10 Best Fitness Logo Tools: Real Examples + Tips

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We all know how important getting a great looking logo is, it represents your brand and gives an impression of the service you provide. But where should you get fitness logo or logo for a personal trainer designed? After all, we're fitness professionals, not graphic designers.

In the same way we expect a new gym goer to turn to a personal trainer, we in turn should turn to specialist within this remit too.

We have done all the hard work for you and collated a list of the best places to get your personal trainer logo designed, as well as top fitness logos from fitness professionals in every discipline of fitness to give you some inspiration, including:

  • Personal Trainer Logos
  • Yoga Logos
  • Pilates Logos
  • Gym Logos
  • Dance Fitness Logos
  • Nutrition Logos
  • Personal Training studio logos

Before we jump in, this next part is really, really key!!

You MUST ensure that your brand name does not compromise copyright law and is not already trademarked. Let's say you create a fantastic personal trainer logo, flyers, clothes or even equipment to match, but that name is already trademarked by another fitness business, you could be on the wrong end of a legal letter.

As soon as you register your PT business with companies’ house, you can apply for a trademark on your business. Use the Government trademark checker before settling on your final fitness logo. Another note with trademarks is that if you notice a great logo or brand name and see that it's not trademarked, that name or image is still fair game in the eyes of the law. This means, that even if another personal trainer has been operating under that trademark for years and you register it and it is granted authentication, you can let them know to remove it or face legal penalties.....brutal, I know!

Now let's get into the fun stuff of where to get a fitness logo designed...

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Best Resources, Tools and Places of where to get a Fitness Logo

See our list below of the best places to get your ideal fitness logo designed, whether you have just started a gym, personal training business or a online fitness business, your branding is key to portraying the right message to clients. 

Band Crowd

Fitness logo maker image

Band crowd is a free fitness logo maker website, where you can browse thousands of Pilates logos, yoga logos and more, either for a bit of guidance or for purchase. Alternately you can create your own personal trainer logo bespoke to the exact way you want it with their innovative logo maker.

Once you're happy and done you, can even take things that one step further and utilise their service to get matching social media pics, banners and covers for your social media, website or business cards. The process is quick, simple and easy to implement which is what makes Band Crowd a true industry leader.

See below a fitness logo created with Band Crowd:

Fitness logo images

PRO TIP: Pick a font type that resonates with the type and style of training you deliver. For example, if you're a yoga teacher, the font you should go for should be different from someone who specialises in bodybuilding. Fonts are one of the first things people will notice and it speaks volumes to the type of brand you are.

Looka - Gym Logo Design

personal trainer logo design image

Looka is another great place to discover great fitness and personal trainer logos. Let them do the "heavy lifting" as their websites states to creating your brand. You can search their extensive library of both big and small businesses for some personal trainer or gym logo ideas.

The true magic with Looka is in their logo maker, which has highly sophisticated AI that will create logos for you based on your preferences of symbols, colours and styles. You can then literally just scroll down design after design into you find the perfect fitness logo design that you're looking for.

You can even find one that is meeting most of your criteria and then change the colour, text, fonts and layout to make it the perfect fit for your business. Trusted by over 5 million customers worldwide Looka truly is a is a fantastic piece of software!

See below a fitness logo created with Looka:

Personal trainer logo

PRO TIP: Choose your colours wisely! Creating a brand is about consistency, thus when picking your fitness logo, ensure that you're happy with the colour scheme as this should be the same colour scheme you harness on every platform as well as uniform, websites, banner and signage, so it can be costly if you get it wrong.

Pinterest - Fitness Logo Ideas

Whenever you're looking for creative motivation or guidance, Pinterest is the go to platform on the web to finding ideas. Pinterest gives you the added benefit of seeing real personal trainer or gym logos that are used by real business, so you can see the thought process by other fitness professionals branding. `You can quickly scan dozens of images at a time and then decide on the style, icon or colour palette you like and then use it on one of the fitness logo makers.

free fitness logo image

PRO TIP: Create a short, snappy slogan to go with your personal trainer logo that will really resonate with your audience. As OriGym is a training provider of for those looking to become a personal trainer, we decided to go for "live your passion" as we want people to embark on a career that they truly care about.


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Free Logo Services - Free Fitness Logo

logo personal trainer image

Free logo services pride itself on having the fastest turnaround time from point of choosing a personal trainer logo design through to customisation and download. Quality is at the forefront of their agenda and they only use award winning graphic designers to create their logos, which you can then customise to your requirements and what best represents you as a fitness professional. 

PRO TIP: Keep it clean and simple. Overcomplicated fitness logo designs can look crowded and lose the message that they're trying to portray.

Shutterstock - Fitness Logo Ideas

gym logo image

Encase you're not familiar with Shutterstock, it is the world' largest library of royalty free images and logos. If you're looking for inspiration or personal trainer logo designs to compare and contrast, then ensure to explore Shutterstock which has literally hundreds of thousands of designs. Simply create an account on their website and the you can just buy the logo that you most like the look of.

See below an example fitness logo on Shutterstock:

female fitness logo image

PRO TIP: Try not to isolate people away from your brand. For example, by using a logo with "get gainz" or "no pain no gain", could put people off whom are just starting out in the gym or those whom suffer with low confidence levels. 

Placeit - Personal Trainer Logo Maker

gym logo ideas image 

Create your own bespoke health and fitness logo in a matter of minutes with Placeit! With fantastic reviews online from past users, Place it allows you to tailor your personal training logo by just typing your brand name into their AI, select the icon you like, change the fonts and colours and you’re done, it's that quick and simple.

Placeit is unique in that once you have produced your personal trainer logo, you can ensure that all your branding matches across every platform with their pre-set templates.

This includes templates from everything from YouTube, Facebook cover images, Twitter banners through to T-shirts and flyers, making your life really easy to keep brand consistency when launching your PT business.

See below a gym logo created with Placeit:

personal trainer logo designs image

PRO TIP: Try to avoid localising your personal trainer logo. For example, if you're a personal trainer in Leeds and created the fitness brand "unlimited fitness", try to avoid putting "the location on your logo e.g. "unlimited fitness Leeds". If you decide to expand to other locations or change your service e.g. move online, it could potentially restrict you.

Tailor Brands - Personal Trainer Logo Template

personal trainer logo ideas image

Tailor brands is another fitness logo maker, where you can create your perfect logo in under 30 seconds. There are no pre-set templates, it is all fully customised and unique to your fitness brand. The sophisticated AI will create your personal trainer business cards and social profiles automatically with your logo and branding all ready to download and use.

With over 400 million designs created to date, Tailor brands has helped over 10 million small business owners is a great place to get your PT business off to a good start. 

See below a crossfit logo created with Tailor brands:

personal training logo ideas

PRO TIP: Use a well know or recognisable symbol to instantly show your audience what your brand is all about. An example would be using a "barbell image" if you specialise in weight training or strength conditioning. 

Design Crowd - Fitness Logo Designs

fitness logo designs image

Design crowd is a graphics design specific website where you scan thousands of fitness logo designs and designers to see which individual you would most like to work with. Alternately you can just post a project in three simple steps. Firstly, state what you want e.g. graphics designer, then enter what you want them for e.g. personal trainer logo design and then select the pricing bracket for how many designs you want, and you’re done. That quick and easy!

See below a women's fitness logo created with Design Crowd:

personal training logo ideas

PRO TIP: Coming back to keeping it simple. If you have a complex logo it can look great on a website, but if it has lots going on and various elements it can look awful on business cards, T-shorts or just areas where the logo is shrunk to fit.

People per Hour - Find a Graphics Designer for your Fitness Logo

personal trainer logo design image

People per hour is a fantastic platform, which hosts thousands of freelancers from all across the world. There are tons of top quality graphic designers that you can reach out to before buying, scan their portfolios, see reviews and compare prices. You can even upload a project and freelancers will contact you about your project and you can see which freelance you want to use for your fitness logo.

You pay the price within your budget and feel comfortable with, as you can see below, you can find designers from all across the world that can charge as little as £10:

Personal Trainer Logo Image

PRO TIP: If you're feeling creative, you can use subliminal designs. This can be achieved via using words that leave a space in between them which creates an image relating to health and fitness such as a barbell or outline of a person from the background.

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Canva - Create your Own Personal Training Logo

health and fitness logos image

Canva is an awesome website and perfect if you want to have all the input into the end design!

It allows you to create or edit any aspect of your online branding, from generating the perfect fitness logo, through to making banners, flyers, website wire frames, editing photos, graphs, you name it, Canva can do it. The best's free!!

With thousands of templates for your every need, you can customise all your images and graphics for your fitness business and become your own graphics designer. Canva can compliment any of the other services on this list and will be a platform you turn to, time and time again.

Don't worry if you're not techy, the platform is super easy to use and is used by millions across the globe including companies like Anytime Fitness, Pinterest and Huffington Post.

Fitness logo template image


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Fitness Logos From Real Fitness Business

See below our list of some of the best fitness logos from all different aspects of fitness from real business that you can take some inspiration from. These hgave been sectioned into different areas so you can view everything from personal trainer logos through to dance fitness logos.

Personal Trainer Logo Ideas

Personal Trainer Logos Image

Pilates Logo Inspiration

Pilates logo Ideas Image

Gym Logo Ideas

Gym Logo Ideas Image

Personal Training Studio Logos

Personal Trainer Logo Ideas Image

Yoga Logos Ideas

Yoga Logo Ideas Image

Nutrition Logo Designs

nutrition logo image

Dance Fitness Logo Ideas

Dance Fitness Logo Ideas Image

Crossfit Logo Ideas

crossfit logo ideas image

Fitness Class Logos

fitness class logo image

Before You Go!

Once you have created your brand, it can be difficult to change it later, so take your time with your brand name, decide who your trying to target and have some fun with the fitness logo makers until you're 100% satisfied. Remember simple is often best!

If you're considering a career in fitness, check out our Level 3 PT diploma OR you can download our free prospectus here!

Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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