9 Best Fitness Class Attendance Apps

Best Fitness Class Attendance Apps

To help your classes run smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best fitness class booking apps and the features that make them the ideal accompaniment to your classes.

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9 Best Fitness Class Attendance Apps

Tracking your client numbers is crucial to understanding your business, and the right fitness class attendance app will make a huge difference in how you collect and understand this data.

In this list of the best fitness class booking apps, we’ll walk you through the main features and benefits of each one to help you decide what’s best for your business!

#1 - Acuity Scheduling

fitness class scheduling app free

Google Play Rating: 3.3

Apple Store Rating: 4.8

Acuity Scheduling is one of the best fitness class booking apps available in the app store, with plenty of great features to maximise its usefulness as a business tool.

The most important aspect of a fitness class check-in app is the ability for prospective class members to book their sessions wherever and whenever they want.

With Acuity Scheduling, members can see your updated timetable in real-time 24/7 and schedule themselves into any appointment slot available. 

Members can also cancel and reschedule through the app, making your life easier when it comes to filling your classes. Through the app, members will also receive:

  • Automatic confirmations
  • Class reminders
  • Follow-up messages 

This can dramatically reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, meaning you’ll have higher attendance levels and more income.

fitness class attendance app

You’ll have everything in one place with this fitness class booking app. Other features include:

  • Syncing it with your calendars and other apps
  • Option to take remote payments
  • Customise everything to match your brand identity

The sliding pay scale means you’ll only have to pay for what you need, and with prices ranging from $14 to $45 (£11.58 - £37.23), this fitness class attendance app will suit any budget.

Want to try this fitness class attendance app for free before you commit? With a 7-day free trial, Acuity Scheduling has made it possible to try before you buy and figure out if this service is right for you.

#2 - BookyWay

fitness class scheduling app free

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Apple Store Rating: 4.9

If you’re looking for one of the best fitness class booking apps in the UK, BookyWay is one to watch for!

BookyWay uses a more subject-specific formatting within their fitness class booking app, giving you a more customisable service.

BookyWay gives you complete control over how you manage your schedule. It’s super easy to create, list and display your class schedule, as well as incorporate waiting lists and maximum booking limits for classes or class members.

You can even limit how much of the schedule you allow members to see. This allows you to get ahead in your planning but still have the option to add any last-minute changes.

However, what helps this fitness class attendance app stand out is its ability to generate reports and statistics using member data.

fitness class booking app uk

With BookyWay, your client attendance data is collated into reports where you can see how many members are coming per session as well as how many are using credits or paying for classes.

These stats will help you see which sessions are more popular, allowing you to make informed choices in the future regarding your business. 

For example, by tracking the latest fitness trends, you can introduce new promotions to help increase your income and client retention figures.

But this isn’t all this fitness class attendance app has to offer! You’ll also benefit from more features such as:

  • Integrated online systems, allowing you to manage virtual classes
  • Inbuilt in-app payment system
  • The ability to store membership data safely and securely

Even better, you can get all of this for free! This fitness class booking app is free for sign-ups in the first 30 days, with each new member thereafter costing a one-off payment of £1 (+VAT).


#3 - Vagaro

fitness class scheduling app free

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Apple Store Rating: 4.7

We couldn’t make a list of the best fitness class booking apps without including Vagaro. This app has one of the highest collective ratings across the Apple and Google Play stores.

Vagaro uses a drag-and-drop management style to make creating and changing your schedule incredibly simple. In-built filters let you quickly shift between daily, weekly, and monthly views, as well as flick between instructors to monitor several calendars at once.

This fitness class attendance app even has an integrated system to link with social media. 

This feature means your customers can book through:

  • The app
  • Website 
  • Instagram or Facebook

Once in-person sessions have been booked, your class members can use their phone as part of their fitness class check-in, with the app acting as their key into the premises.

With Vagaro, you have the option to completely customise your app to match your brand identity. Simply work with their in-house designers to create the right look for your app and Vagaro will send it off to the app store for you! 

fitness class check-in app

You’ll even receive a code from them to pass on to your members, making it easier to download.

In terms of pricing, Vagaro is on the more expensive end of the scale when it comes to a fitness class booking app. Prices start at £30 for one calendar, and increase by £10 for every additional schedule.

You’ll also have to pay for the majority of the special extras, which can add up over time. For example, the app customisation will set you back around £155 per month.

However, if you have the budget it’s worth investing in this fitness class attendance app to help you reach the next steps when thinking of fitness business ideas.

#4 - Xplor Studio

fitness class scheduling app free

Apple Store Rating: 4.3

The best fitness class booking apps are designed to make your life easier in the long run, and Xplor Studio is one of the best. 

For example, this fitness class scheduling app uses simple software, making it easy to drag and drop appointments into place. This lets you see how busy your staff are and where you need to add or remove classes.

It also paves the way for a more personalised booking experience for class members. As they can have more control over their schedule with 1-on-1 sessions, members and staff have the option to decline or rearrange meetings for a time to suit them.

With Xplor Studio, you have the facilities to monitor and track attendance rates to help you retain members and see which popular fitness classes may not be performing well. 

You can even highlight at-risk members and use more targeted marketing processes to encourage them to stay.

fitness class check-in app

Other important features of this fitness class attendance app include:

  • Built-in video library for home workout sessions
  • Retail section to diversify your revenue streams
  • Nutrition tracking and planning

We do think it’s worth noting Xplor Studio is another of the more expensive fitness class booking apps. The core version starts at $149 (£123.29) a month, followed by 2 tiers of more premium membership at $249 and $349 (£206.03 - £288.77) per month

However, this middle banding is the one to include the price of a personalised app so we would recommend investing in this option if you can to engage more with your members.

We know fitness class attendance apps can be expensive, but why not try Xplor Studio for yourself and see the good it can do?

- - - - 

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#5 - Wellness Living Achieve

fitness class scheduling app free

Google Play Rating: 3.4

Wellness Living Achieve is another fitness class attendance app to help you stand out from the competition.

With this fitness class scheduling app, you’re free to create a completely up-to-date timetable for your staff and students. The software is easy to interact with, and you can even set up waitlists to mitigate any losses from cancellations.

The ability to generate data reports is a huge advantage in making pertinent business decisions. Through this fitness class attendance app, you’ll have access to dozens of generated reports and statistics to help you make the best choice available.

For example, these reports will include attendance data, breaking down who is visiting specific classes and how often. This lets you know which classes to keep on the schedule and which ones might need more improvement before they’re re-released to your members.

fitness class check-in app

Another great aspect is how you can design a custom branded app for your class members to use. To ensure your company identity is stamped all over your fitness class booking app, you can control: 

  • Font
  • Style
  • Images
  • Fitness Logos and Branding

Plus, with this fitness class booking app you can increase your client engagement by offering a complete range of services at the push of a button.

If this fitness class attendance app sounds like something you’d want to explore, it’s time to talk about costs. The Wellness Living Achieve app has 3 main bandings, with some features only available at each price point.

The most basic level is available for just $59 (£48.82) per month, with the next coming in at $99 (£81.91) and the last at $259 (£214.30), with a multi-location plan available over the phone.

After more resources, here are some more that you'll enjoy!

#6 - LegitFit

fitness class booking app uk

Apple Store Rating: 5.0

Based in Cork (Ireland), LegitFit has proven to be one of the best fitness class booking apps for the UK - just look at their app store rating!

LegitFit has plenty of features for you to play with, such as: 

  • Maximising your gym revenue
  • Improving your business processes
  • Increasing the retention of attendees

For example, using this fitness class scheduling app frees up a lot of time by streamlining your booking system and making it much more user-friendly for your class. 

A better booking system means you’re not losing leads due to frustration with clunky software and may even gain more sign-ups because it’s so easy.

fitness class attendance app

With LegitFit, you also have the option to make your timetable more public by sharing it across different platforms. This can lead to more bookings and a higher attendance rate amongst pre-existing class members.

This fitness class attendance app also frees up your time with data collection and report generation. Rather than having to track data yourself, LegitFit compiles it into simple graphs and charts.

You can then use these to guide any decisions you need to make to increase attendance. For example, seeing which classes are less popular will help you make more space for those that are working well.

If you’re interested, why not sign up for this fitness class attendance app's free demo? Once you’ve made up your mind, prices start from £45 a month depending on the size of your business. This means you’ve always got room to grow in the future! 


#7 - Team Up

fitness class booking app uk

Apple Store Rating: 3.2

Looking for a fitness class attendance app with a free trial? Why not try Team Up, where you have the chance to try it for 30 days before you fully commit to buying.

This gives you the chance to fully explore the features of this fitness class booking app and see what it can do to improve your business.

The Team Up fitness class booking app is designed with class members in mind. Its streamlined system makes it much easier for them to manage their schedules.

Customers will find it easier to book classes and attend their sessions on time and with fewer cancellations.

The app also has the option to:

  • Control their profile information
  • Fill out registration forms
  • Sign any waivers necessary before classes

fitness class check-in app

Of course, these services also work for you to make administration easier, allowing you to naturally grow your customer engagement without much effort.

This fitness class attendance app can even generate wait lists for each session to send automatic push notifications to the next in line when a spot opens up. This lets you work with full classes more often by reducing any losses caused by cancellations.

However, what makes Team Up one of the best fitness class booking apps (in the UK and worldwide) is the comprehensive pricing system, giving you access to all the features regardless of your plan.

With Team Up, you pay according to how many customers you have rather than for a specific plan. This is ideal for smaller businesses looking for access to more specialised features without paying the earth, with costs starting from £30 for up to 50 customers.

#8 - Reservio

fitness class booking app uk

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Apple Store Rating: 5.0

Reservio is a brilliant fitness class scheduling app (for free) that can help you with managing and creating your scheduling, making it easier for customers to book their sessions with you.

Automated reminders and notifications will help increase customer engagement, as well as reduce the likelihood of last-minute cancellations up to 75%!

Using Reservio as a business works to increase your visibility as more customers will be able to find you through this fitness class scheduling app for free.

It also puts all of your scheduling content in one place, making it easier to manage timetables and input staff holidays or meetings.

fitness class check-in app

Reservio can even generate detailed reports for you to check your fitness class attendance in the app. Here you can track important data to learn how your business functions, allowing you to make more informed business decisions in the future.

By being accessible 24/7, this fitness class attendance app frees you up to work on your administration whenever and wherever you need without having to be in the office to find the paperwork.

While you can use this fitness class attendance app for free, Reservio does offer paid versions to gain access to more features. 

These plans range from £7 to £30, making Reservio one of the cheapest fitness class booking apps out there and well worth finding space for in your budget.

#9 - Omnify Go

fitness class booking app uk

Omnify is one of the best fitness class booking apps currently available and you should certainly consider exploring whether it would be the right fit for your business.

For example, the design of this fitness class attendance app means it’s easy to switch between:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

This means you can work without sacrificing any of the internal quality, allowing you to work wherever and however you want!

This also makes managing schedules something that can be done anywhere you are, letting you make last-minute changes to suit you and your staff. Omnify allows members to: 

  • Attend sessions easily
  • Add themselves to a waitlist
  • Even coordinate payments within this fitness class booking app

fitness class attendance app

Its automated reminders and marketing emails also encourage more client participation with your services.

With Omnify, you can get a more comprehensive reporting system that takes any data within your business and builds it into easy-to-understand reports and charts. 

This includes any attendance data, so you’ll be able to see how your sessions are performing and where any changes need to be made. 

It can also cast projections, giving an insight into your future earnings and how well each model will be capable of running as it is.

Plans range from $39 (£32.27) to $499 (£412.88) a month depending on your needs. While it’s more expensive, this fitness class attendance app can still be a viable option for your business.


Before You Go!

Finding the right fitness class attendance app for your business will help you develop a deeper understanding of your business and make more informed decisions in the future.

To ensure your client base expands, check out our Level 4 Nutrition Course to further develop your skills and knowledge in the fitness industry.

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