Origym Awards: Top 35 Swimming Blogs (2018)

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Looking for everything you need to know about swimming from some of the biggest and most experienced names in the industry?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In our list of the 35 Best Swimming Blogs, we’ve trawled through and selected some of the best online content from a pool (excuse the pun) of hundreds of blogs.


In essence, this is the best of the best when it comes to resources and content for swimmers.


Whether you’re a pro swimmer, an outdoor swimmer, a competition swimmer, or even if you’re more comfortable in a paddling pool, there will be a blog on this list for you. We’ve focused on expertise, inclusivity, and most of all, entertainment, to compile what we believe is the definitive list of swimming blogs online today.


So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

35 Best Swimming Blogs

Chris Desantis Coaching

swimming blogs - website

Facebook:  @cdswimcoach

Chris DeSantis Coaching has a great blog with personal accounts from his swim coaching journey.  He writes about optimism and positive psychology with an informal conversational style and offers his personal and professional opinion on all things swimming related.


As a swimming coach with a wealth of experience in the pool, Chris offers personalised swimming workouts that deliver incredible results. He keeps up to date with the latest research in training to make sure that his clients get the best plans and has coached at the Division 1 (Penn and Georgia Tech), NCAA level.


Feel For The Water


best swimming blogs - website


Feel For The Water is Swim Smooth’s Blog.  Their slogan, “Improving your swimming every Friday lunch time!” directly refers to their regular blog posts every Friday. And it’s not just quantity, their posts are of the highest quality too, and can be accessed easily via the right-hand column of the site.


FeelForTheWater.com has in depth information on swimming exercises, like how to properly perform Unco, as well as tips and tricks to improve your swimming technique. They also specialise in practical swimming drills for people of all abilities.  If you want niche specific, thought-provoking articles such as “Should You Be Using a Two Beat Kick?” and “Is Your Personality Holding Your Swimming Back?”, then Feel For The Water is the place to go.


Going Swimmingly 

best swimming blogs - website

Going swimmingly is a UK organisation created for swimming clubs and coaches.  They provide online solutions for swimming club administration and payments.  Go Swimmingly also hosts a great blog section with articles on all areas of swimming and coaching.


The news section has articles from coaches and professional swimmers that give tips, such as “The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Young Children How to Swim”, as well as some great swimming drills and tips like, how to harness the importance of visualisation before and during swimming.



Lone Swimmer


best swimming blogs - website

Twitter:  @donalbuckley

LoneSwimmer (The World’s Best Guide To Cold & Open Water Swimming), is an award-winning open-water swimming blog.  The blog was founded by Donal Buckley in Ireland and now acts as a comprehensive guide to open water and pool swimming for all levels, including tips, swimming exercises, resources, swimming drills, and explanations.


In the cold-water swimming section you will find “The Bible of Cold Water Swimming”, which offers a ton of invaluable information on training to become a cold-water swimmer.  The most common search term of the site is “What temperature of water is too cold to swim in?”, which sums up just how hard-core Lone Swimmer’s readership is… ( I will leave it with you to head over to his site to find out!)


The “How To” section also has guides on swimming for weight loss and health, what goggles to use for cold water swimming, and so, so much more.


Marathon Swimmers


best swimming blogs - website

Facebook: @marathonswimmers

Twitter:  @marathon_swimrs


Marathon Swimmers (The most trusted source for open water swimming & marathon swimming) is the home of Marathon Swimmers Forum, the Global Marathon Swimming Award, the Golden Rules of Marathon Swimming, as well as a blog section which hosts a variety of swimmers’ personal blogs.


In short, it is a treasure trove of information for avid swimmers.


On the Marathon Swimmers Federation website you can learn about different swimming exercises that should be done when tackling marathon swimming, as well as specific open-water swimming tips and tricks, such as tracking yourself with GPS when swimming outdoors.  There is a blog section on MSF where you can learn the best swimming workouts from experienced marathon swimmers like Iron Mike.


Masters Swim Workouts


best swimming blogs - website


Facebook: @SwimLikeAPro


Masters Swim Workouts by Sara McLarty is a personal blog that offers freestyle swimming drills and workouts.  The blog was founded by Sara, who is a Pro Triathlete, coach, and journalist living in Clermont, FL in the United States.  The website has a great section that explains all of the swimming terminology in detail, from Hypoxic Breathing Patterns to the Snake Warm up and everything in between.


There is a whole section on freestyle swimming drills, which explains, in plain English, how to carry out each drill, as well as the specific swimming drill title (like the “3-6-3” or “Sailboat Drill”, for example).



Simon Willis.co.uk

 best swimming blogs - website


Twitter:  @SunartMedia

Instagram: @sunartmedia


“My First Ironman” is a personal blog created by Simon Willis.  Simon is a TV cameraman that lives in North West Scotland, UK.  He created the blog as a form of accountability, as well as creating a space to document his training for his first ironman competition.


Needless to say, the training was a massive success.  We can all learn a huge deal by reading about the highs and lows of training for an ironman.  During his training, Simon swam almost 4k, despite his previous fear of swimming before embarking on his Ironman journey. For pretty much anyone interested in fitness, the intensive swimming workouts that Simon had to do for his first ironman competition are really inspiring.

His journey now continues at Simon-willis.blogspot.co.uk, where he takes readers through some of his gruelling challenges and workouts.


Oxygen Addict


best swimming blogs - website


Facebook:  @wilbyrob

Twitter:  @oxygenaddict


The Oxygen Addict “Blog section” is all about training for a triathlon – running, swimming and cycling.  The author of the blog is Suzie Richards who is a triathlete coach.  Although the blog is about training for all three disciplines, there is a lot of good content on swimming.  In particular, the visual guides to correct hand positioning during swimming drills and exercises are fantastic and have proven popular with readers.


There are also some really informative articles on goal setting and planning, as well as blogs on keeping a diary that logs your swimming drills.  If you’re looking for a blog packed with practical advice and tools to improve your swimming, then look no further than Oxygen Addict.



Pro Swimwear


best swimming blogs - website

The Pro Swimwear blog has a lot of useful tips and tricks on swimming workouts, as well as articles on subjects like “overcoming race day nerves”.  Generally, it is an informal swimming blog with a variety tips on various aspects of swimming, from joining a swim club, to improving swimming exercises.


While the blog is a small part of Pro Swimwear’s business plan, it is updated regularly with fresh and exciting content.



Ritter Sports Performance


best swimming blogs - website


Facebook:  @RITTERSP

Twitter:  @RITTERSP

Instagram: @RITTERSP


RITTER Sports Performance, founded in 2010 by Chris Ritter, is a website designed for coaches and swimmers alike. Their aim is to produce better coaches and faster swimmers.


In their blog, there are some great articles on various swimming exercises, such as squatting to be a better swimmer and better breast-stroke pull-outs.  Ritter provides comprehensive online resources to improve your swimming through different avenues like technique, swimming drills and nutrition.


You will find tips on all areas of swimming to improve your workouts as well as episodes with featured professionals like Dana Abbott.



Simply Swim


best swimming blogs - website 

Facebook:  @simplyswimuk

Twitter:  @simplyswimuk

Instagram: @simplyswimuk


The SimplySwim website has a great swimming blog that has everything you need for recreational and competitive swimming.  There are informative articles on swimming for weight loss and recipes that will help regular athletes lose weight in a healthy manner.  Indeed, weight loss and nutrition is a specialist focus on this blog, which also includes interesting posts on the intense fat loss that happens during swimming, and the best way to go about facilitating it.


You will also find advice on swimming trips for children and swimming drills for all ages, making this one of the most inclusive blogs out there.



The SwimLabs Blog


best swimming blogs - website


Twitter:  @SwimLabs

Pinterest:  @SwimLabs

Instagram: @swimlabs



The SwimLabs blog offers advice on swimming workouts from competitive training to triathlete training articles.


Again, while SwimLabs is a company in and of itself, they have a great affiliated blog section where experts, from Olympic athletes to behaviour specialists, contribute thought-provoking blogs.  The blog also offers training programs for every level of swimmer, which is echoed in their content that ranges from beginners’ tutorials to advanced techniques. Readers can also access news on various aspects of swimming life and recent industry news.



Swimmer’s Daily


best swimming blogs - website

 Facebook:  @swimmersdaily

Twitter:  @swimmersdaily


Swimmer’s Daily is a fast fix blog about Swimming created by Rókur in Toftir, based in the Faroe Islands.  There are articles on swimming news and swimming tips such as: “How to spot symptoms of dry and delayed drowning”.  With over 1205 pages of swimming content, ranging from information on swimming trials to up-to-the-minute commentary on British Swimming Championships, Swimmer’s Daily is a one stop shop for quality content.


There are also more unusual articles and novel approaches to more standard swimming exercises, as well as swimming workouts that are totally off the radar for beginners. These more left-field articles are great entertainment for casual readers, my personal favourite being a post about a Russian swimmer who regularly braves minus ten degrees during his outdoor swimming training.





best swimming blogs - website

 Facebook: @SwimEngland

Twitter:  @Swim_England

Instagram: @SwimEngland


Swimming.org is the home of Swim England, but it does have an audience worldwide.  The blog covers swimming workouts for beginners who are just learning to swim, as well as competitive swimming and water polo. The blog is incredibly easy to navigate, clearly listing swimming events in England as well as the ability to search local swimming facilities to get involved with the sport.

From the website, you can also view the English swimming team and find out the latest news from the Commonwealth Games and British Championships.  There are interesting articles about swimming drills like the “History of Butterfly swimming”.

The site has a great variety of swimming-based articles for inspiration on swimming workouts, as well as quick tips and advice for swimmers of all abilities.  There are also great articles on swimming for weight loss.





best swimming blogs - website


Facebook: @swimswamnews

Twitter:  @swimswamnews

Pinterest:  @swimswamnews

Instagram: @swimswamnews

SwimSwam was created in 2012 and is now one of the most renowned blogs in the industry. Founders of the website include Olympic gold medallist Mel Stewart  Jr. (aka Gold Medal Mel).


Their news section is comprehensive, with both global and US swimming news as well as a dedicated college section.  In addition to this you will find an awesome training section that has loads of swimming workouts and informative videos.




best swimming blogs - website


Facebook: @Swimtastic
Swimtastic are a business that offer swimming lessons in warm water pools, using small classes and professional staff make learning to swim fun.  Everything on the Swimtastic website is therefore  geared towards parents and children.

On the Swimtastic blog they share tips, tricks and land-based swimming exercises to help your children to swim.  There are also articles on child psychology and facts about the five-time Olympic gold medallist, Missy Franklin, who works at the Swimtastic headquarters.  There is also a huge focus on health and safety in their swimming blog, for anyone concerned about the dangers of the sport.




best swimming blogs - website 

Facebook:  @swimtrek.swimming.holidays

Twitter:  @swimtrek

Instagram: @swimtrek



Swimtrek.com (Swim. Explore. Discover) offers purpose led open water swimming trips, such as swimming with a rare Mediterranean Monk Seal in the Greek Sporades.

The blog and video section offer a wide range of unique swimming articles, on everything from swimming exercises and technique to best swimming locations around the world. For unique and often inspiring swim-related content, look no further than Swimtrek.




Your Swim Log


best swimming blogs - website 

Facebook: @YourSwimBook

Twitter:  @yourswimbook

Pinterest:  @yourswimbook

Instagram: @yourswimbook


Your Swim Log is effectively the ultimate resource as far as log books for swimmers go.  The website stresses the importance of mind-set and keeping a log of your swimming exercises so that you can track your progress.


In their opinion, the single most powerful tool in any fitness program is a workout logbook, meaning that they place emphasis on steady progress from week to week. They teach you to make realistic goals, and organise your workouts to see tangible improvements. To do this, they use some of their excellent blog content, on everything from swimming drills to templates for recovery.


Aqua Gear


best swimming blogs - website

Facebook: @AquaGear

Twitter:  @AquaGear

Pinterest:  @AquaGear


Aqua Gear is a family run swimwear shop and has provided quality swim, water exercise, and aquatic therapy equipment for nearly 25 years.  The Aqua Gear blog is a go-to place for information on all aspects of swim gear.  However, it also has some good information on how to prevent ear infections and swimming exercises such as “The Top Five Benefits of Water Exercise for Seniors”.


Of the many articles on their site, my favourite was an interesting piece on swimming for weight loss and body tone purposes, where the author discusses water aerobics exercises and explains how water aerobics is accessible for people of all abilities.



Aqua Mobile


best swimming blogs - website


Facebook:  @aquamobile

Twitter:  @AquaMobileSwim


Aqua Mobile is an at-home private swim instruction company that was created by Diana Goodwin who was frustrated by the lack of attention she was able to give her students in large community centre swim classes.


Their blog topics range from athlete spotlights to water safety tips and everything in between. There is a key focus on swimming for children with autism and special needs on the Aqua Mobile blog, making this more of a specialist resource than one that aims for a wide readership.




Fiona Ford Coaching


best swimming blogs - website


Twitter:  @fionaLford


Fiona Ford is a Triathlon Coach and has finished ten Ironman competitions as well as two ironman world championships.


She also has an article section to her website, and you can be sure that her advice is sound, coming as it is from one of the leading coaches in the industry. Fiona is also fairly active on twitter, so you can keep up to date on all areas of swimming and triathlon coaching, as and when they are relevant in the industry.




Goldfish Swim School


best swimming blogs - website

Facebook:  @GoldfishSwimSchool

Twitter:  @goldfishswim

Pinterest:  @goldfishswim

Instagram: @goldfishswimschool


Goldfish Swim School is a vibrant website, with colours to inspire kids.  Their swimming curriculum is created to build character while children learn to swim.


In their swimming blog, Goldfish Swim School have a key focus on parents and children.  They discuss topics such as the science behind swimming exercises and swimming drills as well as the journeys of professional swimmers and what lessons are best for children of different ages.


As far as swimming blogs go, you get a real feeling that a caring parent has written the content, which is also echoed through the ethos of the website.



Safe Splash


best swimming blogs - websiteFacebook:  @safesplashswimschool

Twitter:  @safesplash

Instagram: @safesplashswimschool


The Safe Splash blog is pretty informal compared to the rest of this list. However ,there are also some great articles from industry professionals such as the “Olympic Origins” series by 2X Gold Medallist, Courtney Shealy Hart, who has partnered with Safe Splash to teach swimming as a life skill.


You will find expert articles on the perfect time to introduce your children to swimming lessons. There is a key element of safety here, emphasising the need for supervision and care when it comes to swimming lessons.


Swimming Science


best swimming blogs - website

The Swimming Science blog is split into five distinct categories: Biomechanics, Training, Dryland,


Injuries, and Psychology.  You can also sign up to their newsletter to get a free video lecture on the subject of how to swim faster.


The website founder is Dr John Mullen, who has coached 22 Olympic medallists, and counting.  He offers speaking and consulting services to swimming athletes of all ages.


The blog is genuinely fascinating, probably one of the best swimming blogs on this list in terms of content.  You will find articles like “Is Swimming Kicking or Pulling More Important?” and “5 Tips for the Perfect Swim Practice” which outlines, not only useful information for your swimming workouts, but also how to evaluate your swimming when you have completed a training session.



Wild Swimming


 best swimming blogs - website


There are six Wild Swimming Books created by the author of the site, all of which are for sale on Wild Swimming.com.  In addition to this you can explore outdoor swimming by region or by activity.  The main areas covered seem to be the UK, however there are some other areas that I noticed in their blog, such as an article about swimming in Italy.


You can tell the author is passionate about swimming in the great outdoors, as the website is filled with outdoor swimming adventure stories from a first-person perspective.  As far as swimming blogs go, you won’t find much about swimming drills on Wild Swimming: however you can read a lot about exploring the great outdoors in a safe manner.




best swimming blogs - website


Facebook:  @mediterraswim

Mediterra (Swim Mindfully. Swim Marvellously) is a Total Immersion Open Water specialist provider.   The organisation focuses on working with adults to improve technique and form, and they therefore work on equipping their readers with the best swimming workouts and mind-set that will help them both succeed in the pool, while also fostering a love for swimming.


Check out some of their awesome swimming articles for in-depth information about the importance of superior technique and its practical application in the pool. There is also a key focus on making sure that you learn from experts to develop the correct swimming exercises that will improve your form in the long-term.


SAS East District


best swimming blogs - website


Facebook: @FifeSynchronisedSwimmingClub


SAS East District is a swimming club that covers Fife and Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.  Their remit is wide, and as such they have experience in all sorts of water sports from synchronised swimming to water polo. The articles on the site are very clear and easy to follow with categories including About Swimming, Open Water, Diving, Syncro and Water Polo.  In short, if you are a swimming enthusiast there is bound to be something interesting to read on the SAS website blog.


Their blog takes the form of a news and information section, where you can find information on swimming meets and competitions.  However, the main portion of the site has clear information on what each element of that particular sport is. SAS is a great website to find out more and get inspired/ involved with new swimming classes around the East of Scotland.




Swim Coach Direct


best swimming blogs - website


Swim Coach Direct is an active blog created by Don Swartz & Ken DeMont, who live in Marin County, California.  Don and Ken are active swim coaches of North Bay Aquatics and therefore readers can rest assured that their blog is full of practical advice and experience.


Their swimming blogs discuss topics such as how the science of today tells us that “the feeling that you can go no further is just that – a feeling.”.  They discuss how we can use this new evidence in our swimming workouts to ultimately fuel performance.




Swimming Wizard


best swimming blogs - website



The Swimming Wizard offers free swimming workouts, sets, ideas, and dryland swimming exercises from professional coaches around the world.  Professionals submit swimming drills and swimming workouts that they have had real-world success with.  The blog is active, with a lot of recent posts on swimming sets.


The goal of Swimming Wizard is to write informative, helpful swimming articles, as often as possible (often every day).  Whether it be a new set, idea, tool, swimming drill, or practice, they aim to collate real world swimming exercises by allowing people to submit their own content.  The website is edited by Ryan Woodruff, Head Coach of the Lynchburg (Virginia) YMCA, so anything published, while submitted by users, has been quality checked by an experienced professional.


DJ Sports

best swimming blogs - website

Facebook: @DJSports.SwimShop

Twitter:  @djsports_swim


The Swim Warrior blog over on djsports.com is geared towards discussing the best products for swimming.  DJ Sports sells competitive swimwear in Dallas, Texas.  The Swim Warriors swimming blogs have some great articles on competitive swimming such as “4 Ways to Quickly Recover from a Swim Competition” which gives you tips and tricks on recovery such as: Keep Your Muscles Warm, Eat Right, Take Rest Days and Get a Massage.


As experts in swim equipment they delve into great topics such as “The best shampoo for swimmers that will remove chlorine”, offering a refreshing down-to-earth perspective in an otherwise ultra-competitive industry.





Swimming Without Stress

best swimming blogs - website

 Facebook: @SwimmingWithoutStress

Twitter: @Stress3Swimming


Swimming Without Stress, as you may have gathered from the name, is all about eliminating the fear aspect from your swimming journey. Perfectly pitched towards welcoming beginners into the water, while still retaining enough detail and expertise in their articles to interest experienced swimmers, the blog is a fantastic resource if you want to brush up on your technique and knowledge.


Perhaps focusing more on the fitness and recreational swimming niche than on competitive swimming, the writers are obviously told to encourage readers in every possible way, and to foster positive mind-sets. As such, this is one of the most inclusive and friendly swimming communities online, and should be a go-to for anyone with niggling doubts.


Sophie Pierce


best swimming blogs - website 

Sophie Pierce is an established journalist working in broadcast and print media for organisations including the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, and the Guardian. It just so happens that she’s also an avid outdoor swimmer, having written two books on the subject in the past.


Her excellent and frequently-updated blog, Devon Dispatches, catalogues her wild swimming journeys. She combines her passion for swimming with a natural ease for storytelling and updates from her day-to-day life. As such, this is certainly more of a blog for the casual reader than it is for anyone looking to get into competitive swimming, but is a fascinating read nonetheless.


Turner Swim

best swimming blogs - website


Facebook: @TurnerSwim

Twitter: @TurnerSwim


Like a few other entries on our list, Turner Swim doesn’t operate strictly as a swimming blog, but instead is a business in its own right offering adult swimming lessons and open-water coaching. In addition to these services, however, there is an excellent range of online articles on everything from equipment to the best swimming venues in the immediate vicinity of London and in-depth videos of different techniques to be practiced in the pool.


Turner Swim is perhaps the best place to head for an all-round view of the swimming industry. They have guest posts from prominent names, alongside product reviews and notable news stories regarding their wide network of coaches and students.




Love Swimming


best swimming blogs - website

Facebook: @LoveSwimmingNola

Instagram: @LoveSwimmingNola

Twitter: @LoveSwimming2


Love Swimming fosters the kind of excitement and passion for swimming that you’d expect from their name. They have a great reputation, both online and from their facilities across America, for providing inclusive, fun, and accessible lessons for those wanting to improve their fitness and well-being.


The blog takes much the same approach, offering advice on safety, how families can enjoy swimming together, and how to stay fit all year round, even if you’re a committed outdoor swimmer. Again, what the blog lacks in cutting edge advice for professional athletes, in makes up for in friendliness and practical advice for parents and kids.


A Lotus Rises 

best swimming blogs - website

Facebook: @ALotusRises

Instagram: @alotus_rises

Twitter: @ALotus_Rises


A lotus rises is all about empowering women to overcome challenges through the application of outdoor swimming exercises. Following research that suggests women are three times more likely to quit swimming than men, A Lotus Rises feeds on the popularity of outdoor swimming (as opposed to swimming in indoor facilities) to get more women swimming, and to increase the visibility of those who already are.


The movement is run by Alice, whose passion and enthusiasm for enacting positive change is reflected in her work with projects relating to anti-corruption, water scarcity, and economic development, as well as her work with A Lotus Rises. What’s more, the blog content on A Lotus Rises is inspiring and fascinating for all readers. The content covers individual success stories, as well as drills, advice, support, and positive thinking for beginners and swimming enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking for an amazing, fierce, and passionate community, A Lotus Rises should be top of your list.




And there you have it!

Let us know what you think of our Top 35 Swimming Blogs. We’d love to know if there’s any that we’ve missed, or if any of the blogs have helped you to achieve better results in your training.


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