13 Nutrition And Fitness Careers To Consider This Year

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If you’re interested in pursuing nutrition and fitness careers within this lucrative industry, our guide to the 13 best careers in this area will help you along the way. We’ll discuss the benefits, salaries, and qualifications required for each option in this article.

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13 Potential Nutrition and Fitness Careers to Consider This Year

There are many exciting health and fitness careers, from working as a nutrition coach to teaching fitness in schools. 

We’ll explore what each career involves and provide you with a couple you may not have previously considered!

#1 - Try Personal Training If You’re Looking For Jobs In The Fitness And Nutrition Industry

nutrition fitness careers - personal training

Average Salary: £28,000

Personal training is one of the best jobs in fitness and nutrition for those wanting to work one-to-one with clients in private training sessions.

One of the main roles for those looking to become a personal trainer is to create bespoke training programmes tailored to an individual client’s goals, abilities, and preferences.

For example, they may work with clients who want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve their sporting performance.

They’ll also complete a huge range of nutrition- and exercise-related roles, including

  • Designing and implementing bespoke workout programmes
  • Conducting fitness assessments
  • Monitoring and evaluating client progress
  • Providing advice on nutrition, health and fitness

To become a PT, you will need to gain a Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma, this can be completed in 4 weeks when you enrol on the full-time course with other part-time and online options available if you're looking for something more flexible.

There’s huge scope for progression, too. Some PTs operate within niche areas of fitness to meet the needs of particular demographics. 

careers related to nutrition fitness pt

They can gain the skills and knowledge required for these niches by taking Level 4 Personal Trainer Courses, specialising in areas such as:

These personal trainers are often able to charge a higher price per session and earn more as they are offering clients a specialist service. 

This makes personal training one of the best high-paying jobs for nutrition and fitness!

#2 - Becoming A Gym Instructor Is One Of The Most Fulfilling Health, Fitness And Nutrition Careers

health fitness nutrition careers fitness instructor

Average Salary: £24,000

By choosing to become a fitness instructor, you’ll be tasked with leading exercise classes and motivating groups of people to meet their fitness goals.

If you choose to pursue nutrition and fitness careers such as this one, this means you’ll get the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people across various age groups with different abilities and goals.

Gym instructors conduct inductions and help members on the gym floor, showing them how to use equipment and machines, while also providing advice on exercise form and technique.

You will work with a team of other gym instructors and personal trainers, meaning you’ll contribute to the general day-to-day running of the gym.

This may include cleaning, maintenance, and keeping an eye on the reception area.

careers nutrition fitness gym roles

As a fitness instructor, you’ll also be required to have a good knowledge of nutrition to advise gym members who may be looking to optimise their eating habits and achieve their fitness or performance goals.

To become a qualified gym instructor, you will need to take a Level 2 Gym Instructor course.

This is an entry-level course that will equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to:

  • Design and carry out fitness classes
  • Consider the needs of individual members
  • Safeguard vulnerable adults and children
  • Maximise business opportunities as a fitness instructor

As you progress in your careers related to nutrition and fitness such as gym instructing, you may then choose to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Both your Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications can be achieved by enrolling on the Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma

This will not only improve your employment prospects but also allow you to work one-to-one with clients and increase your earning potential as you gain more experience.


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#3 - Consider Nutrition Coaching When Looking For Jobs Related To Fitness And Nutrition

fitness and nutrition coaching

Average Salary: £29,089

One of the nutritionist careers you could pursue is that of a nutrition coach; who help clients lead healthier lifestyles, beginning with their dietary choices.

From clients wanting to lose weight to those looking to meet fitness-related goals, by becoming a nutrition coachyou’ll work with a variety of clients, in a variety of non-clinical settings, such as:

  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Charities
  • Online
  • In their clients’ homes

Coaches are qualified to give general nutritional advice rather than creating bespoke meal plans and focus on how nutrition factors into holistic health and wellbeing.

This makes nutrition coaching one of the most fulfilling jobs to do with fitness and nutrition as you will help your clients using behaviour change coaching.

This method of coaching aims to help clients make long-term lifestyle changes that will enable them to achieve their fitness and health goals.

fitness and nutrition coaching jobs

For example, the role of a nutrition coach often involves teaching clients the importance of micro and macronutrients, and how the nutritional value of food and drink should factor into the choices they make.

Unlike registered dieticians, you won’t need a degree to become a nutrition coach and can instead pursue a more vocational route.

OriGym’s Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course can be studied around your existing commitments, as the online learning format of the qualification means it can be completed at your own pace.

This will provide you with all the essential knowledge to become a nutrition coach, including the role of nutrition and healthy eating within fitness.

#4 - Dietetic Assistant Jobs In Nutrition And Fitness Are Highly Rewarding

jobs to do with fitness and nutrition - dietetic assistant

Average Salary: £30,000

Dietetic assistants advise the public and other healthcare professionals on how the food and drink they consume can have an impact on their quality of life.

This role is one of many nutrition and fitness careers that allow you to work alongside dietitians, where you will help to assess and diagnose dietary programmes.

You will then come up with a plan to help treat those problems using the principles of nutrition. For instance, dietetic assistants commonly work with those who:

  • Need to lose or put on weight due to illness
  • Have an eating disorder
  • Are experiencing digestive problems
  • Have an illness such as cancer which affects their ability to eat

Dietetic assistants can find employment opportunities in a variety of settings, including in hospitals, clinics, or within their local community.

careers involving fitness and nutrition - dietetic assistant

For example, those who work in hospitals may explain diet plans to patients, advise them on what to choose from the hospital food menu, and monitor their intake.

They may also travel to patients in residential care homes, visit schools, and work in community settings to provide advice for groups and individuals regarding diet and nutrition.

Although there are no specific qualifications required to become a dietetic assistant, employers may ask that you have GCSEs in Maths, English, and Science.

It may also be useful if you have a qualification in a relevant subject area, such as nutrition, health and social care, or food hygiene.

#5 - Fitness Influencers Can Turn Their Passions Into Careers Involving Fitness And Nutrition

jobs involving fitness and nutrition

Average Salary: £33,000

If you’re interested in careers in fitness and nutrition and want to share your passion with others, why not become a fitness influencer?

Fitness influencers use their knowledge and credibility online to promote health and fitness products and services as well as encourage their followers to make purchases.

Many influencers operate across multiple social media platforms, including:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

To make money, fitness influencers typically use advertising, produce sponsored content for brands, or generate commission through promoting affiliate links through their fitness Instagram and other social media.

nutrition and fitness influencer

The advantage of becoming a fitness influencer is you can specialise in any niche you’re passionate about.  

For instance, if you’re interested in yoga and vegan food, you can create content about these topics and reach users who share a similar interest.

Although there are no requirements for becoming an influencer, you may want to consider gaining a fitness or nutrition-based qualification.

For instance, you could earn a Level 3 PT Diploma. After gaining these qualifications, you could further your education by completing a Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course.

Gaining these qualifications will show followers you’re an expert in fitness and nutrition. As a result, they’re more likely to trust your content, engage with your account, and make purchases based on your recommendations!

#6 - Exercise Referral Is One Of The Nutrition And Fitness Jobs That Allow You To Make A Difference

jobs in fitness and nutrition exercise referral

Average Salary: £25,000

One of the main roles when you become an exercise referral specialist is to design bespoke fitness programmes for patients with chronic illnesses or long-term health conditions.

Patients are referred by GPs or medical professionals who feel exercise may help them manage their condition and even ease their symptoms.

As an exercise referral specialist, you’ll be working with clients who have a range of medical needs and conditions, including:

  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Non-specific lower back pain

This is one of the most rewarding jobs involving nutrition and fitness, as it gives you the opportunity to help improve the quality of life of clients suffering from pain or struggling with their mobility.

exercise referral - careers in health fitness and nutrition

If exercise referral sounds like the career path for you, you’ll first need to gain a Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma!

This will teach you the basics of human anatomy and physiology, as well as being necessary to gain further employment or progress onto further courses.

You can then enrol on a Level 3 Exercise Referral Course that can be studied online at your own pace, and takes an average of just 8 weeks to complete!


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#7 - Try Fitness Coaching If You’re Looking For Online Jobs Involving Nutrition And Fitness

nutrition and fitness coaching careers

Average Salary: £29,000

Often working online using coaching software, fitness coaches create tailored workout programmes to help clients meet their fitness goals. 

In terms of careers in health, fitness, and nutrition, the role of a fitness coach is similar to that of a personal trainer. 

However, while PTs guide clients through their workouts, coaches simply design workouts and ask clients to complete them alone.

They will then complete regular check-ins with their clients to keep track of their progress, including taking their weight, measurements, and discussing performance in the gym.

fitness and nutrition coach careers - check ins

If you're interested in becoming an online fitness coach, you can help clients overcome any physical or emotional struggles that may be impacting their fitness journey and will come up with ways to overcome them. 

This is an ideal career for anyone wanting to pursue both nutrition and fitness, as fitness coaches can provide clients with suggested meal plans that are optimised for their individual goals.

To qualify as a fitness coach, you will first need to complete a L3 PT Diploma, if you’re not already a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor.

You can then begin advertising yourself as a fitness coach and start building a client base of those looking for guidance both in and outside of the gym.

- - - -

To help make it easier for you to decide on the right nutrition fitness careers for you, check out these articles below:

#8 - Being A Yoga Teacher Is One Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Nutrition And Fitness

jobs to do with fitness and nutrition - yoga teacher

Average Salary: £32,000

If you already have a keen interest in yoga, then one of the best careers involving fitness and nutrition for you is to become a yoga instructor.

Yoga teachers not only demonstrate poses and create sequences, but they also facilitate a safe space for students to unwind, let go, and discover their true inner selves.

Whether you choose to teach Power yoga or are looking to become a Yin Yoga teacher, pursuing a career in yoga can be highly rewarding, as you’re able to help students meet their fitness and personal goals.

For instance, some clients may attend your classes in the hopes of building strength, whereas others may be practising to aid their struggles with anxiety.

health fitness nutrition careers yoga

With an average salary of £32,000, 4% higher than the national average salary, teaching yoga is a highly lucrative option if you’re interested in the salaries of fitness and nutrition careers.

If you’d like to pursue this lucrative and rewarding career path, you will need to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga.

You can complete this course through flexible blended study, which combines online learning with essential practical-based workshops.

You may then choose to become a master yoga teacher with a Level 4 Teaching Yoga Diploma. 

This can also be studied around your existing commitments and allows you to specialise in one of four yoga disciplines, which are:

  • Hatha
  • Ashtanga
  • Hot 
  • Iyengar

#9 - Nutrition Technicians Have A Wide Variety Of Roles When It Comes To Fitness Nutrition Careers

careers nutrition fitness technician

Average Salary: £24,000

Nutrition technicians often work alongside registered nutritionists and dieticians to plan menus and prepare meals for those with particular nutritional needs.

They use their specialist knowledge of how nutrition impacts health as part of a treatment plan or healthy eating initiative in a variety of public and private sector settings.

For example, nutrition technicians may work in:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Prisons

The duties a nutrition technician carries out varies on the setting in which they work. For instance, as demonstrated by this role based in a school, the nutrition technician will work alongside teachers, ordering supplies and maintaining the cleanliness of food preparation areas.

fitness nutrition career job ad

In contrast, those working in the food service industry will advise suppliers on how to increase the nutritional content of their meals and check the accuracy of food labels.

To pursue nutrition and fitness careers such as this one, having a food hygiene training certificate is essential.

Required qualifications will vary depending on the role, but some employers may require you to have:

#10 - Pursue Sports Nutrition When Looking For Fulfilling Careers In Physical Fitness And Nutrition

sports nutrition careers in fitness and nutrition

Average Salary: £24,000

Sports nutritionists help athletes, sports teams, and fitness fanatics optimise their diets to achieve their performance goals.

Using their scientific knowledge of nutrition, they create meal plans tailored to each individual client’s needs, taking into consideration:

  • Their fitness goals, for example building muscle or improving endurance
  • Eating habits and preferences
  • Sleeping habits
  • Current lifestyle, including work and family life

These plans will include the correct macronutrient ratio for the individual, meals they should eat, and recommendations for supplements to support their health and performance. 

The role of a sports nutritionist also involves keeping track of client progress, measuring body fat percentage, and testing metabolic rate to ensure their recommendations are effective.

fitness and sports nutrition roles

One of the main benefits for those wondering how to become a sports nutritionist is the wide variety of available roles.

For instance, you could choose to work in a public sector role, such as one based in a hospital, school, or university.

Alternatively, you may find a role in the private sector as a self-employed sports nutritionist, in a gym or for a sports club, such as this role at Liverpool Football Club:

careers in physical fitness and nutrition job ad

Some people choose to complete a nutrition-based degree to pursue careers in nutrition and fitness with a salary such as this one.

However, this isn’t necessary and can take a lot more time than pursuing a vocational route.

This means we’d recommend completing a nutrition course, which can be studied online at your own pace and fits around your existing commitments.

#11 - Sports Massage Therapy Is One Of The Most Ideal Careers With Nutrition And Fitness

sports massage therapy careers fitness and nutrition

Average Salary: £28,000

Sports massage therapy (SMT) is another of the most highly rewarding jobs in the fitness and nutrition industry you may consider in 2024.

If you become a sports massage therapist, you will use a range of massage techniques to help clients recover from injury, increase their mobility or improve their sporting performance.

Whether you choose to work with athletes or normal gym goers who may be struggling with pain during everyday movement, sports massage therapists conduct a range of duties, such as:

  • Pre- and post-event massage
  • Examining injuries
  • Conducting postural assessments
  • Aiding injury rehabilitation
  • Creating warm-up and cool-down routines
  • Providing advice for injury prevention

To become a sports massage therapist, you will need to complete a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Course.

nutrition and fitness careers smt study

Taking just 8 weeks on average to complete via a flexible blend of online learning and practical workshops, you’ll learn the essential skills needed to develop an excellent sports massage therapy service.

Once completed, you will then be able to offer SMT as a self-employed therapist, work in a gym offering SMT services, or find an in-house role with a sports team or athlete.

#12 - Become A PE Teacher If You’re Looking For Fitness And Nutrition Jobs Working With Kids

fitness and nutrition jobs - pe teacher

Average Salary: £32,000

PE teachers teach children and teenagers in schools and colleges about the importance of fitness and nutrition for their health and well-being.

They plan and lead PE classes and sports clubs based on the school’s curriculum, ensuring classes are adapted to all needs so every pupil can participate.

This is one of the most highly rewarding nutrition and fitness careers, as you’ll be responsible for overseeing the development of young people alongside other teachers, parents, and mentors.

jobs to do with nutrition and fitness - pe teacher

It is also a term-time role, meaning you’ll have plenty of free time at weekends and holidays. You can use this time to plan lessons, relax, and even invest in your own CPD Fitness Courses.

Many people become qualified PE teachers by gaining a university degree. However, this isn’t always an accessible option for everyone, so instead you may consider gaining an NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of PE and School Sport.

This will enable you to gain experience working with young people immediately and, if you choose, you can go on to obtain your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) at a later date.


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#13 - Try Being A Chef If You’re Looking For Food-Related Careers In Nutrition And Fitness

chef careers in nutrition and fitness

Average Salary: £25,000

Along with keeping fit, eating the right foods is key to staying healthy. So, if you’ve got a passion for cooking food for others, a chef may be one of the best careers in sports nutrition and fitness for you.

As well as working in pubs and restaurants, chefs also work privately for individual clients, in schools, and in hospitals. They may even work at gyms and health centres with café or restaurant facilities!

Not only do chefs carefully prepare and serve meals to a high standard, but they may also be required to create bespoke menus.

careers in physical fitness and nutrition - chef

If you’re looking to become a chef, it’s crucial for you to have a good understanding of the nutritional value of different foods to present balanced meals to your clients.

One of the best ways of becoming a chef is by working your way up and starting by applying for kitchen assistant or trainee chef roles.

This allows you to learn on the job, gain some valuable experience, and make some connections within the hospitality industry.

Many companies within this industry also offer apprenticeships for those looking to work while learning the theory and techniques to help them get started in the culinary industry.

Before You Go!

Whether you’re interested in being a chef or have a passion for helping the elderly, we hope one of the options from our list of nutrition and fitness careers has sparked your curiosity!

To get started in the health and fitness industry, check out our personal training courses. Our Personal Trainer Diploma is just the thing for kickstarting your new and exciting career. 

Download our FREE prospectus to find out what else we offer to help you get started in a range of fitness and nutrition careers!

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