23 Best Apps For Personal Trainers To Use

23 Best Apps for Personal Trainers to Use

The right personal trainer app can benefit your career in multiple ways, from simplifying the coaching process to creating training regimes for your clients.

To help you find the right one for you, we’ve assembled the top 23 personal trainer apps on the market today onto one convenient list. 

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The Best 23 Apps for Personal Trainers to Use

#1 - My PT Hub

Price: Free

Personal Trainer App #1

Apple Rating: 4.1

Google Play Rating: 3.8

My PT Hub is one of the best personal trainer apps to date, as it grants you access to a multitude of tools to help enhance the service you provide to your clientele and make money as a personal trainer

Firstly, let’s talk numbers. This fitness trainer app has over 85,000 licensed personal trainers on board, over 1.5 million active users, and a whopping 12 million workouts having been created. Therefore, you’ll never be short of content to observe and interact with.  

These stats help to boost the reliability of the app, as with so many users exceptional quality is guaranteed. 

My PT Hub is also one of the best personal trainer apps for clients to use. This is due to the fact that it helps to transform the lives of thousands of trainees, across the world through its innovative approach to tailoring workout plans.

Additionally, this trainer app is a trusted partner of popular gym chains such as PureGym and The Gym, offering further reassurance of quality. This is a beneficial feature for both clients and trainers alike, as the popular gyms create a symbiotic relationship between the demand for coaches and the number of coaches.

To learn more about the life of PTs in chain gyms, click here to read about how to become a PureGym personal trainer

In simple terms, because these gyms are popular, a lot of clients who want a coach will attend, therefore a lot of coaches will work from these facilities, so there’s never a shortage of either client or trainer.

#2 – FitSW

Price: Free/Includes In-App Purchases 

Personal Trainer App #2

Apple Rating: 4.7

Google Play Rating: 4.6

FitSW is arguably one of the best gym trainer apps when it comes to user-friendliness. If you’re after seamless clarity and easily accessible features, then this is the app for you. 

As a personal trainer, the main menu of FitSW presents a table of your clients with metrics that provide quick, valuable information on their fitness and nutrition levels. This is a vital feature when it comes to monitoring the performance of your clients and ensuring they’re on track for their goals.

FitSW helps you to visualise where you may need to focus on particular clients, as you can see if one person is slacking in their nutrition, or maybe another is falling short in their resistance training, for instance. 

This easy-to-use overview makes FitSW one of the best apps for personal trainers in terms of manageability, as well as ensuring that all your clients get the most out of their sessions with you.

Featuring simple weekly exercise templates for you to adjust for each of your clients, this personal trainer app for clients will save you time and streamline your scheduling efforts. 

This is a perk that becomes more beneficial to you, once you begin to gain more online clients. Following this, you’ll find that using the app’s integrated workout regime template saves you hours of valuable time when taking on new trainees.

#3 -  TrueCoach 

Price: Free

Personal Trainer App #3

Apple Rating: 2.5

Google Play Rating: 2.5

With TrueCoach online personal trainer app contacting your clients has never been easier. Once downloaded you will gain access to an instant messaging service, which will allow you to stay in touch with clients 24/7. 

TrueCoach is a simple yet effective benefit of the online personal trainer app. It will further streamline the daily life of PTs, and makes it easier to conduct or participate in virtual training sessions. 

These virtual regimes are a valid alternative to face-to-face training consultations, and for some clients, they’re even preferable. This is because you don’t have to work around each other’s schedules, and can train more flexibly and more easily.

TrueCoach also features great tracking capabilities, displaying a client’s data in concise graphs and charts. This will help you to keep a sharper focus on your clients' individualistic performance and goals. 

The online personal trainer app can also double as a personal trainer app for clients, who are looking to track their progress and boost their workout drive. 

#4 – TrainerFu

Price: Free

Personal Trainer App #4

Apple Rating: 4.8

Google Play Rating: 4.7

TrainerFu is one of the only personal trainer apps that features its own internal social media service. 

Clients and trainers can post status updates and photos as they socialise and create a tight-knit community of fitness fans and friends. For trainers, this is an effective way to keep all of your clients focused and on the ball around the clock.

With this feature, TrainerFu allows you to put all of your clients into group personal training chats and social groups. Doing so will allow you to multitask, as you will be able to find clients of a similar skill level and provide them all with group sessions tailored to them specifically. 

As a trainer app, TrainerFu also allows you to create your own tutorial videos for more tricky exercises, making your guidance feel more personal rather than using stock videos from a pre-existing database. 

The interpersonal dynamic of TrainerFu makes it one of the best personal trainer apps on the market today. By utilising the social aspect of the app you will be able to develop a relationship with your clients, ensuring that they’ll be invested in you. 

As you can see from the reviews left above TrainerFu is regarded as one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhone and Android users alike. Customers are raving about this new and exciting social media prospect, so be sure to utilise it for yourself and your own practice. 


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#5 – TruBe

Price: Free

Personal Trainer App #5

Apple Rating: 4.5

The next entry on our list is exclusively for Apple users. With TruBe you are guaranteed to receive one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhones. 

TruBe is a sort of marketplace software that connects clients and trainers together. If you’re a client you can use this fitness trainer app to find the right PT for you. 

Additionally, this personal trainer app for clients also allows you to specify your search and find a variety of PTs with different qualifications and specialties, from Pilates to kickboxing.

Essentially, TruBe removes the risk you’d be taking by enlisting a local personal trainer who may not necessarily specialise in the only area you’re interested in. Plus, as a client, you can see reviews and feedback from your chosen specialist which will help narrow down the massive range of trainers available to work with.

However, if you’re interested in a coach who isn’t located locally, then don’t worry - you can book in with a virtual workout session instead. 

This feature highlights why TruBe is one of the top personal trainer apps on the market, as it benefits PTs who may otherwise struggle to find clients. With TruBe you will be able to widen your potential client pool, as you will not be restrained by geographical locations.

TruBe is also considered to be one of the best gym trainer apps for those of you who are lacking in organisational skills. Here, you will be able to create your own schedule, logging your available hours so potential clients will know when you’re free to teach on any given day.

#6 – Fitsy

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

Apps for Personal Trainers #6

Google Play Rating: 4.8

Fitsy is an example of the best free personal trainer apps for Android users and is exclusively available on the Google Play Store. 

With Fitsy, you can streamline the coaching process by gaining access to over 1000 pre-registered exercises. This means you can just click an exercise that comes complete with a video guide, edit the number of sets and reps and then send it straight to your client.

This database of exercises also includes in-depth descriptions of these exercises and how they impact targeted muscles. 

With this feature, Fitsy is actually encouraging your clients to learn by themselves, which will in turn encourage them to work out on their own without you. This is actually the key to keeping client retention levels high, as if clients are constantly learning and seeing results, they'll want to keep engaging with your teachings. 

The Fitsy app also features advanced data tracking capabilities, this allows any user to track their physical measures in order to create a silhouette of their stature. This can be adjusted as you progress through your fitness journey. 

The level of precision here is rare, allowing clients to visualise what they could look like by the time they reach their goals. This feature alone ranks Fitsy among the best free personal trainer apps for android users worldwide. 

#7 – Coachee

Price: Free

Apps for Personal Trainer #7

Apple Rating: 5.0

Another streamlined fitness training app designed to connect clients and coaches, Coachee ensures quality as it boasts a 5-star rating on the App Store. 

The reason why Coachee is considered to be one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhone users is all about integration. 

With a built-in instant messaging service, you don’t need to use a third-party app to communicate with your clients. This means that you can clearly separate your work and social life on your phone, ensuring that all of your business communications are confined to one app.

A further integrated feature is Coachee’s payment scheme. With an internal system in place, iPhone users can pay their coaches directly through the app with Apple Pay.

This keeps payment processes and methods simple and clear, meaning that you won’t have to fiddle about with other payment services. The process is fast, efficient, and direct, certifying Coachee as one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhone users to date. 

Both clients and trainers can also rest easy knowing that there is no possibility of potential scammers infiltrating the app. This is because the payment is certified through Apple’s internal system, which will detect any potential threats to your security or data. 

#8 – The Training Notebook 

Price: Free/In-App Purchases 

Apps for Personal Trainers #8

Apple Rating: 3.8

Google Play Rating: 4.4

The Training Notebook covers all the basics you need from a personal training app in a clear, concise package on your phone. 

As a trainer, you can pay for an unlimited number of clients every month.  This feature allows you to refer your existing clients to the app and gain brand new ones at the same time. 

Through this feature the Training Notebook also allows you to scale the level of your work you want in your life. This provides the freedom to reduce or add to the existing workload as you see fit.

Payment for your unlimited client membership will be taken straight from your iTunes account, adding another streamlined element to your coaching experience.

Another perk that solidifies the Training Notebook as one of the best fitness trainer apps is the option to send a questionnaire to clients. This brief survey will help you as a trainer to gauge your client’s confidence levels, and how you can help them with their existing workout regime. 

The Training Notebook also provides a solid level of integration here, too. With a messaging service and a built-in interval timer, you won’t need to worry about flicking between apps to record timers for workouts, or your social media apps to message clients.

#9 – GAIN for Trainers 

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

Apps for Personal Trainers #9

Apple Rating: 4.2

GAIN for Trainers is considered by many online customers and reviewers to be one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhone users. 

With the GAIN for Trainers workout builder, you can quickly and easily create exercise plans for your clients. 

With preloaded programs integrated into the app, you can select each one to craft a personalised workout experience. This can be achieved by editing the reps and sets as you see fit, to ensure the routine is optimised for a specific client. 

You can use this top personal trainer app to train clients virtually, where you will receive live updates of their performance, allowing you to keep them on track in real-time. One way to achieve this is through the app’s built-in HD video recorder. 

Through this recording GAIN for Trainers allows you to teach your clients the proper form for complex exercises, through the use of recorded clips. 

When using GAIN for Trainers clients will also be able to communicate how intense their feelings are during training, through a scale on the screen ranging from 1-10. This will allow trainers to make amendments throughout the exercise depending on the mood.

The app is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, clients will be able to receive information from trainers without feeling overwhelmed or confused, as everything is presented in a clear and efficient manner. 

We can strongly recommend this as one of the best free personal trainer apps available to date, so be sure to download it today! 

#10 – Vagaro 

Price: Free

Apps for Personal Trainers #10

Apple Rating: 4.8

Google Play Store: 4.7

Vagaro is considered to be one of the best fitness trainer apps, as it allows clients to book appointments with specialists in the fitness and beauty industry. This combination instantly sets the app apart from the vast majority of its competitors.

With this gym trainer app, PTs can use instantaneous bookings to unwind with a post-training massage appointment, or a soothing yoga class. 

Making appointments will accumulate loyalty points on your account, which you can use to secure discounts with certain professionals, so the more you use the app, the more you will save. 

With Vagaro you can bookmark your favourite professionals and stay in touch with a built-in messenger, developing working relationships with the best specialists in your area.

The popularity of this top trainer app is irrefutable with iPhone users rating it a 4.8, and Android a 4.7 respectively. If you are someone who values the opinion of other consumers then these reviews may be music to your ears. 

Sometimes trainers forget that they deserve rewards for the hard work they do. If you’d like to treat yourself, whilst still focusing on your passion for health and fitness we’d strongly recommend downloading the Vagaro app. 

#11 - PTminder 

Price: Free Trial/ In-App Purchases

Online Personal Trainer App #11

Apple Ratings: 4.2

Google Play Ratings: 4.0 

The abundance of features on this gym trainer app is unrivaled. Perhaps the most unique factor is that you, as a trainer, can customise your own PT packages and corresponding payment plans with the help of PTminder.

The unprecedented level of freedom that PTminder provides allows you to design your own business model at an incredibly in-depth level, whilst still benefiting from the simplicity and ease of access provided by the app. 

With this top fitness trainer app, you can perform assessments of your clients using the data you collect from their training, allowing you to better understand their ability and their progress in attaining their goals. 

In terms of user-friendliness, PTminder is slick, clear, and easy to use. As a trainer, you can customise and provide nutritional meals suggestions to help your clients achieve their fitness goals.

As a coach, you can also connect your PayPal account to the online personal trainer app, which can help to generate simple, quick, and easy payments. 

But if you’re still unsure about whether the PTminder app is right for you, then why not take the complimentary 2-week free trial!

#12 – PT Distinction 

Price: Free

Online Personal Trainer App #12

Apple Rating: 3.3

Google Play Rating: 3.2

PT Distinction features all the basic necessities you should be looking for in a personal trainer app. 

It sets itself apart from the competition with an impressive number of formats its data can be displayed in. This ranges from pie charts, to graphs, and flow charts that illustrate your clients’ progress, so you can choose whichever style you prefer.

PT Distinction also features an integrated messenger feature, which is designed to help your clients communicate any issues or queries they may be having with their training. 

This is mostly done through the use of video systems - where they’re encouraged to record your form during exercises and send them off for your review. 

By viewing these videos on the personal trainer app, you can get back to your clients with notes or adjustments. This will ensure that they receive the best possible online workout, whilst also improving your retention levels. 

Finally, another key feature that ranks PT Distinction among the best free personal trainer apps is the nutrition calendar. With this feature, you can give advice on what clients should be eating and when they should be eating. 

This level of specificity allows you to help your clients reach their goals in a faster manner. Therefore, we can say that this personal trainer app is for clients just as much as it is for trainers, as they can greatly benefit from it too. 

#13 – Trainerize

Price: Free

Online Personal Trainer App #13

Apple Rating: 3.8

Google Play Rating: 3.2

When it comes to creating tailored fitness goals and programs for your clients, Trainerize is a superior trainer app to incorporate into your teaching style. 

For example, with Trainerize you and your client can work together in order to customise their approach to weight loss. This can be achieved by changing the number of calories they wish to burn on any given day.

As one of the top personal trainer apps, your client can use Trainerize to inform you on what they specifically wish to train for. This can range from:

  • Training for a marathon
  • Preparing for bodybuilding contents 
  • Building your endurance for a triathlon

This unprecedented level of Trainerize can really help to strengthen the relationship between client and trainer. This is because it allows you to understand your clients' endgame, as a PT you will know whether this can be achieved through short or long-term training. 

Once this information has been attained you can create a specialised program for said client to follow. This will include information such as how frequently you should meet in-person, or if you’re virtually training, how many consultations you should have.

Trainerize essentially does away with needless buttons and widgets and leaves you with the basics, all wrapped up in a tidy, easy-to-use package.

#14 – GymCatch 

Price: Free

Online Personal Trainer App #14

Apple Rating: 4.3

Google Play Rating: 5.0

As a trainer you need to keep yourself in peak physical condition, this means training wherever and whenever possible. 

GymCatch is one of the best personal trainer apps in this regard, as it is designed for people searching for immediate classes, in any training facility in their local area.

The app collects an assortment of classes and activities, ensuring that you have a wide variety to choose from at all times. 

You could log on and find anything from pilates classes starting in an hour, to sprint training with a coach in the morning. This makes GymCatch the ideal fitness trainer app for people who don’t have the time to lock into a strict training regime and prefer to work out on the fly.

You can find a nearly endless number of physical activities on the app, providing you with a huge variety to craft your own fitness plan for the coming week.

  • For trainers who perhaps aren’t full-time or working freelance, using GymCatch to advertise classes your teaching could be a valid option. This allows you to cast a net out and if there is any interest in a class you wish to teach. 

With all this being said, GymCatch isn’t just for trainers looking to squeeze in a quick workout but is a great personal trainer app for clients who are looking for a specialised class in their local area too.


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#15 – Justcoach

Price: Free

Online Personal Trainer App #15

Apple Rating: 3.6

Google Play Store: 3.4

Personal trainers can grow their business exponentially by using Justcoach. Working out from home has never been more popular, so why not capitalise on this craze by creating guides and tutorials for effective home workouts.

With Justcoach, trainers can post home workout regimes on the platform and share them directly with their clients. 

This eliminates the need to individually assign extremely similar regimes to each of your clients that work out from home. Instead of allowing you to save time by checking multiple boxes at once.

Your career as a trainer is all about reputation, and when word spreads through your clients that you’ve got great home workout advice, then you’ll find immense success on Justcoach.

If you’re a newly qualified personal trainer and are nervous to immediately enter full-time employment, why not use Justcoach to ease yourself into the industry. 

This top personal app offers guides on how to get started with the tech from day 1, so you can start your career with ease.

#16 – Team Up Members

Price: Free

Top Personal Trainer Apps #16

Apple Rating: 5.0

Google Play Rating: 4.5

The Team Up Members app is designed for clients who are looking to sign up for instant classes or sessions in their local area. 

Typically, clients will use this personal trainer app to find exactly what they want - and with Team Up Members the process has never been simpler. To use the app simply select the coaching activity you’re looking for and you’ll be provided with a slew of opportunities nearby. 

With built-in navigation guides, clients can see the locations from which you, as a trainer, will be teaching their classes. This means they won’t even have to leave the app to enter their maps directional services. 

Be sure to tell your clients to enable Team Up Member’s push notifications. This will allow you to send out reminders to your clients of when the next class is scheduled to take place.

Finally, Team Up Members boasts an impressive 5-star rating on the App Store, certifying it to be one of the best personal trainer apps for iPhone users. 

#17 – Acuity Scheduled Admin

Price: Free

Top Personal Trainer Apps #17

Apple Rating: 4.9

Google Play Rating: 3.2 

If you’re struggling with administrative and scheduling duties in your personal training career, then the Acuity Scheduled Admin app is the perfect solution for you.

This top personal trainer app is designed to take the pressure of remaining organised off your shoulders. This means that you only need to stay concerned with managing your availability. 

With Acuity, you can manage your real-time schedule in a clear and easy-to-read display, whilst also organising future appointments accordingly. 

As a trainer app, Acuity also gives you the freedom to customise your schedule by allowing you to alter your availability blocks with a tap of the screen. 

All of your clients can see this simultaneously, which prevents the need to reach out individually with your schedule thus saving you time. 

You can also even customise your appointment types so that people know what kind of class or service you’ll be provided at any given time or day. For example, if you wish to dedicate your Monday afternoons to conducting multistage fitness tests then the clients interested in this area of fitness, will be able to see the availability. 

The Acuity Scheduled Admin app is all about transparency, as you’re able to easily convey a lot of information quickly and effectively to a litany of clients, making this one of the best personal trainer apps you can find.

#18 – ClubRight

Price: Free

Top Personal Trainer Apps #18

Apple Rating: 3.0

Google Play Rating: 2.8

ClubRight is a gym management system designed to streamline members’ access to clubs and fitness centers that use the service.

If your local gym or fitness center uses ClubRight, then you should already have the app to scan in and out of the facility, but have you used it to its full potential?

Personal trainers who use this app outside of the gym can post timetables and other details, relating to classes and their availability. There’s also the ability to share via social media, which is perfect for both trainers trying to promote their business and clients who want to share their accomplishments.

Clients will be able to easily scroll through and find a suitable workout and trainer at their local gym, so be sure to use ClubRight as a form of advertising for your services. 

Customers can also search for gyms nearby that use this management system. For personal trainers, this means that a specialised class or program you teach could actually drive up attendance, and financial intake for your place of employment.

#19 - Nudge for Coaches 

Price: Free

Top Personal Trainer Apps #19

Apple Rating: 3.6 

Google Play Rating: 5.0 

What sets Nudge for Coaches apart from the rest of the list of personal trainer apps is the ability to send automated, scheduled messages to a group of, or individual clients.

Most trainer apps have a messenger service, of course, but they require you to be on the clock while you’re in contact with a client. Meaning that you physically have to type the message and send it off in real-time.

We’re all human and we all make mistakes, you may forget to message a client or keep them updated due to another issue throughout your day. But with Nudge for Coaches, you can eliminate this potential problem entirely. 

As one of the best apps for personal trainers, Nudge allows you to pre-type a message and schedule it to arrive with your client at a certain time. 

Want to send out an early morning message at the crack of dawn to inspire your trainees for the day? Type it out the night before, schedule it for early morning and then treat yourself to a sleep-in!

With a clear and concise, user-friendly operating system, you can easily personalise exercise guides and packages for your clients to enjoy. 

#20 – WellnessLiving Achieve

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

Top Personal Trainer Apps #20

Apple Rating: 1.4

Google Play Rating: 2.2

As a trainer app, WellnessLiving Elevate is a standout for businesses, whether you work alone or manage a larger group of coaches. 

If you manage a gym, fitness center or yoga studio you can use WellnessLiving Elevate to handle your staff’s working schedules. 

With this personal trainer app, you can monitor the performance of your employees, as rated by actual clients and customers. This is one of the best apps for personal trainers to receive feedback, a feature that is incredibly beneficial for those of you looking to improve your performance. 

As a trainer, this app keeps you on the ball and constantly developing your craft. You can also receive push notification reminders for your schedule, ensuring that you’ll never be late again.

Another huge benefit of WellnessLiving Elevate is that you can manage your payment scheme through the app’s software.

With an online store for clients to buy effective coaching resources like demo videos, you can use the money you earn from training clients to elevate your training game to the next level with more tools than ever before at your disposal.

#21 – VIP Coach’s Eye 

Price: Free

best personal trainer apps #21

Apple Rating: 4.5

Google Play Store: 4.3

VIP Coach’s Eye is considered to be one of the best apps for personal trainers due to its outstanding performance as a content and video management tool.

With a built-in video player, trainers are encouraged to record their clients’ performance using VIP Coach’s Eye. Following this, you will be able to use state-of-the-art analysis tools to reflect upon the client’s performance.

This video analysis will assist trainers when creating precise workout programs for clients to follow. 

Once your clients’ workout has been recorded you can receive an instant playback. You can even choose to view this in slow-motion in order to fully access even the minute details of their movements.

You can also create in-depth videos for your clients to use when working alone. This feature includes freeze-framing, side-by-side video playing, and even audio voiceovers. 

With VIP Coach’s Eye, you add specific diagrams to your recorded footage, which will help to showcase angles of your body during the demonstrations. This will aid in teaching clients proper form, which is essential for advancing their skill level and improving their reaching their goals.

#22 – Yazio

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

best personal trainer apps #22

Apple Rating: 4.7

Google Play Rating: 4.4

As a nutrition app, Yazio allows trainers and clients alike to monitor food intake in addition to their training, this creates a streamlined service that makes achieving their goals easier. 

Once you have conferred a client’s goals during consultations, as a trainer, you can use Yazio to create a personalised diet plan that will help them to achieve their preferred outcome, be it to lose weight or gain muscle mass. 

The fitness trainer app monitors calorie consumption through data tracking, which then categorises the foods you consume, from carbohydrates to sugary foods and proteins. 

This data will be visualised in a clear chart for clients to easily understand where they are, and how they can further build upon a trainer’s proposed plan. 

The app can also track footstep count and will calculate it against the clients’ daily calorie intake. This removes the need for additional devices such as pedometers, instead of keeping the focus contained to one app.

Another layer of integration is that the Yazio fits in with other health-orientated apps on your phones such as the health app and any other compatible options on your phone already.

For more apps like Yazio, head on over to our list of the 13 best nutrition software

#23 – WorkoutLabs Fit: Fitness Lab

Price: Free/In-App Purchases 

best personal trainer apps #23

Apple Rating: 4.8

Finally, WorkoutLabs Fit: Fitness Lab rounds off our list of the best apps for personal trainers.

With Fitness Lab it has never been easier to create a tailored workout regime for you and your clients to follow. Even better yet, everything you recommend can be backed up by a database of 100’s of videos for clients to use. 

As a trainer, you can easily send a curated playlist along with a detailed description of how/why your proposed plan will benefit the client towards their end goals. 

In turn, clients can track their fitness-related information, allowing them to achieve their goals at their own pace. 

A standout feature of Fitness Lab is that both trainers and clients can monitor water intake and hydration levels.

If you struggle to drink enough throughout the day perhaps you would be better taking an alternative approach to hydration. If this is the case be sure to read our article detailing the 13 best hydration tablets available today.

WorkoutLabs Fit: Fitness Lab currently holds an impressive 4.6-star rating on the Apple App Store with over 350 positive reviews, a factor that solidifies its place on our list. 


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Why Should You Use Personal Training Apps?

Why should you use personal training apps?

For trainers, these apps are the future and can greatly enhance your career to the next level. 

The best apps for personal trainers will provide the ability to communicate with and instruct a client from anywhere in the world, at any time, allowing you to work more efficiently at your convenience. 

For example, instead of meeting for a consultation with your client to discuss a tailored plan, you could just message them on your own time and craft a regimen flexibly, removing a need to travel and convene in person. 

This flexibility allows you to use your time more efficiently. If you work in another sector full-time you won’t need to take a chunk out of your daily schedule, instead, you can factor the planning process into your day as it suits you.

The best gym trainer apps will also provide you with unparalleled levels of organisational assistance. They allow you to manage your unique business model from your phone or tablet with ease.

Why you should download personal trainer apps

Never again will you have to hurry through physical diaries or old calendars, instead everything you need to sustain a successful business can fit in the palm of your hand. 

But the best personal trainer apps for clients are just as important, as they will allow you to find the best possible PT for your specific needs and aspirations. 

The Best Features to Look for in a Personal Training App

The best personal training apps, while for the most part unique to one another, all share common features and qualities that make them the best apps on the market. Let's break them down!

#1 - Third-Party Integration

What is the best personal trainer app?

The last thing you need is to be switching between other apps while you’re trying to manage your business from your phone. 

This is why it’s best to look out for personal trainer apps that feature built-in services that keep you in one place.

A great example is a messenger service. This way you can keep in touch with clients around the clock from anywhere in the world, without having to swap to your text messages or WhatsApp. 

Through regular communication you can effectively motivate your clients, pushing them towards their end goals.

Another standout integrated feature is a built-in transaction system, with this, you could manage your payment scheme through your chosen app via ApplePay or PayPal. 

This would not only assure that you get paid as these certified services would get your clients’ money to you, but would also save you the pain of individually adding payees manually via a mobile banking app.

#2 - Schedule Templates 

Scheduled Personal Trainer Apps

Saving time is vital when it comes to personal training apps. One of the most effective tools to help you do this is weekly templates that you can customise and share between clients.

Having to constantly redesign a weekly regimen for every single one of your clients can be exhausting, which will only lead to emotional and physical burnout. However, with a template, you can save hours of administrative work by getting a head start in your duties. 

Templates strike the perfect balance of giving you enough freedom to control your client’s individual needs, whilst also being broad enough to be used for a multitude of people with a variety of goals.

#3 - Data Tracking

Tracking on the best personal trainer apps

In order to properly monitor and assess your clients’ performance, you need to be keenly aware of how they’re getting on with their goals. 

The best personal training apps feature data tracking technology, allowing you to visualise, for example, a client’s weight loss in a clear and simple chart.

This will help you elevate your performance as a trainer to the next level, as it will emphasise your involvement in a client’s fitness journey. Visuals like charts, graphs, and tables will also help you to understand where specifically to aid your trainee more precisely, as well as make you look more professional.


How Do I Become A Virtual Trainer?

Personal Trainer Apps for virtual training

Firstly, you need to be a qualified personal trainer, of course. If you’re interested in pursuing this qualification we can recommend OriGym’s Personal Training Diploma.

Here you will learn the vital skills needed to succeed in the fitness industry, from our team of expert tutors. Even better yet, our diploma has been regulated by Ofqual and recognised by CIMSPA certifying it as one of the industry-leading courses.

Following your graduation, you can officially become an online personal trainer, but in order to do so you will need to determine which application works best for your business model. 

We would ideally recommend any of the aforementioned apps for personal trainers to feature on our list. Be sure to try multiple different ones, as this will be the only way to find out what features compliment you as a trainer.

You can also use other applications and platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to host virtual classes. 

The possibilities of your virtual personal training career are endless. For further advice on how to optimise your business head on over to our article on how to become an online personal trainer.

Before You Go!

Now you have advice on what we believe to be the best apps for personal trainers, nothing will stop you from reaching new professional heights.

While personal trainer apps are great for improving your service, qualifications will certainly help in this department too. Become the ultimate personal trainer by incorporating nutrition advice alongside your training programmes. Enquire about our nutrition courses here.

Download our prospectus to find out more today and learn about the other fantastic qualifications you can earn to enhance your PT career. 

Written by Harry Griffiths

Senior Editor

Harry is a senior editor for Origym. With a degree in creative writing at his back, he writes about all things fitness for our company blog, covering everything from exercise techniques to product reviews. A passionate weight lifter, Harry’s commitments to fitness
and wellbeing extend from behind the keyboard all the way to the gym floor.

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