All of Origym’s, Personal Trainer Qualifications are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Due to our accreditation and partner, Origym’s courses are highly respected. This is why we can ensure that your certificates are not only of the highest quality, but that employers are more likely to hire you.

All of Origym’s Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications are awarded by Active IQ. Active IQ are the largest and most well established awards organisation in the UK. In fact, all of our fitness qualifications are approved by Skills Active and endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals. This means that our qualifications are meeting the high standards within the fitness industry. This gives you the best possible chance of employment proceeding your graduation. Origym’s qualifications unlock the doors to the UK fitness industry. This will save you plenty of time and money.


Third Phase: Choose which method of study will best suit you.


Origym value your preferences and this is why we want you to chose your method of study. Our study methods cater to you and your schedule. We believe that your comfort is instrumental to your development and success of your course. All you need to do is organise and understand the amount of time and resources that you need. .You can study your personal trainer course online or with a tutor in one of locations that are situated across the entire UK.  You also have the option to enrol on our Fast Track Personal Trainer Course. This course aims to minimise the duration of your course. Any one of these options will help you become a personal trainer.

It is your choice to make.

To begin your career as a personal trainer and turn your passion into a profession, you should enrol on our Level 2 Gym-Instructing Course. This is the starting point for all aspiring fitness professionals. Our Level 2 and Level 3 course will give you the foundations to build a sustainable and very lucrative career in the fitness industry. During the course, a student will learn a multitude of skills that will benefit their productivity bot inside and outside the gym. These skills include learning how to conduct health checks, provide  gym inductions while also understanding elements such as anatomy and physiology.


Fourth Phase: Employment, How to become a personal trainer and break into the Personal Trainer industry

You have done all of the work and you are now closing in on a career in the Personal Trainer industry. You will first have to register with the Register of Exercise Professionals so you are fully recognised as a PT. Thankfully, you will be able to easily register because you have a number of certified qualifications.

After following our how to become a personal trainer this you can apply various opportunities  within the industry. These include positions within gyms and health clubs. However, you can start your own venture into the business industry.

We will find you employment

Origym is different to every personal trainer course provider in the UK. We do not just lead you to graduation and leave you hanging dry. Origym go much further than that and support you past your graduation day,  even after you have completed your Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification.

We will go even further by guaranteeing you an interview following the completion of your course. Our team of experts will analysis your CV for you and distribute your CV to potential employers in a location that suits you. If you want to make the transition from the classroom to the workplace as seamless as possible. We also offer other incentives such as an additional CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses. These additional courses will give you even more of an advantage when applying for position in the UK fitness industry.

We look forward to show you how to become a personal trainer.  Origym are the most resourceful and supportive personal trainer course provider in the UK. The culmination of these resources and support will help you achieve your personal trainer aspirations. If you are wondering about how you can become a personal trainer and how to begin the process, give us a call now at 0800 002 9599.  Our advisors are always on hand to support you through the initial stages of this process. If you are still considering your options feel free to look at our testimonials that are independently provided by our students.



– Becoming a Personal Trainer is very easy
– 4 step plan makes it simple for our students
– Our resources ensure that you become a successful PT
– Origym offer a verity of courses with a variety of learning resources

The personal trainer profession is becoming more popular than ever. This is Origym has outlined a 4 step plan to becoming a PT. If you are interested in becoming a PT, look no further that Origym and their combined courses that fast track you into the industry.

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

    Unit 1 – Anatomy & Physiology

    Unit 2 – Supporting Clients who take part in exercise and physical activity

    Unit 3 – Health, Safety, & Welfare in a fitness environment.

    Unit 4 – Principles of exercise fitness & health

    Unit 5 – Planning gym based exercise

    Unit 6 – Instructing gym based exercise

    Practical assessment to demonstrate a gym based induction for an individual clients requirements

    A case study to outline their knowledge of performing, writing and conducting a gym based induction.

    A multiple choice theory exam covering basic anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the principles of exercise and health (70% pass rate required)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

    Unit 1 – Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for health and exercise

    Unit 2 – Applying the principle of nutrition to a physical activity programme

    Unit 3 –Programming Personal Training with clients

    Unit 4 – Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills

    Practical assessment to demonstrate their ability to deliver personal training sessions

    A case study to outline your knowledge of programming personal training sessions and nutritional advice

    A multiple choice theory exam covering advanced anatomy and physiology (70% pass rate required)

    A multiple choice exam focused on the application of nutrition (70% pass rate required)

Yours sincerely,lukesteph


Luke Hughes & Steph Roberts
Founders, Origym Personal Trainer Courses

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