What do employers want from personal trainer graduates?

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The personal trainer industry has seen an categorical rise in 2016 and 2017 is has continued the industries rich form. According to IBIS world, the personal trainer industry is estimated to have 23,325 businesses while also employing over 510,000,000 people. These numbers are intimidating because they show a high influx of workers with little amount of employers. Due to the small amount of employers, we wonder, has the personal trainer industry been monopolised? Or are fitness professionals finding inventive new ways to make a living in the fitness sector?

The personal trainer industry has not been monopolised, there are many new companies who do not struggle attracting custom. In fact, IBIS World also said:

“There are no companies with a dominant market share in the industry”.

This is good news for graduates with personal training certification UK. If wealth is evenly distributed so is the amount of positions. This gifts graduates with plenty of alternatives when considering their progress as a fitness professional.

There are plenty of options for personal trainer graduates

Saying that, there is no need for extensive options. How many gyms do you need situated within one city centre? Considering the popularity of online training, the demand is slowly depleting and outsourcing the need for P2P training. However, do not worry, because as a newly qualified personal trainer you have a lot of options at your disposal. Origym educate their personal training students in finding and assessing a multitude of options.

Many graduates who have just gained their personal training certification UK, de-value how many options they actually have. Some of our students with personal training certification UK work independently and set up their own business. Other students want a more stable profession with a safe salary. The two options certainly contrast in regards to security. They also differentiate in terms of eligibility. If you were to compare two CV’s for either position, you will find some similarities while also experiencing stark comparisons.

This is why Origym will assess either . We want to help our personal trainers, past and present, understand what employers want from graduates with personal training certification UK. This is why we will analyse a skill audit from a leading health club while assessing our check list for independent personal trainers. Without further to do………..


What Healths Clubs want in a fully qualified Personal Trainer

personal training certification UK


Health Clubs are always looking for personal trainers with personal training certification UK. In fact, health clubs only employ candidates with a minimum qualification of a Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate. This is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, it makes health clubs look as professional as possible. Secondly, modern customers have both a higher standard and understanding of customer service. To maintain this custom industries are appealing to consumers more openly. This is why products and services are either more customised or personalised. The personal trainer industry is no different and health clubs are understand the need more personalised experiences. This is why health clubs consistently hire fitness professionals with personal training certification.

So now we shall assess the skill audit so we can better understand what health clubs want when advertising for a personal trainer position.

What can a skill audit tell you?

The example that we are using is from ‘Anytime Fitness Ruislip’.

‘Anytime Fitness’ is advertising for a personal trainer in their Ruislip facility. The audit says that “Anytime Fitness Ruislip opened in February 2016 and we are now actively seeking an experienced and highly motivated individual for the role of Personal Trainer. We have made a good start and currently have over 1,000 members. At Anytime Fitness you will have a fantastic opportunity to grow a successful business”.

This statement is attractive to a fitness professional with personal training certification UK. Most health clubs will offer you a salary as well as access to their facilities and most importantly members list. A members list of 1,000 is a very lucrative proposition for a personal trainer. As long as you conduct your session within the gym and ensure that clients membership are consistently renewed, you will be able to earn an potentially uncapped salary. Your salary would combine both your health club payments and additional payments for independent sessions.

All of Origym’s personal trainers have the correct personal training certification UK. Origym graduates are have ascertained a eligible amount of experience during their course. Health clubs want you to bring your own theoretical initiative. They also want you to incorporate your theoretical knowledge within a practical environment. Your personal training certification UK, will already place you in good stead when applying for these positions.

Main Duties

As a personal trainer their are a number of duties that you must complete. These are mostly practical and require a lot of energy throughout the day. This is why Origym recommend that if you are going to become a personal trainer you should good at communicating and good at being physically active. The audit says,

“The main duties include; member inductions, providing individual personal training, Fitness MOTs, and small group training sessions. As part of the package you will be trained on delivering an excellent service to members. You will receive extensive support to create opportunities on an ongoing basis to help you maximise your earning potential through a well-established route. Other duties include; member interaction, keeping the gym tidy and maintaining the equipment in optimal condition”.

This is why your personal training certification UK is so important

As a personal trainer with personal training certification UK, you are certainly eligible to apply for this role. However, you should assess this audit and attempt to visualise yourself completing these duties. As a personal trainer for a health club you must be combine practicality and personality. The oscillation between the two can not cause any friction and any ego should be left at the door. Health club members want escapism and results and this is why you have been hired. Health clubs will certainly give you the opportunity to use their facilities for your own sessions. Still you certainly need to act as professional for the health club.

Health clubs will expect you to pull your weight by providing sessions for their members. They will ensure the health and safety of all their members to you. Luckily, during personal training certification, Origym are the first to promote health and safety. If our students do not produce advice that protect the health and safety of a client, or even a mannequin, we will fail them. This is why employers regard Origym as the most reliable personal trainer course provider within the UK.

When you receive a personal training certification UK with Origym you far are more likely to employed by a health club. They understand that our course content reflects the values of the industry.


With each position comes a new set of requirements. Conventionally, personal trainers want employees with personal training certification UK. This is expected of any personal trainer who is venturing into the industry. However, positions in health clubs are accompanied with more demanding pre-requisites. This position in ‘Anytime Fitness Ruislip’ requires,

  • At least 12 months experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An inviting telephone manner
  • REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer certification
  • A passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals
  • The ability to deliver excellent customer service
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Excellent time-management

These requirements hold validity. Origym have many experienced personal trainers with a lot of industry experience. We understand what skills you require to become a personal trainer. Assessing this skill audit, we agree with the values that ‘Anytime Fitness Rusilip’ place in their employees. There are expected requirements such as having personal training certification UK. However, the most valuable for health clubs and other employers alike are communication skills, pro-active attitude and excellent time-management. If you have all three of these skills you will be successful within any industry. Especially within an industry as socially demanding as the personal trainer industry.

Do you feel that you meet these requirements but that you are lacking personal training certification UK? Call 0800 002 9599 and speak to one of our advisors about your future in the personal trainer industry.


What you need to become a freelance personal trainer with your own business

Having the mandatory personal training certification UK is not the be-all and end-all of a fitness professional. Health clubs will take the time to help their personal trainers develop. If you have a Level 3 qualification and some valuable experience, you are likely to employed. On the other hand, many personal trainers (possibly yourself) have become personal trainers to escape the mundanity of 9 to 5. Some graduates just want to work for themselves.

Origym value the independence and ambition of our students. This is why we support them unconditionally regardless of their results and subsequently, their career. To further support our personal trainers we have outlined the benefits and resources that are needed to become a independent personal trainer.

What do you need?

To become a successful personal trainer you need:

  • A pro-active attitude
  • Motivation
  • The ability to develop a dense network of fitness professionals that will work and support your venture
  • Rent to pay for gym space
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate
  • Personal trainer software that enables you to structure your business
  • A propensity to work many hours
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A mind for P2P and online marketing (Check out Origym’s business CPD course for tips on marketing)

This list of requirements are much more demanding than a health club’s requirements. You have to be everything that a health personal trainer is and more. For example, you have to be able to market yourself and put in the hours after your sessions. A health club will provide you with an established number of clients. As a freelance personal trainer who works outside of a health club, you will have to establish your own list of clients. As well as this, you will have to pay rent for a gym space or pay for your own allotment. In summary, being a freelance personal trainer you are going to be paying more expenses. However, you are more likely to make more money because all of the profit goes in to your pockets.

Your earning potential as a freelance personal trainer is un-capped.

Here are the other benefits of owning your own personal trainer business.

personal training certification UK


What should you do with your personal training certification UK

There is no shortage of options for qualified personal trainers. A career path depends on the individual and more importantly, what that individual values. If you value job security, we recommend becoming a personal trainer within a health club. If you want to work for yourself, you may as well open your own business.

Whatever you want to do, Origym will provide you support and consultation along the way. If you are missing the required personal training certification UK, book a course at [email protected]



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– There are less employers than applicants (we want to get every PT a job)

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Origym understand what it takes to be a personal trainer within the industry. We have lifetimes of experience between us and this is why we have developed an article that aims to galvanise graduates by telling them what employers really want.

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