19 Best Free Gym Management Software Options

Best Free Gym Management Software Options

Keeping track of your admin can be tricky, which is why finding the best free gym management software can make a huge difference to your business model!

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19 Free Gym Management Software

Within our article, there are a variety of gym management softwares with free services. Others have free trials of varying lengths to help you decide if they’re right for you.

#1 - PushPress

gym membership management software free

Our first gym membership management software with a free download option is from PushPress.

PushPress is one of the leading providers of gym management software for free. With a 4.7 Capterra rating, they’re a great starting place for smaller gyms and fitness boutiques looking to optimise their processes.

By choosing PushPress as your first foray into free software for gym membership management, you’re getting the chance to explore exactly what this type of software can do for generating data and showing how well your business is running.

For example, the free version has a check-in app for customers to login at each class or gym entry. You’ll have the ability to monitor who’s logged into each class in real time from a screen onsite.

free gym management software

With PushPress, your members will be able to access their own accounts to book classes or update their details, as well as access your online store for any extras and supplies they’re looking to buy.

As PushPress has an automated waitlist service activated when a class reaches capacity, you’re also covered from any accidental overbookings. This helps you keep track of the numbers and which classes need to be scheduled less or more frequently.

The PushPress free access gym management software also has the ability to integrate data from your old system. This means you won’t lose time or information when you switch - with this you can be up and running in a day!

If you love the free version and need to upgrade, PushPress lets you easily jump to the next band for a price. PushPress has 2 paid levels, costing $159 and $229 (£129.52 and £186.54) a month.

#2 - TeamUp

gym membership management software free

If you’re not sure how to use gym membership management software, the free 30 day trial from TeamUp could be the one for you!

This free trial gives you the chance to test out the different features and get a feel for what will work for your business, helping you make the most of the software before committing to payment.

TeamUp itself is definitely worth exploring because it’ll help you centralise a lot of your business admin - freeing up your time for customer interaction and delivering a quality service.

TeamUp comes with all the main functions you want and expect from a software for gym membership management (free or otherwise), including:

  • Class scheduling and management
  • Payment management and billing automation
  • Report generation and data tracking
  • Outside integration for pre-existing systems

gym management software free

However, one of the best features about TeamUp is they don’t offer price scaling with their features, but rather in terms of active customer numbers. Even at the cheapest level you can take advantage of everything they have to offer.

This type of competitive price scaling means that if you have less active members from one month to the next you’ll pay the rate that suits your circumstances. This can definitely work better with the type of flexible income you’ll probably experience in the beginning.

Another great feature of this free gym management software is how they offer customisable content, allowing you to easily brand:

  • Emails
  • Referral offers
  • Sign up forms

This means you can stamp your personal brand identity across the app and ensure clients know who they’re signing with. 

With TeamUp, you won’t lose the uniqueness that makes your business successful - this free trial for gym management software will just make you better!

#3 - Zen Planner

gym membership management software free

With a 15 day free trial, Zen Planner is a great introductory free software for gym membership management.

Zen Planner has everything you could need from a gym management software in one free download. The software is easy to use and can be easily adapted depending on the type of fitness business you’re running.

This could be anything from a yoga studio to a boutique gym - and Zen Planner helps you prioritise the services you need in order to succeed.

For example, if you run a martial arts studio within your gym, the tracking features will automatically let you see who is up for belt or rank testing in the near future so you can add it to the calendar.

Overall, the class schedule tool easily lets you add and remove classes to a weekly planner, meaning you and your clients will always know what is running each week. You can even attach your own calendar to the site and receive updates when things change.

gym management software free

Automated billing is a huge advantage when it comes to running a business. With Zen Planner you can: 

  • Integrate payment processes
  • Send out reminders, invoices, and receipts
  • Be alerted when a payment hasn’t gone through

This allows you to keep a detailed eye on your finances for budget planning and income or expense reports.

Of course, Zen Planner does have the ability to generate these reports for you. These cover anything from financial data to attendance tracking, so you can easily see the successful and problem areas of your business.

Luckily the paid version of Zen Planner uses a price scale dependent on client numbers, meaning you won’t lose access to all of these features when your free trial is over.

Starting at $121 (£98.77) a month, Zen Planner is a great investment into streamlining the endless daily tasks required for managing and growing your business.

#4 - BookAMat

gym membership management software free

Next up on our list of free gym management software you can download is BookAMat - designed to help smaller studios grow by increasing their client attraction and retention.

BookAMat uses a sliding pay scale dependent on your active clients, starting for free with 10 or fewer clients and rising by 30p per member (capped at £59.99).

This makes BookAMat one of the best free softwares for gym membership management for smaller fitness studios, offering more specific classes such as: 

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance and barre
  • HIIT training

This is because their services cover the main needs of this type of fitness studio, with an emphasis on automated payments and booking management.

For example, with BookAMat your classes are professionally scheduled with an automated waitlist to prevent overbooking. This waitlist also keeps your classes full by filling the gaps after a cancellation so you’re not losing out on customers.

gym management software free

Alongside this, you can schedule upcoming class reminders to encourage clients to book soon before you run out of places and remind them in case they need to reschedule or cancel.

An online booking system encourages more clients to sign up as it’s simpler and more time efficient for them, which increases your class size and income!

With BookAMat, you can also use Zoom for fitness classes and have clients from all over the world.

These automated systems save you time and money because everything is in one easily accessible place allowing you to work on other aspects of your business.

Of course online booking needs to come with online billing, otherwise you’re handling money before or after class. BookAMat has integrated payment systems, including payment plans and auto-debit options to make sure you’re getting paid for your hard work.

It’s even easily integrated with social media or outside websites so you can incorporate this free gym management software into your existing online presence.

#5 - OpenStudio

gym membership management software free

OpenStudio is a totally free gym management software available for anyone and any type of business to use and download.

There’s no trial basis or sliding pay scale - it’s completely free!

However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on any of the great features you need to run your business more efficiently in the future.

OpenStudio keeps all of your admin in one place to make everything easy to manage from your dashboard, which you can also control access to amongst your employees. 

This includes:

  • Attendance scheduling and tracking
  • Managing your mailing list
  • Automating alerts as needed

With this gym membership management software you’re free to build an intranet to serve your business needs, including troubleshooting and dealing with customer questions and complaints.

OpenStudio itself is designed to constantly evolve and grow with their client base by taking on suggestions from users and implementing them by offering additional services depending on the demand.

Since it began, OpenStudio is growing to include several more services such as:

  • Surveys
  • Careers and Payroll Management
  • Business Newsletters
  • Managing Events and Spaces

Perhaps most importantly, with OpenStudio you can manage personal data safely so your clients know they can trust you with their private information. With this system you have a secure environment to store and archive information for future use.

#6 - RhinoFit

free gym management software download

RhinoFit is a US based free gym management software for download across the world, including right here in the UK.

What we love is with RhinoFit you even have options for which free version you’d like to sign up for! 

This gym membership management software has a fully free edition or you can try their middle band as part of a 30 day free trial.

At full price, the 2 paid levels are $57 and $149 (£46.40 and £121.30) a month. These grant you additional access to various extras, such as: 

  • 24 hour DAC (door access control)
  • Mobile key fobs
  • Unlimited email marketing
  • Messaging services

At the free level, this gym management software will definitely be able to meet your needs and help you grow your business.

gym management software free

RhinoFit has all the inbuilt content you need to make signing up new members a breeze, including:

  • Arranging classes
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Membership management
  • Digital waivers

You’ll be able to keep track of your clients efficiently and safely, meaning you can keep an eye on developing trends with the detailed auto-generated reports.

The inbuilt payment system makes it easy to create tiered memberships and bill your clients accordingly. You don’t need to worry about tracking down missing payments or reminding customers about money.

You’re also able to integrate any existing systems you use with this free software for gym membership management so you can simply transfer across and get started.

The check in system allows you to streamline your gym entry and provide a more professional service to encourage client loyalty. We certainly think RhinoFit is definitely a free gym management software to consider!

#7 - Gym Clock

free gym management software download

For those of you who prefer an easy-to-use app format for their free gym management software, downloading Gym Clock is definitely the step for you!

Gym Clock is an all-in-one management app for gym owners who want to keep track of their business from anywhere, at any time.

This free software for gym membership management is a great way for gym owners and employees to oversee their total operations data through a variety of different abilities and view graphs to spot any developing trends. 

This helps you stay ahead of the game and fix any problems as they arise, rather than after the fact. You’ll also be able to positively interact with your clients in a professional manner by providing custom content according to their membership details.

For example, with the app you can:

  • Live track membership numbers
  • Monitor client progress
  • Help create custom workout plans for each client

This is useful for client retention as you’re giving your members individual attention by ensuring you go the extra mile for your client.

This function also means you can easily send alerts and important notifications to your customers, allowing for easy communication between owner and client. 

free gym management software

Encouraging open communication builds trust between you and your members. This means they’re more likely to stay with you in the future and recommend your business to their friends.

As the owner, you’ll be able to keep up with any additional trainers or staff through their own profile. You’ll know who is working each day and verify any necessary stats or admin in relation to their sessions.

With regards to client interaction, Gym Clock is one of the best free gym management softwares for their use because it has plenty of helpful features. Clients can easily track their own progress and have a visual representation of their results each week. 

This is a great fitness motivation tip to keep clients in a positive mindset as they can clearly see the progress they’ve made and remind them why they’re training.

This gym management software is free to download across both iOS and Android, making it accessible for a wider range of users. The 6 month free trial gives you the freedom to really put it through its paces before you commit - why not give it a try?


If you're enjoying this article, why don't you read these as well?

#8 - Omnify

free gym management software download

Omnify is a huge name in gym management software and their free trial is a great way to experience whether their systems are right for you.

This is more than a gym membership management software. With the free downloadable trial version, you’ll be able to explore several strategies to expand your business and increase your total revenue.

For example, with Omnify you can train anyone around the world with their integrated Zoom technology and online payment systems.

Operating classes via Zoom opens your business up to a wider audience, which in turn offers you the chance to earn more money for your business.

As for more traditional gym management needs, this software frees up your time by controlling all aspects of payment and membership plans so you don’t have to!

gym management software free

With this, you never have to worry about missing a payment and you’ll be able to offer exclusive benefits and discounts to your customers.

This free gym management software gives you full control over your membership plans so you can completely customise the client experience to maximise registration and retention.

Omnify’s comprehensive scheduling systems allow you to automate your class booking processes and upload schedules onto the cloud so trainers will never be late to sessions.

This system is useful for client interaction because you can manage how many people can book per class and open a waiting list to ensure you don’t lose any revenue from cancellations.

With prices ranging from $39.00 - $499.00 (£31.74 - £406.15) per month after the trial, this free gym management software is definitely worth investigating.

#9 - VirtuaGym

free gym management software download

Using software for gym membership management frees up more of your time that can be spent elsewhere, so why not try VirtuaGym to help you with your business administrative needs?

VirtuaGym has plenty of useful features that work together to grow and shape your business, allowing you to have more time for aspects that require more personal attention.

This is largely through their automation and digitising of your services to make your life easier. Moving your paperwork online streamlines the entire process and allows your business to function more efficiently.

With VirtuaGym you can control everything from: 

  • Client sign-up and registration
  • Payments
  • Late fees

This lets your employees concentrate on customer interaction and providing a quality in-person service.

free gym management software

With VirtuaGym as your free gym software, the management of classes and various schedules becomes even easier with their inbuilt scheduling services. 

This allows you to easily update the system with new classes, as well as integrating a user friendly booking format for your clients.

Another benefit to using this free gym management software is you can easily monitor and control your finances from one place which is extra useful when it comes to budgeting for the financial year.

You can even set up an online shop through VirtuaGym to supplement your income by offering branded merch and gym essentials.

Lastly, one of the best features of VirtuaGym as a gym management software is their free downloadable app that can be fully customised for your brand. 

With this, you can explore growing a positive community amongst your clients by motivating them via discussion boards and competitive but fun monthly workout challenges to encourage a love of fitness.

#10 - Amilia Software

free gym management software download

Amilia Software describes itself as ‘the extra set of hands you’ve always wished for to help tackle the day-to-day of running activities’. We think this is a pretty accurate description of this free gym management software!

Amilia takes over a lot of the routine chores that come with running a business so you can concentrate on other matters that need a personal touch.

As a free gym software it makes management simpler and less time consuming by bringing everything online and making your technology work for you.

For example, Amilia can track your business data in real time, meaning you can make measured business decisions without having to search out or compile your own data reports.

This is critical for expanding your reach as a company. Using these reports you can follow the customer journey and see where the majority of drop off occurs. This allows you to build meaningful strategies to target these problem areas and increase client registration.

free gym management software

With Amilia you can use all of the data collected by the gym membership management software freely to your best advantage. 

For example, if certain classes are proving more popular you can choose to schedule more per week or create fun challenges to encourage client engagement with the business and your wider customer community.

As a business tool Amilia can grant you more control over your administration and routine tasks, including: 

  • Staff scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Even the recruitment process

You’ll be able to protect important and private information by allocating different access levels to each of your staff. This way they can still do their jobs efficiently but confidential data is protected at each level.

Amilia starts with a 30 day free trial with paid options starting from $99 a month (£81.35) depending on the size of your business. 

Considering the time saved through free gym management software, we think this is a pretty good deal!

#11 - Pike 13

software for gym management free download

Pike 13 prides itself on being a reliable and quality gym membership management software with a free trial to help you decide if it’s the right one for your needs.

Subscriptions start from $118 (£96.96) or $139 (£114.39) a month after the trial so you should definitely take advantage of the free time while you have it!

With Pike 13, you control every aspect of your gym or fitness centre and can set up: 

  • Automated marketing
  • Retention emails
  • Manage data and reports
  • Set up scheduling all from one place

Offering access to your services online or through an app can make a huge difference to client engagement as it makes everyone’s lives easier. Clients are more likely to book sessions online than they are in person.

In fact, using Pike 13 can help grow your entire online presence by linking with Zapier to support virtual classes. These sessions can be through whichever platform works best for you such as Zoom or Facebook Live and will help to grow your client base around the world.

software for gym membership management free

Having these online systems in place also means payments will be easier to track as they can all be monitored freely through your gym management software. 

This software makes automatic billing and fee calculations possible which is more attractive to potential customers within your wider audience.

Alongside all of these features, Pike 13 offers access to specific customer and staff apps to improve everyone’s experience with your business.

For Clients:

  • The app allows them to manage their personal information
  • Book onto classes and waitlists
  • Track their own progress
  • Buy products from the shop as and when they want

For Staff:

  • Their version of the app lets trainers schedule classes and manage their calendars
  • Take attendance for sessions
  • Upsell programmes
  • Monitor a client to see their needs and achievements

These elements allow you to personalise your services which will encourage client retention and provide a high quality experience for staff and customers.

- - - - 

Need some more resources to compliment your gym management software options? Check out these articles below:

#12 - EZFacility

software for gym management free download

If you’ve ever accidentally overbooked a class or had to trawl through pages of data to create valuable marketing strategies, you’ll see the benefits of a free gym management software you can download straight away to make your life easier.

Little mistakes from human error can have a negative impact on how your business runs, so why not explore how EZFacility can help you?

With EZFacility, you’re able to automate your scheduling each week while setting maximum class size eliminates the possibility of overbooking sessions.

Online scheduling also makes it clearer for you to see where you can arrange one to one’s and extra classes depending on the demand.

With this free gym software, the management of your customer relationships has never been easier! 

This allows you to:

  • Create custom membership plans
  • Arrange for automatic billing
  • Access electronic waivers for all of your classes

software for gym membership management free

In terms of your basic administrative duties, this gym management software frees up your time by controlling everything from internal emails and notices to payroll and wage tracking.

This entire system lets you review your costs and create a more accurate and efficient budget dependent on real time data collected by the software. 

Meanwhile detailed reports on productivity, sales, and member attendance can be integrated into your marketing strategies to help you maximise your profits and create an engaging environment for both customers and staff.

EZFacility is proud to offer a user-friendly interface that lets you navigate all of these great features intuitively. Even the least technologically savvy amongst you will be able to benefit from this gym management software’s free trial.

#13 - bSport

software for gym management free download

When you choose one of these free softwares for gym membership management, not only are you saving time, you’re actually saving money by streamlining the various administrative tasks that come with owning your own business.

With bSport you’re able to combine several of these duties in one place, making it much easier for you to oversee everything from wherever you are in the world.

The back office services are supremely useful in making sure you can offer the best possible exercise environment for your clients.

BSport’s specific spot scheduling gives customers the opportunity to book their favourite areas or equipment in your studio, as well as helping you avoid overcrowding in certain areas - keeping everyone safe and happy such as in the example below:

software for gym membership management free

With bSport, you’re able to create custom membership plans that work best for your style of business. 

You can also broaden your options for a target audience and increase overall revenue by offering:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly 
  • Season passes

The live performance tracking data available for free through this gym management software allows you to create a personalised customer experience for each member. 

This encourages brand loyalty as members know they’re getting the best services and advice to reach their SMART goals. It also serves as motivation and increases the likelihood of a client returning to each class or even upgrading their membership programme.

BSport improves the overall efficiency of your business by centralising your marketing campaigns. Here you can create professional marketing content at the click of a button, helping to increase client retention across the board.

After the trial, bSport’s full price is subjective to your business needs. It’s really easy to get a demonstration of this gym membership management software for free from their website.

#14 - Vagaro

software for gym management free download

Our next free software for gym membership management is Vagaro, a US based SaaS that can save you time and money by taking over the majority of your administrative needs.

SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’. This is when a software is centrally contained and access is granted through subscription rather than individually installed on each device.

Vagaro is an all-in-one software for gym management, with free downloads and an app that lets you control your business in the office or outside. You can start with a free trial to see if it’s right for you, with priced options starting from £30 per month.

Their scheduling system is top notch, with a user friendly interface allowing you to make changes with a simple drag and drop of the source material.

This system makes it easy to search by class or trainer to make sure you’re not overworking your staff, while also letting you see which sessions may need to be rescheduled or have an increased presence in your class rotation.

One aspect that helps Vagaro stand out is their integration with social media heavyweights like Facebook and Instagram.

software for gym membership management free

This feature allows your clients to book classes through their favourite social media, which will work to increase your total attendance and encourage more clients to sign up for a membership.

Vagaro also has a seamless integration with live streaming technology, so you can hold virtual classes with clients from around the globe!

This aspect is fully automated. After they’ve booked and paid for the class, clients will receive a link via:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Push notification 

For in-person sessions, Vagaro offers an electronic check in and out option, making it better for safety and security as you know the exact timings of when everyone is on the premises. 

You’ll be able to reliably check the attendance logs in case of an emergency such as a fire drill. With an average rating of 4.7 on Capterra, Vagaro is definitely one of the best options for free gym management software currently available!

#15 - Perfect Gym

software for gym management free download

With a name like Perfect Gym, it’s unsurprising this gym management software with its free trial and simple download is a popular option within the fitness industry.

Perfect Gym is available across the world and is a great entry into the world of gym management software to free up more time for other aspects of your business.

The integrated payment systems make purchasing a membership incredibly easy regardless of how you choose to pay. With this billing system, all of your payment options are covered - from online through the website to an internal POS (point of sale) at your gym.

This also makes keeping track of payments and contract fees even easier as everything is in one place. You’ll never have to worry about chasing down a payment or losing out on income with this free gym membership management software.

software for gym membership management free

Another big selling point in favour of Perfect Gym is their dedication to data protection and storage. Their software regularly backs up onto the cloud in real time to ensure you have all the latest figures for future reference. 

This also helps keep client data secure and confidential which is hugely important in any customer facing business.

Perfect Gym has an interactive dashboard that lets you easily see where your highlights and issues are within the business. Clearer data reporting makes it much easier for you to understand what you need to do to improve, saving you time in the long run.

This knowledge is definitely useful for building new gym marketing ideas and implementing impactful changes to help grow your business.

If you’re considering Perfect Gym as your choice of gym membership management software, the free trial is definitely the place to start!

#16 - Gym Desk

free gym management software

Gym Desk is a great option for those of you looking for gym membership management software with free downloadable content during their 30 day trial.

Here they’ve created another great SaaS that works to automate and delegate back office tasks, reducing errors and saving you time and money in the future.

Through Gym Desk prospective members can sign up on a tablet in the gym or online at home at their convenience. With this technology, they can pay online and sign any waivers electronically. 

This cuts down on a vast amount of paperwork that would otherwise be filling your office, making your gym much more efficient than before.

You’ll also be improving efficiency with:

  • Automated emails
  • Alerts for payments
  • New classes
  • Update to your services

This keeps your members informed, as well as saving you from having to chase late fees or payments.

gym management software free

Their online database holds all the information you would need about each client, including: 

  • Attendance rates
  • Classes they frequent
  • Extra details about their fitness needs

This allows you to tailor your marketing to each individual, generating better leads and more successful purchases than a generic campaign.

You’ll also develop a better relationship with your members. This will increase the likelihood of them recommending you to friends and family and helping to grow your reputation with the public.

With Gym Desk you have the option of integrating your existing website or creating a new one that easily slots into place with the rest of their services.

If you’re interested, why not try out their 30 day trail for free to see if this software for gym management is right for you?

#17 - LegitFit

free gym management software

LegitFit is one of the best free gym management softwares available on the market, offering both a free and paid version of their service.

Instead of offering a free trial for a specific amount of time, LegitFit allows you to try out various features for as long as you’d like before committing to one of their paid options (which start from £45 a month).

Choosing LegitFit means you’ll have one platform to cover a whole host of your back office operations, making your life a lot easier and reducing the time you’ll need to spend on repetitive administrative tasks.

Here you can oversee every aspect of your membership details, including automated billing and class bookings for all of your members. 

One special feature of LegitFit is the shareable timetable, which can be sent across multiple platforms to entice members and new customers alike into booking with you.

gym management software free

With this you can grow your business and make sure that everyone is kept up-to-date at the same time.

New bookings will also trigger the automated messaging feature that reminds clients of their upcoming classes. This can increase your attendance rates by a large margin and improve your profits for these sessions.

Digitising and centralising your administrative information means that LegitFit can collate all of this data quickly and easily, thereby generating new reports and data metrics to help you keep on top of new trends in your business.

This will help you with improving client retention, as well as noticing any issues within your online process that’s affecting your overall efficiency.

If this isn’t enough to convince you about LegitFit, we should mention their excellent 4.8 Capterra rating. LegitFit clearly has a long list of satisfied customers and you could be next!

#18 - Arbox

free gym management software

For a smooth and efficient gym membership management software, feel free to download Arbox and explore their wide range of features to get your business to the next level.

To start, their interactive scheduling system makes it incredibly easy for clients to book onto individual or group fitness classes with you or another trainer at their convenience. 

Through this system you can share your calendar, allowing clients to choose their one to one time slot and input it into your schedule. This allows them to feel more in control and reduces the chances of cancellation.

In addition to this, automated reminders help reduce the chances of total cancellation, especially as they can allow members to rebook at a different time if they need to.

Overbooking will also be a thing of the past, with Arbox making it easy to set class limits via the schedule to prevent any mistakes.

gym management software free

Through Arbox, you’ll be able to develop your various marketing strategies to increase client retention and your overall business revenue.

Using the integrated system you can create custom content. From reminders and service updates to discounts and punch cards for loyal members, this keeps your brand in mind and encourages members to interact positively with everything you have to offer.

Aside from client engagement, Arbox can help you increase productivity amongst your staff and promote an engaging and vibrant working environment.

The internal communication systems help you control payroll and wages, as well as assigning shifts and classes to different staff members. 

The system ensures everyone knows where they should be, reducing confusion and allowing everyone to get on with offering a quality experience for your members. 

With Arbox you can experience all this gym management software has to offer with a 14 day free trial, so why not give it a chance?

#19 - FitDEGREE

free gym management software

Lastly on our list of free gym management software is FitDEGREE, which has lots of useful features to help you get your back office duties under control!

Before we get into the details, we do have to say that according to Capterra this SaaS is currently only available if you’re based in the USA and Canada.

If you’re based in North America, then FitDEGREE is definitely worth exploring as an option for gym management software with a free trial.

FitDEGREE understands client retention is hugely important when it comes to building a successful business in the fitness industry. This is why a lot of their content is specifically designed to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Their smart scheduling system makes it incredibly easy for clients to sign up and book the sessions they want at a time that suits them instead of having to call up or go into the studio.

gym management software free

Post booking, the integrated payment system means your business can handle online and in person transactions efficiently.

This same system can also collate this transaction data into easy to understand reports and metrics, helping you analyse trends and notice weaknesses in your administrative process that can be fixed to encourage more client interaction.

What makes FitDEGREE stand out as a free software for gym membership management is their understanding of how important social media is to advertising your business and increasing traffic into your studio.

Through their app customers can link into their social media and post about their workouts, which gets your brand out there without you having to lift a finger. 

Members can invite friends and family to hold them accountable for their exercise promises, meaning more clients and better attendance for you!

So if you’re looking to boost your social media presence as well as streamline your back office processes through gym management software, the 45 day free trial for FitDEGREE is certainly worth considering.

Why Should I Use Free Gym Management Software?

If you’re still on the fence about using free gym software for membership management, we’ve got several reasons why you should give it a go!

Free Gym Management Software Optimises Your Business Model

software for gym membership management

One of the most compelling reasons to take advantage of free software for gym membership management is that it can take individual processes and put them in one accessible place.

This optimization means you’ll need less time to find or create important documents and reports, meaning you’ll be able to run your business more efficiently.

Look for free gym management software that has the ability to compile and show you reports on:

  • Membership numbers
  • Retention figures
  • Your overall finances

These will help you see where you need to put more of your attention to make your business even better. You can generate more successful leads when you know where they’re failing in the first place.

This will also make expansion easier in the future as your gym membership management software is free to grow alongside your business and you can add or remove features as you need.

Free Gym Management Software Does Your Admin For You

software for gym membership management

The right software for gym management (free or paid) helps you streamline or automate important processes to make your life easier.

This is because the majority of software for gym management that’s free to download has integrated systems that can do your admin for you.

These processes can manage anything from digital membership sign up to controlling and collecting online payments and charges. This means you don’t need to worry about chasing membership and late fees.

gym management software free download

Using free gym management software for your finances also allows you to keep track of payroll easier, especially if you have lots of staff with different jobs and tax codes. This is a much more efficient way of managing your staff and ensuring everyone is paid on time.

In terms of marketing, some free gym management softwares have (or can be integrated with) existing automation systems so your new system could take over any pre-existing campaigns and improve member interaction with your content.

These features free up your time to concentrate on other areas of your business that require more personal oversight, like running classes and answering customer queries.

Free Gym Management Software Reduces the Chance for Error

gym management software free download

While it may be infuriating at times, technology is also hugely beneficial when it comes to removing or reducing the consequences of human error.

You’re much less likely to experience administrative errors once your free gym management software has been downloaded. The system will be able to check multiple sources to make sure everything is correct.

These systems are also able to flag up any issues they notice for your attention and are more likely to catch any inputting errors you might not notice on your own.

This means mistakes with payments and late charges or scheduling errors will be much less frequent, if not nonexistent after everything has been collated.

Your business will be able to run much more efficiently and your customers will be happy they’re getting the best service available.

Free Gym Management Software Can Encourage Client Retention

gym management software free download

Client retention is definitely one of the most vital elements of any fitness business and we’re sure you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to keep your customers coming back.

This is where the right free gym software for management and system integration can actually make a difference to your membership numbers.

As we’ve discussed, this technology can make your business processes more efficient and afford you more time to devote to your client relationships and in person interactions.

However, even the best gym management software for free download is no good if they’re not user friendly for your clients. 

Clients need to access the software for:

  • Booking classes
  • Checking and changing their personal or membership details
  • Even tracking their own progress

If these needs are met in an easy to use format, clients are much more likely to stay with you and encourage their friends to sign up at your gym in the future.

Free Gym Management Software Can Keep Confidential Information More Secure

gym management software free download

Data protection is hugely important as a business - your customers want to know their personal information is safe with you before they sign up.

One of the biggest benefits of free gym software from a management perspective is they’ll have inbuilt data protection to cover and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in the UK.

These safeguards are designed to protect important information like banking details or private addresses and contact numbers so your clients feel more secure and willing to return.

They’ll also protect business and employees private banking information so you can feel more confident going ahead with payroll and purchasing large ticket items.

Before You Go!

Free gym management software can have a positive impact on the efficiency of your business operations. Explore the options from our list to find gym management software (for free) to help your gym grow and thrive in the future!

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Written by Rachel Stevens

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Rachel is a freelance content writer and fitness enthusiast based in Liverpool. She completed her BA (Hons) in Egyptology and Ancient History, followed by a MA in Ancient History, at the University of Liverpool. She has a keen interest in many water-based sports, like kayaking, in which she holds a 1-star qualification with the intention of progressing further. She is an avid reader, runner and yoga enthusiast.

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