Personal Trainer Headers: Ideas and Examples

Personal Trainer Headers: Ideas and Examples

A personal trainer header is one of the most essential components of your social media presence. It tells clients who you are, what services you provide, and what values you hold as a PT.

To gain a better understanding of how you can develop potential personal training header ideas, this article will cover: 

A great way to make the most of your personal trainer header is through completing a Level 4 Personal Training course, which you could then highlight as your area of expertise. 

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Why You Should Be Using A Personal Trainer Header 

Why You Should Be Using A Personal Trainer Header

Before we discuss actual design ideas you must first be informed of the benefits of using a PT header, and why this should be regarded as a necessary feature of your online presence. 

#1 - Having A Personal Training Header Can Make Your Profile More Visually Appealing

Having A Personal Training Header Can Make Your Profile More Visually Appealing

Headers are situated at the top of your profile, meaning that they’re the first thing that users will see when they visit your page.

They’re also often the largest part of the page, meaning that they have a strong visual impact. 

When implemented correctly, they can play a role in convincing users to engage with the rest of your profile/site, increasing the likelihood of them making an inquiry.

As the most eye-catching feature, you can therefore use your personal training header to convey important information about your brand, such as unique selling points (USP) you provide.

For instance, if you specialise in weight loss, you can advertise this simply and effectively within your header.

By being able to show what makes your services unique to everyone else’s at the very top of your profile will help to attract potential clients from your target market.

#2 - A PT Header Conveys Essential Information Quickly

personal training header ideas easier

When visiting a social media profile, users want to be able to discover information about your business in a fast and efficient manner. 

If they have to sift through multiple posts and pages to find key points, they will likely become bored and click away from your page without making an inquiry.

This is where having a strong personal training header becomes a valuable asset, as incorporating it allows you to convey your brand in a manner that provides immediate clarity to the clients. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you have limited space in your header, so you must only include relevant information about your business, such as:

  • Your Name/The Name of Your Business
  • A Form of Contact Information
  • A Brief Summary of The Service You Provide - e.g. weight loss specialist personal trainer 

By getting straight to the point, clients who are looking for a specific trainer, in this instance one that has completed a Level 4 weight loss and obesity management course, will immediately recognise your potential benefits and are more likely to engage with your page.

#3 - Personal Training Headers Help To Keep Your Branding Consistent

PT Header consistency

When looking to keep the design of your personal trainer header consistent with the rest of your branding, you should make the effort to ensure all of the following details match:

  • Your Business Logo
  • Your Branding Colours 
  • Any Taglines or Slogans 

By ensuring all of these details match you can realistically use the same header across all of your social media profiles. 

This can be considered to be a benefit, as you won’t have to spend additional time creating separate ones for different accounts.

In addition to this, another added benefit of keeping your branding consistent is that you will become immediately recognisable to clients. This will make your business memorable in the minds of clients, which can increase the chances of them signing up.

#4 - A Good Personal Trainer Header Can Convince Clients To Book Sessions With You

personal trainer header ideas

From all of the aforementioned information we have provided, you will be able to see that a strong personal training header can convince clients to book sessions with your practice.

Think of your header as a shop window, as it allows clients to see exactly what services you offer. 

If it’s displayed in an appealing manner, and contains relevant information, it’s more than likely to convince a large number of clients to sign up for your business. 

Once clients are enticed by the first thing they see, they are more likely to scroll further into your personal training website, or social media page and make an inquiry. 

Design Ideas For Your Personal Trainer Header

Design Ideas For Your Personal Trainer Header

The personal trainer header ideas discussed within this section are designed to inspire your own business. If implemented correctly, you can strengthen your online presence and attract new clients. 

#1 - Include Some Text on Your PT Header That Explains the Services You Offer

 #1 - Include Some Text on Your PT Header That Explains the Services You Offer

Although it's said that a picture speaks a thousand words, adding text to your header can help to emphasise what services your brand provides. 

This doesn’t even need to be too complicated, for example if you’ve qualified as a strength and conditioning coach you can simply write - ‘Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach’ in your header.  

From this there will be no confusion or misconceptions about what kind of services you offer. Your target demographic will immediately be able to see what kind of service you provide, and know that you're the correct PT for them.

An example of a personal trainer header that does just his can be found in Armas Strength and Conditioning’s YouTube channel:

PT Header Abraham

From the text included in this personal training header the visitor can tell that the business is rooted in strength and conditioning that strives to maximise a client’s potential. 

Without the text it wouldn’t be clear what kind of specialty fitness service is on offer, and clients who are looking for a strength and conditioning coach could potentially look elsewhere. 

Essentially, by incorporating text into your personal training header ideas you can keep the clients’ attention for longer periods of time. In turn this will encourage them to scroll further into your social media and potentially sign up for your business. 

#2 - Add A Call to Action To Your Personal Trainer Header

Megaphone PT headers

When it comes to generating personal training header ideas, one of the best pieces of advice we can provide is to incorporate a Call to Action (CTA). This is a phrase which prompts an immediate response from the client.

Popular CTAs that you’ll likely be familiar with include:

  • Book a FREE consultation today! 
  • Enquire Now 
  • Send Us a Message Today

The CTA you use will vary depending on the social media site that your header is designed for. For example, if you’re using twitter you could encourage visitors to ‘hit the follow button’.

To get a better understanding of how these personal trainer header ideas work, check out this example from Jeff Raybould’s Facebook:

Add a Call to Action to Your Personal Trainer Header

From this example, we can see that Jeff’s CTA is presented in large bold letters, which reads ‘Get In Touch’. Following this information, Jeff provides his clients with multiple forms of contact information, which allows them to follow up on this prompt.

When it comes to implementing personal training header ideas, CTAs are an effective way of encouraging potential clients to engage with your service.

When clients interact with these CTAs personal trainer leads are generated, which you can then convert to actual paying clients following a sales brief. 


#3 - Use An Image That Is Relevant To Your Services In Your Personal Training Header

Personal Trainer headers pictures

The entire purpose of a personal training header is to catch the attention of your target demographic in the hopes they will sign up for your services. By far one of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of images.

Think of this way, the images you use can immediately tell clients what service you provide. The account @TrainerFood on Twitter implements this idea perfectly, as evident from the example below: 

personal trainer header ideas foods

From the photos used in the example above, we can tell that this personal trainer is a weight loss specialist, who provides clients with meal plans to help facilitate their goals.

The example above could have merely used the middle picture as to describe the service it provides, instead they opted to include progress photos of their clients. 

These are considered to be relevant images as they help to verify that the service TrainerFoods provides is actually effective. 

If you’re looking to implement this personal trainer header idea into your own business, you must always get the consent of your clients first. Under no circumstances can you use their images without their permission. 

#4 - Add A Logo To Your PT Header

Add a Logo to Your PT Header

If you want to get creative with your personal training header ideas, you can choose to incorporate your custom made logo. 

An example of this can be found below from Mark Grice's Facebook page, whose logo can be found in the left hand corner: 

Add a Logo to Your PT Header Logo

This logo is further incorporated into the profile as it also acts as Mark’s profile picture too. You may now be questioning why exactly incorporating a logo is necessary, allow us to elaborate.

Should a client see this logo anywhere else, be it online or in person, they will immediately associate it with your business. This makes profiles such as Mark instantly more memorable and recognisable to the users. 

We can therefore state that incorporating a logo into your PT header helps to ensure brand recognition. This in turn will help you to stand out from competitors as clients will have something they can recognise about your business. 

Before you rush into implementing any of these aforementioned personal trainer header ideas, there are still a number of factors that must be taken into consideration.

Things to Consider When Implementing Design Ideas for Your Personal Trainer Header

Things to Consider When Implementing Design Ideas for Your Personal Trainer Header

To ensure that your personal trainer header ideas are implemented correctly in order to attract clients, you should take the following factors into consideration: 

#1 - Stick To Personal Training Header Ideas That Are Simple

#1 - Stick To Personal Training Header Ideas That Are Simple

By far one of the most beneficial pieces of advice that you can take on board when developing your own personal training header ideas is to keep the design simple. 

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm potential clients, as this will likely divert them from your pages. 

For example, you don’t want to include too much text as this will bombard the client with unnecessary information that provides nothing to their overall experience.

Instead, only relevant information should be included in order to keep your PT header looking neat and simple. An example of this can be found below from The Liverpool Personal Trainer

Liverpool Personal Trainer header ideas

This personal training header clearly displays a limited amount of text, this may not seem like a lot but what is included perfectly encapsulates the entire purpose of the business.

In addition to this, the headers' colours are kept simple too. This allows potential visitors to read the relevant information without becoming too overwhelmed.

#2 - Keep Your PT Header In Line With Your Branding

PT Headers Brand Consistent

We already touched upon this point within the introductory section of this article, but the importance of branding your personal trainer header must be stressed. 

Part of this process includes ensuring the following elements are consistent with the rest of your online presence: 

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Your logo
  • The Services You Provide

You will also want to reflect the overall mood that your target audience should experience when they train with you. For example, if you want your online content to inspire your clients, you should choose bright colours and pictures that show the effectiveness of your training programmes.

Returning to the @TrainerFood example from earlier in the article, we can see that both colours and pictures are used to reflect the brand’s positive outlook on weight loss.

personal trainer header ideas foods

Another branding-related personal trainer header idea you can choose to implement is to match your profile picture with the design. This will create a sense of cohesiveness and can make your pages look more professional to visitors.

For example, take a look at Alex Crockford Fitness Facebook page:

Alex Crockford Personal Trainer header Ideas

Everything about Alex’s profile is cohesive, with his personal training header matching his profile picture perfectly. This creates a sense of professionalism and makes his brand look visually appealing. 

In addition to this, the bright and airy background helps to convey a sense of tranquillity. This is perfect for Alex’s brand as he focuses primarily on improving the mental health of his clients.

From this, you should now realise the importance of curating personal training header ideas which reflect the entirety of your brand. 

#3 - Consider What Text You Will Include In Your PT Header 

Consider What Text You Will Include in Your PT Header

As stated multiple times throughout this article, due to its large size a personal trainer header is often the first thing that clients notice when they visit your page. 

This means that you should take every opportunity to ensure that said header effectively attracts clients into your business.

One way to achieve this goal is to ensure that your PT header accurately reflects the service you provide.

By having a clear and succinct description of your services you can capture the attention of clients who are researching into your specialist area. In doing so, even those who are merely glancing over pages will be able to see that you provide what they’re looking for.

These messages don’t need to be overly wordy either. Check out Eve Annable’s Twitter account

Eve PT Header Twitter

From just a quick glance at her header visitors to Eve’s page will immediately be able to understand that she offers specialist training which promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Another idea you can choose to implement is the promotion of your business’ USPs, as this will inform potential clients what they can expect from your service, and what makes it different from competitors.

For example, take a look at Anthony Bevington’s Twitter page, where he incorporates a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee into his personal trainer header: 

Anthony Bevington personal training header ideas

This personal trainer header idea expands upon the basic concept of incorporating text, and can help you to potentially attract a greater amount of clients. 

For example, potential clients who have apprehensions about personal training may be more likely to sign up to Anthony’s business with the knowledge that they don’t have to commit until they’re completely happy. 

You should therefore take time to consider what you text you wish to include in your personal training header. In doing so, you can effectively ensure that you're attracting a dedicated client base that is interested in the service you provide. 


#4 - Take into Account How Your Header Will Look on a Mobile Device

PT Headers on Phones

One thing to consider when implementing personal training header ideas is that many of your clients will be viewing your platforms from their phones or tablets, rather than just computers. 

With this in mind, you should ensure that your headers are optimised for these platforms. This will prioritise user experience, ensuring that they stay on your page longer and engage with your services. 

Generally, header images will appear taller on a phone or tablet and wider on a desktop. Therefore, to prevent them from becoming distorted you should always check that they appear correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.

One way to do this is to ensure that nothing is cropped out, leaving plenty of room at the edges of your header to ensure that it looks good on all devices.

Take the aforementioned Jeff Raybould’s Facebook page as an example. Here we can see that all the relevant information is still centralised, rather than being cropped to the side:

personal training header ideas mobile site

Even though some of the contact information is hidden behind the profile picture on the mobile site, users will still be able to see the CTA and press on the header to know how they will contact Jeff. 

You should therefore always ensure any personal trainer header ideas translate to both desktop and mobile platforms. With this in mind let’s look at exactly how you can do this for various social media platforms.

If you’re interested in learning how to create Personal Trainer Headers, you should also check out these other OriGym articles:

How To Optimise Your Personal Trainer Header For Different Social Medias

PT Header social medias

When designing your personal training header you should ensure that it’s optimised for every possible platform you intend on using, including the likes of:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 

Part of this will require you to adhere to different sizing regulations, in doing so, you can ensure that your design is presented in the manner you intended it to be. 

Failure to ensure this could result in a blurry final product that leaves your pages looking unprofessional and messy. As a result clients may choose to not interact with your business, and instead opt for a competitor instead.

Other ways to optimise your PT headers will be tailoring them to suit the target demographic using the platform. This can involve altering the text or images used within the header, a factor which will become evident once examples are provided.

#1 - Personal Trainer Header Ideas to Optimise Your Presence on YouTube 

YouTube Personal Trainer header

The sizing of your header for YouTube should be 2560 x 1440. As this is a highly visual platform, the header designed for your channel should look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Beyond just sizing regulations, you can optimise a YouTube PT header by including a call to action. This can include the likes of:

  • Subscribe For More
  • Turn on Notifications 
  • Check Out Our Latest Videos

This will encourage viewers to engage with your channel and the content you’re creating. For example of CTAs being implemented, check out CriticalBench’s channel header below:

Personal training header ideas YouTube

Another way to optimise your PT header is to include text which explains to viewers what they can expect for subscribing. OriGym does just that with our very own YouTube channel:

OriGym YouTube personal training header ideas

From just one glance at our YouTube header, potential clients will be able to see what our channel offers, as well as some general information about our company. This will provide visitors with context for our company, which can encourage them to further investigate our content.

#2 - Personal Training Header Ideas for Facebook Optimisation 

Facebook Personal Trainer Header

When designing a PT header for your Facebook page, it’s important to be aware of the three different sizes, depending on which type of profile you have:

  • Cover Photo on a General Profile- 820 x 312 on computers, 640 x 360 on smartphones
  • Event Page - 1920 x 1005
  • Group Page - 1640 x 856

Further guidance on this matter can be found on our blog dedicated to creating a personal trainer Facebook page.

The great thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t stretch images to meet these requirements, but instead crops them to size. This could mean that important information is cut off, so always be sure to check on the appearance of the header before finalising your decision.

If you’re operating a Group Facebook page you will want a header that communicates what potential clients can expect to experience should they sign up for training.

Take Emma Young’s group Facebook page as an example, from the screenshot provided below client’s are able to see the full scope of the services Emma provides as a PT:

Emma Young Sports Massage Theraphy Personal Training Header Ideas

This strategy shows clients exactly what you’re promoting, and can be a persuasive tool in convincing individuals to sign up. 

When it comes to optimising your PT header on Facebook, you can also choose to incorporate a direct CTA. This can include a variety of prompts such as:

  • Give me a call for a FREE consultation (followed by your number)
  • Join this group for further information
  • Head on over to our website to learn more (include a link)

The latter example can be seen in the screenshot provided below from Phillip Sheen’s group (as seen on mobile device):

Phillip Sheen personal training header idea  - Copy

This approach helps to optimise your Facebook page as it encourages potential clients to actively learn more about your business, beyond the first thing they see. As a result, the likelihood of getting clients as a personal trainer

#3 - How To Optimise A LinkedIn Personal Training Header

LinkedIn Logo PT header

The banner image size that you’ll need to use for LinkedIn is 1128 x 191For those unfamiliar with the platform, LinkedIn is typically used for:

  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Employment recruitment 

For this reason, you should ensure that your personal training header on this platform looks highly professional in order to attract both potential clients and employers. 

For this reason, we recommend keeping your personal training header ideas simple, this will include ensuring all text is readable and any images used are of the highest possible quality. 

An example of a personal trainer who optimises their header wisely on LinkedIn is Tom Robinson:

Tom Robinson Personal Trainer Header Ideas

Tom provides a simple but effective personal training header, visitors to his page will be able to immediately read the text and understand what service he provides. In addition to this, the photos used helps to verify the effectiveness of the service. 

With this information, both potential clients and employers will be able to determine the effectiveness of Tom’s practice. 


#4 - Optimise Your Twitter PT Headers 

Twitter Personal Trainer header

The dimensions for a Twitter cover photo are 1500 x 1500.

Personal training headers on Twitter generally take up less space on your profile than any of the aforementioned examples, but that does not detract from their importance.

Due to their smaller size, we recommend that your personal trainer header on twitter only includes one line of text, or a bold logo. This will ensure that no important information is cropped out. 

An example of a PT who has optimised her space on Twitter well is Allison Ethier:

Alison Ethier PT Header

Here we can see that Alison has chosen to incorporate her brand logo as the focal point of her header. This allows for a sense of brand identity and recognition, something that clients can instantly associate with your business.


Software You Can Use to Create a Personal Trainer Header

Software You Can Use to Create a Personal Trainer Header

Now that you know how to develop personal training header ideas for business optimisation, you can finally move on to the creation process. 

This section will explore software that you can use to make your own headers, you don’t even need to have design experience! 

#1 -  Using Canva to Create Your PT Header

Canva Logo PT Headers

Canva is an easy-to-use, design tool that anyone can access, as the platform is entirely FREE to use. There is a huge selection of ready-made header templates to choose from, or you can create your own from scratch. 

All the templates featured on the site will be formatted to the correct size for your chosen social media platform. In addition to this, you can combine a mixture of colours and fonts to clearly reflect your existing brand.

Canva’s library also offers other features that you can incorporate into your PT header including:

  • Photos
  • Images
  • Icons
  • Stickers
  • Shapes

To use any of these features from the library, all you need to do is simply drag and drop them onto the page. You can also upload your own pre-existing images or logos, to make the header personal to your PT business. 

#2 - How to Use Snappa to Design Personal Training Headers 

Snappa PT Header

Our second software recommendation for creating your own personal trainer is Snappa. This option makes the designing process easy to complete, you can even tailor your final product to match the correct dimensions for your chosen social media accounts.

Snappa has thousands of pre-made templates you can use, or you can choose to stretch your creative muscles by making a header from scratch. If you opt for the latter choice, you’ll gain access to:

  • 5 Million FREE stock images 
  • 200 Different fonts 
  • 100,000+ Creative Vectors and Shapes 

Snappa will guide you through the creation process, offering step-by-step instructions. 

You can also edit photos you have personally uploaded with just the touch of a button. For instance, you can remove the background from an image in seconds, before placing it onto your chosen template.

Snappa offers two packages, one FREE and the other PREMIUM. There aren’t many differences between the two, if you opt for the free example you will still gain access to all of the aforementioned features, but will only be able to download 3 every month. 

#3 - Adobe Illustrator is Best for Those with Some Experience to Use When Creating a PT Header

Adobe personal trainer header ideas

As it’s slightly more complex than the other options, Adobe Illustrator is the better option if you have previous experience in graphic design. This software allows you to start with a basic image, logo, or text and then customise it to your exact needs. 

Adobe also provides a feature which allows you to check the sizing of your header prior to uploading it to your socials. This will reduce the risk of important information being cropped out.

Simply drag the hidden ‘Frame’ layer above the ‘Artwork’ layer, and position all of the important parts of your header inside the safe area rectangle. Objects within this rectangle then won’t be affected if your header is resized to fit different sites.

With this subscription, you also gain access to over 100 million royalty-free images. This ensures that you can accurately reflect your brand through photos which summarise your services. 

Illustrator costs £19.97 a month, whilst this is somewhat pricer than other options it is a worthwhile investment that can better the presentation of your PT header.

Before You Go!

When creating a personal training header of your own, remember to ensure that it always reflects your individualistic brand. In doing so, clients will gravitate towards your business and will be more likely to invest in long-term training. 

For example, if you have earned a Level 4 Personal Training Qualification you can advertise this in your header. This will allow clients to immediately recognise that you are qualified to provide the services on offer. 

OriGym’s course prospectus can also be downloaded for FREE! 



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