Top 13 Group Fitness Instructor Tips To Find Success

Fitness Instructor Tips

All of the group fitness instructor tips to feature on this list have been selected to support you throughout your fitness instructor job role, regardless of how much pre-existing experience you have.

By following these helpful tips you’re sure to find success when leading groups of class members in exercise sessions.

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We Will Cover:

New Group Fitness Instructors Tips 

Fitness Instructor Tips

All of the class fitness instructor tips to feature within this section are suitable for those of you who have just completed your Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and are about to teach your first class. 

However, if you’re yet to qualify or are unsure of what this job role entails check out our article analysing ‘what is a fitness instructor?’. 

#1 - Always Adapt to Feedback

Tips for Fitness Instructors Feedback

When working with large classes, you will quickly learn that everyone has an opinion. One of the best group fitness instructor tips we can provide is to listen to this feedback, before distinguishing whether it's constructive or critical. 

If you refuse to adapt or address any feedback the issue will remain prevalent in your class. If the issue remains unresolved, attendees who provided the feedback could become disheartened, leaving them to either drop your class or report the issue to your employer. 

Whilst no one likes to hear negative things about their teaching style or methods, hearing the class members' opinions will only help you grow as a fitness instructor. 

Examples of constructive feedback from class members can be along the lines of:

  • The music is played too loud and I struggle to hear the instructor
  • I wish a little more time was dedicated to warming up/cooling down
  • The instructor doesn’t seem very prepared. Classes are often unorganised and can be confusing at times.

These are examples of feedback that can be amended in order to make the establishment more enjoyable for the members. As a real example, take a look at this Trustpilot review.

fitness instructor tips another review

The group fitness instructor in question can change these things, they can provide the classroom with more light and lower the music down to a comfortable level for the class members. 

However, examples of personal criticisms can be:

  • I don’t like the instructor's taste in music - Irrelevant information that is influenced by personal taste.
  • I find the instructor's voice irritating - A personal insult against an instructor which is an example of rude criticism.
  • I don’t like other members of my class - This is a factor that is out of the instructor's control. Unless members are banned by the gym, everyone is welcome to attend classes.
  • I just don’t like it - Not helpful as it lacks information on what can be improved upon.

Look at this next example we found on Trustpilot:

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Con

This feedback cannot be viewed as constructive as it is simply too vague. The instructor or the gym cannot implement any positive changes as the customer has not divulged what can be improved upon. 

Whilst this type of feedback is never nice to receive you should not take these critiques too seriously. Allow them to be dismissed - they can’t benefit you or your class as positive changes can’t be implemented as a result of their feedback. 

If you wish to receive feedback we recommend providing the following options:

  • Anonymous feedback forms 
  • E-mails to your supervisor for regular updates
  • Texts 
  • In-person discussions at the end of every session

By adapting your sessions around constructive comments, we can guarantee the class members in attendance will be happier with their new and improved classes. 


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#2 - Make a Good First Impression

Fitness Instructor Tips Intro

When operating as a fitness instructor you will be regularly running classes with the same members. However, every session has the potential to be a member first time at the gym. 

Therefore, our next tip for fitness instructors is to make a good first impression during every class, as this will help to ensure retention levels remain high. 

According to My World of Work, ensuring that class attendees remain happy enough to come back to your class is one of the key responsibilities of a fitness instructor. Therefore, you should be actively creating a welcoming environment for all members. 

Tips for Fitness Instructors Job Descr

Failure to make a good first impression at the beginning of every class can result in class members feeling unwelcome in your presence. Members could start turning up late, leave bad reviews of their teaching, or pass negative comments to the rest of the class. 

Should this happen, members may drop out, leaving you with lower attendance rates. This could negatively impact your employment status too, as your employer could decide to dismiss you following the dwindling number of members. 

Ensuring that all members feel welcomed can be achieved through simple actions such as greeting everyone individually. Even a basic act of human kindness can make a difference when making a first impression.

Following this brief introduction, we’d strongly recommend practicing an icebreaker such as:

  • Group chanting - Encouragement for the class ahead
  • Question of the day - Date of Birth, Favourite Film, etc.
  • Team/Partner based activities

By engaging with warm-ups you will be making a good first impression on potential new members. This is because the practice gets the class to think and work as a collective unit, ensuring that newcomers feel immediately welcomed and part of the team.

#3 - Share Your Positivity 

OriGym Group Fitness Instructor tips Positivity

We're starting our list of new class instructor tips with arguably the most important one, and that is to share your positivity with the entire class.

Positivity is contagious and if you come into work with a good attitude the class members will, in turn, reciprocate this behaviour. 

As part of the group fitness instructor job, you will be asked to lead sessions with confidence by setting an example for the members in attendance. During this responsibility, you will be tasked with providing corrections to those who are struggling or performing their workout incorrectly.

If the member continues to make these mistakes without the proper corrections, they could become disheartened by their lack of results, or worse, they could severely injure themselves from improper form and execution. 

class instructor tips positivity

This is why it’s vital for fitness instructors to intervene should they see any mistakes transpire during their class.

With a negative attitude, these corrections could potentially come across as rude, condescending, and unhelpful to the members' fitness journey. However, with a positive attitude, you will present yourself as someone who cares about each gym member’s journey, progress and safety. 

Be sure to demonstrate the proper method to the gym member before asking to see them repeat the process. Offer constant encouragement during their following attempt, as this positive reinforcement will only build their confidence.

#4 - Provide Demonstrations 

Demonstrations for Group Fitness Instructor Tips

It may shock you to learn that many group fitness instructors don't provide demonstrations to their classes. At OriGym we strongly advise against this - you should always be leading by example and performing the exercise routines along with your class.

Human Kinetics has reported that demonstrations should always be physically provided, along with a verbal explanation for how the exercise can benefit the attendees. If this is provided, the class is more likely to be intentive as they will watch your every move, and listen to your every word. 

Failure to provide visual and audible demonstrations will result in a class that lacks focus, and can even cause injuries among attendees.

You are a professional, but it is likely that your class attendees are not. So, if you're not giving exact instructions. client may overexert themselves during a movement, or use a piece of equipment in an inaccurate or harmful manner.

Group Fitness Instructor Tips for Demonstrations

If you're interested in some group fitness instructor tips for operating the perfect demonstration, be sure to break it down into the following steps.

  • The Predemonstration: Explain the movement in question, try to provide your class with as much information as possible during this stage, as it sets the scene for the actual demonstration. During this process, you should be stressing why your teaching is beneficial.
  • The Actual Demonstration: Be sure to offer a step-by-step process into every little thing that your body is doing. This will ensure that your class knows exactly what they're doing, and how they can execute it in a safe and correct manner. 
  • The Trial: Here is where you will pass it over to your class attendees and ask them to mimic your movement. Pay close attention to everyone, offering both constructive feedback for those struggling, as well positive recognition for those who are performing well.
  • The Follow Up: This is a fairly easy process and will get the class interacting with one another. Ask attendees how they felt during the movement, and whether they thought it was too difficult or easy for example.

Demonstrations are an art in itself and require the perfect balance between a group fitness instructor's people skills and technical knowledge. 

However, if done correctly class attendees are more likely to improve their form and technique, all whilst associating these positive feelings of success with your teaching style. 


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#5 - Stay Organised! 

Researching job descriptions in your local area will give you a better understanding of ‘what a fitness instructor does’, beyond teaching classes. 

Class Fitness Instructor Tips

For example, as seen on this job description from Fusion Lifestyle we can see that a class fitness instructor is tasked with leading classes, providing realistic goals for attendees, as well as assisting in the set up and cleaning of equipment.

As a professional group fitness instructor, you will be expected to maintain all of these responsibilities. Unorganised trainers will place greater emphasis on one role while letting the others fall to the side. 

Failure to maintain balance can have negative consequences for your career. For example, if you come to class late and without a routine prepared then class members will quickly become dissatisfied. 

Alternatively, losing sight of your other responsibilities and focusing solely on your class could result in disciplinary action, as well as potentially losing your position as a class teacher. 

There are a number of class fitness instructor tips that we will provide to ensure you remain organised:

Make a Detailed Schedule - By creating a detailed weekly schedule you will be able to keep track of each of your responsibilities as and when they’re supposed to transpire. Try to write these details as precisely as possible, as this will allow you to seamlessly transition from one role to another.  

This schedule can include information such as when you’re supposed to set up for the class, to which classes you’re operating in the week, as well as additional information on the class's specific members.  

Fitness Instructor Tips App

Make Use of Training Software - Useful personal training software such as True Coach can be beneficial for group fitness instructors who require additional organisational assistance when operating in their role.

True Coach for example will allow you to create a detailed schedule that will send you updates when your next responsibility is approaching. Additionally, you will be able to track class attendance in order to see which of your regular attendees are present.

Set Yourself Goals - Set yourself goals to avoid becoming lost in a sea of responsibilities. These goals will help you retain a level of organisation, as you can progressively work towards something set in stone rather than going in blind. 

These goals should always relate back to your everyday job responsibilities. This can range from ensuring that the gym is safe and clean for all members, to harder tasks such as recruiting more customers into your class. Being able to physically tick goals off a to-do list may help to stay organised. 

These are merely a few examples of group fitness instructor tips that you can use to improve your organisational skills. By choosing to implement any of these recommendations your job should become significantly easier to manage.


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Group Fitness Instructor Tips to Keep Class Members Engaged

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Class

During your Level 2 Fitness Instructor certification, you will learn how to motivate class members through the creation of engaging routines. This section is dedicated to imparting class instructor tips that will help to keep the attendees motivated.

Keeping the class attendees engaged will ensure that they return for future classes. Whilst failure to do so will result in them becoming bored and unfulfilled, before eventually dropping your class entirely. 

#6 - Motivate Yourself to Work

When leading fitness group classes the class members will feed off your energy and use it to excel with you. Therefore, if you’re feeling positive they too will also have a positive outlook.

We can see this to be true in the following Trustpilot review left for a specific trainer. Here we can see that the gym member greatly enjoyed her energetic and friendly nature, and in turn, left a review singing the gym’s praises. 

fitness instructor exam screenshot 2

Keeping the class members happy and upbeat is essential if you wish to retain attendance numbers. If you come to your sessions in a negative and lazy mood, the members will show this back to you and in turn put in minimal effort. 

Should this occur attendees are likely to leave negative reviews for your classes either online or with your employer. As a result, you could expect fewer new sign-ups or issues with your employment to arise.  

However, at OriGym we can provide tips for group fitness instructors who are looking to boost their own motivation and energy levels. 

These class fitness instructor tips include:

Rewarding yourself - Everyone enjoys the occasional treat after an intense workout. If you’re a fitness instructor who requires a little more motivation to get through those tough classes why not provide yourself with more incentive to push yourself through the class. 

This doesn’t have to be an extravagant award - it can be as simple as cooking your favourite meal or buying some new gear. Keeping this reward at the forefront of your mind will push you forward when things get too hard. 

Tips for Fitness Instructors Goals

Set Short and Long Term Goals - Setting goals can greatly boost your motivational levels, regardless of whether they’re long or short term. At OriGym we advise implementing SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) into your career.

When setting these goals it's important to be realistic, but you should also strive to challenge yourself. Pursuing these goals will fill you with a sense of motivation, as you are actively seeking to better yourself and your career. 

For example, a long-term SMART goal for fitness instructors would be to start teaching an additional 3 classes a week by the end of the year. Whereas a short-term SMART goal for a fitness instructor could be to welcome 5 new members into your classes by the end of the month. 

Find What Inspires YouOnce you have been in the fitness industry for a long time it’s easy to view your role as just ‘a job’. However, one of the class fitness instructor tips we’re providing is to take things back to the basics and remind yourself why you pursued this role in the first place. 

Question things such as why you love fitness and why you chose to initially pursue your Level 2 fitness instructor qualifications. By reminiscing on times when your passion levels were high you can successfully re-discover what inspires you.

#7 - Keep Classes Fun!

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Fun

As a Level 2 Fitness Instructor, you will learn how to create tailored sessions that are engaging and stimulating for the members of your class. 

One basic way to keep your class engaging for attendees is to get them involved in the tailoring process. If members feel they have some say in what they are paying for, they’re more likely to enjoy their session and be happy with their purchase. 

This can be through simple tasks such as asking each individual to provide one song for a cultivated class playlist.

Other premises such as themed sessions can also make classes more fun for attendees. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself here - get creative with concepts such as fancy dress classes or sessions dedicated to a specific genre of music.

tips for fitness instructor screenshot 3

An example of these types of classes can be seen in Fitness Instructor Fiona Ledgard, who teaches ZOMBIEROBICS classes and hosts Spice Girls Dance-A-Thons. 

During ZOMBIEROBICS for example, Ledgard's class is encouraged to come to an aerobics class dressed up in zombie attire, for a fun and silly workout class that is sure to leave an impression. 

This is a great example of how to keep classes fun. Individuals who would otherwise see aerobics as too intimidating can take part with the knowledge that this class won’t be as serious as they would otherwise expect.  

By making sessions fun and engaging, class members will feel as if their money is well spent. As a result, your attendance levels will remain consistent and, if word of mouth spreads regarding your creative sessions, you can even expect to see an increased attendance level. 

#8 - Reward The Class Members 

tips for fitness instructor Clients happiness

As Fitness instructors, your class members look up to you for wisdom and guidance which is why acknowledging and rewarding their hard work means a lot to them.

If you ignore the member's progress they will simply feel neglected and undervalued, which may prompt them to leave the class or gym entirely. 

These rewards don’t have to be a commonly occurring event in your classes, but can be put in place should a gym member achieve a great accomplishment. You could offer a reward for perfect attendance for multiple classes, or when members reach their own personal fitness goals.

Research has found that acknowledging and rewarding hard work can have a positive influence on retention levels. Therefore, if you wish to keep class attendance levels high we strongly advise recognising and rewarding the class attendees.

Here are some group fitness instructor tips for how you can best reward the member's hard work:

  • Acknowledgment/round of applause in front of the class
  • Words of encouragement
  • Discounted or free class
  • A workout diary 
  • Gym gear (branded shirt, water bottle, etc.)
  • Protein powder 
  • Treating them to a coffee

Every member is different, be sure to have an understanding of what reward that they would most benefit from before implementing your decision. Just because one response well to words of encouragement does not mean that this translates to the entire class.

Remember to keep ‘rewarding = retention' at the forefront of your mind when acknowledging a member's work.


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Class Fitness Instructor Tips For Attracting More Class Members 

Tips for Fitness Instructors Looking To Attract More Clients

You may have been a fully qualified fitness instructor for some time now but struggle to get more members to join your classes. 

This section is dedicated to providing group fitness instructor tips that will help to attract members to your sessions.

#9 - Modify Exercises to Make Classes More Accessible 

Class Fitness Instructor Tips Modification

As a group fitness instructor, you will typically follow a set routine for every class you teach. However, if you want to attract more members into your class you need to realise that you won’t always be teaching able-bodied individuals of the same fitness level.

Therefore, for some exercises, you will need to adapt and modify to suit those who are not physically able to perform the proposed routine. 

Examples of who may need classes modified for their needs are pregnant individuals and those who are not able-bodied. 

Research has shown that if a fitness facility has accessibility issues, then these members are more likely to feel negative feelings about themselves, and leave poor reviews. This could in turn negatively affect your class retention, rather than boosting attendance figures.

At OriGym we’re here to provide you with some group fitness instructor tips that will help you make your classes safe for everyone. 

Here we’re going to use the example of pregnant women and some steps you can take to prepare your class for them. 

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Modify

  • Modify Planks - For example, planks can be slightly altered to an incline in order to reduce the overall load on the abdominal muscles and back. Alternatively, pregnant members can drop to both knees in order to hold a plank in a supported position.
  • Modify Crunches - This can put major pressure on the blood vessels of pregnant members, which can lead to dizziness and nausea. Instead of crunches, pregnant members can perform straight arm pullbacks with a band. This modification will still allow for core strengthening without causing any harm or negative symptoms. 
  • Check the Room Temperature - If you’re hosting exercise classes with pregnant women in attendance you will need to ensure that the room has proper air circulation. If the environment becomes too warm it may cause pregnant members to faint as they are more prone to overheating, overexertion, and dehydration 
  • Ask for a Doctor’s Approval - Some pregnancies can be high-risk, in which case the member should not be attending class or performing any strenuous physical activity to begin with. If you’re genuinely concerned about the possibility of a pregnant member hurting themselves in your class please ask to see clearance from their doctor.

These are merely a few group fitness instructor tips that we’d recommend implementing should you begin teaching members who require modifications. 

Naturally, these modifications may alter depending on what kind of class you teach, and who requires these modifications. Whilst it is somewhat difficult to prepare for every scenario, having a few basic prevention measures in place can ensure that you don’t have to turn any member away.

Basic knowledge in the principles of exercise and health will assist you in this process, which is one of the key modules on our Level 2 Fitness Instructor course.

#10 - Be Personable When Interacting with Class Members 

Group Fitness Instructor Tips personal

One of the most important group fitness instructor tips we can provide is to develop a strong relationship with the members of your class. 

This can be done through a series of actions, a few of which have been mentioned in the tips we've discussed above, such as being prepared for inductions and making a good first impression. 

When working as a group fitness instructor, the connection is everything, without it, class attendees will just view you as an emotionally distant teacher. This perception can negatively affect your retention levels, as no one is going to want to work with you long-term. 

Examples of how fitness instructors fail to connect can be seen in individuals who refuse to remember names, dismisses or ignore queries and questions, and fails to acknowledge members' hard work.

When teaching multiple classes a week consisting of large numbers of attendees it's easy to forget a name or two. However, with these simple solutions, the issue should never plague you again.

Group fitness instructor friendly

  • Meet & Repeat - When you first meet a new attendee try to incorporate their name when you're talking to them. So instead of saying something like 'tell me about yourself, you should say something like, 'tell me about yourself lewis'.
  • Associate - Often associating someone with a specific thing can help you to remember someone's name, this is commonly done with alliteration. For example, as a group fitness instructor, you could use the following associations - Kettlebell Kate, Cardio Carl, Zumba Zara. 

But by far the best group fitness instructor tip we can provide is to make yourself available. By just letting the attendees know you're free to talk, both before or after class, you will be perceived as a welcoming person.

These discussions don't even have to be about the class, but can also relate to the attendees' personal lives. A simple conversation can go a long way and can make your classes significantly more personable.

Class Fitness Instructors Tips to Improve Your Confidence

Fitness Instructor Tips Self-Motivation

Teaching large groups of individuals at once is challenging and requires a great deal of confidence.

If you struggle with public speaking or any form of nerves, this section of group fitness instructor tips will provide you with clarity on how to improve your confidence.

#11 - Study With The Best Providers

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Education 2

Everyone has to start somewhere, and becoming a confident and well-rounded fitness instructor begins with earning the best possible qualification. 

Think of your Level 2 Fitness Instructor certification as your launching pad - if you receive a strong education you will feel much more confident when it comes to entering the industry.

However, if you receive a poor education you may struggle with leading classes once you have begun working professionally. This could lead to many issues, such as not being able to tailor workout routines, providing inaccurate answers to questions, and even putting your members at risk with improper form and advice. 

So, how do you determine a good course provider from a bad one? 

Providers which have been recognised and regulated will have had their teaching syllabus approved and certified to be beneficial for those who wish to study. 

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Education 1

For example, OriGym’s Level 2 Fitness Instructor course has been regulated by Ofqual and recognised by CIMSPA. This certifies the program as being professionally approved by the wider fitness industry. 

Studying with providers such as OriGym will ensure you receive the best possible education. For example, all courses that have been recognised by CIMSPA have to teach a business module to ensure their students are ready for the world of work.

At OriGym we provide this module as we want to ensure our students’ future success. Other providers may not have this component, which can result in students lacking in confidence once they enter the professional industry. 

#12 - Anticipate Bumps in The Road 

Fitness Instructor Tips Preparation

When working as a fitness instructor you’re going to encounter bumps in the road. Your mic may break, your playlist may not work correctly, your gear could rip, and some members may say hurtful things to you. 

Letting these situations get the better of you could lead to mistakes in your classes, which could in turn have negative effects on your confidence. 

When any of these incidents happen it’s easy to become disheartened and lose confidence, but we are here to provide some fitness instructor tips that will help you come to every class prepared. 

Bring a Back-Up Source of Music: Nobody wants to attend a class that’s conducted in total silence. The best workout playlists can successfully boost the mood and energy of an entire room, so if your phone dies and the music suddenly stops, class focus and morale can instantly plummet.

To avoid this issue from occurring, be sure to plan ahead and bring a back-up source of music to every class. For example, if you regularly use your phone, be sure to keep a workout CD in your gym bag.

Fitness Instructor Tips Plan

Keep Spare Gear In Your Bag - This example of a group fitness instructor can be applied to nearly every role within the fitness industry. But having some spear gear in your work bag can save you from any embarrassing moments that may occur.

Let’s say you’ve just taught an intense HIIT class but have to give a gym induction to a new member immediately following. Having spare clothes in your bag ensures that you don’t have to greet this person with smelly gear. 

You can’t be expected to prepare for every scenario possible, but having some variables in place to combat these challenges will provide you with that added boost of confidence.


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#13 - Never Stop Learning!

Fitness Instructor Tips Post Course

Once you have earned your Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification the learning process doesn’t have to stop. As a fitness instructor, you should be constantly looking to build upon your existing knowledge with further qualifications.

If you’re looking to pursue further education here at OriGym we can provide you with some recommended courses that could greatly enhance your confidence in teaching. 

The best thing is that all of the recommendations to feature within this point only require you to hold your existing Level 2 qualification. 

However, Level 3 Personal Training qualification will also help to build your confidence when working with the class attendees. This is largely due to the fact that following the completion of the course you will have more knowledge to pull from when assisting clients.

Group Fitness Instructor Tips Qualification

Once you’re enrolled on this course you will study the following topics:

  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Nutritional Principles
  • How to Deliver a PT Session
  • How To Display Leadership
  • The Business Side of The Industry  

By constantly learning and building upon your existing knowledge you will be better prepared for whatever comes your way, be that a difficult client or a routine adaptation.


What Can I Expect to Learn on OriGym’s Fitness Instructor Course?

OriGym Tips for Fitness Instructors Course

Once you have enrolled on OriGym’s Level 2 Fitness Instructor course you will cover a variety of topics all of which will shape you into a well-rounded instructor. 

The modules that are included on this include:

  • How to Motivate Groups & Individuals 
  • How to Tailor Training Sessions
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology 
  • The Principles of Exercise & Fitness
  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • The Business Side of The Industry 

All of the topics will be covered and relevant in your final assessment of the course. However, be aware that how you choose to study with us can determine the way you are examined. 

There are three study options at OriGym: full-time, online, and 50/50 blended learning.

If you choose to study with us full-time you can expect the following assessments 

  • Multiple choice exam on anatomy and physiology - 70% required to pass
  • Multiple choice exam on the principles of exercise and health - 70% required to pass
  • Practical Assessment on delivering a gym-based induction -  Pass required 

OriGym Tips for Fitness Instructors

Whereas if you choose to study online or through blended learning you will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Multiple choice Open-Book online exam on anatomy and physiology - 70% required to pass
  • Multiple choice Open-Book online exam on the principles of exercise and health - 70% required to pass
  • Practical Assessment on delivering a gym-based induction -  Pass required 

Those who choose to study with us through these two methods must travel to the nearest OriGym venue in order to take their practical exam. 

If you’d like further insight into the content you can expect to encounter on these assignments please read our article covering Level 2 Fitness Instructor Exams.

What Roles Are Level 2 Fitness Instructors Qualified to Do?

OriGym Tips for Fitness Instructors Roles

As stated within the article you won’t always be teaching, and there are a number of other responsibilities that are required of instructors.

Once you are hired by a gym or fitness center you may be expected to perform any or all of the following roles:

  • Encourage class members to join your place of employment
  • Perform gym inductions
  • Identify issues with a member’s performance 
  • Understand how the human body works - Particularly the heart and circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems
  • Lead Group Classes
  • Give guidance on how exercises can be amended for members who can’t perform the typical variation - e.g. pregnant women. 

However, we must highlight that the role of a fitness instructor can vary depending on your place of employment. Different employers may require you to perform more or fewer responsibilities than the list presented above.

Before You Go!

Our list of fitness instructors tips has been specifically created to help you find success within the industry. 

If followed correctly these tips should resolve any nagging issue that may be plaguing you or your career. 

Before you go, remember to enroll on our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course to put all of these tips into practice, or take your passion that step further with our signature personal training diploma

Alternatively, check out OriGym’s FREE prospectus, we can guarantee that you’ll find the right course for you here.


Sharon Ruvimbo Terera, Et Al. (2014) The Impact of Rewards on Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention. ResearchGate

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