How To Get Personal Training Clients Using Instagram: 9 Expert Tips

how to get personal training clients using instagram

Instagram is one of the most valuable marketing tools for any business, including personal training! But exactly how do you get personal training clients from Instagram? 

With so much to consider, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled 9 expert tips for getting personal training clients from Instagram!

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Tip #1- Use Varied CTAs On Your Posts To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram

If you’re wondering how to get personal training clients using Instagram, our first tip is to use Calls To Action on your Instagram posts.

In marketing, a Call To Action (CTA) is something that prompts a customer to take a particular action, telling them exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Including CTAs in your Instagram posts is therefore a highly effective way to get personal training clients from Instagram, as they are a direct way of generating leads from your posts. In other words, turning potential customers into paying clients!

On Instagram, a CTA could be within a caption in a feed post, or on a story. 

Whether you include it on a post or a story, we can categorise CTAs on Instagram into two main types: 

CTAs that get customers to message you 

This kind of CTA is one that prompts people to directly message you in response to an Instagram post. 

This is an effective way to get personal training clients from Instagram as it opens up a direct line of communication with a potential client- which you can then use to sell them your services. 

For example, the personal trainer below shows how you can incorporate a CTA into a caption on a post. 

get personal training clients on instagram

As you can see, at the end of her caption, she has used the phrase ‘DM me “CHANGE” for more info on my coaching services’. 

So in this case, the Call To Action is to ‘DM me’, directing customers to direct message her via Instagram, via the ‘Message’ button on her profile, as shown below: 

get personal training clients on instagram 2

Plus, giving people a certain word or phrase in their message- in this case the word ‘change’, will further the chance of getting personal training clients from Instagram in this way. 

This is because many people may not know what to say or how to start the conversation with a PT on Instagram, which may put them off doing it at all. 

So, giving them a specific word or phrase that allows you to initiate a discussion reduces the risk of losing potential clients because of this! 

Once a conversation is started, you can then ask them about their reason for enquiring and their goals, before giving them information about how your services can help them specifically. 

However, the downside of this way of getting personal training clients from Instagram is that you may have to maintain several individual conversations with clients. 

CTAs that direct to your landing page

pt clients instagram 10

As we have said, encouraging clients to direct message you may not be the most sustainable CTA to use to get personal training clients from Instagram. Instead, a better option is to have CTAs that direct users to your website or a landing page. 

A landing page is a stand-alone web page where a user ‘lands’ after being directed from another source- in this case, from Instagram. 

In marketing, this process is called ‘conversion’, as you are converting visitors from one source (i.e. Instagram) into potentially paying clients!  

Unlike a website that has lots of different pages with different directions for the user to take, a landing page is designed for the user to take just one specific action. 

The aim of a personal training landing page is typically for the user to do one of the following things:

  • Take an action, such as:
    • Book a consultation
    • Book a session
    • Book a class
    • Buy a product (e.g. merchandise)
    • Download a file (e.g. a nutrition plan or recipe)
  • Submit an enquiry by providing their contact details, such as:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email address 

We have a whole guide to creating a personal trainer landing page here. But in summary, the 3 main steps are:

Decide on a goal for your landing page

Choose one of the ‘actions’ we listed above that you want a user to take. 

If you’re wondering how to get personal training clients on Instagram, your goal here will most likely be to get someone to sign up for a consultation. 

During the consultation, you can then sell your services and convert them into a paying client. Remember that potential clients are more likely to sign up to an initial consultation through Instagram, rather than commit to buying a whole training programme.

Choose a template for your landing page

There are many websites and softwares that can help you do this. One of the most popular Instagram landing page creators is Linktree. We will show an example of a Linktree landing page below!  

Add content to your landing page

Once you have your template, you can then create the content of your landing page. This should include:

    • Your business name and logo
    • A capture box. This is essentially the form that people use to submit their contact information to you
    • Clear images

Add the link to your landing page in your bio

Once you have created your landing page, you can then add the link to your Instagram bio. This is where you will direct users to from your posts. 

The easiest way to do this is by signposting users to your ‘link in bio’ via your caption on a fresh post. 

For example, the PT below has their landing page link in their bio, which people will instantly see when visiting her page from a signpost. 

get personal training clients on instagram 5

Clicking on this link then directs you to her landing page, which she has used Linktree to create. As you can see, this is a clear landing page that includes her business name, logo, a short piece of text and 2 links to enquiry forms. 

get personal training clients on instagram 7

So, from the CTA on her post, this would encourage the user to click on the ‘Group Training Enquiry’ form.  

This then immediately brings up an enquiry form where a potential client can submit their contact information. 

get personal training clients on instagram 6

This shows how effective having a CTA to a landing page is for getting personal training clients from Instagram. 

Through just 3 clicks, the user is clearly directed to an end goal- to submit an enquiry form. The PT in this example can then use the information they submit to contact them, sell their services and hopefully gain a paying client- all from a simple CTA on an Instagram post. 

As well as being easier for the user, generating leads through a landing page rather than a direct message is also much easier for you as a PT. This is because the leads you generate through a landing page are much easier to track. 

If you have lots of conversations happening at once with lots of different potential clients from a variety of sources, it can be hard to follow up and keep track of them. You may even end up missing messages completely. 

However, with a landing page, you can easily track how many enquiry forms you receive.  

Plus, data analysis tools like Google Analytics can tell you how many visitors to your landing page have come from a certain place, such as Instagram. 

Knowing this can help you determine how successful your landing page is, which may prompt you to make changes if it is not generating as many leads as you wanted. 


Tip #2 - Use Instagram’s Built-In “Book Now” Button To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

Whilst you can generate leads from a landing page, an even more direct way to get personal training clients from Instagram is by using Instagram’s built-in ‘Book Now’ button. 

This is a great way of getting personal training clients using Instagram as it converts a potential client looking at your Instagram page directly into a paying client! 

Instagram allows businesses to include one of three ‘action’ buttons on their Instagram profile:

  • Book Now
  • Order Food
  • Reserve

For personal trainers, the most useful one to use is ‘Book Now’. 

Here is an example of a PT using the ‘Book Now’ feature on their profile:

getting personal training clients from instagram 10

The Book Now button for a personal trainer could lead users to book a consultation, session or fitness class. 

To be able to use the Book Now feature, you will first need 2 things: 

  1. An Instagram account that is linked to a Facebook business page. Check out our guide to setting up a personal trainer Facebook business page for how to do this. 
  2. An account with an approved Instagram scheduling partner, such as:

Once you have set up these things, you can then add the ‘Book Now’ button to your Instagram profile! Here’s how to do this:

  1. Tap ‘Edit Profile’
  2. Select ‘Contact Options’
  3. Select ‘Add Action Button’
  4. Select the ‘Book Now’ option
  5. Select the scheduling tool you use (e.g. Appointy)
  6. Log into your scheduling tool account
  7. Click ‘Done’ to complete! 

Tip #3 - Use Success Stories/ Progress Photos To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

If you’re wondering how to get personal training clients using Instagram, an easy but effective thing to post is content showing your current or previous clients’ progress or results.  

This is done best in the form of ‘before and after photos’, with a ‘success story’ or written testimonial from a client. 

This essentially shows potential clients a tangible result that they can expect to achieve themselves. 

Below is an example of how you can use a success story to get personal training clients from Instagram. As you can see, this PT has included a before and after photo of a client. This gives clear and immediate evidence of results.  

get personal training clients on instagram 8

This is then backed up in the caption, where she elaborates on the client’s goals, the training programme and the results achieved:

  how to get personal training clients using instagram

This is a great way of getting personal training clients using Instagram, as by showing your previous results, you are essentially giving evidence for your claims- especially if you have a particular personal trainer speciality 

In this case, as you can see below, this personal trainer says in her Instagram bio that she helps “busy women” to “drop unwanted body fat”. 

how to get personal training clients using instagram 2

The success story from a client therefore backs up this claim, as it acts as evidence that she has done exactly that (helped a busy woman lose body fat).  

As well as making her seem trustworthy and genuine, the success story encourages potential clients who relate to the client in the post (i.e. if they are also a ‘busy woman’ wanting to ‘lose body fat’) to enquire.  

This can then help this PT dominate this specific demographic, by building a reputation as a PT who helps busy women lose fat. 

So, how do you get a before and after photo or testimonial from a previous client?

Firstly, whenever you take on a new client, you should remember to take a ‘before’ photo, or ask them to take one.

During the programme itself, you may want to get your client to take progress photos at certain intervals, such as every 2 weeks. 

Then at the end of the programme, get your client to take a final ‘after photo’.  

You can then ask if they would write a few words about their experience with you that you can use as a testimonial. You can then either include this as a direct quote, or paraphrase it like in the example above. 

However, remember that not every client will want to take before and after photos. You should always respect your clients and never push them for a photo if they don’t want to. 

Plus, even if they do take a progress photo, always make sure you have their permission before you share it on your Instagram page or any other online platform.

Tip #4 - Use Paid Instagram Ads To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 5

When wondering how to get personal training clients using Instagram, one of the best marketing tools is paid advertising through Instagram itself. 

Similar to fitness Facebook ads, paid Instagram ads are simply adverts on Instagram that businesses can pay for to appear to users on the Instagram app.  

Ads can appear in 3 main places on Instagram:

  • Posts on a user’s news feed
  • Posts on a user’s Explore page
  • Stories  

Many people may be put off Instagram ads due to misconceptions about the cost. 

The exact costs depend on many factors which are determined through the Instagram Ad Manager. Most Instagram ads work on a Cost Per Click basis, with the average rate being 70-90p per click.

However, if you set aside a budget for advertising and use it effectively, the results will outweigh the costs! In other words, what you spend on Instagram ads will be worth the profit you make from the sales leads they generate! 

One of the main reasons why Instagram ads are a great way of getting personal training clients using Instagram is that they allow you to reach people who don’t already follow you. In digital marketing, this is called your ‘reach’. 

In other words, people don’t have to be following your account to see your Instagram ads. This therefore means that you can reach a much wider range of potential clients.

This is because Instagram uses a complex algorithm to decide which adverts it shows to users. This is based on factors such as:

  • The type of accounts that users follow. E.g. If someone follows a lot of fitness-related accounts, the Instagram algorithm will be more likely to show them fitness-related adverts.
  • Other people users follow
  • Their activity on Instagram i.e. the kinds of posts they interact with (like, comment, save etc.)
  • Information provided from linked platforms such as Facebook 

As a business, as part of the process of setting up your Instagram ads, you will determine your target audience- which we will discuss in more detail below. 

This therefore means that your adverts are likely to reach exactly the target audience you want. 

For example, if you are a personal trainer who specialises in training young women, you could refine your advert’s target audience to female users who interact with fitness-related posts and accounts. Instagram would then use this information to show your advert to these specific users. 

This feature helps you get personal training clients from Instagram as by targeting a specific audience, users are much more likely to respond to your ad if they are interested in fitness and personal training anyway! 

This can be done through the same Ad Manager program as you would use with Facebook ads. As you can see below, you can select your audience according to various factors such as location and gender.

get personal training clients on instagram 9

Another great feature of Instagram ads is that they are one of the most organic and ‘natural’ digital marketing methods.  

This is because they are integrated into the user's news feeds and stories, appearing just like any other posts from their followers. In fact, Instagram ads look exactly the same as posts from their followers, except they will always contain a ‘Sponsored’ label to indicate that it is a paid advertisement.  

Compared to pop-up ads, for example, this means that they are less obtrusive for users, as they don’t disrupt their browsing experience. This then makes it much more likely for them to read, engage with and take action from your ad. 

However, slightly different to a normal feed post, an Instagram advert contains a Call To Action (CTA) button. 

As we mentioned earlier, a CTA is simply something that prompts a user to take action. In this case, it is in the form of a button on a post that directs a user from Instagram to a landing page for your business, converting them from a browser to a paying client!

The options for CTA buttons that would be relevant for getting personal training clients from Instagram ads are: 

  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Sign Up
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now

For example, the post below is a paid Instagram ad for a yoga class business. As you can see, this has appeared organically in the news feed so that it looks like a ‘normal’ post. 

how to get personal training clients using instagram 3

It also has a ‘Sign Up’ Call To Action button that directs the user directly to their website:

getting personal training clients from instagram 2

Similarly, this company also has an Instagram stories advert. Just like a feed post, this appears organically when a user is browsing stories, sitting amongst stories from their followers.

As you can see, they have used Instagram’s ‘swipe up’ feature to direct a user directly from the story to their website. Again, this is a highly effective way to generate leads from Instagram to your landing page or website.

So, how do you set up Instagram ads for your personal training business? Instagram provides a complete step-by-step guide here. But in summary, the process is done through the Facebook Ad Manager which guides you through the process. 

Some of our tips for getting personal training clients using Instagram ads are:

  • Promote posts. As well as creating separate ad posts, you can also use Instagram ads to promote an existing post on your profile. However, this should only be for relevant, high-value posts. 

For example, if you have created a post about a special offer you are running (such as the example above), you may want to promote this as it is more likely to have a direct Call To Action to turn a user into a client.  

It would therefore not be as worthwhile to promote a post such as a before and after image, as this is not as directly linked to a sale. 

  • Use images and videos effectively. Like all Instagram posts, use simple, high quality images and videos in your Instagram ads. This is more likely to make users stop scrolling and engage with your ad.
  • Keep text short and simple. In the same way, ensure that you use text effectively. Avoid large chunks of text and clearly convey your message and brand. Remember that people scroll through Instagram a lot, so your ad needs to capture their attention! 

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Tip #5 - Use Hashtags To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 7

When wondering how to get personal training clients on Instagram, one of the easiest methods is to use hashtags!

On Instagram, a hashtag is a word of phrase preceded by the hash symbol (#) used to categorise posts. They can be used within captions of posts, or in stories.

Hashtags are displayed as ‘clickable’ links. Hashtags are also discoverable through the Instagram search tool. 

So, how do you get personal training from Instagram using hashtags?

The main benefit of hashtags is that they increase your reach, as it means that your posts will appear to anyone who searches for that hashtag. 

This therefore allows you to increase your brand visibility, as potential clients can discover your account when they are searching for that specific hashtag. This therefore exposes you and your business to a potential client who may then enquire and become a paying client!

You may be tempted to automatically use the most popular hashtags such as #fitness or #personaltraining is the best way of getting personal training posts from Instagram.  

However, since there are so many posts under these popular hashtags, it is incredibly hard for your post to stand out. 

For example, as you can see, the hashtag #personaltrainer currently has 11.7 million posts! 

how to get personal training clients using instagram 4

Your post is therefore likely to get lost amongst the thousands of others. The more posts there are, the harder it is for you to stand out!

Instead, it is better to use a mix of popular and more specific hashtags. This will still help you increase brand visibility, whilst also having a chance of people actually clicking onto your post and enquiring. 

Plus, using more specific hashtags will help you reach a more target audience, such as people looking for a specific type of personal training. 

You could also use location-based hashtags to target potential clients in a particular place!  

As with all kinds of marketing, the more you can refine your target audience, the more your business can reach people who are most likely to become paying clients.   

For example, this post from a women’s fitness studio in Liverpool is a good example of how to use hashtags effectively to target a particular type of client.  

As you can see, hashtags like #womensstrength relates to their niche of being a women-only strength training gym. This therefore means that their post will appear under this hashtag, helping them reach women interested in strength training. 

They have also used location hashtags such as #liverpool and #liverpoolcitycentre. This therefore helps increase their visibility as a business in Liverpool that people may discover through Instagram.

how to get personal training clients using instagram 5

This is also a good example of how many hashtags to use on a post. As a rule of thumb, try not to use more than 11. It may take some trial and error to work out which hashtags and how many work best for you! 


Tip #6 - Run Competitions To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 6

Another great way to get personal training clients from Instagram is by running competitions or giveaways on your page.

An Instagram giveaway is simply a promotion that a business runs exclusively through Instagram to give away a free or discounted product or service. Some of the kinds of things you could giveaway are:

  • Merchandise
  • A free PT session
  • A free class pass or membership 
  • A free nutrition consultation 
  • Bring a friend along for free 

They usually run for a limited time, and entry into the competition is usually subject to people following a set criteria, such as:

  • Liking the post
  • Commenting on the post
  • Following your account
  • Sharing the post to their story 
  • Tagging a friend in the comments

They are therefore a great way to not only increase engagement with your existing followers, but to also gain new followers- who may then become new clients!  

For example, if someone tags a friend in your post, that means that someone who has never heard of your business before will be introduced to your page. Similarly, if someone shares the post to their story and they have 400 followers, this essentially means that your business is being exposed to 400 more people, who could then become potential clients!  

The post below from a female fitness class company is a great example of how to effectively run a giveaway to get personal training clients on Instagram. 

They are giving away one month’s free membership to someone and a friend to mark the reopening of their studio in September. 

how to get personal training clients using instagram 7  how to get personal training clients using instagram 6

Firstly, this shows how the timing of when you run a giveaway is important. Instead of doing it on a ‘random’ day for no real reason, running a giveaway to mark a specific date or event is more effective.

This is because as well as increasing engagement and gaining new followers, it will help you promote something else at the same time! By capitalising on timing, you can increase the popularity of your giveaway, meaning that the results you gain from it (new followers and new clients), will hopefully outweigh the cost of the prize (e.g. a month’s membership). 

In this case, the giveaway will help promote the reopening of their studio. But some other event or dates that could be good times to run a giveaway are: 

  • The start of a new year
  • Before summer
  • You are starting a new class
  • You are taking on new clients
  • You are offering a new type of training 

As you can see, this post also makes it very clear exactly what followers need to do to enter the competition, laying out the rules in 3 easy steps. They also clearly state when the winner will be announced. 

Once you have posted your giveaway as a post, it is a good idea to then promote the post on your story too. For example, if you are running your giveaway for a week, you could repost it onto your story 3 times throughout the week to increase ‘buzz’ around the competition. 

So, how do you pick the winner of your competition? You can do it manually by adding entries into a spreadsheet and using a randomizer to pick a winner. However, this can be very time-consuming!

Instead, use an automated system to select the winner, such as Easy Promos or Comment Picker.  

Once you have picked the winner, you should then announce the winner on your page or story, and contact that person directly by direct message. 

Ensure that you follow through with your competition and award the prize straight away, to maintain a good rapport with your followers and to keep a good reputation! 

Tip #7 - Post Stories To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 5

As well as posts in your feed, Instagram stories are a highly effective tool for getting personal training clients using Instagram. 

Where posts in your feed are permanent (unless you choose to delete them), stories expire after 24 hours. However, you can select certain stories to save onto your profile, by creating a Story Highlight.

With over 500 million users looking at Instagram stories every day and one third of those stories being from businesses, it only makes sense to capitalise on this Instagram feature to get personal training clients on Instagram!  

Since they ‘disappear’ after 24 hours, stories are ideal for sharing more time-sensitive or short-term pieces of content with your followers. It is a great way to share content that you don’t think is worthy of a whole post, but will still help you get clients.

Some of the type of content you can share on your stories are: 

‘Behind the scenes’ content

This is a great way to give followers a more personal insight into you, your personality and your values. 

One of the main factors that people consider when choosing a personal trainer is personality. So, by conveying the more ‘human’ side of your business through stories, you can help attract clients who like what they see!  

This could be anything from a ‘day in the life’ style content (e.g. taking followers along with you in your daily routine as a PT and business owner), or even videos of your own workouts and sessions.  

For example, this story from a personal trainer gives an insight into ‘behind the scenes’ of their business, showing them setting up a client. 

getting personal training clients from instagram 3

Whilst this kind of content does not have a direct Call To Action, it is arguably just as valuable, as it all helps to build up your brand identity and make you appear more real and relatable! 

Fitness and nutrition tips 

Stories are also a great place to post short-form content such as fitness tips, nutrition advice and recipes.  

Again, whilst this isn’t a direct Call To Action, they help to convey your knowledge and skills to potential clients, giving them an insight into the kind of thing they can expect if they sign up to your training programme.  

Exclusive discounts and offers

This is a great way to turn existing followers who may be interested in your services to take the step to make an inquiry or purchase a product.  

Since they are only available for 24 hours, posting an offer or discount on your stories creates a sense of urgency, encouraging people to take action. 

User-generated content (UGC) 

This is essentially content that originally comes from other users. In this case, it is in the form of re-posting stories from your clients.

This could be a client gym selfie or progress photo, or videos of them during a session. Or, in the example below, this fitness business has reposted a story that a client posted after a session.  

getting personal training clients from instagram 4

You should therefore encourage your clients to tag you in their stories, so that you can repost them.

UGC can therefore help you get personal training clients on Instagram as it acts like a review of your services!  

Tip #8 - Capitalise On Trends To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 4 

Posting trending or ‘viral’ fitness trends has the potential to be one of the most successful ways of getting personal training clients from Instagram.  

By trending or viral content, we simply mean types of content that is popular across Instagram at a particular moment. 

If you are able to effectively capitalise on trending or viral topics and apply it to your own content, your account could reach a whole new audience of potential clients.  

This is because on Instagram, the most popular and ‘trending’ content will appear on the Explore page. This then means that your post could be discovered by a user who has never seen your account before.

This user could then look at your page, enquire and eventually become a paying client!  

Plus, staying up to date with the latest social media trends conveys to potential clients that you are proactive and relevant, helping you stand out as a personal trainer 

Some popular trends on Instagram that can help you get clients are:

  • Memes. A meme is an image or video typically paired with short text that quickly gains popularity and is shared over social media. They are easy to create and are a great way to show your humorous side and personality. 

For example, this post from PureGym is a good example of how to apply a popular meme to fitness.

how to get personal training clients using instagram 9

The humorous element makes the brand seem more human and relatable. As we have mentioned, personality is a key factor in choosing a personal trainer, so doing this too can help you attract potential clients.  

The post also serves to increase engagement, by including a Call To Action in the caption (‘Hit like’). It also increases reach, as it includes hashtags.

  • Sounds. A particularly popular form of trending content is known as ‘sounds’. This comes originally from TikTok, but can also be used on Instagram reels (Instagram’s version of short videos). 

A ‘sound’ is simply a song or audio clip that is used over a video. Trending sounds are the most popular sounds that people are using on their videos. 

The same sound can be used over any video, allowing users to put their own spin on it and make it relevant to their brand or in this case, to your personal training business. 

The post below is a particularly good example of a fitness Instagram account that uses general sounds and applies them to fitness videos. 

They have used a trending sound (someone coughing and wheezing) over a video of someone doing split squats. Like a meme, this appeals to their target audience, as it is a topic that only people who go to the gym will relate to (struggling to doing Buglarian split squats). 

getting personal training clients from instagram 5

To see which sounds are trending at the moment, check out Tik Tok’s Trend Discovery page

Posting a reel with a trending sound also means that your video will appear under that sound in the trend directory. 

This therefore means that users browsing a certain sound in the directory will see your video, helping increase the reel’s reach and engagement. This could then lead them to look at your profile, contact you and eventually become a paying client!  


  • Fitness challenges. Another great way of getting personal training clients using Instagram trends is by taking part in fitness challenges.  

Again, Aybl is also a good example of how you can do this. As you can see, they have posted a fitness challenge. 

getting personal training clients from instagram 7 getting personal training clients from instagram 6

This not only shows they are a current and relevant brand, but also gives the opportunity to increase engagement through a Call To Action (asking users to comment how much weight they would use in this challenge). 

As well as partaking in trends, another approach is to take a trend and share your honest, expert opinion on it. 

This presents you as an industry expert, making you seem more reliable and authoritative, which are all important traits of a good personal trainer! 

For example, this nutritionist on Instagram takes viral recipes and gives her expert opinion on them. Here she has re-created a viral recipe and broken it down, criticising its nutritional value and telling her followers how it can be improved.

getting personal training clients from instagram 9  getting personal training clients from instagram 8

As you can see, she has also encouraged engagement through a Call To Action (asking users to comment which recipe she should try next), and increased reach through relevant hashtags.

This is therefore a great way to get personal training clients on Instagram as it all helps to build your business identity as an authoritative and trustworthy fitness professional. 

This shows how although following trends can help you get personal training clients on Instagram, going against them or giving your own expert opinion on them can also be just as effective!  

Tip #9 - Post Consistently To Get Personal Training Clients From Instagram 

pt clients instagram 3

Our final tip is to remember that whatever content you choose to post, post consistently! 

By consistently, we mean posting enough to keep your followers engaged and to attract new ones. But at the same time, you shouldn’t post too much, as this will make your content lose its effectiveness. 

So, how often should you post to get personal training clients on Instagram?  

Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this, as it depends on several factors such as how many followers you have and the kind of content you are posting. 

In general, the fewer followers you have, the more you should post. For example, if you have a few hundred followers, many sources such as this suggest that you should be posting up to twice a day. 

Research has also found that businesses who posted at least once a day gained the most followers. 

This is because according to Instagram’s algorithm, the more you post, the higher your overall reach rate will be. This then translates into more followers and therefore more potential clients! 

With this in mind, if your PT business is just starting out on Instagram, we recommend starting at 1-3 posts on your feed per week and 3 to 10 stories. 

No matter how often you choose to post, the thing that will help you get personal training clients on Instagram is posting consistently. In other words, having a regular and structured posting schedule. 

This is because posting consistently is a key factor in Instagram’s algorithm in deciding how far up your followers’ news feeds your posts appear. The nearer the top of a news feed you appear, the more likely it is for followers to see and engage with your posts, as they won’t have to scroll as far to see them.  

Plus, posting consistently will make your account appear more professional, compared to posting 10 posts a day then nothing for a week! This will then give your account more credibility, making it more likely for users to engage with your content and then turn into leads for your business.

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When deciding on your schedule at first, just focus on spreading your posts out evenly throughout the week. For example, you may want to do feed posts on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and stories on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 

Plus, posting excessively (e.g. 10 posts a day, one after each other) will appear ‘spammy’ to both the Instagram algorithm and to your followers compared to spreading them out evenly throughout the week. This means that the posts themselves are likely to have less engagement and be less effective in helping you get clients!  

However, the days you choose for your posting schedule may not always be set in stone.  

For example, say you normally don’t have anything scheduled for a Friday. However, if you have a particularly good session with a client, you shouldn’t let a predetermined schedule stop you from posting a story about the session (e.g. a video), if you think it is worth posting!

Having an element of flexibility is therefore important when it comes to how often you post on Instagram. 

The main thing to remember when it comes to how often to post on Instagram is quality over quantity! In other words, don’t post poor quality content just for the sake of meeting your upload schedule. 

It is much better to spend time creating a high quality and carefully thought-out post that is more likely to help you get personal training clients on Instagram.  

You should also make sure to vary the types of posts throughout your schedule. For example, include a mix of photos, videos and text-based posts. This will help keep your followers interested and engaged in your page, as well as helping your feed look balanced and professional.  

For example, here at OriGym, we keep our Instagram feed varied. As you can see, we have a balance of videos, text-based posts and images.

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We also have a consistent colour scheme, which also helps to make your account look more professional and attractive to potential clients! 

Once you start growing your business and your Instagram following, you can make the process easier by using Instagram scheduling software, such as:

These softwares allow you to create and schedule all your content in advance. This is a great way to keep your posting consistent, as you don’t have to worry about creating and posting new content every day. 


Before you go!

So, we hope you now have a clear answer to the question, ‘how do you get personal training clients from Instagram?’ 

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Written by Alice Williams

Content Editor & Yoga Teacher

Alice graduated with a First-Class degree in French and Linguistics from the University of Leeds in 2019. As part of her degree, she spent a year living in France where she worked for a lifestyle blog, gaining professional experience in both translation and content writing. 

Alice is also a qualifiied yoga teacher, allowing her write from a place of expertise when it comes to yoga!

When she’s not writing or practicing yoga, she also loves running, cooking and music! 

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