Nutritionist Business Cards: Why You Need Them, Examples & More

nutritionist business cards

Nutrition business cards are a fantastic tool to promote the services you offer in your region, enabling you to grow a client base and establish a strong brand image and reputation.

In this article, you'll learn how to create your own nutritional business cards by understanding:

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Why You Need Nutritionist Business Cards

nutrition business card

Nutritionist business cards are a very useful tool in getting clients as a nutritional expert. They’re a cheap and effective way to advertise your services to the public.

Anyone interested in retaining your services can contact you by phone, email address or through the social media handles listed on your business card to enquire further.  

To make those enquiries happen, you’ll need to understand where to place your cards. 

This will optimise your business cards' performance when they’re strategically located. Your target audience might be fitness enthusiasts, so place your business cards in health clubs or gyms to promote your services. 

Alternatively, you could place your business cards in supplement stores, if you want to help bodybuilders with their nutrition.


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Using Nutrition Business Cards Helps Increase Brand Awareness

nutritionist business card

Nutrition business cards can promote your services instantly at networking events and with client prospects.

Your brand's engagement is increased when people have a physical card describing who you are and the services you deliver.

Since business cards are small, they’re easy to hand out, and offer significant impact for something that requires little effort.

Distributing your cards at health and fitness networking events increases awareness of your nutritionist business because people will be looking for services similar to the ones you’re offering.

What To Include On Business Cards For Nutritionists

business cards for a nutritionist

Presenting key information through an eye-catching design will make your nutritional business cards attractive and easy to understand. 

Here are some of the essential details you should include and what they can tell the reader.

Include Your Name On A Nutritionist Business Card

This makes you personable to the person enquiring about your services, which is one of the foundations for a successful working relationship.

In the example below, you can see this fitness professional’s name clearly displayed on the front of the business card: 

business card for a nutritionist

While this is a basic design, it showcases how important it is to have your name (or your business’ name) at the forefront of your nutritionist business card.

Add Your Company Logo To A Nutrition Business Card

Well designed nutritionist business cards help create brand awareness, a key ingredient is using fitness logo tools to create the ideal design.

The logo must be kept simple and memorable. Your business will create a lasting impression this way.

Take this example below - it uses a relevant, well-designed logo to draw attention to the company name and add a pop of colour to the nutritionist business card.

business cards for a nutrition coach

Contact Information Is A Key Part Of Nutrition Business Cards

Including a contact phone number, email address and social media handles makes you accessible and increases the likelihood of a person reaching out to you.

The design below gives the reader several ways to contact the trainer, making the professional come across approachable:

business card for a nutrition coach

Include Your Specialism On Your Nutrition Business

This gives people a clear understanding of the services you’ll deliver, which encourages them to contact you for your speciality, increasing productivity and demand.

This can help inform the client of which area the nutritionist specialises in, which is ideal if you’re combining personal training with nutritional advice

It allows the reader to decide whether they want to enquire about their services. Check out the example below to see this in action:

business card nutrition

Add In A Tagline To Help Your Nutrition Business Card Stand Out

Using a tagline can make it easier for potential clients to find you on Google and other search engines, even if people can’t remember anything else about who you are and what you offer. 

Taglines such as ‘Nutrition is my middle name’ and ‘Think positive, think nutritionist’ can be extremely beneficial to your business being discovered.

The example below from Freepik creates a persona the personal trainer is going to motivate their client and improve their fitness with the ‘STAY FIT NOT STILL’ tagline:

nutri business card

Before you submit your final design for printing, it’s important to make sure your information is factually and grammatically correct.

Any typos or incorrect information can make you look unprofessional to potential clients who read your nutritionist business cards. 

How To Design Your Nutritionist Business Cards

nutrition coach business cards

Designing your nutritionist business cards should be well-researched and designed to increase their exposure to the public. 

A design that lacks consideration can impact the future success of your business if it looks disorganised and engaging.

It can be a waste of your resources and time but also impact your reputation. To avoid this from happening, you should consider the following when creating your nutritionist business card.

Including A Header Can Help Your Nutritionist Business Cards Stand Out

When designing your header, you’ll want to draw prospective clients to relevant information. To achieve this aim, you can include your name and job title in bold, eye-catching text: 

nutrition coach business card

Depending on your how you style your business card, you could include your name and job title on one side of the card and contact details on the other side:

make business cards for nutritionist

making business cards for nutritionist

A minimalist design quickly informs readers who you are and what services you offer - remembering that you’re designing a business card, not writing your nutritionist CV. 

Business cards are small and offer readers pocket-sized information, so the less detail they contain, the more the reader will get from them.


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The Right Image Is Crucial for Your Business Card Design’s Success

make business cards for nutrition coach

A photo speaks a thousand words, which is why it’s important to choose the right one for your business cards.

A high-quality picture that’s relevant to your nutritionist business emphasises your professionalism and can quickly establish a trusting relationship.

An image of a smiling customer standing next to you will suggest that you care about the well-being of your customer, whereas an image of a schedule that includes fruit and vegetables might suggest you can deliver a well-researched client diet plan.

Since business cards are small, you’ll benefit from one image being used on your design to keep it looking clean and tidy.

Here’s an example of how an image being incorporated on a nutritionist’s business card subtly indicates the profession they specialise in:

making business cards for nutrition coach

You should always get professional photos of yourself taken for your nutritionist business cards since they’ll be visible to the public.

Professional photographers, such as Charter Photography, can capture the fitness services you provide, such as providing a positive experience assisting clients:

how to make a nutritionist business card

This may incur extra costs but it’s a great promotional tool to demonstrate your professionalism and avoid blurry and pixelated images appearing on your nutritionist business cards that could damage your reputation.


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Use A Professional Font To Complete The Look Of Your Nutritionist Business Cards

how to make nutritionist business cards

Your nutritional business card design must use the correct font. A common mistake is selecting a font that's hard to read because of its style and size. 

When picking a font size, it’s useful to use bold fonts on your business cards that function as effective calls to action for your future clients.

Calls to action encourage a response from the reader. In this example, the telephone and email address contact details listed on the front of the card are bolded, and draw the viewer’s attention:

how to make business cards nutrition

Key information will help your readers find the information they can use to contact you or understand the services you offer.

The design above indicates that the phone and email address details listed are the most accessible ways to contact this nutritionist.

Brand Colours Can Help Your Nutrition Business Cards Stand Out

how to make business cards for nutrition coach

Brand colours are also important for your nutrition business cards. If they don’t compliment your logo, the final design can look disorganised, particularly if you’ve included several colours.

When creating business cards, nutritionists tend to utilise green tones, since they’re synonymous with eating a healthy diet and nature. 

For example, green tones are used in this Vecteezy nutritionist business template:

how to make nutrition coach business cards

Choosing the right brand colour can help you to:

  • Influence clients to choose your nutritionist skills and services
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Develop a reliable reputation

Outside of nutrition, you can see other health-focused businesses adopting green tones for their logo design. 

This signifies they specialise in helping people improve their health, such as Holland and Barrett:

how to create nutrition business cards

Adopting these colour schemes for your business will help prospective clients have a clear understanding of the services you can provide for them.

After all, your business cards are functioning as an advertisement for your services, so you should choose the colours that you feel best represent them. 

What To Put On The Front Of Your Nutrition Business Card

make nutrition business cards

In this section, we’ll discuss what you should put on the front of your nutrition business card to help your future clients find relevant information about your services.

On the front of your nutrition business cards, it’s important to include your name and/or business name.

When you place this information on your business card, it’s important to make sure the text is bold to catch the attention of prospective clients:

make nutrition coaching business cards

Including a tagline is a great way to offer insight into what your business offers. They should be short and memorable to achieve maximum effect on your target audience.

Let’s incorporate the tagline ‘Think positive, think nutrition’ in the image above to help it leave a lasting impression on the reader, and hint towards what you do as a nutritionist.

nutrition coaching business cards

Graphics and images can also add personality and set the tone of a business card, allowing people to have a greater understanding of the services you provide, such as images of nature that promote healthy living found on this Design Crowd template:

nutrition coaching business card

These details will help you secure clients because they know who you are and what you can offer, creating the foundation for a unique professional relationship.


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What To Put On The Back Of Your Nutritionist Business Card

business cards for nutrition coaching

On the back of your business nutrition card, it’s important to include your contact information. This side of your business card should be reserved for your contact information.

If people want to query about your services, having a phone number, email address and fitness social media accounts allows people to enquire about your services: 

nutrition professional business cards

Having several points of contact will let readers know how accessible you are, making you appear approachable and helps generate interest in your business.

How To Create Your Own Business Card As A Nutritionist

nutrition professional business card

There are endless software options to help you create an eye-catching nutritionist business card design, with a wide array of templates and editing tool capabilities. 

Canva is one of these design platforms, allowing users to create visual content. It’s normally utilised by small business owners and entrepreneurs, like yourself, to market their services.

business cards for a nutritionist

We would encourage you to pay for premium services to get access to unique templates that aren’t available when you use Canva’s free services.

business cards for a nutrition coach

If you’re operating on a budget, you can still create an eye-catching business card quickly using their ready-made templates, which only require you to amend the text already present:

business card software nutritionist

Non-premium holders have a large gallery of images, text types and graphics which allows you to get creative with your design.

They’ve also got a useful drag-and-drop tool that allows you to add and remove elements to the design with ease, allowing potential clients to find out essential information about you and your services.

Canva requires you to place a minimum order of 50 prints to secure your order, which starts from £14:

business cards for my nutritionist business

To advertise your business accordingly, we'd recommend ordering 250 cards, this will help promote your business at networking events but also distribute them to key locations. For more advice, you can read up on the 'Top 9 Strategies for Marketing a Nutrition Business' here.

These cards will then be delivered to your address depending on the delivery service you select: 

business cards for my nutrition coaching

VistaPrint is another great site for you to design your business cards with. Similar to Canva, it gives the option to utilise their templates or upload your own design:

business cards nutrition

There are different designs for you to choose from, allowing you to utilise the tips we’ve given you to full effect.

Unlike Canva, you don't have to subscribe to access their premium features. To create a unique impression, you can purchase from their premium cards or speciality designs:

nutrition cards business

Vista print also has a design suite for you to create a captivating business card to grab the attention of your target audience:

business cards for a nutrition business

You can also incorporate QR codes, shapes and images onto your nutritionist business card. This will allow you to explore a range of possibilities to optimise its performance.

Similar to Canva, they also have accessible tools, making it easy for you to tweak your design until you’re ready to have the cards delivered to your front door.

When you’re ready to order your cards, you will need to purchase 250 cards to secure your order and depending on the card sizes, prices will vary. 

For instance, you can normally purchase 250 standard cards for £16.29, this will give you a large quantity to raise brand awareness with your target audiences such as gyms, studios or local shops.

business cards for a nutrition coaching business

Depending on the timeframe you need to receive the business cards by, you have a range of delivery options to have your cards delivered.

Make sure you shop around for a provider that works within your budget and offers designs that complement the image of your business you want to raise awareness too. 

Ultimately, by harnessing the power of business card design, you can expect to see your business flourish as more people are aware of the services you provide. 

Before You Go!

You should now have the skills you require to design a nutrition business card that can help your business flourish!

To really stand out in the competitive nutrition field, though, combine your services with a personal training diploma, and provide bespoke exercise programmes alongside your nutritional guidance.

You can also read about the range of our other vocational training qualifications by downloading our FREE course prospectus.

Written by Rebecca Felton

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first-class degree in English, Rebecca’s combined passions for fitness and writing are what brought her to OriGym. Rebecca is a keen gym-goer and specifically enjoys lifting weights. Outside of fitness and writing, Rebecca enjoys cooking, reading, and watching the football.

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