What education do you need to become a personal trainer?

education needed to be a personal trainer

There are an overflow of options for aspiring fitness professionals. Origym understand what education needed to be a personal trainer.

To succeed in finding employment in any industry you must have the eligible qualifications. To gain these qualifications you must also find reliable companies with valid certification. This can be rather difficult. Especially within convoluted industry like the personal trainer industry. The personal trainer industry provides ample opportunities to anybody who is ambitious and passionate about fitness but there are so many companies with hollow promises about hollow courses.

Value quality over quantity!

Origym completely oppose these companies. We take pride in the quality of our services and the quality of our courses and our students agree. Previous student and fully qualified Level 2 personal trainer, Paulo Woodley said,

“Having completed my Level 2 with Origym I am now on my way to starting my Level 3. The team at Origym have been outstanding! They will fully support you along the way while providing you with great guidance. I believe that they are very proactive, engaging and understanding. I would recommend Origym to anyone that is passionate about being a personal trainer, they will get the best out of you”.

This is a nice comment that inspires Origym to carry on providing a high standard of education and support.

Understand the correct education needed to be a personal trainer

Our fitness education qualifications have guided thousands of students through their certification and into profitable careers within the fitness industry. Many students pursue fitness education without understanding what education needed to be a personal trainer. We have many students who contact our advisors with queries regarding the process of becoming a personal trainer. We also have many students approaching ourselves with horror stories about the illegitimacy of other organisations certificates.

These students have paid money for fake qualification. With Origym, this will not happen. To avoid further confusion about what education needed to be a personal trainer, we have developed a timeline that takes you from your enrolment to graduation and beyond.

First Step : Enrolling on the right course

When choosing a course to enrol on, you should consider two variables. Firstly, how will the course impact your career as a personal trainer? Secondly, is this course affordable for you?

These two questions will help you understand what is valuable to you and your career. Many students misinterpret what education is needed to become a personal trainer.  A personal trainer course should open many doors for you. If this course restricts your options it is not worth considering. Many students who have enrolled on Origym’s course have not just become personal trainers. Origym purposely chose a curriculum that provides its students with variety, opportunity and proper accreditation. This is why Origym partner with Skills Active. Skills Active are a leading accreditor of educational fitness certificates and their curriculum provides our students with the best opportunities the industry has to offer.

When assessing what education needed to be a personal trainer, you should value variety. The more knowledge you cooperate the more available options you will have when entering the fitness sector. A level 2 personal trainer course teaches you to be practical and knowledgable. The multitude of modules such as anatomy & physiology and applied nutrition will impress employers.

Choose a course that is cost effective

When considering what course will provide you with education needed to be a personal trainer, you should compare the prices of the UK’s personal trainer courses. Keep in mind that money does not always equate to value. You could buy a cheap course and gain hollow qualifications. You could also spend a lot of money on your course and receive poor tutoring that does not prepare you for the personal trainer industry.

What you learn in the classroom is of the highest importance but you should also be able to develop outside of the classroom. Fitness education is very dimensional. You have to be able to market you services, practice your knowledge and have the confidence to teach it to clients. Being a personal trainer is not so linear and you have to have a tutor who has experience and a course that makes yourself dimensional. That is true value for money. Relevant knowledge for a reasonable price.

Value for Money

Origym’s courses are the best value for money in the industry. We are so confident in their value that we offer the most flexible payment schemes on the market. Origym are so flexible that:

  • We do not require an additional credit check
  • We do not ask for guarantor
  • 0% interest free courses
  • Payment plans that suit you and your economic situation

There is nothing worse than enrolling on a course and setting up a payment plan with interest before leaving the course and having to pay for no qualifications. People who are attempting to start a new career and better themselves do not deserve this. This is why Origym do not apply interest to their courses. This is why we also do not require credit checks. Some courses will build up promises of how they want to help you achieve a successful fitness career. However, they change their tune when you have a poor credit rating. Origym require payment for their products and services but we give as much as we get while providing people with ample opportunity.

Now that you understand what education needed to be a personal trainer, we can further elaborate on the our foolproof process that will not only prove very lucrative, but also very rewarding.


Second Step:  Completing your Level 2 qualification

This is the most important education needed to be a personal trainer. It is the catalyst to the beginning of your career and a mandatory requirement for anybody employer in the personal trainer industry. It also provides you with access to more substantial certification but this is something we will speak of later.

A level 2 personal trainer course allows you to fully climatise to the practical lifestyle of a personal trainer. Tutors will spread your time between the classroom and the gym. Origym’s tutors have a hand in designing the structure of our courses so we can deliver an authentic experience for all of our students.

Make sure you enrol on a course with a quality curriculum

Here is an example of a Level 2 course. This course will help you get to grips with the primary aspects of a personal trainer profession. It will also increase your fitness knowledge without a single click bait article. Origym’s Level 2 modules include:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Supporting clients who take part in exercise & physical activity
  • Health, safety and welfare in fitness environment
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Planning gym based exercise
  • Instructing gym based exercise
What you need to be a personal trainer


Each one of these modules is relevant and relevant modules interest employers.  If you were to apply for a position as a lifeguard without the ability to swim, it would be pointless. This is why you should assess any curriculum before enrolling on a personal trainer course. You could even consult one our advisors who will ensure you of what education needed to become a personal trainer.

Make sure you learn valuable lessons that will help you within the industry

One of the most important aspects of being a personal trainer is not only knowing the principles of exercise, fitness and health but also how to practice these principles in a safe environment. Personal trainer organisations such as REP’s sell personal trainer insurance for this reason . They sell it because if your client becomes injured during one of your PT sessions, you will be accountable. To minimise this risk we condition you to constantly maintain a high standard of health and safety.

The difference between a high quality course and a hollow qualification is nuances like this. These insider tips to the personal trainer industry shape the education needed to be a personal trainer. They will make you much more aware of the industry and its practices. While these additions seem small, they are very beneficial.


Third step: Completing your Level 3 qualification

Before, I stated that a Level 2 certificate is the mandatory qualification you need to gain access into the industry. However, this is not the only education needed to be a personal trainer. While a Level 2 certificate knocks on the door, a Level 3 certificate kicks the door down. A poor analogy, I know, but without a Level 2 certificate you will not be eligible to enrol on a Level 3 course.

Employers will only find candidates suitable if they have a Level 3 personal trainer qualification. If you do not have this qualification your chances of finding employment in the industry are considerably slimmer. This is why some personal trainer companies combine the Level 2 and Level 3 qualification together. The course is called a Fast Track personal trainer course and this is exactly the education needed to be a personal trainer. You will be able to gain qualifications quickly and effectively.

We also recommended that you assess the Level 3 curriculum and how it advances your learning. Here is a great example of a Level 3 personal trainer curriculum.

  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for health and exercise
  • Applying the principle of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • Programming Personal Training with clients
  • Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills


These modules intend to extend the knowledge of your Level 2 course while also emphasising the practical integration of your learnt knowledge. There is no better way to gather education needed to be a personal trainer. A Level 3 qualification will help you attain a lucrative position in the fitness industry.

To become a fully employed personal trainer you need to purposely complete this course to a high quality. This course will give you the education needed to be a personal trainer.


Fourth Step: Check for the correct accreditation

Without the correct accreditation you will not gain the correct certification. Employers value the quality of a certificate as much as they value the quality of the students. This notion is almost symbiotic. This is why personal trainer course providers work tirelessly to gain the correct accreditation. There are only a handful of accreditors within the UK. Origym’s courses are accredited by the two leading organisation within the industry.

These organisations include REP’s, which stands for the Register of Exercise Professionals. REP’s provide listings of personal trainers and personal trainer courses. Without being recognised by REP’s you do not exits as a fitness professional. As well as this, Active IQ are one of the most reliable companies in the industry. Active IQ accredit vocational courses so they are recognised as educational qualifications.

Without organisation like REP’s and Active IQ, you will not have the education needed to be a personal trainer. So when you are looking for a suitable personal trainer course for yourself you should look for a course that is recognised and accredited by fitness establishments.


For a general re-cap, here are the 4 steps you need to take to gain the education needed to be a personal trainer. If you need anymore help in regards to your assessing or choosing a personal trainer course contact our advisors on 0800 002 9599


education needed to be a personal trainer


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Origym understand that for newcomers the process of becoming a personal trainer can be fairly confusing. This article aims to help you become a personal trainer and better understand the correct career path to take. This article breaks down the amount of education needed to be a personal trainer.

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